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  1. no need to call line 6. the ONLY way you can do this is to either have a clean amp model, and add a distortion effect and when you save your preset ensure that the distortion is turned off, but still assigned to a footswitch. my clean tones use delay and reverb, and i have my clean patch on switch A. i use a heavy distortion and have it assigned above Switch A.
  2. has anyone successfully created an acoustic tone for an electric guitar?
  3. Does anyone have a dumbed down version of understanding the built in parametric EQ on the firehawk? i have a general idea of how it worksa. However, when I’m alone at my bands rehearsal space and I’m busy dialing in my volumes and tone etc, if I hear something I don’t like. I immediately go into the EQ and turn it on the issue I have is trying to narrow down what frequencies I’m trying to lower. I guess for an example, a high gain amp with a tube screamer for a bit of drive. I notice a very “high” somewhat ear piercing fizzyness. Teying to narrow down exactly what Frequency it is gets aggravating. So I guess, what frequencies define low shelf, low mids, hi mids, and high shelf?
  4. Makes sense. I was unsure I would be able to use both outs! But that simplifies it for me!!
  5. Got my first gig coming up in mid January. Is there anyway to run the firehawk to a Pa (which I’m currently doing now) but as well as run it to an amp for stage volume/monitoring??
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