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  1. Easy now there, tiger!!! Maybe I was not clear enough... I don’t want UPGRADES I am just asking for updates (or patches) that will fix what it is wrong with the board... As an example, I have a Sync2 audio system in my 2011 car, that system is developed by Microsoft, just this summer we got one last update (and they were very clear that it was the last one) which fixed a lotta things, those were 9 years of updates and support. And to be specific the main issues were bluetooth connection problems and map updates. I am nos asking Line6 to trade my FHFX for a Helix or a PodGO and it is a personal decision whether you go and get better board or not. You can do whatever you want with your money, i just don’t care. All I was asking for is to fix the known problems, that’s it, I like the board, it does what I need it to do, I just need it to do it without so many bugs. And if they have given up the support, what don’t let others? Many companies do so. Anyway, Line6 don’t care as you don’t care and many others don’t care... Why should I? Be happy dude
  2. We all here understand you position regarding the Firehawk vs the Helix boards support and development and we understand that if we would like a better performance board we can always upgrade to Helix and such. Nevertheless you, Line 6, still owe us a RELIABLE equipment which, up to this date, has a lot of reported BUGS. I am not complaining in what is the Firehawk capable to do, because I am satisfied with that, but about the Bluetooth disconnections, the “freeze” boards, the lack of firmware and app updates, the cloud errors, the looper improper performance, etc All of the things mentions before are supposed to be “strong” advantages of the Firehawk against its competitors because, please have in minds, your competitors ARE supporting their new and previous equipments continuously. If you need and example, check the Headrush, Fractal and Boss products. Throw us a bone here! I’ve previously suggested that if the support for the Firehawk is over, let us have an open source code option, there might be capable people interested in developing a PC/Mac based interface or such. Believe me, I like the Firehawk very much and I think I don’t need anything else for my musical needs, but I’m also sure that there’s still many potential that can be brought out of it, allow us to explore it and explode it! Thank you. Noe G.
  3. I would add to the “wish list”: - Fix the Bluetooth connectivity in iOS, it’s very annoying that FHFX looses the connection 8 seconds after the song has started. - Improve the tuner, please! It just need a little more to be really good: like turning the knob to get different tunings and/or MHz... - Give it chain freedom, why is it restricted? - Some of the “preset effects” have something wrong, if you try to use them they make the FHFX goes crazy (like incompatibility issues). - It has the USB connectivity already working, why don’t give us a Windows & OSX editor? You already have the Helix one, this could work in FHFX with it’s obvious limitations, right? Should not be rocket science. - You don’t have the money for development? Well, you have 2 options: you can charge us for the computer editor and extra amps/pedals/mics/ etc OR release the software as open source!!! I bet you there are LOTS of guys out there that could make a state of the art software (I’m sure nor Zoom or Roland will steal it). I have this pretty good hardware here with the FHFX and I am really sure it has enormous potential, let us have it or give or sell it to us! I, as a non professional player, am not interested in the Helix, it’s just too much, FX100 and FHFX opened a big market for Line 6, don’t let us down, please!!!
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