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  1. mcbeddall

    Firehawk FX with Powercab 112 (Plus)

    It is 100% worth using IR's instead of the firehawk speaker sims, it makes a big jump up in the quality of the sound. I recently bought a mooer radar pedal which allows me to replace the firehawk cab sims with impulse responses and it sounds twice as good as it did before, definitely go for the plus
  2. mcbeddall

    Thinking about buying a Firehawk

    I'd agree the gap is about 100ms, if you're running the firehawk in the effects loop of a real amp then switching patches wouldn't completely cut the sound and so would be almost unnoticeable in my opinion. I use the amp models and effects and I make about 5 patch switches per song with no problem, but yeah if you switch while ringing out notes it will obviously sound obvious if nothing else is playing, it's worth noting that if you're connected to a tablet or phone via Bluetooth the switch times are noticeably longer so I always make sure my Bluetooth is off when playing a gig
  3. mcbeddall

    New Pedal: Thoughts

    I've owned both units , and I would advise that you read up on both units as much as possible because although you can get very similar/identical sounds out of both, they are very different. Personally I find the firehawk a joy to work with (I'm really into using my phone to edit) whereas I found the hd500 felt like a lot of work to get good tones, the firehawk is much easier to use but less capable, the firehawk can't do dual paths or 2 amps at once for example, I don't need those so the firehawk wins for me
  4. mcbeddall

    New Pedal: Thoughts

    Oh ok gotcha, you taught me something new
  5. mcbeddall

    New Pedal: Thoughts

    Ok, what does that mean?
  6. mcbeddall

    New Pedal: Thoughts

    No way it's 1-2 seconds , my longest gap is about 300mS but its less than that on most patches
  7. If the compressor isn't supposed to be switched on and off why does it allow you to assign it to a footswitch? Sometimes line 6 customer support is awesome Sometimes it's migraine inducing
  8. mcbeddall

    Future enhanced looper. More time, more tracks?

    Nice marketing angle
  9. mcbeddall

    Anyone tempted by the Headrush?

    I looked into it with a lot of interest , but then they released the price details and I was like " oh damn that's as much as an lt " I'm pretty sure if I was spending that amount of money I'd go for the lt or a used helix. People who have tried it out almost unanimously say that it's nowhere near as good as the helix, in fact one user claimed the tones were equivalent to the hd500 but with added touchscreen, as a firehawk user I feel like I have that already , it would have to be £250 cheaper before I'd even demo one
  10. mcbeddall

    Getting clinical with patch volumes - DAW levels

    I think most firehawk guys would struggle to answer this, might be worth posting a version of this question in the helix thread asking for opinions, I'm following this one with interest
  11. mcbeddall

    v.1.30 Features?

    Firehawk fx doesn't have midi in or out so I guess none of that stuff about midi is going to work
  12. mcbeddall

    Is the Firehawk a step back from the HD500X?

    I think firehawk uses different cab models, I think I saw somebody post back when it was released that the amp models are the same as hd500 but the cabs are pod farm models, I could be wrong but it makes sense as a lot of people had beef with the hd500 cabs
  13. mcbeddall

    Is the Firehawk a step back from the HD500X?

    I agree with you on the form factor stuff, but line 6 did a comparison chart showing what each unit was capable of and it made it quite clear that the firehawk was a sideways step away from the hd500 , basically aimed at people that liked the hd500 but didn't like the endless tweaking involved with it, I think that if the firehawk has everything that the 500 had like dual paths and endless cab parameters then all of a sudden it becomes much harder to dial in
  14. mcbeddall

    Is the Firehawk a step back from the HD500X?

    All of which was fully explained in the original marketing information, I honestly don't know why people bash it for not being able to do what the 500 does when it never claimed that it could, at release the hd500x was still more expensive bought new than the firehawk, I'm not having a pop it's just that when I'm forking out a few hundred quid for something I tend to read up about it and do my homework, it just baffles me that so many people bash the firehawk for not being better than the 500. It's a bit like bashing the zoom g5n for not being as good as the helix despite the fact it's newer
  15. Could potentially be interference from other bluetooth devices?