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  1. umling

    Helix LT Switch On Issue

    Okay, so I don't have any messages in the left corner. I didn't put a USB cable on it, but I had to reboot it twice. I had made a back up, made a factory reset, and reinstall the backup, no problems. Once again, apart from having to start the helix LT in 2 times, I have no problem functioning... I do not understand where it comes from...
  2. umling

    Helix LT Switch On Issue

    I didn't think to look if a message was displayed in the top left corner. I will also look at the history of the USB cable connection at boot time. I've already wondered if there might be an effect. I'm gonna test this tonight.
  3. umling

    Helix LT Switch On Issue

    Hello I have a quick question about my Helix LT. It's a great multieffect and I'm extremely happy with it both in rehearsal and in concert. However, lately, when I start it after a few days without touching it, it doesn't start, it stays on the start page and it continues without showing me the page with my patches. So I have to turn it off and on again to get to the page with my patches. I've done the updates without any worries, I can play for hours with no problems either, but at startup, it happens more and more often. I already created a ticket and apparently it would be an internal program issue at startup. That being said, apart from the two-stage switch on phase, everything else works. I updated it, I can rehearse with my band, do concerts. So I'm embarrassed to send him back to the store for this. If anyone's ever been confronted with this, I take the advice. Nevertheless if I have to do it, I'll do Marc (from France)
  4. umling

    Wah On/OFF

    Hi, I'm sorry if the topic is already opened somewhere and I'll be happy to find the solution in an other one. My question I think will be simple. I moved from Firehawk to Helix LT a few days ago. And of course, I'm very happy of this. I think I can do what I want and I see how it works but I didn't understand how to switch on and off a simple wah. I've always the Exp 2 pedal green spot on even with no Volume pedal but when I put a wah block, the green spot on Exp 1 pedal is not working. Even if i switch on the effect on the software. And of course when I push the expression pedal, it doesn't work. The wah still remains at 100% for exemple. As the wah refuses to work So if there a way to activate it simply by pushing the expression pedal like the firehawk? Maybe I made something wrong with the switches... If someone can explain it to me how to do it. Thanks Marc (From France)
  5. umling

    Firmware version 1.30 is out

    It's ok. I did it and it worked but I think we are all waiting for a new big update as it's the case for the Helix.... ;) ;)
  6. umling

    Amplifi to Firehawk tones

    Hi Does it mean that when your iPad is connected to the Firehawk, you can use the Amplifi App to download some presets on the firehawk? If it's not possible what is the way to use Amplifi Patches with the Firehawk? Thank you
  7. Hi I know that there are some answers in this forum but i would like to have returns from people who used the firehawk in live gigs situations. The aim of this topic is for me to have an idea of the best speaker that works well with the firehawk. I start to be too old for my JVM an my 2X12 cabinet and I would like to find an other solution. We have with my band, speakers and a PA, so the active speaker will work just for me like my JVM. And of course, if i can hear myself with a drummer, bassist and an other guitarist, it's better... Of course, i've heard about the stagesource, but i think they're great but expensive. So if people are using other active speaker, even with POD HD, don't hesitate to give me some ideas ;) ;) So thank you by advance Marc (from France).
  8. umling

    Heaphones/Live Gigs Settings

    Ok, I know i ask a lot but if you've got the opportunity to upload your version for headphones on the cloud, it would be great and a good way for me to compare them Of course, if you're ok because you already made a lot... :)
  9. umling

    Heaphones/Live Gigs Settings

    Hi Mcbeddall Thank you for the upload. It works well, but i had to make some changes, maybe because there was too much bass. Of course, i found it with my headphones...I had the same problem for exemple when i want to use the other Brit J45. I know that normally, it's this kind of amp which is used by ACDC, but when i choose it, bass are always leading. But when i go to youtube, and see some videos with this amp for Pod HD, i don't understand how people do to have this great sound, maybe they put some equalization.... But anyway, i'll try this sound thru our PA for a gig in a few days, i'll tell you...
  10. umling

    Heaphones/Live Gigs Settings

    Thank you for theses answers. Mcbeddal, i sent you a private message, if you can help me...
  11. umling

    Heaphones/Live Gigs Settings

    Hi l know that there are old topics about that, but i would like to know what are, in your opinion, the best settings for Headphones and for live. I mean, how do you do to be sure that, if you play during the night, your sound is great and you play live, through the PA, the sound is the same. I love my sound with headphones but during my last gig, it was maybe too garish. Of course, i don't know if there is a way to obtain the same, but if someone can help me, it would be great. Maybe, it's coming from my headphones... Marc (From France)
  12. umling

    ACDC Settings Advices

    Ok, Mcbeddall, I tried what he made in the video, but i kept in mind the fact of keeping the gain low. I put the gain at 25% (instead of 50%) and i think it's really good with my Gibson SG. I find the sound of the first records of ACDC. Even with my headphones. I will see how it works with my band during the next rehearsal. Thanks a lot and of course, maybe some others members will find others solutions and will give it to obtain this "famous sound"
  13. umling

    ACDC Settings Advices

    Hi Thank you for this answer. I'll try it and tell you if it works...
  14. umling

    ACDC Settings Advices

    Hello; First of all, I'm sorry to open a new topic about this but I need a little advice. I know a lot of patch are available on the cloud but although some are really correct, i'm always looking for something In order to reproduce as faithfully as possible the sound of ACDC, What kind of amps would you advise me? Do You think that English amps do the job well or would you take more modern amps with little gain? Thank you in advance for your answers and sorry for y bad English. A small French guy Marc