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  1. Since I am running it through a DI Box whereas we don't use amplifiers, how would set that "amp" thing as to what he has demonstrated into the video? Also with the cables,how do you connect the Firehawk into a DI Box (Behringer)? Would you put it through "FX Send", "FX Return", "Main Out", or "1/4 out" since some has different sizes to as the inputs for the DI Box. Thanks
  2. Changing it's presets- what is the outcome like of the sound? Because right now I gave up on building my own pedalboard. I play with a Crazy Cacti Overdrive Pedal by Caline which I don't like because of it's outcome as it's pre simple and the sound is cheap and Boss RV5 Digital Reverb which is pretty nice but having the Crazy Cacti Overdrive just sounds absolute trash. The overdrive gives in a cheap sound especially on my tele, I'm like looking for a more distorted but kinda high gain and crunched sound during Praise songs. Thanks :)
  3. Hey guys, So I am recently looking for a pedal here in New Zealand and currently I am debating whether to get either the Line 6 Pod 500x or Line 6 Firehawk FX Guitar Floor Pedal. I play at our church and I decided to upgrade from my DigiTech RP50 Modelling Processor into a Multi Effect Pedal (preferably Line 6). So I was thinking on getting your opinions on both pedals, the way they sound and it's control (whether through phone or their knobs itself). I rock a Squire by Fender Telecaster Affinity running to a DI Box of Behringer. Thanks, Your help will be appreciated
  4. Hi, I've been a guitar player for almost 3 years now and I am deciding to upgrade my pedals. I play a Squier Telecaster Affinty and play it at church. I am thinking of buying a Line 6 FBV Shortboard MKII and I am having heaps of questions about it: 1. Can you control the pedal via the app on the Phone? 2. How would you save and preset the effects that you wanted since you don't have a knob on the pedalboard itself. 3. Would you recommend it? 4. Since we play directly on the speakers through a DI Box, would it work? Thanks for your help :)
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