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  1. Hey ladies and gents, Getting ready to trade in my Firehawk fx in for an M13. One because I am tired of dealing with the volume issues n the Firehawk. The other reason is I don't want to spend the time building a pedal board and buying all the pedals, which can get pricey. Can anyone recommend a good amp to by to play through fro practice at home and also live shows? I was looking at either a Line 6 Spider V 120 or Fender Champ 100. I play in a hard rock cover band and will be playing shows soon. Want to make sure I am getting the best bang for the buck.
  2. Hello all, I own a line 6 Firehawk fx and have been very frustrated lately. I have thought of trading in and going to a pedal board layout, but way to expensive. I play in a hard rock cover band and will be playing live soon. At practice I play out through a PA and XLR connection. It seems i am always having a problem with volume. A friend of mine said I should trade it in for an M13, because I would not have those issues playing live with a stombox modular. I am thinking of listening to him as I have a Tube amp I could play through as the M13 does not have an out through and XLR. I could use help making a decision. Very mush appreciated on any feedback.
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