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  1. thank you very much. Is there another possibity to get a few bass amps onto the Firehawk FX device, maybe per App/L6 Cloud?
  2. I'm thinking of buying a Firehawk FX as replacement for my POD HD500 with its broken footswitches. But I use my POD for both, guitar AND bass, but I didn't see any bass amps in the Firehawk. Is there a possibility to install my POD HD Fully Loaded Bundle or other bass amp models?
  3. Yeah, at the moment I try to edit the sound in manual mode to find my own one... but maybe I found something in the presets.
  4. Hey guys, I play the Spider IV 75 for a while now and I am still looking for some good allday sounds. I want to set up a bank with A:Clean, B: Crunch, C:Drive, D:Metal/Lead for most purposes. I tried to make some presets, but especially a good Crunch and Drive sound is hard to find. I'm almost satified with my clean and metal sound now, but I don't like the other 2. :-/ Mostly played with an Ibanez RG H-S-H and Jackson Warrior H-H. ;-) It's hard to find something on Customtone, because I don't really now, what I should type in the search field. :-D Do you have some suggestions for good sound settings or links to good presets? Thanks!
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