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  1. robertgoddard

    I am almost done with the Firehawk FX! :-(

    The easiest way to save a preset to the Firehawk is to long-press one of the A/B/C/D buttons on the Firehawk itself and then navigate where you want to store it with the up/down arrow buttons and long-press the A/B/C/D button where you want to store it.
  2. robertgoddard

    newbie question

    What do you have the volume set to? In my experience, setting the volume to half (red ring) has helped dramatically.
  3. robertgoddard

    A couple of questions - from a potential new owner

    Yeah, here you go: Just search my username, robertgoddard or you can search for 2Drive2Delay
  4. robertgoddard

    A couple of questions - from a potential new owner

    "Correct. It is limited to three changeable blocks. You could have two overdrive pedals and a modulation, or two overdrives and a delay, or three delays, etc., but no way to have four in any combination.´╗┐" Technically, yes. In reality, no. There is a 4 Block patch out there that lets you run 4 user selected blocks but you lose the FX Loop.
  5. robertgoddard

    New to Firehawk FX- Best Cabling Methods...?

    I'm not sure that you can do four cable method with the spider. If I were to use that amp with the Firehawk, I would set the spider up to a clean tone with EQ flat. Make sure the amp/line switch on the back of the Firehawk is set to amp. Then just treat the Firehawk like a multi-effects unit. You can use the Firehawk to go direct via XLR or 1/4" output. This time you set the amp/line switch to line. The amp/line switch changes the output level of the 1/4" output. It also changes the amp/cabinet emulation within the Firehawk. Your best results would be coming from a full range and full response speaker cuz that's exactly what you would be sending to the front of the house. running the Firehawk through an amp, especially another digital modeling amp, kind of negates the whole purpose of the Firehawk. Good luck and have fun!
  6. robertgoddard

    Firehawk fx firmware upgrade

    Looks more like there's an issue with Line 6 servers, not your Firehawk. I'd wait a little bit and try again later.
  7. robertgoddard


    So you've tried this already: Q: How can I reset the FIREHAWK FX to its default settings? A: To perform a factory reset and restore the FIREHAWK FX to factory settings, press and hold the Master Volume knob and the Tap button as you power up the unit. Unfortunately, any patches not backed up to My Tones prior to the reset will be lost If that didn't work, you may have corrupt firmware. Download the updater software and driver and you should try this: In the event of a failed update, power up while holding A/C and retry the update using the Line 6 Updater found at www.line6.com/software.
  8. robertgoddard

    Firehawk FX mic modelling issue

    Make sure your Amp/Line button is in Line mode. In Amp mode it doesn't model
  9. robertgoddard

    I am almost done with the Firehawk FX! :-(

    I've found that flashing the v1.10 firmware, rebooting, and flashing back to v1.30 firmware helps solve a lot of issues.
  10. robertgoddard


    Yeah, the looper function leaves a lot to be desired. I'd rather just get an external looper. But at the prices of most loopers, Firehawk FX + Looper cost will be Helix LT prices.
  11. robertgoddard

    Which headphones?

    You sure can
  12. robertgoddard

    Factory patches level setting

    Setting the level for each patch is done in the Amp Block. The Volume setting on the HD Amps (Blue) will set the channel volume. The Master Volume is like turning the amp up/down via the control on the amp, where as the Volume setting is like sliding a fader on the soundboard. The Pod Farm amps (Red), just use the Volume setting. Also you will have to take into account the compressor block after the Amp block, as that can effect your overall volume as well.
  13. robertgoddard

    Which headphones?

    I bought the Samson SR850 for about $30 on Amazon. They are supposed to be AKG K240 "replicas" and they sound quite good. Open backed studio reference headphones.
  14. robertgoddard

    Set left or right Pan to effect

    Unfortunately no. This is a limitation with the unit as it offers no dual path routing. The only thing I could think of is the stereo delay, which you can set the feedback on one channel to 0% which only give you delay on one side.
  15. robertgoddard

    Firehawk fx firmware upgrade

    I've used Windows 10 and Windows 7, ensuring I was using a USB 2.0 port, not a 3.0 port. You can also try using the Firehawk Remote app and doing the firmware update via Bluetooth, but it takes FOREVER.