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Helix Preset - Looper not working on specific preset


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Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


I am able to get Looper to work on other presets, however I have a particular preset (attached below Acoustic 6str.hlx) in which it doesn't work properly. I am able to add Looper to this preset, and the buttons respond as expected (e.g. for "1 Switch Looper" I can see RED for record and GREEN for playback....and similar visuals for the "6 Switch Looper" I can see the IN/OUT OVERDUB labels and solid/blinking white knob toggles) however nothing is played back (I can't tell if it was recorded and playback volume is 0, or if just not recorded).


  • I've tried removing that effect from the path (remove>>save>>restart>>add back) but same issue.  
  • I'm still learning my Helix Floor (running v3.15) so I could be missing the obvious.  I believe this issue occurred with 3.11 (what my unit was shipped with in Dec 2021) so don't think it's 3.15 issue.
  • Below is image of "Acoustic 6str.hlx" preset has quite a bit going on.  Originally Looper was the very last effect (after last Volume) so I tried moving it around to trigger a positive result.  Forgive my experimentations.



Acoustic 6str.hlx

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There's a lot going on here and so I'm not sure of your intent, but your Output Block Level is assigned to SNAPSHOTS and in the ACOUSTIC Snapshot (SS1) it's set to -120db (OFF).

The Looper works fine in the other Snapshots.

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