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  1. Is there any way to clear the 1 Switch Looper without having to listen to the beginning of the previously recorded content? I mean, there must be some way to do this, otherwise you could never even remotely use it in a live context. Thanks in advance for any tips, tricks and hacks.
  2. Hello, is there any chance, that option to assign 'Erase' option from looper to one of the footswitches? I am using 2 fs setup so I have separate fs to Record/Play/Overdub/Play behaviour and other for Stop (important during live gigs). I used to use MIDI trick to get the result prior update, that has introduced option to assign looper actions from the device itself. However it still not fully suits my needs, as atm the erase action is triggered by hold of main Record/Play footswitch, so once I need to erase the loop mid song I need to turn volume down so the first second is not being played before being erased. And it is pretty annoying ;) I wish I could simply assign this behavior to current Stop footswitch, so it would stop the loop on press and erase it on hold (w/o playing it for this damn second before hold funcion enters). I tried with 'Undo' option, but it seems to work only on overdubs... So, to sum up: a) Dear Line6 please let me assign this erase function, please, please, please b) if anyone knows if there's any way to obtain such functionality - I'd really appreciate. Greetings to whole Line6 community :)
  3. I know I can copy them to my computer and save them that way. What I'm wondering it has a function like the Boss RC pedals that allow saving many loops at the same time, and to recall them by number.
  4. Hey there, I've just updated my Helix to the 3.50 firmware thinking this would solve my issue, but unfortunately it hasn't. Whenever I use the Helix looper and start recording loops I noticed that everything gets recorded under the playback volume knob and the overdub volume knob is rendered useless. So I loop something and then add a second layer on top of it (overdub), but then I cannot adjust the volume of my second loop separately which I thought I could given that there's a "overdub" volume knob. Is it just my Helix or is the bug generalised? Does anyone know how to solve the issue? I appreciate the help! Jonathan
  5. Anybody can help? There‘s no looper in the preset. Actually I can see the name of the assigned effect for a short time after pressing the footswitch, but then the label switches back to the looper command, e.g. „undo“. How would I fix that and have the labels show the assigned effects only? Thx, Giffe
  6. Is is possible to connect HXStomp with the looper (Boss RC-500 in my case) and then return the looper's output back to HXStomp so that I can use my headphones for playing, but without using a send/return block on HXStomp? Essentially, I would like to do looping with different presets on HXStomp and still play through headphones. If I use a send/return block on HXStomp to connect looper, I wouldn't be able to switch between different presets since send/return block is part of the preset.
  7. Hi folks, Is there an outer looping mode or another way to switch around presets while looping/overdubbing? Thanks!
  8. DL4 MkII FAQ What’s the deal with DL4 MkII? DL4 MkII is a modern interpretation of our best-selling legendary DL4 delay modeler. If you love(d) your DL4, DL4 MkII can be made to sound and behave the same way with a single button press. Or if you want Line 6’s newest delays and features, we’ve got you covered as well. Okay, but DL4 was a piece of cake to use. Is DL4 MkII much more difficult? If you want to keep it simple, here’s everything you need to know: Press the LEGACY button so it’s lit green. There—DL4 MkII literally becomes DL4 so you can party like it’s 1999. Press LEGACY again so it’s dark. Now you have Line 6’s newest world-class delays: Heliosphere, Transistor Tape, Cosmos Echo, Multi Pass, Adriatic Delay, Elephant Man, Glitch Delay, Vintage Digital, Crisscross, Euclidean, Dual Delay, Pitch Echo, ADT (Automatic Double Tracking), Ducked Delay, and Harmony Delay. Or you could just watch the Quickstart video. But if you’re a power user, there are quite a few surprises lurking inside. Oh, I’m a power user. How is DL4 MkII different from DL4? 15 of our newest, best-sounding delays, plus Echo Platter from the Line 6 Echo Pro rackmount studio modeler Better-quality converters and op amps, and improved dynamic range Analog dry path (or DSP mix, like the original) Multiple bypass modes: DSP bypass, true analog bypass, buffered analog bypass, or dry kill Twice the max delay time for MkII delays XLR mic in with preamp for processing/looping vocals or mic’ed amps MicroSD card slot for expanding looper memory and maintaining the loop across power cycles Eight times the built-in looper memory (4 minutes mono half-speed vs. DL4’s 28 seconds) The looper can be set mono or stereo and pre or post-effects Each delay’s Time parameter can be set to subdivisions without fancy rhythmic tapping Selecting a different delay no longer stops the looper. In fact, if you’ve assigned the 1 Switch Looper to TAP, you can switch to the 4 Switch Looper (or any delay or any preset) and recording/playback isn’t interrupted Up to 6 presets (128 blank user presets via MIDI) vs. DL4’s 3 Globally switchable bypass trails (echoes repeat when bypassing the delay) Two additional footswitches can be connected and assigned to external tap tempo, one-touch parameter morph, looper on/off, or feedback squeals. TAP can be repurposed as many of the above, plus preset bank toggle and a 1 Switch Looper available alongside any of the delays Tap can be set per preset or global Tap can now be engaged while DL4 is bypassed MIDI In and Out/Thru—presets can be selected via PC and functions via CC or even MIDI notes from your keyboard/pad controller/electronic drum kit Delays sync to incoming MIDI Clock USB C for MIDI and potential firmware updates DC In requires less than 300mA power, making it much easier to integrate pedalboard power distribution (we ditched the batteries) Chassis is notably lighter, smaller, and sleeker. See below for a size comparison Weren't some of these new features available for DL4 via the mod community? Yes. How much smaller is it compared to DL4? DL4 MkII is about 1” narrower and about 1.5” less deep (9.25"w x 4.5"d x 2"h/23.5 x 11.4 x 5.1 cm; 2.03 lb/0.92 kg). Switch and knob spacing is virtually identical, however, so muscle memory shouldn’t fail you. Here’s a size comparison: Why didn’t you make it even smaller, like with two or three switches? Because then it’d be a DL2 or DL3—not a DL4. Nor is it an “HX Delay” or something; it’s very purposely a MkII. Besides, unless you wear ballerina slippers on stage, a 4-switch pedal can only be so narrow. How reliable are the footswitches? They’re the same ones found in POD Go and POD Go Wireless and have been extensively stress tested. How long can I loop? Without a memory card, 4 minutes mono (half-speed), which disappears when you turn DL4 MkII off. With an optional microSD memory card, however, the loop remains in memory across power cycles. 4GB or larger cards let you record for hours. What’s the USB for? Duplicate MIDI control, syncing tempo to a DAW, potential bug fixes, and maybe new future stuff. We don’t know yet. Is there an editor? Not currently, no, but there are only 9 parameters, so… What is the sample rate/fidelity for the looper? 16-bit/48kHz Man, the power user stuff sounds pretty deep, and I don’t see a screen. What gives? While in Global Settings, you turn the model select knob to select the parameter and press ALT/Legacy repeatedly to select the desired value by color. These are all pretty much set-and-forget type settings, so they only need to be set once—or never, if you trust our defaults. The end of this video walks you through a few examples. How deep is the MIDI implementation? On top of recalling 128 blank user presets via PC messages, all effect selection, preset parameters, and looper functions can be controlled via CC. If you’re a keyboard player, you can even trigger looper functions from key presses or pad strikes on your MIDI controller. Here’s the manual; MIDI implementation starts on page 49. Can DL4 MkII run on batteries? No. DL4 MkII is powered by a DC-1g power supply (included). Can I power DL4 MkII from my DC power block? Most likely. DL4 MkII requires at least 300mA of clean 9VDC. How do I reset the DL4 MkII? Should you ever wish to restore the factory presets—and erase the sounds you might have saved in any of the 128 preset locations—you can perform a Factory Restore. 1. Press and hold both the A and TAP footswitches while connecting the power adapter to the DC IN. 2. Continue to hold the switches for approximately 8 seconds, until you see the green LEDs light up. Your DL4 MkII device is restored with all factory presets and original default global settings. WAIT. You said it has every delay from DL4. What happened to the Rhythmic Delay? Nice catch. Rhythmic Delay was always identical to Digital Delay w/ Mod, except with the ability to set note subdivisions. Since DL4 MkII lets you apply note subdivisions to any delay, Rhythmic Delay was completely redundant, so we swapped it for Echo Platter (based on the Binson EchoRec) from our rackmount Echo Pro. Anything else? You may or may not discover 15 hidden reverbs, one of which can run before, after, or in parallel with the delay. We may or may not have hidden them because you sort of need the Cheat Sheet to know how to access and tweak them. Can I still do that cool thing where an expression pedal automatically morphs the 5 knobs? Of course, but it now morphs the reverb knobs as well. Or if you don't have an expression pedal, you can reassign TAP (or an external footswitch) to toggle between heel-down and toe-down. My DL4 MkII is a little noisy. Anything I should check for? It's probably that the mic trim knob is turned up. If you turn it down and there's still noise, try different patches and settings. If it's still noisy across all patches, reduce your chain to the bare minimum for testing: instrument>DL4 MkII>amp. If the noise is still present, try to isolate the noise source by substituting cables, instruments and amp. Is the classic DL4 going away then? <Pours one out> Sadly, some of DL4’s parts have been discontinued, so yes, when they’re gone, they’re gone. 23 years is an eternity for any single product in this industry. I mean, DL4 is old enough to get into bars. Price and availability? $299.99 US street, shipping now.
  9. The microSD card must be either the SDHC or SDXC type, 4 GB or larger capacity, and initially formatted by DL4 MkII before it is functional with the Looper. Before using the MicroSD card for longer loops, it will first need to be formatted for the device. Once formatted, your card must include no other existing files on it (other than DL4 MkII’s own Looper- created data). The best idea is to just purchase or dedicate a microSD card exclusively for DL4 MkII use (and, since the Looper will only ever utilize 4 GB, it’s not necessary to use a large capacity card). The process for doing the initial format of your MicroSD card is as follows: WARNING: This process may erase any files you have stored on your MicroSD card. 1. Power on and turn your DL4 MkII’s Selector knob to LOOPER. Be sure the Looper is stopped (not actively recording or playing a loop). 2. Press and hold the ALT/LEGACY button while inserting your MicroSD card into the slot on the back of DL4 MkII. 3. Once the card is fully seated in the slot, release the ALT/LEGACY button when you see its LED start flashing through different colors. DO NOT power off or touch any controls on DL4 MkII while you see the LED flashing, which lasts only a few seconds. 4. When the ALT/LEGACY button’s LED stops flashing, the formatting process is complete. You can then use your microSD card with the Classic Looper or 1 Switch Looper!
  10. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I am able to get Looper to work on other presets, however I have a particular preset (attached below Acoustic 6str.hlx) in which it doesn't work properly. I am able to add Looper to this preset, and the buttons respond as expected (e.g. for "1 Switch Looper" I can see RED for record and GREEN for playback....and similar visuals for the "6 Switch Looper" I can see the IN/OUT OVERDUB labels and solid/blinking white knob toggles) however nothing is played back (I can't tell if it was recorded and playback volume is 0, or if just not recorded). I've tried removing that effect from the path (remove>>save>>restart>>add back) but same issue. I'm still learning my Helix Floor (running v3.15) so I could be missing the obvious. I believe this issue occurred with 3.11 (what my unit was shipped with in Dec 2021) so don't think it's 3.15 issue. Below is image of "Acoustic 6str.hlx" preset has quite a bit going on. Originally Looper was the very last effect (after last Volume) so I tried moving it around to trigger a positive result. Forgive my experimentations. Acoustic 6str.hlx
  11. I am trying to use my M9 almost exclusively as a looping pedal and have run into an issue. I want to record loops and use my expression pedal as a volume control to control the loop volume. I have assigned the expression pedal to the FX slot where I have a volume control and it does work, however, since the M9 is at the end of my chain, the expression volume controls the ENTIRE SIGNAL I want to be able to just control the loop volume with the pedal and be able to play over the loop at any volume. I can't figure it out. Pre / Post doesn't seem to make any difference. Any thoughts? There is not a ton of info about using the M9 as a looper, I have been searching. thank you!
  12. I had a standalone looper pedal gifted to me, and I'm not entirely sure how I can use it with the HX Effects with 4CM. Does anyone have a setup for something like this? I'd like to avoid having to use an FX Loop block if possible.
  13. Hei. I have been latelly experiencing that my jm4 is having and odd behavior. The Lcd screen suddenly shows that the volume is being moved while playing. Evenmore, it can happen while trying to hit play or stop on an overdub not allowing the action to take effect and even not allowing to record while it happens. It also happens very often, I would say with intervals of 10 to 15 secs or less but it is not a fixed time. I have come to the idea that the volume knob is damage. I am wondering if somebody else is experiencing the same problem? Eventually if this is due to the volume knob where could i posiblly get a replacement or what type of knob should i get for this equipment Thanks Jan
  14. I use HXN for MainStage and Logic. Would like to be able to access the Looping function of HXN with MainStage but it's "greyed out". Am I missing something?
  15. Hi guys, I wanted a little help out here. i have a line 6 Spider IV 15 watt amp. I wanted to get a looper to it and i zeroed down on the boss rc-5 looper. But then I got to know that it wouldn’t work in the amp properly. so I decided if I should get the line 6 Pod go multi effect pedal. i want to understand if it’s right decision I’m making since I don’t intend on a buying a new amp at the moment and plan on continuing with the spider IV amp. it would be helpful if someone could help me get some clarity on this. Thanks
  16. Hello! Got a problem with the looper. The recorded loop sounds much quiter than it has been played. The Playback is turned to maximum, Lo cut/Hi cut are turned to minimum.
  17. HI! I have a Helix LT and I would like to have a chain that has the possibility of having the sound of the looper in an independent channel (for example, keep my guitar sound in stereo, and send the sound of the looper through a third channel to the sound system). How can I achieve this? Thx!
  18. Hi, I'm using my HX Stomp with 3.11.0 While I was programming my looper with command centre, I found if I chose action as "Press/Hold" the looper actually triggers when on Release instead of Press. Does anyone find themselves struggling with the same problem? I would love to use my "Press/Hold" but I can't even get the timing right because it's not on "Press".
  19. Hi all, This is more of a heads up, as I have a resolution (of sorts) to my issue. Like many, I made the jump recently from F/W 2.92 to 3.00. I'm not normally an early adopter but recent firmware updates had gone well and so I deviced to have a leap of faith. The update itself went without hitch, but I soon ran into issues whilst using a 1SW Looper (the problem may also relate to the 6SW, etc., but I've not tested). As a relative newbie to playing guitar, my setup is incredibly simple, so nothing I'm doing is likely to be taxing the HX Effects unit too heavily. In fact, in this paticular case my setup simply included a Bass Octaver, Analog Flanger, Minotaur, Plate Reverb, LA Studio Compressor and a single switch looper (all on a single path). My problem is that recording a 4 bar loop causes the HX effects to hang. I'm unable to end the loop and all switches and buttons cease to function; my only option being to power off the device. I thought it may be an issue carried over from previous settings, so I performed a factory reset. Initially, I restored (only) my Presets, but as the problem persisted, I conducted a second factory reset and setup the pedals fresh. No difference, the unit still hangs. I've managed to resolve my issue by reverting to 2.92 (which works perfectly), but this isn't ideal. I can't think what else to try at this stage and/or I'm not sure what additional information is needed to help troubleshoot. Anyway, as I said, this is more of a heads up (for others who may be suffering the same issue). If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. Also, I'm happy to provide additional information and/or conduct tests if it will prove beneficial. Regards Jack.
  20. Tested with my Helix Floor, HX Stomp and HX Effects. None of them are sending Looper MIDI Out commands anymore after the 3.0/3.01 firmware. Also... The label "Redo" no longer appears on the Helix Floor or HX Effects Scribble Strips.
  21. I've love experimenting with all my new Line 6 gear, but I'm having a simple problem (or user error :-P ). I'm trying to create a loop with my FBV3 board and the videos all look so simple. It appears that the "Function" switch on my footboard is not engaging. By that I mean when I press the Function switch the LED around the switch should light up in white or some other colors. It does not. I may be doing something wrong. but I don't think that I am. (Setup Guitar and FBV3 plugged into->AmplifiTT plugged into->PowerCab) Hopefully, it's something simple to fix/correct.
  22. Is it possible to switch to a snapshot AND start a loop with a single footpress in Helix?
  23. Hi there. First time poster, long time lurker. I have an odd question about a very specific use case for the HX effects and using an external switch. But first, some context. Before the HX came into my life, there was the DL4. Well, lots of DL4s. I've long been in a love/hate relationship with the DL4 looper, and I've definitely driven a few into the ground. I love the looper because it's one of the few out there that has a dedicated "play once" function and that has other helpful, easy-to-access functions, like half/2x speed and reverse. I use my DL4 very much like an instrument itself. A sampler, if you will, where I'm able to "play" a short loop I've recorded in a rhythmic way. However, those foot switches are prone to breaking, and so I modded my DL4 so that I could plug in an external foot switch and use it to trigger the "play once" function. That way, if I destroy the switch with my frantic rhythmic tapping, all I have to do is swap out the cheaper switch instead of doing a big repair to or replacing the whole DL4. But even that system's not reliable, and the DL4 looper itself is pretty limited. Which brings me to the HX Effects. I was so excited to grab one, because it has the same DL4 looper algorithm and then some. The problem is, I've really struggled to find a way to hook up an external, easily replaceable foot switch to the HX to be able to trigger "play once". First, it doesn't seem that you can just plug any ol' external foot switch into the 1/4" external pedal jacks, because there's no way to configure the jack to control "play once". Second, I tried finagling something with midi, where I could use a Disaster Area DMC 3XL with an external foot switch plugged into that. The idea was that I'd be able to stomp on my "beater" external switch, which would trigger the specific midi message of my choosing to be sent to the HX, to control "play once". However, that failed when I realized that the firmware for the DMC 3XL won't allow me to customize to get the exact message I need (CC 62, value between 64-127). So, I'm kind of stuck. I really want to preserve the life of my HX Effects, and the simplest thing seems to be to hook up an external switch to trigger "play once" so I don't have to stomp directly on the HX. But something this simple currently seems impossible to do. Anyone have any thoughts? Any and all creative ideas welcome. Help! And thanks.
  24. I use Helix Native w/ an Apogee GIO pedalboard and when I open Helix in the channel strip the Looper effect/feature is grayed out. Is there a way to access this feature in Helix Native? I have transport buttons on the pedalboard that would be perfect for assigning to loop controls. Tks/A
  25. First of all, thanks for reading. I've searched throughout this forum, youtube and google in general, but haven't found an answer to my question. Most of the posts I've seen are about MIDI sync for effects, like delay tempos. I see that in FW 2.20, a "Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > Receive MIDI Clock" option was added to allow Helix to receive a MIDI clock, which I can see working in this youtube video. However, what I'd like to know is if the built-in looper can sync with the incoming MIDI clock. That would mean that the looper's start/stop/overdub controls would lock to the nearest incoming MIDI clock pulse, so that the recorded loop would stay perfectly in sync with MIDI. This would allow a tight integration between a loop in the Helix with other external sequenced music that was providing a MIDI clock. Other dedicated loopers such as the Pigtronix Infinity Looper, Boomerang |||, Electro-Harmonix 2880 and EHX 45000 can all do this. Does anyone know if this is possible? Can anyone connect their Helix via MIDI to an external MIDI clock generator (most MIDI-capable keyboards, sequencers and DAWs can do this) and see if the looper timing can be synced to the MIDI clock without any drift? Bonus points if there's a youtube video showing this working :D :D Not knowing this is the only thing keeping me from buying a Helix! Thanks, Cowboy
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