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  1. robertgoddard

    From Helix to Helix LT ?

    You can hook up the Helix (Floor or LT) up to the computer with the USB cable, you don't need any interface unless you are multi-track recording other instruments at the same time.
  2. robertgoddard

    HX Stomp tuner displaying wrong notes

    I usually have to do a harmonic on the 12th fret to tune my bass. Try that
  3. robertgoddard

    Helix total control of Variax

    I'm interested in getting a Variax. If I read this correctly, you can hook the Helix up to PC/Mac via USB and the Variax via VDI cable to the Helix, and edit the Variax via Workbench from PC/Mac with the Helix as a passthrough? If so, I"M SOLD.
  4. robertgoddard

    MIDI help please! Using Helix to change Banks in Strymon Big Sky.

    No, just during a clock cycle..... it's computer lingo.... Basically, it's looking for CC 80 and 82 to be at 0 when pressed and then for them both to be at 127 when released. This needs to happen at the same time, so within the same "stream" of data. Same thing for the other way, 81 and 82 from 0 to 127. This isn't momentary, it's the state of each switch. I think you could possibly set the switches from momentary to toggle. Setup one switch to toggle both CC 81 and 82 from 0 and 127. Setup the other switch from to toggle CC 80 and 82 from 0 and 127.
  5. robertgoddard

    MIDI help please! Using Helix to change Banks in Strymon Big Sky.

    MIDI does transmit in a stream, but it's via the clock cycle. Each note/command is streamed in order, but all in 1 clock cycle. So if the CC#s were on during the same clock cycle, that's essentially at the same time.
  6. robertgoddard

    HELIX LT EXPRESSION defect inquiry

    Also, while this is anecdotal, they used the same design in the Firehawk FX and the issues aren't as prevalent there. I had one before going to the Helix LT. The amount of people complaining about broken expression pedals is almost non-existent in the Firehawk FX community. That's because I'm sure there are a lot less Firehawk FX units sold than Helix LT. The more you sell, the more a problem will come up. Also, like cruisinon2 said, Line 6 has offered a Lifetime Warranty on the expression pedal. Most cases I've seen, they send you a new LT unit w/in 1-2 days and you send your old one back in the packaging.
  7. robertgoddard

    Exploring deeper functions of Helix - USB control??

    I use my Helix with Ableton Live to control click/fill tracks/pads for my church. I based the functionality on the video done by Worship Tutorials on YT. In the video, they use a FBV Express MKII, but same principles apply to the Helix. https://youtu.be/FWyTm31u8aw
  8. robertgoddard

    external expression pedal setup for helix floor for Wah

    What I'm assuming is that when you want to use the built in expression pedal, you're pretty much forced to go to max volume to switch the function from volume to wah. He wants to set the volume with the main pedal on the board and use an external pedal as the wah. I'm not entirely how to set this as I don't have one, but it should be able to be done.
  9. robertgoddard

    Tranfer Firehawk presets to Helix

    Save your Firehawk presets to your account. You can refer to your app to dial in sounds similar to what you had on the Firehawk. Just switched 2 months ago and it was worth it 1000%
  10. robertgoddard

    Best way to bypass the Helix for 2nd musician?

    Just go to the input for Path 2 and select the input as one of the Returns. Don't put any processing in the blocks.
  11. robertgoddard

    Cannot use HX Stomp as PC midi interface

    Why don't you try just using the Beatstep into the PC direct and have the PC change (command issued from Mixcraft) the HX Stomp with a midi command? Use 2 USB cables. Might have to get a hub if you are using a tablet.
  12. robertgoddard

    I am almost done with the Firehawk FX! :-(

    The easiest way to save a preset to the Firehawk is to long-press one of the A/B/C/D buttons on the Firehawk itself and then navigate where you want to store it with the up/down arrow buttons and long-press the A/B/C/D button where you want to store it.
  13. robertgoddard

    newbie question

    What do you have the volume set to? In my experience, setting the volume to half (red ring) has helped dramatically.
  14. robertgoddard

    A couple of questions - from a potential new owner

    Yeah, here you go: Just search my username, robertgoddard or you can search for 2Drive2Delay
  15. robertgoddard

    A couple of questions - from a potential new owner

    "Correct. It is limited to three changeable blocks. You could have two overdrive pedals and a modulation, or two overdrives and a delay, or three delays, etc., but no way to have four in any combination.´╗┐" Technically, yes. In reality, no. There is a 4 Block patch out there that lets you run 4 user selected blocks but you lose the FX Loop.