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  1. Looks a lot like something I proposed a few months ago, Digital Igloo even said there may not be a market for it. My concept from a few months back:
  2. I wonder how many of these comparisons are being done "live"? Let me explain: Helix Native is a VST based plug-in for a DAW running on a PC/Mac. These are using general compute x86 based CPUs. These CPUs are not designed for DSP processing natively. While running the plug-in live, I predict that helix Native is giving an approximation of what it should sound like after it's rendered. Helix Floor/LT/Stomp/etc... are all running a custom Helix Core OS on an embedded (most likely ARM based) CPU and separate DSP Processors that work in real time. I wonder if you record a track from a Helix hardware unit with both the processed track and the dry track from the Helix, and run Helix Native on the dry track (reamping) and RENDER the file, if you could tell a difference?
  3. I mean, this just screams of "You should be tolerant of others. Now that I know you're intolerant of other people's feelings, I'm going to be intolerant towards you!" Where have I seen this kind of behavior before?
  4. Wow, sarcasm isn't part of your repertoire? It's obviously a joke, a poorly done photo edit that is clearly not intended to mislead. If it makes you feel better, I'll say sorry but not mean it. "Sorry" Edit: Just to be clear, I'm not a malicious troll, I'm just having fun with this as it helps pass the wait for the update. I'm a serious user and can't wait to try out the Revv model coming with the update.
  5. Guys, this is it, PHOTO EVIDENCE. The internet never lies!
  6. 2.8 is going to drop today. if not, then next week, because L6 doesn't release on Fridays.
  7. Negative, VirtualGuitars was correct
  8. I was just throwing ideas out there, I'm already a happy owner of an LT with the backpack deal that happened back in March. I love it! Good to see feedback from higher ups in any company. Keep up the good fight D.I. I appreciate your time!
  9. Wow, that took a strange turn....
  10. LOL, yeah, that was my quick and dirty MSPaint hackjob. It was more for the concept. I could see moving some IO to the sides, maybe keep most of the functionality. I would even suggest just having 1 mono loop would suffice. If people want more loops, pay more for LT? What do you think it would take to hodge-podge something between HX Stomp and Helix LT to get to the $825 price point?
  11. Would something like this be possible? Maybe get rid of fx loops and knock down L/R 1/4" outputs down to a stereo TRS with a splitter (included in box)? I think a $800-850 price point would put it in between the Stomp and LT
  12. Is it sitting near a phone or computer? That's usually the culprit for me.
  13. robertgoddard

    XLR Port

    Agreed. I notice on all pictures and even on my LT that the metal tab is only on the right side XLR Out. This is most likely a contact point to ground (middle pin on XLR) to enable the separation of L/R channels when R Channel is plugged in. The 1/4" out has this internally, probably using a stereo TRS jack.
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