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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, is there any chance, that option to assign 'Erase' option from looper to one of the footswitches? I am using 2 fs setup so I have separate fs to Record/Play/Overdub/Play behaviour and other for Stop (important during live gigs). I used to use MIDI trick to get the result prior update, that has introduced option to assign looper actions from the device itself. However it still not fully suits my needs, as atm the erase action is triggered by hold of main Record/Play footswitch, so once I need to erase the loop mid song I need to turn volume down so the first second is not being played before being erased. And it is pretty annoying ;) I wish I could simply assign this behavior to current Stop footswitch, so it would stop the loop on press and erase it on hold (w/o playing it for this damn second before hold funcion enters). I tried with 'Undo' option, but it seems to work only on overdubs... So, to sum up: a) Dear Line6 please let me assign this erase function, please, please, please b) if anyone knows if there's any way to obtain such functionality - I'd really appreciate. Greetings to whole Line6 community :)
  2. First of all, English is not my first language. Sorry for all the mistakes to happen. I'm happy with my purchase, so this is not a rant. But there's one feature I miss a lot and that is the possibility to assign the same function on multiple switches. For instance: On a given preset (view mode) I'm able to make the amp clean, distorted, raise the level +6db and add a delay effect. This is 3 switches in total: Clean/Distortion Level on/off Delay on/off Pedal Wah on/off There are 3 switches left unassigned. What I want to be able to is assign the empty switches to the same functions. For instance the delay effect. One footswitch turns it on, another footswitch turns it on, raises the level and turns on the wah, the next footswitch just raises the level, the pedal still can turn on the wah. This would look like this: Clean/Distortion Level on/off Solo 1 (Level, Delay) on/off Solo 2 (Level, Delay, Wah) on/off Delay on/off Pedal Wah on/off These are 6 situations that exceed the 4 possible Snapshots. Yes, there is a work around. One can be in view mode (set like the first setup), switch to snapshot-mode (giving 3 more sounds) and go back to view mode. In live situations there'd be more convenience if I could use multiple assignment like shown with the second setup. I'm not sure if there are technical issues with my suggestions. If not, I'd be more than happy to make it easier for me on stage over multiple assignments. Let me know what you all think about this. Do you constantly switch modes for different purposes? Would multiple assignments make things easier for you? Do you need it anyways? Best regards and be nice :)
  3. A way to control display brightness, please! I often play at night and find the Helix displays too bright. Thinking about creating some gel overlays for the displays (or modding the circuit board) but shouldn't have to do this. Thank you!
  4. This topic is for AMPLIFi TT/FX100 users to provide suggestions and notes on things they would like to see improved with this effects unit and related tools. *****This is not a thread for complaining; provide your feedback with respect and clarity.
  5. Hey Line 6-ers. I've been a devotee for AGES, and I just thought I'd chime in on a Product I want to see Line 6 create. I Use a PODHD 500 for live gigs and have since they were released. I use the 4CM, and don't use any of the amp simulation. Because I love the sound of my amp. I've thought aboput trading across for an M13, since I only use the effects - but I still want/need for live gigs, the flexibility of more that 4 effects at once, and still flexible routing. AND 2 expression pedals like the old Flextone and Vetta Floorboards used to have. I thought it would be SICK to recommend a new product - and I'm interested to hear your suggestions for Line 6. Introducing - the M25PRO HD Stompbox Moddler. Features: - Up to 16 simultaneous FX, with flexible routing options. - Flexible FX Loop placement - Comprehensive I/O for live gigs - (FX Loop, ins/outs - pretty much like the M13) - Dual expression Pedals with Toe switch (Like POD HD) - Standard Line 6 Effects Selection (Everything that comes with M13) And here's the kicker: - Custom Effects: Kemper-style Profiling of your favorite pedals, and settings. So if you have vintage, or specific pedals you use, and you want to condense them into one device for a gig - you could record an IR of your own pedals and load them into the unit (Presumably 48 memory spots for custom effects.) I want one now. Grunge on! And don't say - Get an's not the same thing. I don't want 8.5 million different amps, and effects and a $3500 price tag. But I'd easily pay $1000 - $1500 for a pedal board like this from Line 6.
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