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  1. I've too noticed that pop with the presets that came with the unit. It's most likely the compressor. I've since made my own presets and almost never use the compressor so I haven't noticed it on my own presets. Did you try to disable the compressor on the loud pop patches in question?
  2. Yes, I have the same problem. God knows if someone who's related to the line 6 bug-fixing team ever gets some of these errors noted here on this forum.
  3. Yes, that's exactly what I'm talking about. Quite irritating.
  4. Hi! This is a bug and a bit nasty one, but I have no clue as where to report such bugs - would this forum be the correct place? If I have an amp enabled with quite the amount of gain, and I then enable the compressor it creates an ugly spike in the volume for a short moment. This when I let the guitar ring while enabling the compressor. If I than disable and enable the compressor again there's no such volume spike. This should be reported back to line6 somehow. Can others here verify it? I've already had other users on facebook acknowledge this spike.
  5. I wasn't able to reproduce the tone ringing from when the tuner was enabled. I have my firehawk in 4cable method, and I was not able to reproduce. However I experienced something similar. If I rang a tone from the guitar and let it ring and enabled the tuner, then muted the guitar, and then disabled the tuner it would replay maybe 0.4 or 0.5 seconds of my tone even though the guitar was muted.
  6. Here's a quote from the Support Ticket I registered with them: oschildt May 4, 01:10 AM Hi, when you hold A+C while powering up the Firehawk FX you will enter update mode. This is only needed when a previous update attempt failed, it has no other function. Please see the following knowledge base article: http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/effects-controllers/firehawk/firehawk-troubleshooting-r745 Best regards Olaf Schildt Technical Support Line 6 Support Europe
  7. I figured it out. It's the menu that's used if a firmware update fails. The Firehawk then goes into 'emergency' mode, so to speak, and you're able to retry the firmware when in 'A+C'-mode.
  8. Wow, I just found out this secret menu. I don't have a clue what it's for.. I think I accidentally changed some values, but I haven't connected it to my amp yet, as I've just upgraded to 1.30.
  9. Yes, I'm really looking for something like the snapshot feature to help with the patch latency. It's not extremely bad, but there are certain times when I need to be able to switch patches and the latency makes a noticeable gap in the sound......
  10. You might wanna read up on it. https://line6.com/software/index.html Choose "Firehawk FX" under the 'All Products' list and press 'GO', and then you'll be able to get the update. From website: ------------------------------- Firehawk FX Flash Memory 1.30 is a free update that includes new fixes, stability improvements, and optimizations. IMPORTANT! READ BEFORE INSTALLING ANY NEW SOFTWARE! 1. Shut down all Line 6 software as well as any software that streams audio, including, but not limited to: iTunes, Spotify, DAWs, etc. 2. Back up any presets using the Firehawk Remote App before performing the update. Bug Fixes Various bug fixes and improvements
  11. I too have a latency issue. It's not "extremely" long, but it's definately noticable. My old Boss GT-8 switches practically instantly, but the firehawk is slow in comparison. I dread switching patches in the middle of a song :-( Damn it's frustrating... otherwise I love this unit... I just can't believe they can't fix this latency issue...
  12. I haven't tried out the '-10 db' setting on my FX SEND/RETURN on the amp, it's at 0 dB. But the sound isn't all to bad at the moment, kinda satisfied. Here's how I've done it..... I have it before the Amp/Cab, however the "Amp/Cab" is essentually disabled as I have switched off amp and cab emulation. My chain is like this: Variax (disabled) -> Gate -> Wah -> Stomp -> FX Loop -> Amp/Cab -> Comp -> Eq -> Vol -> Synth -> Delay -> Reverb ->Looper (switched off) FX LOOP Settings: - Send = 4.5 db - Return = 4.5 db - Mix = 100% Amp Cab Settings: - No amp - No cab - Volume 70% EQ Settings: - Lo Shelf Freq = 133 hz - Lo Shelf Gain = 0 dB - Lo Mid freq = 550 hz - Lo Mid Gain = -0.5 dB - Hi Mid Freq = 2,4 Khz - Hi Mid Gain = 0,0 dB - Hi Shel Freq = 8,0 kHz - Hi Shelf Gain = -1,0 dB The EQ is mainly to do a bit at the highest frequencies, the rest is tuned on the amp.
  13. Yes. If the FX LOOP isn't enabled it doesn't care about wether you're on a clean channel or not on the amp.
  14. 1) Did you enable the FX loop FX? 2) What was its placement in the signal chain? 3) Are you sure you connected it correctly? - Firehawk FX SEND -> Guitar Input on AMP - Firehawk FX RETURN -> AMP FX SEND - Firehawk FX 1/4 " out -> AMP FX RETURN - Gitar -> Firehawk Gitar Input 4) What was the decibel settings on the FX Loop? 5) Was the loop FX at 100%
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