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Found 15 results

  1. I wanted to know if I can connect my ANALOG OUTS (Left/Right) of the UX2 to the IN of the compressor and the OUT of the compressor to the LINE IN (Left/Right) of UX2 at the back? Would this configuration work for using the compressor?
  2. Forgive me if this has been answered a million times already, but I'm having trouble getting a straight answer. I have a POD HD300 and want to know if I can use two effects from the FX1 category. For example, if I want to use the Blue Compressor and the Tube Screamer clone for a patch, is there a way to make use of both of them? Am I stuck using either the compressor or the overdrive effect? Thanks!
  3. Hi all, I've put up an idea on ideascale for line 6 to swap the compressor and noise gate positions. I think the reversed positions make more sense. If you think so too please vote here
  4. Hey all, Has anyone noticed a strange fast stuttering effect on clean tones when using the fixed compressor block at anything below a -15 or so threshold? It really shows up when playing the low strings in chords. Drove me crazy trying to figure out what it was till I finaly turned the compressor off and it went away. It really becomes noticeable when the chords starts dyng away. It truly makes the fixed compressor unusable for strumming clean chords. This tone was based on the American Clean preset which has the fixed compressor after the amp block. Not sure if that makes any difference. Was able to duplicate it on three different firehawks and with multiple guitars and PA systems. Cheers.
  5. How about in the next update for Helix include the "Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer" compressor used on the "Steely Dan" tune" Peg" played by Jay Graydon.
  6. Hi Guys: I have a question On the Noise Gate of the PODXT the Threshold Parameter is in db, but on the HD500X is on % ¿db and % is it the same? The same thing for Compressor it the same db and % ????
  7. Hi! This is a bug and a bit nasty one, but I have no clue as where to report such bugs - would this forum be the correct place? If I have an amp enabled with quite the amount of gain, and I then enable the compressor it creates an ugly spike in the volume for a short moment. This when I let the guitar ring while enabling the compressor. If I than disable and enable the compressor again there's no such volume spike. This should be reported back to line6 somehow. Can others here verify it? I've already had other users on facebook acknowledge this spike.
  8. I think all the compressors on the Helix would benefit greatly from some sort of meter or at least indicator as to when the signal has exceeded the threshold and compression has engaged. Right now it takes a good pair of ears and a bit of guesswork to determine when and for how long the compressor kicks in and when it releases. This makes it difficult to set the threshold properly. We need a visual indication as to when the compressor is engaged/released.
  9. Hey, I have to question, I use the POD HD 500X via 4CM with my Engl Gigmaster (Effects only) How should I asset the Comprresor (and which COmp I should use) for best results in your opinion. Genre is Metal/ Hard Rock And is there any way to eliminate the levle rise of the analog chorus? Thanks
  10. hey guys, just wanted to ask if anybody is using a compressor after a dotted 8 delay, and if so, which one on the helix and what settings are yall using...i first saw this on the a youtube video by line6. and what i really want to accomplish is the delays after the first attack to stay strong especially since it seems that i lose that effect when i engage a distortion...and not to chage overall tone that much since the compresson will only engage when i engage the delay effect...thanks
  11. I've had the HD500x for almost a year, and I must say that it's very convenient to use live, going direct and using IEMs. 1) Compressor control parameters However, I've been struggling with using the compressors (and overdrive pedals, but that's another topic). Having used a Zoom G3, I find the compressors on the Pod quite lacking in tweakability. There isn't a single compressor where I can control the attack, release, ratio, and make-up gain. Being able to control mix would be nice too, but I guess that can be done, only post amp, using the 2 signal paths for parallel comp and using the mixer to balance. With so many parameters to tweak in the "HD amp models", it makes one wonder why there isn't a single tonally transparent compressor with controls for attack, release, ratio, make-up gain, and mix. The Zoom G3, with all its shortcomings, has this kinda comp, and perhaps I miss having that level of control, more than I would miss having control over hum or sag. 2) Transparency The other matter is the way the compressors color the tone, even at the lowest compression settings. This is quite noticeable when A/B-ing a patch with comp on and another with comp off after loudness equalization. Even the tube comp does this, although to a far lesser degree. It distorts (mildly) fairly easily at higher levels of compression, which may give that added warmth that some like, but messes up clean stuff like strummed parts with piezo pickups. Side note: the output gain control does not go low enough for equal loudness with the effect on and off. Even at 0, output is quite a bit louder with the effect on than it is when off. For these reasons, I've been avoiding using compressors. Perhaps they are due to my own ignorance/mistakes. Except for this and other small issues, I'm pretty happy with the Pod. Can anyone help me get around these issues? Thanks!
  12. Hi! I recently got a used POD XT Pro and I am setting it up for live use. To do this, I got myself an FBV Shortboard MK I. I am looking to use the Compressor and EQ via footswitches, but clearly the Shortboard MK I doesn't support it [as far as I know]. Given this, I am now left to trigger them using CC #26 and CC #63 respectively. I would like to keep things simple, so I am looking at a simple 2-button MIDI footswitch that triggered either 0 or 127 [i.e. off and on] for each CC #. I was wondering if there is a MIDI footswitch that you could recommend for this purpose. I am not sure if this will help, but I also have an FBV 2 controller [the one with two switches for bank up/down]. I am curious if this could be configured to trigger the said CC numbers, as that will definitely help me save on costs. Thanks a lot guys!
  13. Hi there folks! I was messing around with my pod hd 500, but i had some feedback problems while rehearsing with my band... When i'm at home, i usually amplify the sound around 65~85dB* which is a casual/domestic loudness. When i am at a live situation or rehearsal, I frequently pull the volume up to something around 95~110 dB, and in this situations I get an annoying feedback (not the nice one usually brought by valves). This problem, though, is not exclusive to the pod. With the Zoom G2 and G9.2tt i had, this also used to happen, although more easily. So i guess that the problem is not hardware, but tweaking. My signal chain in POD HD 500 is: Fassel (Wah Pedal) - Tube Comp - Noise Gate - Treadplate (4x12 Tread V-30 + SM57 on X) - Volume Pedal - Digital Delay (turned off by default) I am using an Epiphone LP Standard. Seems like turning off/reducing compression works for the feedback, but it destroys timbre. Raising noise gate, at the point it already is, would decrease sustain in an enormous way. What can i do? ---------- *deciBel leves considered at 1 meter from the speaker.
  14. Hi there, I used the Pod 2.0 again after some months, and recently I feel the compression in delay/compressor-mode, but separately as well, has turned out quite weak-sounding...Is this possible, and if so, is there a way to re-prorgram or adjust? Thanx from germany
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