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  1. Is there a way to connect music output from device (phone, etc.) to AMPLIFI 150 via Mini-Stereo Audio jack cable? There is an "AUX in" and "Guitar IN" ports that I assume would be the only options...is there a specific converter cable I would need? If the answer is "no", I hope Line6 will add one in future model. I realize "just as speaker" may be a minor feature of this guitar amp (vs. Guitar amp itself!) but they do advertise it's use as a speaker on steroids (which is a nice feature for me). It would be really sweet if a DIGITAL IN could be added, although probably limited users (but FLAC files would probably sound even better). I like my Amplifi 150 but bluetooth connections have always had issues (intermittent disconnect, very limited distance/range) with all devices I've used (iphone&ipad/iOS, Samsun S6/andriod, Windows 10). Not saying it's Amplifi issue, but in general that's my experience). Sometimes it's smooth and solid, but seems prone to "breakage". Another fundamental issue I've experienced with Bluetooth (I can't say I've had this with Amplifi, but other BT speakers/headphones) is "pitch change" where the sound warps/changes pitch....unbelievable this was considered "OK" for music quality (it feels like cheap low-res MP3 marketing of the 90s all over again).
  2. Did you ever try AMIDuOS on Windows 10? I'm interested in same thing but thought I'd research before trying. My problem is that Bluetooth connections to AMPLIFI 150 are very unstable regardless of device/os (Ipad 2 with IOS9, Samsung Galaxy S6/Lollipop). The Ipad just plain doesn't connect and the Galaxy/Android constantly reports connectivity issues. So I want to try my Windows 10 machine....even that connection isn't perfect, I have to get so close to the Amplifi it almost seems too ridiculous.
  3. I agree with this suggestion! It would be nice to also to have these TONE listing options while in search list of user-top rated tones list of top downloaded tones list of most recent tones list of all tones by a specific author list of tones by Genre list of tones by Album Artist I will join the line6.ideascale.com and make these suggestions (and more).
  4. Has anyone had success (or failure) using old/legacy Line6 Floorboard from POD Pro setup? (see attached picture) I'm considering getting the Amplifi amp and hoped my Floorboard would work. Any suggestions on top 2 pedal options (I like having 2 pedals for VOL and WAH)?
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