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  1. Line 6 needs to create an HD Android/iphone application to remotely control the HD product line. They are still selling HD PODS and that is not going to go away. People want to do 2 things turn on a amp and play and the HD POD small screen interface (stinks at best). The HD edit software is great but limited to my windows computer. Not good! The masses that play guitar won't use Helix or Amplify. They walk into a Guitar Center and buy regular old amps that you turn on and plug into. But a HD android/iphone app that works like the HD edit will sell big time. I owned the Helix and I returned it and went back to the HD 500 and DT combination.
  2. I bought the Helix and returned it. It could not control my DT amp the way it should with the line 6 link. I created my own midi patch but I shouldn't have to. The DT edit software blows away the Helix DT communication. Nothing like real tube! Sticking with my DT amp & POD 500X. ' Line 6 needs to create a HD android/iphone app to control the HD product line. Will sell like hot cakes.
  3. All patches are giving the same hisss. Master volume is up and I can hear it though my DT25 amp direct. Phantom Power is off now but it was on. Made no difference. Anything else ? Gary
  4. Hi, I updated my firmware to 2.01 recently and not sure if this is related but my XML direct out is giving me nothing but hisss noise. I tested my cables with my Neuman and I have good input to my DAW. Any ideas? Thanks, Gary
  5. Little more info. I can turn on/off any block and save it to a Snapshot but I can not change the value of any single parameter because it saves the value to all Snapshots. Example: I change the DRIVE from 5.2 to 6.3 and try to save it to Snapshot 2... Snapshot 1 now has a drive value of 6.3 also. That won't work
  6. Well that did not clear this up. If I change the "VERB" in Helix editor and I save it on Snapshot 2 that works and when I push the Snapshot 1 button the "VERB" is still on. When I push Snapshot 2 the "VERB" is off. This does not work the same on the A+C "DRIVE". If I change the drive value it changes across both Snapshot 1 and Snapshot 2. How can I fix this?
  7. Hi, I thought the Snapshot allowed me to change ANY parameters but not model. But what I'm finding is that the DRIVE is global and if I change the DRIVE on one Snapshot it effects all Snapshots. Am I doing something wrong? I'm sure many people need to increase the drive at certain parts of a song. Help? Gary
  8. Here's a quick video I did to show how to control the DT from Helix Edit software. Amp type A/B, CAB Simulation, Topology, Voicing etc. A pictures worth a 1000 words so here's a simple video. Gary
  9. A picture is worth a 1000 words. Here's a quick video I did showing how to send midi from the Helix Edit to the DT and control all the features in the DT from Helix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O56WEFB0FIU
  10. Hi Bradley, I'm using my Helix in a recording studio not a live situation. So my answers are only from my limited experience with the Helix/DT all of two weeks. I do have the Line 6 Link connected to the DT but after all my research I don't really think it's doing ANYTHING the midi commands are controlling all of the DT settings. Line 6 Link is there but I think it's doing ZERO. Maybe a tech can clarify. I'm using the XLR out into my DAW from the Helix no mic on DT. My guess is you could go either way. From the Helix I'm getting great tone into my DAW you would use the XLR out to a PA with no problems and get the same result. You can control the XLR feed volume and make it different than what's being fed to the DT I haven't done this but I"ve read it's doable. You can control the CAB, Mic, Mic distance and SO MUCH more from the Helix and dial in your exact tone. Why use the DT cab with a mic? That's just going to change the nice tone you dialed in. I can do quick how to videos let me know if you need help on any of this. Gary
  11. Here's a short video I did on how to send Midi to the DT amps from Helix Edit software to control the DT voicing, AMP Model, Cab Simulation, Topology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O56WEFB0FIU Gary
  12. I did a quick video on how to control the DT amp from Helix using midi commands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O56WEFB0FIU
  13. My ignorance was a lack of understanding on the basic Helix and DT midi setup and how to control everything from the Helix. I will post a Youtube video on this so other people like me have reference that they can SEE. Telling a guitar player to how without giving specific instructions is not a win. I will create a video today to help out some other frustrated DT midi challenged players.
  14. My apologies for my ignorance. It was very simple to setup the MIDI to control the DT25.. Sorry, Gary
  15. Bottom line the Helix sounds to good to give it up so I'm gonna have to spend the time to make it play nice with my DT. O well..
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