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  1. Arguing with imbeciles is like masturbating with a cheese grater. Slightly amusing but mostly painful. @Phil_m, thanks for the pointers. Appreciate the help! Cheers.
  2. This video explains it It's all covered in the manual. He should have made list on how to read a manual instead.
  3. My attitude being re-adjusted? Seriously? I suggested there should be a reference to the Command Center in the MIDI chapter and have been met with sarcastic posts in bold, or a list how to use a manual? And I am the one with an attitude? Please elaborate how one would find command center if you use the manual as a reference guide for looking up MIDI CC? You wouldn't, unless you read thorough the whole thing which roughly 75% of people don't. So either you blame 75% of the people claiming they're ignorant fools or you do a very small adjustment to make it work even as a reference guide for the ignorant fools. I bet you've read through your whole car manual, front to back, right? If someone have a suggestion that would benefit the greater mass I suggest you don't throw sarcasm at them.
  4. If you got a car with a battery issue you'd go looking in the section for battery in the manual, no? They might have introduced a new chapter in a later revision called "electronic bus system" where more specific details of the battery and functions exists but how would you know unless you read through the whole manual and/or every revision history? Would it be too much to ask that they put a reference in the battery section saying "for further info, see section electronic bus system" Same goes for this manual. I had a query related to MIDI CC and lo and behold, there's a section called MIDI in bold, black letter and more specifically "midi CC" page 60. That says nothing but points you to Controller assign, which in turn is a dead end. Why not a reference to "command center"? Anyway, I did find the solution after Phil mentioned Command center so it's all good.
  5. I went through the manual several times and I googled but couldn't find it. Thing is if you google "Line 6 HX stomp manual" first hit is taking you to Line 6 website, to rev A of the manual (which doesn't contain command center at all). I realized that so I fetched rev D based on fw 3.0 instead. In rev D, Page 60, - MIDI CC doesn't say much so if one doesn't know this "command center" exists, or know it has something to do with MIDI control, I suppose it'd be hard to find. I think they should have put a reference to the command center in the MIDI section of the manual Cheers
  6. I've got issues as well on my Mac. I installed the Line 6 helix driver 1.1.0, or so I thought. Turned out OSX had put the driver under "disabled software". Open [Applications] > [Utilities] > [System Information] and click [Software]. Select [Disable Software] and check if the driver is shown or not I think there's an issue with the driver
  7. Thanks for the reply. I’m not that experienced with midi, how do I go about it if I may ask? cheers
  8. Hello. I've got a HX Stomp with a Mission Engineering EP1-L6 that I mainly use as Wah. When I record something I tend to want to save the raw guitar sound for reamping later. Is it possible to have the pedal transmitting midi CC when I use the wah so I can record the MIDI data in Logic Pro X? Is so I could then elect to edit the data, even change wah type when I reamp later. Thanks
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