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  1. Ok, thank you -- i ordered thus a simple, cheap M-Audio EXP-pedal. An Y-cable, i can make myself with a female adapter, in a way i will not have to damage the fixed cable of the M-Audio. Let's see. Should arrive soon. If it functions with the Y, and if i am then lucky, then (with the external pedal) both presets' gainblocks will always directly adapt to the actual position of this pedal. Would be one prob resolved. But sad then that with the inbuild pedals, it does not function. I am still testing, the problem with the HX freezing is not resolved. All settings were ok (anything was off), MIDI through too (off on all units). And no, i had no loop, i have two single MIDI-cables, one is going from LT1 to LT2, the other from LT2 to HX. The thing is that sometimes it freezes in 5 minutes, and sometimes it needs more than 45 min for to freeze. And sometimes it does not freeze in an hour. Strange. I have the more a Hlx.Floor and put the Wah there and simply disconnected the MIDI-cable from the HX and connected the Floor to it, same MIDI-settings, and anything functioned beautifully, two or three times for 45 min. The Floor is not freezing. Then today i changed the MIDI-cables, the one that connected to the HX is 1 meter longer. And damn, since i did that, the HX is not more freezing. One should in continuation assume that the cable was broken (a new Roland Black series, 2m50cm), but this cable connects now both LTs and anything there works perfect. Well, i am not convinced that the cable was the problem, but if the next 5-10 days, the HX will not more freeze with the shorter cable, then this problem seems to be solved, but i would then not understand how a cable can function here and there not.
  2. Oupps - i apologize. Had not realized that. Stupid, or in that case, blind me. I have erased the mattering wrong remark. For the case i find one, promised. So, thank you then from heart, rd2rk, for your detailed answer and help. I had read that, but i asked me how you did that without to use two units (may that be the HX-stomp and the HX-effect), but you mentioned nothing, so i thought, '"perhaps he did that with one Floor and Hlx Native" and didn't ask for precision. So now my question in that matter (and btw thank you very much for the time to simulate my case): How did you connect one (presumably simple - with one out -) EXP-pedal to two presets? Two presets, to me, signifies two Helix-units. However: An ext. EXP-pedal - very probably the EH Dual - is on my list, but this list is already somewhat longer, contains among other also a new PC for the DAW and Native that do not run on my Celeron Laptop, and my moneybag has a cold, i just bought an LT and a HX... And i encountered last night a new problem with EXP-pedal and MIDI (seems that me and MIDI will not become friends): I try to drive the Wahs in a HX-Effects with the EXP1 of one of the LTs (of LT2 for to be precise): It functions for a moment and then suddenly the HX is blocked, frozen, nothing is functioning. I have to reboot. Today, it happened again, and since it's a brandnew unit, i have to resolve rapidly if i do a setting-fault, if the LT has a bug, if the MIDI - cable is defectuous, or if the HX is broken - then i would immediately return it -. MIDIchannel base (but i tried too with 6, same effect), CC1, min1 max 127 It's a preset with 8 blocks, the Wah is not assigned to a footswitch, but i set it in a way so that it activates when the pedal is pushed down(Bypass set to EXP1 and position turned to zero) . That functions for some minutes and then suddenly, the HX is frozen (but the guitarsignal passes). At the end, i pulled the MIDI-cable and the next half an hour, the HX run like it should. Any idea?
  3. As creator and in some kind owner of this thread here: What matters the initial topic, the fizziness-topic is off-topic. It (the fizziness) is not my problem and i admit to have forgotten to mention that it is not the only cause why i use two Helix-units parallely, the other cause is that i can create this way far more sophisticated presets. Before to discuss this topic here [[[[what effectively would better be done in an own thread dedicated to it, however, (@phil_m & rd2rk) i will ponder if i will enter into the issue later here in this thread since it seems to me that in this forum here, private conversations with other users are not possible (or i was only too blind / too stupid to discover the mattering link); but it's not that i would have any questions on that topic, thus i do not require that conversation, and if you too not, then we do not need it - the tone of voice your comments seem to have make me unsure to estimate what are your needs and intentions in that matter - )]]]], i would prefer that the comments here are in first line helping me to get the answer to my questions (which are, as said, the topic of this thread here). For to bring back on the road this already deviated thread, permit me to resume them: I look for a way to drive the final gain-blocks of two parallel Helixes simultaneously with one EXP-pedal. And of course, i would like to be able to use the inbuild EXP-pedals for that. Alas, the MIDI-solution i found (see above for the settings) is only apllying per preset, not globally. That means that when i change the preset of the 2nd Helix, the gain-block there is not at the vol-level the EXP-pedal fr. Hlx.1 is actually indicating, but at the volume-level it was saved with; ...i must move the exp-pedal so that the gain-block of the new preset of the 2nd Helix reacts to it and adjusts to the vol of the first Hlx. Seems that the MIDI-command i use is only working per preset, and not generally (or "globally"). I don't know if there is a MIDI-command in that matter or a global setting that would make effect the position of the Exp-pedal immeditaly - too when i am changing the presets -. I was too wondering if the CV-out could be used for that goal. Another possibility would be an external EXP-pedal to which i connect both Helix-units, but as phil_m already mentioned, it is not sure that this functions, it would have to be tested by the trial&error-method. The EXP-pedal he proposed is really very expensive, too expensive for an experiment with unknown outcome, so i looked for a cheaper alternative, found the EH Dual ( https://www.ehx.com/products/dual-expression-pedal/) and asked Phil_m and anybody else to check if this one has the same features than the (fr. phil_m proposed) ME SP25L-Pro Aero. And last but not least, i had too asked if a simple EXP-pedal with one out, connected with an Y-cable to both Helix-units, wouldn't do the thing (or if then some electrical values change in a way that this is surely not functioning) -- i am not a specialist in electric matters, so i ask. (@phil_m & rd2rk: Sorry for the edit. @ all: Sorry for the mess /\ )
  4. Yes, EXP2 to global (forgot to mention that). And i think you got it right. In any case, your description "the MIDI Value of the assigned parameter will always revert to the SAVED Value." is what happens. For an experiment with unknown outcome, 200$ (for the ME SP25L-Pro Aero) is too much money, for me at least. Thus i looked for cheaper alternatives and discovered from ElectroHarmonix the Dual-pedal ( https://www.ehx.com/products/dual-expression-pedal/). ...Do you think it's an alternative to the mentioned ME? As far as i can judge (but i am relatively ignorant in that matter), it seems to have the required features and it's less than half of the ME's price. Wouldn't a normal EXP-pedal for 30-40$ with one out plus Y-cable work? Or would this represent changed electrical values and surely not function? Why 2 Helixes parallely? For to get rid of the "fizziness" of the Helix-sound.
  5. It's the first time i did something with MIDI. Maybe i did something wrong. The situation: Running parallely 2 Helix LT. All presets have always as final block a gain-block to which EXP2 is assigned for vol-control (+6db -> +12db). Problem: I want to drive the gain-blocks in both Helixes parallely, with one Exp-pedal. Solution(trial 1): Did it via MIDI, but it does not work to my satisfaction; i describe what i did: 1. Midi-cable (Helix1 MIDI-out -> Helix2 MIDI-in). 2. Assigning in every preset of both Helixes to the mattering final gain-block the EXP2-pedal. 3. HX-Edit, for Helix1: Window -> CommandCenter: Set for the EXP2 the MIDIchannel on Base, CC on 2, min-value on 1, and max-value on 127. Result: The gain-block of Helix2 is reacting as wished -- i can drive with the EXP2-pedal of Helix1 the gain-block of both Helixes parallely, but: When i change now in the Helix2 the preset, the gain-block there is not directly in the actual position of the EXP2-pedal of Helix1; for instance: The gainblock of the preset in Helix1 may then work with +6db and the of Helix2 with+12db. I have first to move the EXP2-pedal of Helix1 up (or down), then the gain-block in Helix2 reacts to this movement and in continuation equalizes to the in the Helix1. This disturbs completely while playing. Question: Is there any trick so that when i change the preset in Helix2, the gain-block there is immediately in the actual real position of the EXP2-pedal of the Helix1 (i.e. other MIDIchannel-setting, other CC, and/or other value parameters, or a special setting in 'global settings'->MIDI/Tempo) ? If there is no trick, then can i use CV-out for to achieve what i want? And if that is no option, can i buy an external EXP-pedal with two outs (or an Y-cable) and connect it to both Helixes? With that one, i think, both gain-blocks would always adjust immediately to its actual, real position. However, it would be an expensive solution.
  6. Hi Phil I did as you recommended and yes, basically it functions. EXP2 of Helix1 is assigned to a gain-block, then i opened in HX-Edit Window->CommandCenter, and set for the EXP2 the MIDIchannel on Base, CC on 2, min-value on 1 and max-value on 127. The device is connected via MIDI-cable to a second Helix with, let's say, the same preset, and the gain-block there is reacting as wished -- i can drive with the EXP2-pedal of Helix1 the gain-block of both Helixes parallely. But when i change now in the second Helix the preset, the gain-block there is not directly in the actual position of the EXP-pedal of the first Helix, but i have first to move that one up or down so that the Gain-block in the second Helix reacts and equalizes to the in the Helix1. That disturbs while playing. Is there any trick so that the gain-block of the 2nd Helix is imediately in the position of the EXP2-pedal of the first Helix? If not, then i stand again at the beginning of my request how to drive them parallely. Perhaps then i must buy an external pedal with two out and drive the gain-blocks of both Helixes by an external pedal for to really never have differences in the equality of the volume, too when switching presets. Aunt Edit: But it's still better than the situation was before your hint.
  7. Well, why - i described at least one cause; ...perhaps i should propose on ideascale to add a number behind the name for the case two identic devices are connected.
  8. I have not understood how the 'user default' in the blocks' right-click-menu is effecting and how it works at all. I thought it's for to individualize blocks and being able to load them with personal setting-preferences, but nope, nada. Or i do not understand the thingy correctly or i do something wrong. Can somebody help me?
  9. The one problem is: Gain-block with assigned EXP2. When i store this in favorites and load it from there, the EXP-pedal has disappeared. Second problem: Simple Vol-Block, special name (e.g. 'Vol +9db'), LED violet, 'snapshot bypass' set off. When i load it from favs, the name is not copied, the LED is lighting in "autocolour", not in violet, and the "snaphot bypass" is on instead off. I do not know if these are bugs, or if it makes a sense that the block is always loading with "snapshot bypass" set on. Or that the LED-colour is always on automatic. Or that the name i gave to this block is sometimes loaded and sometimes not. Because sometimes, one of the three things is loading (and two not). I really do not understand that. It does that with all three devices (LT, Floor and 2nd LT). I would really like that specially this "snapshot bypass" is surely off when i load a block. I tried to click "user default" before to store it as fav, no effect. Effectively, i have not discovered what this "user default" is good for and how it works. So, that would be the third problem in that matter
  10. I have 3 devices of which 2 are Helix LTs. When i open HX Edit, two of the three opening windows call the same ("Helix LT"), what's absolutely not helpful (again&again i tweak the wrong LT because both windows look the same and i confuse them). I did not find out how to change the name of the device, for instance to call the one HelixLT1 and the other HelixLT2. Does somebody know the trick or is there no way?
  11. Yeah, i got it later the same day; ...learning is never ending. Sad, there are some nice amps there that alas are not in the Helix.
  12. Thank you. :) I did not know more on MIDI than how to write that word. Looked some videos on y-tube and read some articles and now know i will have to read some stuff more. But ok, i want for the moment only to drive the EXP-2 of the Helix2 with the EXP2 of the Helix1. So i bought a midi-cable and opened in Hlx.Edit of Helix1 the Command-Center and assigned there the EXP2. In the Helix2, eventually i did nothing. Functions, the mattering Vol-Block (to which EXP2 is assigned in both devices globally) in all the presets and all preset-lists of Helix2 reacts as wanted. Alas, in the moment i go in Helix1 then to another preset, the assigment is erased. It seems to me that the way i do, i do program the command-center only for a preset, but not globally. Is there no way to program the Command-Center globally??? Edit: Seems so. Thus again spending my hours with tweaking 1000 times the same. So many tweakings should be faisable globally or per preset-list. That's really an issue with the Helix. Alas i do not know enough about programming, but i cannot imagine there's no way to introduce this option, at least for Vol-blocks and for the output. And for the Command-center. Simply add a switch that says: Apply globally. Apply for this preset-list. Apply for this preset (specially with true parallel path-presets). Ok, phil_m, thanks for the hint, i use the fiirst time in my life MIDI. Was even able to assign footswitch-commandos, but it is every time a fight to get the right colours in the display (they're first grey instead of green or violet or whatever and it's a strange and at first impression unlogic procedure for to activate the assigned colour).
  13. Not sure if i understood that correctly. If i use two Helixes (floor / lt) parallely, and want to drive the gain-blocks in both Helixes with one Exp-pedal, is it then possible to connect the CV-out of the one Helix to the EXP-pedal-in of the other Helix ? The EXP-pedal of the first Helix should then appear in the second Helix as EXP3, i suppose. And then, i could assign the gain-block of the second Helix to the EXP-pedal of the first Helix. Would be useful. Could then also assign blocks in a HX-Effects to the EXP-Pedal of a Helix-Floor this way. Possible?
  14. Hi all I got this promotion-email a week ago and studied the model-packs, discovered several amp-sims i want and then i found a web-side saying that these model-packs are NOT for the Helix. Is that true? Must i now buy a pod go (or one of the other 8 indicated machines that i do basically not need) for to get these amp-sims or is there a way to get them for the Helix Rack/Floor?
  15. Thanks for the video. That's a correct information (in the video): That manner with the 16 Ohm for stage-speakers is from the early days of loud rock, i.e. the use of Marshall 100Watters and their cabs as PA: With the then often very long speaker-cables, for to avoid a significant loudness-loss, it was better to use 16 Ohm. When the same speaker-cab is used and only the wiring inside changed for to adjust the speaker-impedance to the amp's output-impedance (as done in the video), then it is logic that the shorter the cables between amp&speakercabs are, the less audible difference will be perceivable. And with really short cables, the difference should be minimal, subtle, and at this low volume like in the video (mostly around 100db, +/- 5db) surely only technically measurable, because it's mainly only a slightly different impulse-response that most not in the audio-matter schooled ears will even not realize (specially not at this "relative bedroom-level" for Plexis). 16 Ohm is only interesting when the cables are that long that their own impedance surpasses 1 to 2 Ohm and the volume shall be 120 db and louder (100W Plexi-level). In that loudness-area, the guitarrist will "feel" it the most (and 16 Ohm will turn out to feel - respond - better). But that was not the volume they used in the video for their test. 100 db a 1Watt-tubeamp can easily reach and the volume in the video did not pass the 105 db. A Plexi is still sleeping at that volume (as the Greenbacks too).... IMHO: Really, i do not buy a Plexi for to play it on 3 or 4 with the eq on ~5 +/- 2. (Surely not a general rule, but) It may well be that the lower the volume, the more agradable (more complete, organic, or 'together' as they say in the video) a less high impedance sounds - that will depend the single amp's as too the single speaker's characteristics (!) and too the of the pickups, the entire combination -: At that low volume, the impulse-resistance or -strength isn't really a predominant audio-factor. So it may for example well be that an amp like the in the video used Matchless-combi (4 Ohm pre-installed by the brand) sounds better this way as long it is not fully cranked and when fully cranked (so-called 'british-setting'), it will turn out that not few guitarrists will prefer the 16 Ohm-wiring and -connection.
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