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  1. Just run some of your guitar back thru the foldback monitors. you can get all the level you want on stage including enough for controlled feedback. Works great for us. If you're in ear then nevermind ;)
  2. Hey all, Has anyone noticed a strange fast stuttering effect on clean tones when using the fixed compressor block at anything below a -15 or so threshold? It really shows up when playing the low strings in chords. Drove me crazy trying to figure out what it was till I finaly turned the compressor off and it went away. It really becomes noticeable when the chords starts dyng away. It truly makes the fixed compressor unusable for strumming clean chords. This tone was based on the American Clean preset which has the fixed compressor after the amp block. Not sure if that makes any difference. Was able to duplicate it on three different firehawks and with multiple guitars and PA systems. Cheers.
  3. The red and white levels are global and are not saved with each patch. The only level available from the center level knob set individually for each patch is the pink level or amp volume which does not affect tone. The white level is only the balance between the guitar tone and the mp3 playback and should not affect tone. If it does then that is a fault with the system as I don't believe it was intended to affect tone. Line 6 gurus welcome to jump in here and correct me if I'm wrong... I set my red and white levels at 12:00 and ALWAYS leave them there for gigs and group practice. Same with our other guitar player who runs a Firehawk FX as well. We run straight into the PA and monitor our guitars thru the wedge foldback monitors. I adjust the gain on the PA channel input to get near unity gain on the loudest lead patches so we don't overload the PA channel (Behringer XR18R wireless digital mixer). We set our lead patches on the Firehawks about 10 to 20 percent higher than our rhythm patches and this allows us to cut thru when we are playing leads. I get the levels between the patches I use equaled out by using the amp volume level (pink level) and by adjusting the gain in the fixed compressor stage or in one of the stomps or effects if I need to. This is usually needed on clean amp patches as they are way down for some reason. I run sound from the stage and am the sound guy for our band 98 percent of the time so this helps balance out our sound tremendously with little issue. Hope this helps somebody. Cheers!
  4. Root6t6

    cases ?

    https://www.amazon.com/Plano-Weather-Tactical-Case-36-Inch/dp/B00E221A88/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1546290589&sr=8-4&keywords=plano+weather+tactical+case This is what I use. Its a little long but you can store the power supply, volume pedal and tuner, cables and all your other stuff as well. The Firehawk FX fits perfect and way more protective than any of the "bag" cases, and less expensive too. Oh and waterproof for only 60 bucks on amazon. just pull out the foam bits till you get perfect fits for you gear. They make a longer one too you could probably fit two firehawks in. Plus people will not mess with you carrying this around :) Cheers!
  5. The fast lane preset is garbage. It is very garbled and sounds like the amp is broken. I've tried it on several units and it's the same. Sounds like digital clipping. Replace it with one of your own or one from the cloud.
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