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  1. Okay so I've managed to resolve this, it turns out that my external expression pedal (not a line 6 pedal) was not functioning as it should. I have since replaced with a line 6 ex-1 and it now works great. For those who might be interested, this is the method for setting up and assigning the external expression pedal: 1) connect the pedal to the pedal 2 input 2) set a patch on which you want to set the external pedal 3) on the app, select the block to which you wish to assign fx tweak on the external pedal. 4) long-press on the parameter to which you want to assign the tweak 5) select yes on "assign to pedal" 6) set the levels on the parameter you want to tweak (eg. On bender block, you could set position from 0% to 100% depending on the starting level to want to set) 7) the slider can be used to set the necessary travel on the pedal to achieve the full tweak of the parameter set in step 6 8) once set up to taste, save to the firehawk fx and enjoy :) 9) note that external pedal will always need to be connected for the patch to work properly. If it is disconnected, the tweak parameter will be assigned to the onboard pedal and this can get confusing
  2. What exactly is the problem? There are quite a few adjustments you can make that affect your volume.
  3. djcanilla


    As long as you are using the same username on your app you should be able to. You'd probably need to register both firehawks on the app. You can save your tones to the cloud by saving to my tones (or public sharing) and then download them onto the new fhfx. To do this, open the patch in the app, press on the cloud and selecting "save to my tones". As far as i know you need to do one patch at a time.
  4. Hi all. I'm trying to create my first patch using the bender effect. I'm using an external expression pedal so that i can have wah and volume on the onboard pedal, and the fx tweak on pedal 2. I've assigned the fx tweak to the position slider, heel to 0 and toe to +24 so that i should be able to go up two octaves and back down to fretted note throught full travel of the pedal. However I'm finding that at the heel position the note is not returning to 0 and stays quite a way higher than 0. I've tried all sorts of things but can't seem to figure this out. Anyone got any ideas? Greatly appreciated.
  5. So I'm hoping that someone can explain this to me, without getting too technical about it. I understand that FRFR speakers, such as HR108 and Powercab, are designed specifically for guitar multieffects units. However PA speakers are designed to cater for all sound, be it drums, bass, guitar, vocals, violins, etc. Hence my question is, if PA speakers can cater for guitar and more, why is it, generally speaking, the view that multieffects should be plugged into FRFR and not an active PA speaker? As long as you eq for the speaker you are using you should be alright? Or am I getting this completely wrong? Furthermore I am considering getting a mixer, plugging in my mic and firehawk into this and run this into a Powered PA? Would this work and sound alright?
  6. As far as i know there are a couple of bass amps in the firehawk (see attached files). There have been no updates in ages, firehawk patches are for firehawk only so you cannot import from other platforms.
  7. Well if anyone is interested in this topic, i decided to find the cheapest ir loader pedal i could find, which happened to be the nux mini studio, under £50. This pedal has 8 preloaded ir's which can be replaced with third party responses. On this pedal switching of presets is done manually by turning a knob, so there's no way to change cabs whilst playing. Incorporating it into the fx loop (disabling the fhfx stock cab) i find that there is not much of a difference for clean tones, but for distortion patches the tone acquires a more realistic feel, and patches sound generally better than with the equivalent line 6 modelled cabs. All in all i would say this is a good way to improve the sounds from your fhfx at a very decent price. Infact i had already incorporated a Zoom MS 50g to my fx loop for modulation and boost capabilities, and together with the mini studio, i would say my fhfx has become a very versatile and excellent-sounding machine. Would recommend these two purchases to anyone.
  8. I get what you're saying in terms of making your own sound, just pick one cab that sounds good with the amp models you're going to use and build your sound around that. However, if you're doing covers and want an authentic sound, this might not work so well. Anybody have any experience using ir's live, and switching between patches and ir's?
  9. Thanks for the input, much appreciated. My concern is not so much cost, as many ir loaders are fairly cheap, but more to do with functionality; on the firehawk itself the pressing of one switch can take you from heavenly cleans to the most gain-y distorted tones. Obviously this (usually) requires a patch change with different amp and cab blocks. If you were to use an ir loader, the cab would now be on the loader, not on the block, so changing from one tone to another could now possibly require two switch presses, the one on the firehawk and one on the loader; unless you use the same cab for both tones, but doing this, in my head, means the combination might not sound best, eg using a marshall cab with mesa boogie amp. Basically i want to hear people's experiences using external ir's with the firehawk, and recommendations. Thanks guys
  10. I don't know much about them, but I've heard that ir's can greatly improve the sound from your firehawk. I'm considering getting something like a mooer radar to stick in the fx loop but am unsure as to its use. Anyone with any experience? Does it really make that much of a difference? Do you need to change ir when switching between presets? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Well one of the selling points of the firehawk was the ability to edit patches on the fly via the app. The app has always had its issies but lately it just drops connection, referring to "invalid token". This means patches cannot be edited or saved, making the app mostly useless. This needs to be resolved asap.
  12. Yes but taking into consideration its age the fact that there have only been three firmware updates in its time, when bugs are continually been reported, it really puts things into perspective. I love my firehawk, but the experience could be so much better with a few bug fixes. This is what would put me off getting another line 6 product, cos who's to say the same won't happen to the helix when the next best thing comes along? I do also understand however that other products are sold as is and no updates are ever released so I'll really need to think about what i want to get when my firehawk dies or becomes unuseable.
  13. Well you do have a point on the updates, I'll give you that. However seeing that the helix is getting constant updates and new models regularly it is upsetting that the firehawk has not had the same treatment; and that's my gripe.
  14. Not loved it, i still have it and still do love it, but not a fan of the lack of support from line 6. There are numerous requests for some changes to the unit, such as patch structure, settings, etc and these go unanswered or unresolved. Further to this and more importantly there have been no firmware updates for ages either. It just makes me wonder why this unit has been abandoned COMPLETELY in favour of the helix. Just saying that if my firehawk did die i would probably not go for another line 6 product. This doesn't mean that their products are not top notch; on the contrary they are probably the best out there, i am just not a fan of the way the firehawk has been treated. my opinion only and not meant to put anybody off line 6 or put their reputation down.
  15. I have been a fan of line 6 products since i bought a second hand pod xt; i loved the sound i was getting and the versatlilty of the pod, even though i paid quite a bit of money for the expansion packs. Then came the firehawk fx and i loved the idea of being able to edit patches on my phone or ipad, at a moment's notice, so i bought one. I have loved it from the moment i got it, although admittedly i wished some changes to the signal chain would be forthcoming. I've even used the patch editor on my phone at sound check, making slight adjustment to volumes etc. At one point i was even considering getting a variax to maximise the full potential of the firehawk. However, seeing how the firehawk has been abandoned in favour of the helix i doubt i will buy another line 6 product ever again. I cannot afford to buy a helix, nor do i have a need for one as the firehawk is more than capable of giving me the sounds i need, but the lack of support for this product means that when it dies, and eventually it will, i will be looking at other brands for a replacement to this great piece of equipment. Shame.
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