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    Firehawk FX 2019 updates!!!!!

    I would add to the “wish list”: - Fix the Bluetooth connectivity in iOS, it’s very annoying that FHFX looses the connection 8 seconds after the song has started. - Improve the tuner, please! It just need a little more to be really good: like turning the knob to get different tunings and/or MHz... - Give it chain freedom, why is it restricted? - Some of the “preset effects” have something wrong, if you try to use them they make the FHFX goes crazy (like incompatibility issues). - It has the USB connectivity already working, why don’t give us a Windows & OSX editor? You already have the Helix one, this could work in FHFX with it’s obvious limitations, right? Should not be rocket science. - You don’t have the money for development? Well, you have 2 options: you can charge us for the computer editor and extra amps/pedals/mics/ etc OR release the software as open source!!! I bet you there are LOTS of guys out there that could make a state of the art software (I’m sure nor Zoom or Roland will steal it). I have this pretty good hardware here with the FHFX and I am really sure it has enormous potential, let us have it or give or sell it to us! I, as a non professional player, am not interested in the Helix, it’s just too much, FX100 and FHFX opened a big market for Line 6, don’t let us down, please!!!