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  1. Not aware of any external pedals like what you are saying. You can add an external expression pedal and assign almost anything to it. For example using 4cm, I've set the fx loop mix value to the expression pedal so that i can fad from my actual amp's preamp and the firehawk modelled preamp.
  2. djcanilla

    Idea: swap compressor and gate positions

    Gate seems to be okayish, but over the years i have developed a liking for compressor first in the chain, to even out picking and strumming before it hits gain, amp, etc and the noise gate just before my signal hits the delay and reverb to clean it up so any noises and hisses don't get amplified and repeated by delay etc. Thus i am currently using one of the compressor models just before my distortion, but this takes up one of my valuable blocks. This swap should be easy to do and saves (at least for me) one of the wild card blocks.
  3. Hi all, I've put up an idea on ideascale for line 6 to swap the compressor and noise gate positions. I think the reversed positions make more sense. If you think so too please vote here line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Firehawk-fx-compressor-and-gate-swap/950226-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments
  4. djcanilla

    Amp modelling with 4cm

    Actually the answer to this was in my last question. The way to do use modelled amps with the 4cm is to turn the fx loop mix down to 0%. Tried it out and it works a charm. Thanks anyway.
  5. djcanilla

    Amp modelling with 4cm

    Hi all. I want to use amp modelling in the 4cm on my Firehawk Fx without having to disable the fx loop. My chain is: Stomp>fx loop>amp (off)>mods and delays I'd like to add a modelled amp in place of my actual amp whilst using 4cm. I've seen threads where people suggest turning off the fx loop. However I find that mods, delays, etc sound much better in the fx loop and don't really want to turn the loop off. Is there a way to change this, such as turning the fx loop mix to 0?
  6. djcanilla

    Firehawk FX problem! Help me, please!!!

    I am having the same issue but without even touching the pedal. I'll be playing and the parameters on my delay (which has fx assigned to it but not to pedal) will change drastically. Don't understand why this should change on its own. chrisxdlr have you resolved this?