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  1. Yeah that would awesome. I'm looking at some of these controllers, and they are all just so antiquated compared to Helix - we've been spoiled lol. Thinking about getting a Voodoolabs Ground Control Pro - there's one used close to me for $250. Tons of footswitches but man, looks like a pain to program. In case this didn't work I also toyed around with the idea of getting an FBV 3 or FBV Shortboard MKII and using a powered USB hub to connect both the Helix and the controller via USB. Then I could use FBV Control to edit the pedal. However I read there may be some issues with multiple USB devices requiring a certain boot up or app startup sequence to get them to jive correctly. Was also thinking about modding it with a MIDI connector and wiring up the FBV RJ45 jack to it, since that's all it is plus power - and from what I've read about the Quicco Sound mi.1 working with the Helix (and it requires MIDI phantom power), might even get power for the FBV from the Helix MIDI ports. Might have to pick one up and try it out.
  2. I am wondering if the Helix will route through MIDI commands from its hardware MIDI connectors over USB to an iPad? I already have the Helix hooked up to an iPad Mini 2 via USB (and the camera connection adapter), and using MIDI from Helix to control the iPad works great. However, I would like more footswitches. I would like to hook up an additional MIDI foot controller to the Helix's MIDI ports, and have those commands passed through the Helix over USB to the iPad to control various apps. Is this possible? Trying to see if this will work before I shell out the cash for a controller. Thanks!
  3. c00lkatz

    play back music

    Definitely look into it! I also forgot to mention you can use it to look at sheet music (if that's something you do), or view tabs, lyrics, etc. I run Tab Pro by Ultimate Guitar on it, which is great for learning new songs. AUM is $20 but SO worth it! It should be the first app you buy for using the iPad with your Helix. The routing possibilities are as flexible as the Helix itself using that app, and it's very simple to use as well, once you get the hang of it. You can bring in your signal from the Helix into AUM, set up multiple mix buses, multiple sends/returns, route the signal through various apps (for effects or other processing or utilize AUM's built-in signal processing), etc etc. If you want to use your Helix for vocals, but don't like the effects included, there are a bunch of vocal effects processor apps you can use to process vocals on the iPad. Just plug in a mic to the Helix, route the signal out via USB into the iPad, apply the vocal effects you want, and then send them back out to the Helix. I love using it to monitor all my levels, both in and out, as well as balance out the levels of everything else on the iPad with the Helix . I think it's a great alternative to using a laptop/desktop. I feel it's way more portable, takes up less space, the apps are cheaper than their desktop counterparts, and I hate playing in front of a computer (feel too constrained). And I REALLY like that 1 cable hookup, and how compact it is mounted on a mic stand! I've read how some people want multiple global EQ's, or how they perform in the same places and would like patches EQ'd for those environments, etc. Well if you set the output block in the Helix to a USB channel, receive that block into AUM, apply some EQ to the signal, send that signal back out to the Helix for output to the 1/4" / XLR connectors, you can then save that AUM session as a preset and recall it at anytime. That way you can have multiple global EQ's for different locations (and of course you can name the presets). Just like with the Helix, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! The only limitations really are the number of footswitches on the Helix that you can dedicate to control everything, such as loopers on the iPad or Anytune or a Drum machine's functionality, depending on how you lay out your presets/snapshots. You have to get creative and figure out how you want to lay out your foot switches so everything is easily accessible. But with the Helix's ability to send MIDI commands with individual footswitches, patch changes, or snapshots, you can get pretty good results with a little planning. Either that or get an external 6/8/10-button MIDI footswitch, connect it to the Helix via it's MIDI connectors, and then use that to control the iPad via MIDI thru to USB, leaving all the Helix footswitches dedicated to the patches. Actually I don't know if this will work, as I haven't tried it myself. Been doing some research on the subject, but can't find a definitive answer. I have an open post on the forum to see if this will work.
  4. c00lkatz

    play back music

    I use an iPad Mini 2 with the USB to Lightning Camera Connection Adapter. Music plays back in the Helix via USB 1/2. There is a USB input trim, but it's buried under global settings and I don't like using it. I use an app called AUM which is an audio mixer for the iPad. You can use it to route the Helix USB inputs and outputs through the iPad, monitor input/output levels, add additional effects/EQ/etc from the iPad, mix music playback in on a separate channel and control its output, recording, and many many other uses. And it utilizes its own presets and has MIDI. For playback I use an app called Anytune Pro+, which allows you to play back backing tracks (which you provide, or any other MP3) in a particular set list, with the ability to slow down or speed up the song/tempo, change the tuning of the song in half steps, and tons of other features, including labeling different sections of the song and skipping between them. It is also MIDI controllable, so you can use the Helix MIDI over USB feature to control the app (or any other MIDI app on the iPad) with the Helix foot switches or patch changes, for play/stop/repeat/next/etc. There are drum apps you can use as well, such as Drum Beats+, X Drummer, Patterning, and tons more, as well as more advanced looper apps such as Group the Loop, Quantiloop, Loopy HD, etc, which are all a bit more robust than the Helix built in looper. And again with MIDI over USB you can control them with the Helix foot switches. There are even full on DAWs available. And all with one USB cable connection. I have my iPad in a tablet holder on a mic stand next to the Helix for convenience. Loving this setup! The Helix + iPad combo is so powerful, versatile, and portable, I just wish I had jumped on board much sooner!
  5. I can vouch for the MDR7506 for sound, any of the Beyerdynamics DT series for comfort. I would go with DT880.
  6. You have path 1 and path 2. These are your 2 main paths. Each path can be split up. Path 1 becomes path 1A and path 1B. This represents one processor. The lower path below the dashed line in the middle of the screen is path 2, which can be split up into path 2A and path 2B. This represents the other processor. If you're running out of DSP in path 1, then move some things to path 2 and route path 1 into path 2. For example if you have 2 amps in path 1 (either 1A and/or 1B) and want to add a reverb but don't have enough DSP left in path 1, then route the output of path 1 into path 2 and place your reverb on path 2. You should post a screenshot of your patch so we may better see what it is you're trying to accomplish.
  7. Agreed. Exactly what I was about to suggest.
  8. I have 2 x Alto TS212 sitting vertically on amp stands I got from Guitar Center for $40/ea. Definitely much boomier on the floor. I also had a single TS110A before the TS212s. Wanted to try stereo but couldn't find another TS110A easily since they're discontinued and the TS210 weren't in stock. After getting the TS212 home I can say they don't sound much different than the TS110A. There is a bit more bass but it's not overbearing (like it is on my EV ZLX 15). The TS212 seem a bit brighter too. However they're not much heavier but are a bit bulkier. The added bass doesn't bother me though, it can be EQ'ed out. I don't just play guitar through them, I also listen to full backing tracks and play a bit of bass guitar as well, so for me the TS212 are what I'd consider closer to a "full band" type sound. If I were just monitoring guitar I'd probably stick with the 10 just to keep things simple and smaller.
  9. I've found I like to do this as well, sometimes with one panned left and the other right (using 2 x Alto TS212). Sounds much larger!
  10. Another JTV Variax user here patiently waiting for Workbench support, but this new update is definitely amazing and more than I expected. Thank you Line 6!
  11. Any idea when the update goes live? Recently bought the app, and awaiting an update after searching here and finding your post!
  12. I know I can connect the Helix to my iPad via USB using the Camera Connection Kit. I have one, but it's at my buddy's house, and won't be able to get it until Sunday to play with it. Anyway, I'm wondering if I can use Helix to control Garageband on iPad via MIDI over USB? I would like to be able to assign a footswitch on Helix that is able to control playback for backing tracks/jam tracks on Garageband, and potentially other functions as well. Will also be playing it back through the Helix to my FRFR speakers (Alto TS110a). Is this possible, or if not, is there an app that will work for this? Would love to be able to have my iPad, Variax, Helix, and a PA speaker for a complete one-man-band type of thing!
  13. It's night and day in every way. If you can at all swing it, get the Helix. If you're a live performer, even more so. I wasn't too happy with my Firehawk FX personally, neither FRFR nor 4CM. It was just ok. Eventually I got rid of it, and went back to tubes and pedals. After spending only 2 days with the Helix I'm about ready to get rid of my tube amp and pedals again (save for a few). Almost. Will spend more time with it first.
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