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  1. Hi Guys: I have a trouble. When I connect my pedalboard to effect loop, there is a loss volumen, but when I disconnectt the pedalboard of effect loop the volumen is OK. I use the 4CM (four methode cable) Is it a problem with the tubes? Is it a problem with the effect loop? My pedalaboard is OK, because I use the same pedalboard with other amp y that issue there is not. Help me please.
  2. Hi: Someone to know where Can I to Buy this TSHIRTS??? (with International Shipping) (CHILE) https://shop.line6.com/line-6-helix-signal-flow-t-shirt.html
  3. Hi Guys: I have a question On the Noise Gate of the PODXT the Threshold Parameter is in db, but on the HD500X is on % ¿db and % is it the same? The same thing for Compressor effect....is it the same db and % ????
  4. Hi Guys!! I need copy the same parameters of Eq effect of the POD xt, but using the EQ of the POD HD500x Any Ideas?? Please see the attach file.
  5. Yeah: My laptop recognizes my HD500X as a HD500, so Editor for the HD500 works and NOT the PODHD500X Editor.
  6. Hola a todos, hace muy poco compré un PODHD500X (NO HD500) y también compré el PACK HD de amplificadores, ambos productos los registré exitosamente en la página de LINE6. Instalé los drivers de HD500x y además instalé Monky, cuando abro Monky me aparece como registrado el POD HD500 y no el PODHD500X!!!!!. Además cuando abro el POD HD500 Edit, me dice que el dispositivo no está conectado!!! La unica forma que funciona el editor es si instalo el POD HD500 Edit, ahí la laptop lo reconoce ¿Alguién sabe como arreglar esto? Gracias
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