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  1. That's like asking for a left hand model lol.
  2. Looks like left hand guitar is always overlooked. It's hard to find anything in Canada but England has a few.
  3. Update was successful I used another laptop running windows 8, but didn't work in windows 10 for me.. all is well Thank for your replies.
  4. It reads v1. 30 but the update never went past 140 tried the volume +tap does absolutely nothing and going back to the first version, Bluetooth ap connect, but doesn't see firehawk fx. The flash was most successful but never finished.
  5. I want to know how you were successful with your update. Ex OS VERSION, WIRELESS OR ENTHERNET CONNECTION, USB CONNECTION CABLE, TYPE OF COMPUTER USED, BROWSER USED, YEAR ECT. I wasn't successful so far in windows 10 following every thing posted on this site. Tried using flash file. Shows v1. 30 but the update never completed.
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