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Found 50 results

  1. Jeeryl

    X3 LIVE Wah and volume Selection

    Hi. I have a question about the volume/wah expression pedal. If I assign it to volume/wah, does it normally switches vice versa if I step the pedal all the way to my toe as said in the description because mine does not. I did follow the instruction for the settings but If I push it hard with my toes, no changes at all. Does the switch happen to be defective?
  2. Thenizze

    pitch whammy octave clear? 100%?

    Hello, I know this issue have been mentioned before, but I don't find the right answer. I've got Pitch whammy set to heel pos.0 toe pos. -24. with Expression pedal 1. Only when I activate the snapshot with this pitch whammy it points -24. When I use the expression pedal up and down it only goes to -23. Off octave. I read about the automatic calibration and it sometimes does occur, sometimes it works fine. Any ideas?
  3. Howdy all Have seen a bunch of expression pedal posts; seems odd that it should be such a challenge to get third party, passive expression pedals to work with a multi effect unit in this day and age, but I digress. Below are some pics of the necessary mods to a Morley M2 in order to get it to play nice with the Helix. Essentially, you disconnect lead 3 from its correspondingly numbered jumper (someone please correct my terminology here), and connect lead 3 to lead/jumper 1. The warranty-voiding mod is shown along with my sloppy soldering in thosr pics with a small red wire in them. It's possible to secure the wire manually if you're extremely dexterous or have tiny little hands or what have you, but I found it to be a little bit of a tight space to solder in. Been a fan of Morleys for awhile - they're generally tough and I favor both their shape and height, but your foot may vary. Cheers - Dan
  4. TLysecki

    HX Effects expression pedal troubles

    Long time listener, first time caller. I picked up the HXFX recently, getting modern after some years with an HD500, and I'm happy with my decision. Today, though, I picked up a cheap M-Audio expression pedal. When I tested it in store, it seemed to be working fine - the polarity was reversed, even when I flicked that little switch on the back, but I can deal with that by flipping the min and max. What I can't deal with is the fact that switching presets renders the expression pedal totally useless! The only way to get it working again is to turn the unit off and on again - not ideal. There were loads of opinions about which expression pedal to get and plenty of it was over my head. Does anybody know why this pedal isn't working? Can anybody recommend a better one that works consistently? I've got gigs! Thanks, team!
  5. tywebb

    Making the jump

    I've been using a comprehensive pedal board for quite some time now, but have played with POD XT, Boss GT-100 and other older modellers in the past. After a fair amount of research and YouTubing I'm close to making the jump to the Helix LT, but have a quick expression controller question. I'm sure this is a no brainer to any of you guys, but haven't had a hands on with this yet and need to know if I can assign a volume or wah to Exp 1 and then have Exp 2 control the speed of a tremolo or rotary or any number of other block-type parameters? Thanks for the assist and looking forward to rockin this beast! ~cheers
  6. So I've been using guitar/amp modellers for nearly 20 years now - right back to the Roland VG-8 in 1998. In all that time I've been through many, many different expression pedals. All of them have their quirks, but they usually get the job done after a bit of set up. When I got my Helix Rack & Control last year, I decided to treat it to some new expression pedals, so I bought 2 FV-500Ls and an FV-500H. I wanted something rugged for realtime control of both the Helix and Ableton Live. I had nothing but problems from the start, though. I understand the idea behind the 'dead zones' on the FVs, but they were a bit much for me - a waste of range (even with spacers fitted). I had a spare EV-5, too, but it was the opposite - I couldn't reliably get to 100% as there seemed to be no spare range at the toe down position. I put up with it for volume but, due to the size/weight of the FVs and the range of the EV, I decided to sell them and look for something else. I'm a bit short on cash at the moment, so I decided to take a chance on the M Audio EX-P and bought 2 for £14 each. I couldn't be more impressed! The EX-P was 99% plug and play, with only the polarity needing switched in the global settings and flicking the EX-P's switch to 'Other'. The range is fantastic! It's got exactly the right amount of tolerance at either end to make auto-engage a joy to use, and pitch effects work brilliantly with no fear of missing 100%. They're smooth, and the taper seems good. OK, the EX-P isn't going to win any prizes for sturdiness, but at roughly 1/6th the price of a new FV-500 (and about a 10th of a Mission pedal!), it's quite easy to justify having a couple of brand new spares. I've now got 4 - 3 for the Helix and 1 spare (which may get used for my BOSS GP-10). One big issue I had with the FV/EVs (which I thought was a fault of the Helix) was that the values in Pedal Edit Mode would jump and 'flutter' as soon as I entered. The EX is rock solid. I don't need to worry about anything happening when entering PEM until I actually move the pedal itself. This has finally opened up the true usefulness of Pedal Edit Mode to me; a feature I was really looking forward to when I first read about the Helix. If you don't use PEM, give it a try! It's a HUGE time saver. I've spent a bit of time today tweaking sounds as a I play, and it's made tone-shaping far, far quicker. I was able to 'dial' out a lot of fizz and smooth things out on a patch that was otherwise proving a bit too fiddly. I know it's kind of obvious as that's what PEM is all about, but I think it's a feature that's often overlooked. I'm looking forward to using PEM when I'm out gigging next as I think I'll now be able to quickly tweak my tones at full volume while we soundcheck. If anyone's looking to try the EX-P, make sure you get the current version. I did have one years ago, but it needed a mod (to add a resistor) before it worked properly with 3rd party gear. The latest one has a convenient switch. I've successfully tested it with my GP-10, Katana 100, and a Behringer Motör keyboard.
  7. Greetings, y'all. Greetings, y'all! I've seen several threads of people breaking their exp pedal on helix LT, some even broke two in a row. And I've seen some one referring to an official statement that it is not an inherent design flaw rather than just a manufactoring one (they say, one metal press did not work properly, or something like that). If it really is just one press, and it really was fixed there should be an information on what units can have this issue and what units can not, based on their s/n and/or manufactoring date. Can I haz it pweees? Ya know, so i can avoid defected ones. Yeah, i know, their awesome customer service will send me new unit, if i ever break one. But here's the catch: i'm not gonna contact local official dealer, because they charge almost twice the price (like 1800$ for LT or so, lol), so i'm going to some unofficial pushers who charge an adequate amount of 1000$. And here's more: I don't trust our postal service, because they can easily loose a package, especially if it's the expensive one, so i can't bank on having my replacement straight from Line6 in case anything happens.
  8. So I use for Helix for more them half a year I think so I know how to use it and I know that to change between those two you need to step hard enough on the pedal, and it worked good till this monday. Now it does not change as good as it did. I have to push a lot harder and even when I do it doesn't switch in most of the times. And when it does there is also a problem that I see that it changes for a moment and then goes back like I pushed it twice(which, of course, didn't). Couldn't find anything on this topic by myself, so hope someone can help me with this.
  9. Hi all expression pedal nerds, In the past, I have simply toggled the on-board pedal between exp1, and exp 2, to change from volume to wah, or whatever else.... I just bought a second hand EX1, and it functions as it should. My problem is, every patch, (presumably, because it was set up with toggling the onboard pedal only), I have to physically unplug the EX1, and then re-connect it,and then save the patch, for the EX1 to have control of the volume, freeing up the onboard pedal for whatever else.... Is there any way around this? Yea - I know - first world problem, but surely this scenario was thought of, in the design phase! LINE 6??? Anyone home to answer this?
  10. fabbr

    How do you carry your Helix Rack?

    I am planing on swapping my Helix for a Helix Rack + Controller but, I have a few questions: 1. Can the Controller fit in a rack drawer? I am guessing a 2U? 2. How do you transport the Volume pedal? I am guessing you have another drawer just for pedals and you have to connect them at the venue you're playing at? 3. What rack did you get and what do you have on? Drawer for cables? Patchbay? Power conditioner? 4. Do you use a tuner plugged in the Controller in case you can't see the rack? 5. What about the g10? If you use one what do you do? another drawer? (this rack is becoming really big!) I am sure I am not the only one with those questions, so I believe pics would also be great! Thanks :)
  11. Is it possible to use one expression pedal to control multiple effects within the same preset? Example, I have three effects that need to be controlled by my one expression pedal. Example, Wah, Delay (assigning control to feedback), and Pitch Wham. These three effects are all in one preset. How would you go about turning each one on/off? or is this not possible? Or would you need more than one expression pedal? Loving the HX!!! But having some issues with expression pedal and effects that are not assigned to a foot switch. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I can't find a way, but I was wondering if there was a way to control the master volume with the pedal. If I have a loop going at the end of a stong, it would be great to fade it out with the volume pedal.
  13. Hi all, I successfully updated my Helix to the new 2.00.0 firmware. All the presets were correctly restored, however the expression pedal (both exp1 and exp2) stopped working in all the presets. The only way to make them work is reassigning exp1 and exp2 to the correct parameters by using the "learn controller" option and saving again. After doing that, the exp pedal works properly... until I change preset, which causes the preset to lose the exp pedal settings. Exp2 is assigned to the volume position and is always on (global option), exp1 is assigned to the wah and I turn it on and off when I need it (preset option). I also deleted the volume block, but the whole unit freezes as soon as I select that block from the list again. At that point reboot is the only option. Exp pedal has been working perfectly with all the old firmware versions. Is there anything I can do to make it work properly?
  14. greenspiderforce

    Squeaky Expression Pedal

    So my expression pedal on my floor unit is starting to squeak and creak something fierce now, and I'm not sure where to apply some lubricant to help solve this problem and I don't want to open the guy up to void warranty in the future. Anyone have any Ideas on how to solve this problem or has this problem?
  15. I have found tons of instruction on how to make the HD500 onboard pedal serve as a volume pedal (on YouTube, in Google searches, in the User Manual) but cannot find anything on how to do this using HD500 Edit. (I did find one YouTube video, but it was blurry, and the voice was in Spanish ...). Can anyone provide the steps, starting with a newly configured preset, and adding a volume pedal in the right-most position?
  16. acewhistle

    wah too loud

    Hi guys, I need some help pls in my wah. Everytime I click the expression pedal from pod x3 live to switch to wah, it makes my tone too loud which is a bit embarrasing when playing live. Heard it can be calibrated so need guide what should be the right amount level to make it sound natural transition from normal tone to switching to wah. Many thanks.
  17. A quick setup, I have the Helix Rack and am using it with other devices like the Eventide H9. I know that via midi I can send a PC to the H9 from Helix via the Command Center. My question is if I have an expression pedal connected to the Helix, in my case it would be via the Helix Control, would I be able to use that expression pedal to send a CC via midi to the H9 so that I can adjust (as an example) the delay feedback of a particular H9 preset? Thanks
  18. jpdennis

    M13 Tuner problem

    So I thought I was having a brain drain. The tap tempo / tuner button is going slightly off kilter. The tap tempo works fine. But the tuner will not activate. I did a complete dusting out of the guts and prior to realizing what I was seeing I replaced the tap tempo / tuner footswitch/spring/plunger assembly (yes I has a few new parts from previous spare parts purchase for my other M13 I traded for a Helix). Then it struck me, hmm ... the tap tempo is working so maybe not the button - Duh! Well then I accidentally switch off one of my time based echos and the darn tuner works, Hmm, try it again and same thing ... tuner works. Switch to another scene ... no tuner love. Move expression pedals up and down and I get tuner love back but after a second attempt to get the tuner to respond I have to turn off my echos FX on that scene again. So, anyone else have this happen and found the real solution? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dennis
  19. Hello all. My Floor Pod Plus behaves strangely when it comes to calibrating the Volume/Wah pedal. It's not consistent. Maybe I can be more clear if I write what happens while I'm calibrating it, per instructions. The inconsistent results I've highlighted in orange. Hope it's not annoying. 1. Unplug the power 2. While holding the toe switch of the Volume/Wah pedal "on", plug in the power, and wait while the display reads "FLR", "POD", "PLS", "PC", and release the toe switch, and the display reads "000" 3. Make sure the pedal is all the way at the toe position, and press "A". The display runs up from 000 to 100 4. Make sure the pedal is all the way in the heel position, and press "B". The display runs up from 000 to 100 5. Press "C". The display will show a numerical value. Here, each time I calibrate, I get a different value. 6. Press the toe switch, and move the pedal from heal to toe position, noting the LEDs around the FX dial. Here, the LEDs behave differently each time I calibrate, e.g. one time, the lights will be all "on" when the pedal is halfway up; another time, the lights will be all "off" at the same position; other times, some times the heel position will still have some lights "on" (when they should be "off") and sometimes the toe position will have some lights off (when they should all be "on"). It varies each time I calibrate. So I repeat steps 1 - 6 until I get an LED behavior that seems closest to normal, i.e. heel position -> all "off", and a smooth transition, adding LEDs as I move the pedal to the toe position, where al the lights are "on". 7. Press and hold the toe switch for 2 seconds to save the calibration (there's no feedback from the device that confirms the completion of this step) 8. Unplug / replug the power cord This is all performed indoors, where the lighting is not exceptionally bright (a single 11-watt fluorescent light in the ceiling). I've opened the device, removed the sub-board for the pedal sensor and toe switch and looked for dust/pet hair, etc. None. Do I have a faulty optical sensor? If so, can I get a replacement part? Not afraid to solder a new sub-board in if that's what it takes. BTW, I was surprised to see that the sensor is so far from the little post that's part of the pedal, even when in the toe position (I think it's was about 1cm away at the nearest point). Normal? Thank you all!
  20. Dami4070

    M5 expression pedal issue

    I recently purchased an expression pedal for the line 6 (a source audio dual expression pedal). It works with my m5 but for some reason, the full range of the heel - toe movement is not in sync with the range of whatever parameter I'm controlling. Example: 1) Heel down, parameter set to 0. Heel up, parameter on reaches about 75% of its range. It will not go further. 2)If I do go further, and set heel up to 100% of range, then heel down position is about 20%. Interestingly, it reaches 0% about 1/3 way up from the heel down position. Essentially, the range oscillates in such a way that "0" isn't totally heel down, but is instead at about 1/3 of the way. Thus, the sweep of the pedal ends up being parabolic instead of linear. Any suggestions? I attached a picture to summarize.
  21. line6jason

    HELIX Hidden Toe Switch

    New Line 6 users can sometimes run into confusion over what is referred to in our verbiage as the "hidden toe switch" feature on many of our products. What is meant by this is when the user puts their body weight abruptly on the toe end of the expression pedal (as if pressing a foot-switch) to activate the toggle feature from Wah to Volume, or vice-versa.
  22. cooperfloyd

    Assignable Expression Pedal on M9?

    I don't have an m9 but I am looking at getting one. Since there are two expression pedal inputs (I am not using it for a volume pedal or wah or anything), can I assign a pedal to control something such as reverb decay or mix?
  23. Hi, I love my M13 but hated the process "turn on wah > move leg to exp > wah > move leg to M13 > turn off wah", cause there is "lot of time" and it's not good for playing :-) So I decided to contact small company which made MIDI devices and the result of this is Expressione by Microdesignum - upgraded cheap exp Bespeco VM12L with MIDI switch on toe, which sending MIDI command to switch on/off one of effects (it's programmable, so I can chose which position of M13 will be controlled). See how it's work Some photos: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByRXrCr9vDscbmhjdnRia21lVGM&usp=sharing More info (in czech, use Google Translator :-)): http://www.svetkytar.cz/line6-m13-kvakadlo
  24. My first Post. Just got my helix 2 days ago and I have hooked up my Mission EP1 L6 to try and control the univibe speed (trying to sort of use it like a Leslie). even though I have assigned EP2 to control the vibe speed it seems that both EPs are controlling the speed. I have the Uvibe on off control assigned to FS4 The same goes for the Wah which I have assigned to EP1 but again both pedals are controlling the sweep. Any advice?
  25. Hopefully I can explain this with some level of clarity ... or not but here goes, I have been reading the manuals, watching & following youtube videos, reading KBs & forums, searching via google, etc. I have invested about 35 to 45 hours over the past seven days (yep, some will say "is that all" and some will say "about normal") and finally used it today. I have learned my tones are slightly treble weighted which I can fix. But after trying many things I had a strange sound come out of the darn thing in my headphones this afternoon. The Treadplate, The Angle F-Ball 100, & Bomber Uber emit a weird sound, almost like a cross between a Jacob's Ladder & a spring only it is heard for about just a few milliseconds when I hit a power chord. So, I decided to reload the 2.62.00 firmware, which I had done last Sunday when I first bought the unit. To my chagrin I discovered that there was an odd occurrence with this reload. Now I had read that there were only 2 user set-list available upon the update when I first upgraded it from v1.00.00 last Sunday and had asked some general questions about why v1.00.00 would be on a new unit. Well, last Sunday after the upgrade, and I did not tell it to save my patches since I didn't have any, I had three user "blank" set-lists, not two. But this afternoon I had a new set-list I had never seen and only two user "blank" set-lists. Now this is a good thing, so no big deal. I did calibrate the expression pedal and found it would not calibrate quite right. I should 45 Duty Cycle instead of 0 at first then ranged between 100 and 65 during the "press A then B then C as I had it at full down, play with it, full up, wait for it, and so on. It took three power cycles to finally work. Then I created a Treadplate only patch and found the sound was the actual hum and hiss of the amp itself out of the box. I even added a noise gate and viola I had recreated the problem, if that what it truly was. So being the geek I can be at times I used Line 6 Monkey to downgrade the Firmware to 1.30 and started over. Same issue with the Pedal as far as calibration and my found set-list was now no where to be found. Well, I'll test the Treadplate. Yep, no change. So back to v2.62.00. Only tie time the Pedal calibrated perfectly. The missing set-list was now found. But Treadplate still had the off-spring of Jacob's Ladder and a '63 spring reverb sound. Hmm ... So I played with all of the following; amp parameters, master sag hum bias bias excursion drive channel vol cab parameters, early reflections resonance level thump decay Used all the microphones available as well Turns out I can reduce the noise to just about a whisper without sacrificing too much tone, and for my ears it actually sounds more factual. But I must admit I have a problem ... my ears are such that if any instrument is out of tune it physically hurts my ears ... really. Or if a group plays outside the normal laws of dissonance ... well I have never said I wasn't odd. So now the questions; 1) Are the High-Gain amps actually modeled with the hum, hiss, and spit of the amp circuits at those levels as you'd find in real world, 2) Has anyone else noticed this 3) Is it that problematic to calibrate the exp pedal 4) Should I have my POD HD500X sent in for Line 6 to look at 5) Have I been assimilated 'nough out of me Thanks for any feedback on this Dennis