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  1. It should support up to 5 active devices if I'm not mistaken and unfortunately I could never get it to activate in the first place. Shame there is still no solution.
  2. The same thing for me they couldn't do anything else. I am hoping for a software update to fix it in the future hopefully one will come out soon for Native. Windows worked for me as well very weird. If you find anything keep me posted.
  3. For some reason I could never get it to authorize on my account at all. Glad it worked out for you though.
  4. It should work on up to 5 active machines and 11 total registered life time. Hopefully it works out for you
  5. I could never get it to authorize a machine in the first place. I had only one other test machine that I authorized it on and my main computer still doesn't work unfortunately.
  6. Thanks for submitting a ticket hopefully that will get things rolling with a solution if we all contact them.
  7. Yea that's exactly the same problem I had for sure. Definitely open a support ticket with them.
  8. Definitely open a support ticket because then if enough people come forward they will try to find a solution. Good info though that it's not just a Mac problem. That info will probably help them troubleshoot.
  9. I agree hopefully other people report it to Line 6 that are having the problem. Hopefully somebody on here has a fix too.
  10. So far no improvements. Tech support has run out of ideas. Open a ticket with them and if enough people bring forward the issue maybe they will solve it. Hopefully someone on the forums has a solution.
  11. Have you contacted tech support? Maybe if you reach out to them they can give you a different answer than me? If more people bring it forward maybe they will find a solution.
  12. Hey thanks for commenting unfortunately I don't think this helped because I'm still on Mojave and didn't see any of those warning messages.
  13. Yea exact same thing! Glad it's not just me. Hopefully someone has a solution. If you find something keep me posted for sure.
  14. Not sure. I can't see the plug in on your screen though. Glad I'm not the only one having the problem. Maybe someone on here knows what to do.
  15. I purchased Helix Native and after logging in inside my DAW I just get this screen and the plug in never loads. It says authorizing, authenticating licenses and then never goes anywhere. I've been in contact with Tech Support and tried the thorough uninstall method, turning off wifi logging in and turning it back on , and I don't have a firewall and I'm not running a VPN. I'm running a Hackintosh with Mojave installed. All other programs and plug-ins I own work fine. I'm at my wits end in troubleshooting. If anyone out there could help it would be really appreciated. Thanks.
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