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  1. I recently bought a Digitech Trio + to work with for writing and practicing. Has anyone else used one of these with a FFX? My first attempt at using the pedal through the FFX effects loop didn’t work, so I’ve been reviewing the user manual for both devices and still haven’t found why my first attempt won’t work. If anyone has experience with using the two pedals together I’d appreciate some pointers. Thanks!
  2. All right then! Very good. Thanks L6!
  3. i suspect the cloud is shared between the Firehawk FX and Helix (possibly other L6 devices). The bug we now see was probably a result of a Helix enhancement and poor testing by Line 6. I developed/managed system and software development and always had one cardinal rule, DON’T BREAK SOMETHING WHEN ENHANCING SOMETHING ELSE! It REALLY TICKS OFF YOUR CUSTOMERS!
  4. Seriously?!? They didn’t add “the check’s in the mail”??
  5. I’ve had my FHFX for almost a year now. Using it in the band at church every week, rarely having problems, working through or around the problems and short comings I’ve run into as they’ve come up. In reading the problem posts in the forum, I’ve come to two opinions I’ll share. (Note that I mean no offense to anyone in the user community with these points.) 1. It’s time to face facts, this product is not intended and never will be supported as a premier product. Line 6 has provided an exceptional product for the amateur / low budget professional to easily get some killer tones. It is not going to provide the updates of additional amps, pedals, microphones, speakers and flexibility some of you ask for. It’s not their business model. If you’re absolutely obsessed with improving your tone to that degree, you will be required to buy their Helix product line. Sorry to burst your hopes, but face it, for $400 bucks they provide a lot of great tones and flexibility. For $1600 you get updates and premium service. 2. Now, this point is directed towards Line 6. You have sold us a product that has bugs and does not perform as you have advertised. I accept your plan is not to enhance the product, but your responsibility is to make it work as designed and marketed! Remote issues, cloud issues, and additional PROBLEMS listed in this and many other threads are your responsibility! Ignoring users that cannot properly use the device is a failure of your management. Think of it this way, if I’m not happy with the Firehawk FX reliability (NOT ITS CAPABILITIES!) and I decide to upgrade to a premium product, why wouldn’t I choose to try another company product. Axe FX, Boss, and others compete with Helix. I probably won’t be looking for a new board right away, but others may be making the decision soon. Therefore I would suggest Line 6 consider these points and FIX THE DAMN PROBLEMS WITH THE FIREHAWK FX!!! Thanks...
  6. Any recommendation on a preset to use with a bass?
  7. When comparing prices, don’t forget to include the value of service provided. Since Sweetwater includes a 2 year warranty, it adds to what you receive. Especially with the electronic components of the Variax, I think it increases the value of the purchase. It it took me a while to figure this out, but trust me that a bad experience with another MAJOR retailer convinced me. Good luck...
  8. Will it work if I plug a bass guitar into my FHFX? I currently don’t have a bass, but I’m starting to consider recording some things and wanted to put a bass line on it. Thanks!
  9. Hi DW, I’ve recently been looking for a practice speaker solution to use with my FHFX. I practice at home in a small bedroom and didn’t want to spend hundreds on a speaker I’d turn up to 2. After talking to several “experts” (see salesmen) who were always pushing a high priced, and a much larger speaker, I opted for a pair of studio monitors. They are designed to deliver flat response at room friendly volume, and the FHFX delivers the amp sound to them. I’m very happy with the results. No matter what I would have decided, I always would have to tweak settings when I get to my church. Different room acoustics (very different!) and going through our PA system is impossible to create at home. The monitors give a representation of what the Firehawk feeds, from there I can work with our sound tech to blend in as best we can. At anywhere from $100-$300, it’s an inexpensive way to get great sound out of your Firehawk. Consider it as an option, you may want more volume or have other desires for your speaker. Best of luck!
  10. Another newb question guys, sorry. I have a Ditto X4 looper I want to use with my FHFX. Can I just use the FX loop ports and put the FX block at the end of my chain?
  11. I’ve found making sure I log out of both the line 6 website and the app, restarting the iPad (to clean up memory from hours/days of use), and turning off notifications (on iPad Do Not Disturb) has helped a tremendous amount. Things are much smoother and more reliable. It still has an occasional issue, but more often than not I’m able to work at my own pace. Not sure if it’s training me or what, but I just want to play guitar! Hopefully I’m not jinxing things sharing this, we’ll just have to see...
  12. I have only saved tones for myself either on the iPad or Firehawk. When I was having problems, the app will not save to either location. When saving to the Firehawk, I get a message the device is busy, try again later. But later doesn’t get there, or it exceeds a very impatient 5-10 minutes. As I mentioned, I’m still trying to identify a reliable method to avoid issues. I try to setup my pedal with the set list so there’s no issue or delay during practice or performance. If “it” happens, I just try to roll with what it will provide, for now at least.
  13. I’m a new fbfx owner (about 4 months) and have started having issues with getting the Firehawk to sync with my iPad or with storing a new or modified tone in the library and subsequently in a location on the pedalboard. I have had some success with making sure I turn off notifications and restarting the iPad to clear out garbage from using other apps. It’s still way too early to declare success in my mind. Has as anyone else had these types of issues? Have you got a sure fire solution ?
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