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  1. I know the Firehawk is not the most expensive unit to buy, but even 400$ is too much for a unit that is causing so much trouble. Sounds: Great Design: Super BUT: 1: When I turn on my Firehawk FX it takes 20 minutes to boot (in words: twenty!). It just stays black, backlight of display is lit. I let it bake for 20 min and then eventually it boots. Firmware: 1.30 (newest). 2: App on iPad: It is constantly (every 5 minutes) resyncing, downloading the patches from the unit again and again and I can start all over again programming my patch. Or it looses the Bluetooth connection (and I have my iPad on my desk, next to the Firehawk! Distance: 10cm!) Ok, so I thought: Forget the iPad, lets do it on my Samsung S8. 3. Samsung S8: Every 5 minutes: "Token expired, need to log in again". Really?? Then: How on earth can I save my edited patch to the Firehawk? After 1 hour of trying I could not figure it out. The little "save to disk" icon at the top right only shows me a context menu that lets me either share the sound to the community or load it to "my tones". I want it on my unit! Not anywhere else! Really sad. When it runs, it sounds nice, but like this I can not do my job professionally. Am I done with Line6?
  2. Hi y'all In all patches in the firehawk when I move the volume pedal it sets the "drive" of the amp setting to another position than programmed. First I thought the "drive" is assigned to be tweaked by the pedal, but as far as I know you can not tweak amp settings with the pedal. I calbirated the volume pedal but this did not help at all. Example: "drive" is programmed to 80%. Sounds nice. Now I move the pedal to adjust the volume and the volume is controlled nicely, but also the "drive" parameter jumps to somewhere around 50%. When I move the pedal again the "drive" never goes back, it moves between 40 and 50%. No chance to bring it back up to its initial setting. Firmware version. 1.30 Anybody the same problem? Solutions? Thanks!
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