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  1. Dear friends, I got my new Line 6 POD HD500X 1 week ago and just made an amateur custom tone for my live stage performances. Needed to make it as an all in one solution patch. It is cool but not great. I am sharing for two reasons. 1st, it can be a good start for newbies like me, 2nd maybe you can try and give some advices to me. Let me give some info about the patch: -I am using FS1 -FS8 foot-switch mode. -Fs1 switches between 2 amps for lead solo and clean rhythm guitar tones. -Fs2 screamer boost for both amps. -Fs3 Chorus on/off -Fs4 Reverb on/off -Fs5 Noise Gate on/off -Fs6 Boost Comp for clean amp -Fs8 switches between 2 delays (I need both delays for different songs). -Also I have a wah on my exp1 pedal. I use 5 main tones with this patch: clean boost+clean drive+clean drive+boost+clean Lead Drive+lead. (Also I switch delay pedals for several songs) Waiting for your replies. Best regards. https://line6.com/customtone/profile/tanersah
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