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  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I will do a factory reset to start. I don't have the wah to auto-engage in any of my presets- it always uses an external switch to turn it on. I had never changed any of the settings on the Thru-Tone...using the same settings as always. The strange thing is that it isn't misbehaving when using the expression pedal for other things- it is simply turning the wah on when I am nowhere near my pedalboard. So, I will try the reset. Then if it happens again, I will go back to the previous firmware and see if it happens. If it still happens, I will assign the wah to a switch on the HX itself instead of an external one. If this still happens, I am removing the wah from the preset entirely.
  2. I am running the most recent firmware on my HX Effects. For an expression pedal, I am using a Thru-Tone EXT-Ult, built into an Ernie Ball volume pedal with a kick switch on the side. The wah is turned on by using the kick switch on the side, and then controlled with the treadle itself. So the switch is just an on/off switch connected to the HXFX exp pedal 2 jack with a small patch cable. Recently, on about 20 different occasions (during performances and practice at home), I was nowhere near my pedalboard and the wah just switched on. To turn it off, I have to engage the switch and then disengage it. Trying the patch at home, I was looking at the computer editor and watched the wah engage by itself. I've swapped out patch cables. And before the most recent firmware, this has always worked for over a year and 100s of performances. What could be causing the wah to switch on? I didn't change anything in the patch in the new firmware- it is the same one I always use. Obviously the HXFX thinks the on/off for the wah was engaged, but it most certainly wasn't as the pedalboard was across the stage at the time. I spent the last few shows glued to my board, ready to turn off the wah (good thing, too, as it happened a few times). When I am not using the wah, I use the exp pedal for delay time and feedback, otherwise I'd just program the wah to come on when I reach 5% or something. I might just ditch the wah in my presets if it isn't something I can fix. I can't say for certain it is the firmware, but that is when all of this started happening. Anything else I can try? Priest? Holy water?
  3. I may go to the service center if I can’t figure this out. I did find several people on the old L6 forums with the same issue, so it isn’t isolated. Since the static is only there when using the XPS, I at least have a workaround while I try to see if a connection inside the XPS itself is at fault.
  4. My regular XPS started doing the exact same thing with my Acoustic Variax. Dead quiet with batteries. Did you ever find a solution?
  5. I am getting a ton of what I can only describe as a loud static, (almost as loud as the guitar signal) when connected to the XPS with AC power. The static (not a hum) is only present when using the XPS with original cable and power supply. Guitar is quiet as ever with batteries. So, is this likely a problem with the XPS? AC adapter? Stereo cable? I might have another stereo cable around, but I don't have any more power supplies or XPSs laying around to swap out. I can get by with batteries, but that gets expensive after awhile. I've cleaned the jacks with DeOxit, and it didn't make a difference. Anyone have anything similar happen? What should I try?
  6. For the HX Effects Allow a simple on/off external pedal to be used in either exp pedal jack to toggle between 2 parameters (or turn another effect on or off).
  7. OK, tried a few things... Tried connecting the resistor to the switch, tried another switch, and tried making a cable with a 10k resistor in series. Nothing worked. Well, I got it to switch 1 time after I turned it on: say I was controlling the mix of the delay, with 'on' of the switch at 100, and 'off' at 10. It will switch to 100. But it won't switch back. Shutting the HX off will get it to reset to 10, and then I can switch it to 100. But that really isn't so convenient. My guess it is how the HX implements the expression pedal jacks. I don't think the Helix has this limitation. Maybe it has to do with the same reason why it doesn't work to use my expression pedal, the Mission SP-2. This pedal has a switch to switch between 2 expression pedal inputs, so you can plug into 2 jacks with 1 pedal. It works on my Fractal, but not the HX Effects. Maybe the HX needs to constantly 'see' the variable between 0-10k constantly, and a simple switch won't work. Maybe it is something that should be added.
  8. Ahh, ok. I am wondering if I could do this on an Ernie Ball volume pedal with the side 'kick switch'. I use the pedal itself for the expression pedal (it has a custom 10k pot), but I have this other switch just sitting there. Where does the resistor go? I should be able to do this.
  9. Can the HX Effects respond to a momentary switch plugged into an expression pedal jack to either toggle between 2 values or mimic a foot switch? It would be a super useful thing for people who don’t have room for an expression pedal on their board.
  10. So no news if the switch on the more expensive Mission pedal’s switch can be used? So far, the web page description doesn’t mention the HX Effects. Don’t want to pay for features I can’t use. I have used both the Dunlop expression pedal and the 25k Ernie Ball Jr. Both do something weird with the taper...the action is in just a small area of the sweep. I am on my 3rd Line 6 EX1, which gets expensive to replace a plastic pedal. Is the other Mission pedal (without the switch) the only sure thing? Why aren’t these things universal?
  11. That is a great price! Does anyone know of one available in the US from a retailer at that price? I would like one for my 700 Acoustic.
  12. OK, but does any other L6 adapter work with it, or just this older one?
  13. Do I have to use the bulky PX-2 adapter with the XPS power supply for my Variax Acoustic 700? Does any other power supply Line 6 (or anyone else) makes work with the Variax & XPS? I really hate that brick thing.
  14. While I feel sorry for others that have it, I am happy to know it isn't just me. Perhaps this will be fixed in 2.8.
  15. I will open a ticket, but my thought is that they know about it. Rebooting doesn't help, just simply no sound.
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