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  1. Two M-Audio EXP (cable originally hardwired). Shielded cable? It's not on a cable transporting a musical signal. But perhaps your shielded cable gave the connection another capacitance. I read in other threads here in the forum that other people suspected the capacitance-measuring of the unit (in the EXP-entry) to be the cause of the fluttering in PEM-mode with external EXPs. But i think: It's not only fluttering, it's sometimes real jumping, from the left side of the value to the extreme right side, so really 80, 90% of the value-range. Very disagradable. Happens too then when one uses the PEM-FSs (value minus and value plus) for to adjust the mattering parameter-value in little steps: I tap 15 times for to go down from lets say 32ms to 13ms and whamm, at 17ms it jumps then suddenly to 1900ms on the right side. Very, very annoying, extremely annoying. PEM would be wonderful if that would not happen. I suspected the volume (supposedly 115db+) to be the culprit, causing all connected EXPs to vibrate and when they all are allowed the simultaneous access to the setting of one parameter-value, i could more easily imagine that this influences the unit to measure uneven and changing values. Too perhaps there is an "endless loop-effect" (akin to the CC-loops one can produce). The more: It is too not every time that the fluttering and jumping happens, sometimes it functions well. Makes it more difficult to diagnose the culprit. Whatever may be the cause for the fluttering&jumping, i cannot see the sense to have simultaneously 4 tweaking tools on one parameter. In PEM, obviously i stand in front of my Floor (not where the external EXPs are). And my Floor, when i have extrn.EXPs connected, has an onboard-EXP that is then switched to EXP1. Why please should more pedals be allowed the access??? Waiting that somebody from L6 explains the meaning of that "program-design"-question plus the possibilities behind. However, for to return to the topic of this thread, the two questions there: Your answer seems to express 2 things: - On the one hand it is not a bug [that the unit assigns automatically all connected EXPs to the PEM], but the program is whyever consciously designed that way. and - On the other hand, there is no option (nor in Global settings nor in HX-Edit) to influence these multiple EXP-assignments to the 'Pedal Edit mode' (and to assign only one EXP to it). Is that correct?
  2. Sincerly, you recommend to spend several hundred dollars (and then having to carry & install even more stuff) instead of my 15 cent - prolongation of the bypass-switch that makes a footswitch of it ???
  3. Well, meanwhile there's version 3.1 and still the up-down-function for inside a preset is not offered *sigh*. I encountered meanwhile a provisional solution for to achieve my goal to engage ALL effects in a preset with the feet, not elegant, but cheap and functional: With double-coated scotch-tape, i glued a 3/4'' rubber cylinder on the "bypass"-knob of the unit: It's higher than the scroll-button and thus easily to tap with the foot. While playing, i activate with the foot the "pedal edit mode" [hold FS6 for 2sec], choose the effect i want to engage and then hit with the foot the rubber-cylinder i glued on the bypass-knob: On/off. ...Positive beside effect: It helps too while tweaking in the "Pedal Edit mode", because one can this way, for to compare the sound with the bypassed state of the mattering effect, (dis-/)engage the mattering effect without to have to leave the "pedal edit mode", too extremely useful. Not perfect, but at least there is a way to engage all (max 32) effects in a preset with the foot. However, still hoping that line6 will with the next update introduce the up-down-function for inside a preset.
  4. This is, as far as i understand, the common Bypass/Controler Assign - pane for blocks. I talk about the EXP-assignments of the "Pedal Edit Mode" (see manual). There is, beside the editing via Laptop or PC, with the pure unit without UI, for to use Digital Igloo's words, the normal preset editing (to activate by touching with the bare hands the assigned FS of an effect, and then turning the little knobs) and the Pedal Edit mode (editing purely with the feet, to activate by pressing FS6 for 2sec). This PEM is not a block. Thus, as far as i understand, there is not the common "Bypass/Controler Assign"-pane in HX Edit. However the unit is assigning any EXP to the PEM (EXP1, EXP2, and if connected, too EXP3). When one works only with the onboard-pedal (no external EXP connected), EXP1 and EXP2 are both automatically activated with the PEM, but because they are naturally divided, they do not interfere one with the other and the tweaking is exact, no fluttering, no jumping. The problem starts in the moment an external pedal is connected, : Because any EXP is automatically assigned to the PEM (pedal edit mode), they run now parallely and interfere one with the other and that results in fluttering and real jumping (from 10% to 90% for example). And if a second external EXP is connected (EXP3), it becomes even worse, because the unit assigns all three to the PEM and they interfere all three. I don't find a way to tell the Floor-unit to assign only one EXP to the PEM (or none, and tweaking the parameters purely with the footswitches). It must exist, because it is unlogic that all connected pedals are automatically active on one parameter. Or it is bug which would have to be corrected with a next update.
  5. Hello rd2rk I do not find a "Bypass/Controller Assign" pane for the "pedal edit mode". Please indicate me how to do that.
  6. That is interesting. Does it still function? Because i once asked here in the forum if i can drive another Helix-unit via the CV-out of the Floor and was told that no. Without to get an explanation. Then i wrote the Line6.service and they did not answer this question but ignored me until my request turned unvalid (and i renewed my question two or three times). I found then another way to achieve my goal, however, this CV-out-solution would still be interesting. If your experience is long-time meanwhile and the Control did not take damage, i would risk a trial with my units.
  7. I do not know how (dis)apropriate it is to reactivate this thread and beg for pardon if it annoys somebody. Meanwhile we have version 3.1. and still there's no bypass for the pedal edit mode (PEM). But i found a solution: In my intent to encounter a possibility for to engage with my feet more than the 10 effects i can assign to the footswitches (as we can store up to 32 effects in one preset), i finally glued with double-coated scotch tape a 3/4'' rubber cylinder on the Floor-unit's square bypass-switch: It's higher than the scroll-knob there and i can tap it easily with my foot for to engage it. Thus i enter the preset edit mode (FS6), engage the effect and then hit the rubber-cylinder with my foot: On/off. Not only that i can this way engage all effects of my preset with my feet, it is now too for the tweaking-work in PEM a lot easier to compare the done tweakings with the disabled state of that effect without to have to leave for that the pedal edit mode (or to stop to play and push the bypass-button with the hand). Admittedly not stilish, but functional.
  8. You said too that you use two EXPs and i believe that precisely this is the cause for the jumping&fluttering, because - as far as my experience goes with the Helix Floor - all (!) connected EXPs seem autimatically to be assigned to the "pedal edit mode (PEM)" abd i found no way to clean/erase these assignments. Imagine that two simultaneously assigned EXPs make a sort of loop and because of that, the parameter's value while editing starts to jump and flutter, in any case, is not stable. With my Floor, when i disconnect all external pedals and thus only the onboard pedal works, it functions perfectly (no jumping, no fluttering). But PEM functions with EXP1 and EXP2: One can switch with the Floor-unit from EXP1 to EXP2 using the same one pedal, and both are assigned to PEM. I tried to find a way to clean the assignments of the EXPs from the PEM, but encountered no option. If somebody knows this trick, please post it.
  9. Forgot to mention the possibility that i make a stupid fault. If i did none, and if i cannot chose one of the three EXPs for editing in PEM, then is it at least possible to deactivate fully that the EXPs can control the editing-function? Then one could do the editing purely with the foot-switches, but the value would very supposedly not more start to jump&flutter.
  10. Hello all I use the Floor as pure pedal-board (in front of my amp). I have two external EXPs connected: Exp2 controls a Gain-block, Exp3 the ubitiquos vibe's rotation-parameter, and the automatically activated onboard EXP1 is assigned to drive the bassoctaver, as it serves too for to adjust the parameters when i go in "pedal edit mode (PEM)". Sometimes in PEM, the values i want to edit jump and 'flutter' and it's hard then to set the value correctly and to save it before it jumps again (this seems to be a problem that others have too, as i could read now in my researches for to resolve my problem). Tonight, while again using the PEM, i went aware that i can drive with all three EXPs the parameter i want to change ---- I thought, "With the volume i play with, surely the EXP-pedals vibrate and because they all three are automatically assigned to the parameter-change-function in PEM, and that they are all in special positions for their primary target (volume, rotation, etc.) - and not at zero or full -, it's not a surprise that the value of the parameter i want to work in PEM jumps and flutters." Of course, it does not make sense then to use the external pedals [since those drive the parameter of the block they are assigned to and the Gain-block for example is always activated, so it affects simultaneously the volume what isn't really helpful when editing parameters in the PEM]. Problem: All three EXPs can drive simultaneously the PEM function. As it seems to me, their assignment to the PEM is done automatically by the Floor-unit and i did not find a way for to desactivate the assignment of EXP2 and EXP3 from the PEM. In the manual, i found no remarks on the assigment of the EXPs to the PEM. And in Global settings, i found no option. So, my question is: Is my Floor broken or is it normal that all (two or three) EXPs are assigned to the PEM? Can i at all activate/ desactivate EXP-assignments to the PEM and if yes, how do i do that? In my case: How can i assign only one of the three EXPs to the PEM (preferably EXP1)? Thank you in advance for helping to clear this situation.
  11. Ok, got today the external EXP-pedal (M-Audio). With it, both problems i had with the MIDI-connected EXP-pedals (see entry-post) are not more appearing. I can with it run in the HXFXs the 4 Wahs with their 2 assignments, they react all 4 correctly. The simultaneous driving of the gain-blocks of 2parallel Helixes functions with it (with Y-cable) as desired, i can change the presets in both units and the same (gain)block in the next preset is automatically & immediately adjusted to the actual position of the pedal. Merry Christmas!
  12. Hurray; part 1 of the prob solved. I had to change (how logic, me tonto, but one has to know what to look for, thus thanks for the hint) the Bypass asignment in HX-Edit to the footswitch (it was assgn. by default to EXP1). *facepalm, shame* Now remains the preset from rd2rk, momento, i will add it as edit (i go check now to what the bypasses are assigned there) Edit: In German, we say in such situations: Ich könnte vor Scham im Boden versinken. Translated literally: I could sink into the earth because of shame. A dictionary proposed: to want to curl up and die . That was the entire trick. Bypass assignment. *smmmmmmmack*. Well, i have to digest that. My ...dumbheadness (not to have had this idea myself). Ok, then remains just the 2nd. problem with the max. assgnm. possible inside of a preset when using a midi-cable between a pedal owning Helix and the HX-Effects. It caused the freeze too. When the extern.EXP-pedal comes, i'll test of with that one, 8 assignments function without problems (i suppose that). I'll report that then here. The third problem, which was the allfirst one and the initial topic of this thread, that the same (gain)block in the next preset does not automatically and directly by itself adjust to the actual position of the via MIDI connected EXP-pedal of another unit, this seems to be due to the fact that MIDI-commands in a Helix work per preset and thus first load with the values they were saved with (TY rd2rk for that one). Apart of that detail, it works perfectly. Since i have the EXP-pedal ordered, i will then see if with that, both units at least have always the same vol-level. I'll report it then here. I must now inform the line 6 service. *shame* However, superhappy to see the things come to a solution, and one is already resolved and honestly, it was the most pain-causing one. Thanks all, phil_m, rd2rk, and datacomando. 80% resolved, and the other two things are not thaaaaat problem. The HX-Effects gets tomorrow his baptism, he stays here. Well, and rd2rk: sorry for all what happened. Schwamm drüber und ein Bier oder was du willst drauf. Ich nehm Apfelsaft. -- Sponge over it and a digital beer on it or what you want. I take applejuice. And really, i already said it, thank you for the exceptional time-lapse and the energy you spend, i made at least four steps with you. And then came datacommando, i got late, but not too late, the idea with the pics, and he putt in from two feet from the hole, for to say so. Happily he did. Ok, now going to inform the guys from the service.
  13. You're so right. I thought too, after uploading the pics, that i could have had this idea a week earlier... Hmh. They are assigned to EXP1, by default they are. I switched them the more on (and ctrl+s), and nothing. Clicked "Save file" in the menu, nothing. Switched the unit on & off, nothing.
  14. Yes, a human error could not be excluded, i mentioned that, at least one time, but i think more often. Don't know why you mention that here, i think because you have not read all / not read well. Yes, rd2rk did what he could, and i am doubtless 4 steps more far than i was before to make this thread.I thanked him several times very, very largely for that. Hm - i " updated the firmware on the HXFX and cannot see all the blocks when using HX Edit?" I do not understand well how you mean that. Thus i say how it was: I updated the firmware on the HXFX and when building a preset in HX Edit, i cannot see all the blocks in the unit. I made some pics, with them, you get an idea how it looks like. First that what i composed in HX-Edit and that is how the HXFXs then looks like As we can see, too the pitch-block is not appearing in the unit. It's not that the scribblestrips&LED-rings are defect. They function, only not with WAHs and as i see now, too not with all pitch-blocks. The next pic is how the preset looks like that rd2rk made for to upload in my unit (with EXP-pedal assigned to CC#19, and he had supposedly forgot in all the stress to assign too the positions, what i did then, no question; however, here the original): and here how it looks in the HXFXs: And when i click now on global menu->signal flow, it looks like that: So, it is there, but does not appear in the preset-view, i cannot use it. That is the HXFXs bug/defect. --------------- What matters the MIDI-driven EXP1-pedal assignment-stutter problem in the 4WAH-test-preset, i made a video of it, but it has 309MB. Tell me how to pass it to you and i do it. ...The thing with the well, although that it sounds like the "ultima ratio"-trial for to resolve that prob, i googled for it and found some threads on it. They were too not too confidence-producing. However, if such a thing exists, i thought, the guy from the Line6 service will know it and if he says then in some moment, "go there, upload that, execute and then do this or that", i will do it. When he takes the responsibility. Still it is easier for me to return the HXFXs. However, thanks for that hint, "datacommando".
  15. You do not quote completely what i said. This is inapropriate. You had made, after three or five or seven (have not count them) ironic / cynic / sardonic comments on your imagination of what i do with 4 units - what absolutely never was a topic of this thread, but OT - a next time such a comment, " I SERIOUSLY wish you the best of Luck with your project. " Since we already were talking on that topic, i answered, "Which project??? What do you again project? Is to put a HXFXs in front of a big Helix a project??? " Really, the escalation is not from my side. I try to tell you that it is not of importance in matter of my problems what i do with 4 Helix-units, where they stand, to what they are connected, etc.pp. And you continue and continue and continue. Next one, "how, pray tell, do you connect multiple devices when they're NOT in one location?" Really, take a breath, that topic is OT and has nothing to do with the problems for which i created this thread. And ask yourself why your imagination is so fixated on that idea, insteadd of to continue here with it. I admit, and i had already mentioned this, that i would better have opened another thread when i entered then (when we had come to the end of the first problem) a second problem - and with it the HXFXs - that just in that moment had appeared and admittedly not stood in relation with the first problem. But i had mentioned that (that i had encountered a new problem). I regret meanwhile sincerly that i had not opened with this second problem another thread -- would have saved us many OT-posts here that completely annoy and disturb and fatigue a new reader, from which i could get the helping answer. Btw, a new reader: In my last post, i described the technical problems i have (the topic of this thread) by only copying&pasting the letter how i described it yesterday to the line6-service. With that, so far, it is paused, because in contrary to rd2rk, these people from the Line 6-service know that in the Helixes from Line 6, MIDI CC#1 is general channel and foreseen for to simulate a EXP1-pedal. He uses CC#19 and that's totally ok, a non-general assignment, whyever one should do that, but he insisted that my solution is not possible and that he can't imagine how that functions and that i must do like him. What i then silently did, i changed my command-center setting to CC#19. Without to mention it. Until now. Topic Castellano: 1. In what shall i ask him to help me? To connect a HXFXs to a big Helix??? ...I even did not ask you or anybody else how to do that. 2. It's you that shall say to Castellano & his multi-Helix-unit-rigs exactly the same than you said to me & the multi-Helix-rig that you imagine i have. And then you shall tell me what he answered you. I know you will not do that, even if he would now enter in your room. Much more than, "Is it true that you made a multi-Helix-unit-rig?" you will not ask. If at all. Ok, and on national characteristics. They exist. Already language and local costumes cause that. And thus, typically human [a bad side of the human, and sometimes, although that i try to work at myself and not to do that, also i do fall back in that behavour, i beg sincerly for pardon, that is a not good behaviour and i try to learn not more to fall back into it), every nation also has a jealous look at the characters and characterics of other nations. That thingy lives from the act of differenciation. And thus alas, mostly is focussed then on the as bad valued characteristics. The USA have certain reputations that you will hear everywhere. Not if you are yourself US-American, of course, humans are polite, and diplomatic, specially with US-Americans, because US-Americans, says another reputation that you will here everywhere, are the strongest. And it's not intelligent to say to the strongest anything that one thinks on him. So, for to roll back this OT, but it is on a provoked soul and that is not satisfied that rapidly: You Had said, "[...]DO NOT restore ANYTHING from your failed "LARGEST DIGITAL PEDALBOARD IN THE WORLD" project. Start over. 4) Remember K.I.S.S.[...]" Yeah, another of this sardonic or ironic or smug comments in that what you imagine if what i make with 4 units. I recommend to the "new reader" to leave the thread here, somewhen around christmas i should get my new external pedal, and then i will post if that can via Y-cable drive a certain parameter in two Helixes synchroneously WITHOUT that the actual pedal-position is ignored when one changes a preset for one that contains the same block with the same assignment. And when i get the answer from the line6-service, i will post that too. But this supposedly can take two or three or (please not) nore days. :) Do simply jump any post until 13 december. If you like psychodramas and clashing wannabe-alpha-egos, then you can continue to read here ;) Then later (we are a the point when rd2rk offensed me again with his not-ending craving imaginations of a "largest digital pedal of the world" and his sardonic K.I.S.S-comment), reading your post a 2nd and 3rd time (what i always do, even in German, for to really understand what the other has said there, or meant there, or for to discover a word or an entire paragraph that i have not well read the time(s) before), i saw that you had mentioned to own an equipment from which i would be happy to own only the half of it. And then in me something started to feel insulted and my ego to be provoked and for a moment, i had it not under control, and when one slips one time in in such a damned egowave, it's hard to stop and to leave it. Mea culpa. I said then "Quod licet jovi non licet bovi", a famous quote from Jules Cesar, meaning that even if all men are equal, Jules Cesar is more equal. Meaning that what is allowed to Jules Cesar is not allowed to the simple man. What is valid for the simple man is not valid for Jules Cesar. Meaning that Jules was arrogant. There are many occasions for that quote. And just before that, i had stupidly said (my ego that could escape my attention and started provoked reactions) a reputation that US-Americans have everywhere, (and again, when you then annoyed, you quoted me uncompletely, this time cutting out something), " :) :) :) Diese Amis. Was für Andere gilt, gilt für sie selbst nicht (correct translation: What is valid for others for themselves isn't valid for themselves). Quod licet jovi non licet bovi (what says the same -for causes of specification- with an old, famous quote). Mitakuye oyasin... ('with all my relations', also a famous quote, also shalling express that we are all the same, and in the frame of our ego-clash here, that some or obviously samer). I beg for pardon, i should not have used this "national characteristic"-mean, although that i felt insulted (meanwhile repeatedly) by you and your compulsive "multi-rig"-attacks flowing your imagination and even the entire mind. Can we finish now with that OT of a LARGEST DIGITAL PEDALBOARD OF THe WORLD (Santa Claus, give him a look and pass him that stuff) --------- I hope you have read A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G this time. If not, better do not answer. I mean, do what you want. But.. chimaera bombinans in vacuo . Said a not too stupid man.
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