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  1. chief_wigam

    Factory patches level setting

    Ok yeah got that. But if you have made all your patch levels right at home with headphones, then when go to a rehearsal room with the band, you should expect the levels to still be right, as long as the white level is at the same position it was when you saved the patches. Right?
  2. chief_wigam

    Which headphones?

    Awesome , thanks!
  3. chief_wigam

    Factory patches level setting

    I have read somewhere that as the white level (guitar volume) is an input, it does affect tone and will also affect relative levels between patches. So when you save the patches at the volume you want with the white knob in a certain position, you should leave it there. The only time you change the white level is when you have to - which is only when you are listening to midi music etc with headphones. But I guess if you've originally set your patches with a white level setting using the same headphones, then even then you wouldn't need to change the white level. Is this right?
  4. chief_wigam

    Factory patches level setting

    I understood that the Master Volume on HD (blue) amps is the output level of the preamp to the power amp. This affects tone. The volume (pink level) is the output of the entire amp. This doesn't affect tone. Where is the "sweet spot" for the white level? I have read somewhere that it is around 12 O'clock. The white level apparently also affects tone as it is guitar level output which is an input to the chain.
  5. chief_wigam

    Which headphones?

    Hi Rob, so you can set levels with those at home while the kids are sleeping (that's what I need them for)?
  6. chief_wigam

    Factory patches level setting

    In regards to the factory patches - in particular the "Performance" partches i.e. Rock, Indie, Blues, etc as the levels are not balanced and seem to be somewhat random, has anybody balanced the levels? I would be interested in a copy of the patches. In other words, it should be possible to reference the patches from one of them which has a level setting at the right level with say the red and white global level at 12 'o'clock. I'm wondering if any body has tried that and has had any success?
  7. chief_wigam

    Which headphones?

    Hi, just wondering if AKG K612Pro are still the best headphones to buy for the Firehawk? I know this post was 2.5 years ago so thought I'd ask.
  8. chief_wigam

    All in one patch for live performances

    I'm also interested in doing this. Thanks for the post.
  9. chief_wigam

    Firehawk fx firmware upgrade

    You have to have the latest driver, latest updater and it worked for me with Windows 10 and a cable to my laptop's USB port.
  10. chief_wigam

    Volume control between sounds

    Yes I agree with you that getting levels right seems more difficult that finding the right tones. In fact, people can excuse a non-ideal tone, but they won't appreciate too loud or too soft volumes popping up in the middle of a rehearsal. I would like to cut through to the chase and find a downloadable set of tones for typical cover songs for typical bands like Blink182, Guns and Roses, U2, Tom Petty, Hendrix, Nirvana that I can use on the Firehawk. Does such a thing exist? I understand if you use studio quality headphones, the volume setting can be done at home??
  11. chief_wigam

    Headphone not working

    I tried my headphones into my firehawk for the first time today. I used 2 different headphones and neither worked. I have used the firehawk in a PA and it worked fine. But with the headphones, I used a 3.5mm connection into a 1/4" adaptor, plugged in the guitar Into the firehawk but no sound. Anyone experienced this?