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  1. Yes. You can put anything anywhere you want. See my previous post for how to wire it. Your biggest concerns are: What do I want BEFORE the Orange preamp section, and What do I want BETWEEN the Orange preamp and the Orange poweramp?
  2. If you want your reverb/delay in the Amp's FX Loop you'll need to use one of the 2 HXFX Loops for that. The classic 4 cable method looks like this: Guitar>Helix Input>Effects>FX Loop 1 Block>Helix Send 1>Amp Input>Amp FX Loop Send>Helix Return 1>Effects>Helix Left/Mono Out>Amp FX Loop Return That puts the Orange Preamp section after HXFX such as distortion/overdrive. That FX Loop would be Always On. You could put your Distortion/OD pedals BEFORE the HX FX, use FX Loop 1 for the Orange preamp with your Octaver and /or Whammy in between (before or after) the HXFX and Orange, then put the second FX Loop wherever you want it with whatever sounds best in it. The BOLDED part of the chain goes LAST, after FX Loop 2.
  3. HXFX has two FX loops. Each one is either ON or OFF. Individual pedals within each ACTIVE loop can be controlled independently IF they can be controlled using MIDI.
  4. If you're using the H9 and the JVM, one of them needs to have it's MIDI THRU connector connected to the MIDI IN of the other. You'll probably want to set the chain as Helix>H9>JVM. It sounds like you learned your JVM to respond to the default Helix PC#s. Here's what I would do. Set Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo>MIDI PC Send = MIDI (what it's probably on now), Set the H9 to respond on MIDI Channel 2 (if Helix Base Channel is 1). Then in each Helix Preset go to Command Center and set IC1 to send the desired H9 PC# on MIDI Channel 2. If you're using Snapshots and want different H9 presets on different Snapshots you'll need to set them up in Command Center same way, just assign IC1 to different PC#s in different Snapshots.
  5. What kind of mixer are you using? If the MIC channel has an INSERT, you could use a Helix SEND/RETURN Loop to patch it in as required. Even the most basic boards usually have an FX Send/Return, so if that's not already in use you could use that.
  6. Should work, BUT....I watched the Pete Thorn demo on YT, and it looks like the HXFX setting "NONE" would be BYPASS, but I would avoid trying "1 and 2", as it doesn't look like there's a "stacked" option. You might contact support to see what would happen if you did that, because accidents happen, and you wouldn't want to let the magic smoke escape!
  7. Attach a copy of the preset that you're using. I don't have Cubase, but many commands such as Spacebar for start/stop are standard. If you can also describe what each command does in Cubase I can probably configure Reaper to work like Cubase if it doesn't already. I'll test it to see if I can duplicate the problem. As I'm sure you know, "random" is the hardest to troubleshoot.
  8. Simple 4 cable method (4cm) Guitar>Helix Input>Effects>FX Loop 1 Block>Helix Send 1>Amp Input>Amp FX Loop Send>Helix Return 1>Effects>Helix Left/Mono Out>Amp FX Loop Return With Helix preamp OR REAL Amp's preamp 4cm as above. Put a Helix Preamp (or amp, NO CAB) before the FX Loop Block and AFTER any distortions or whatever you want in front of the amp. Assign the Helix Amp Block and the FX Loop Block to the same Footswitch. Save the preset with one ON and one OFF. Pressing the assigned footswitch will toggle between the Helix amp and the real amp. The effects placed AFTER the FX Loop Block will be in the "FX Loop" of whichever amp is activated. The attached preset demonstrates the method. NOTE: uses the 10 Stomp Switch configuration: Global Settings>Footswitches>Stomp Mode Switches = 10 Switches It also demonstrates how to create a clean boost for leads using the Output Block Level. Also Note that I'm using an Amp+Cab vs either a preamp or amp without cab. It just happens to be what I was trying when I created the preset. You can switch it for the other types to see which happens to sound best on your system. Fatality.hlx
  9. Set the Output Block Level to -120db. Take the Input in Fortin Nameless from USB 5 (Stomp L/Mono Input direct).
  10. Page 43 of the HXS manual. Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo>Tx MIDI Clock>MIDI. Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo>PC Tx>MIDI (sends Program Change messages). Global Settings>MIDI/Tempo>MIDI Base Channel (same as Specular Tempus).
  11. USB Audio Powercab Plus systems function as USB 2.0, low latency, stereo input/output, 16-bit, 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz, audio interfaces for Mac or PC, and are also capable of being used as an audio interface for iPad and iPhone mobile devices.* They are compatible with all major DAW software. *NOTE: Connectivity with iPad & iPhone requires an Apple Camera Connection Kit USB adapter (sold separately). There is no driver installation necessary for Mac or Windows® computers or for Apple iPad or iPhone mobile devices. (See the ASIO Driver section below for Windows low-latency audio performance.) This USB audio functionality allows you to jam along with your backing tracks, YouTube™, iTunes, or to record high quality audio within your DAW software. By configuring your DAW software track to record from the Powercab Plus USB 1/2 source, you'll capture your processed signal from the Powercab within the DAW track—with zero-latency monitoring, since you are hearing your input from the Powercab Plus hardware outputs before it is routed through your software. ASIO Driver (Windows only) When using a Powercab Plus as an audio interface for Windows DAW applications, it is highly recommended to download and install the Line 6 Powercab ASIO driver, available free from line6.com/software/. This ASIO driver offers the superior, low-latency USB audio performance required for DAW recording. It is also necessary to configure your DAW software to utilize the Powercab ASIO driver. This setting is typically found within your DAW software's Preferences or Options dialog - please see your software's documentation.
  12. The following is in response to your two most recent problem posts. Please take them in the spirit in which they're offered, that is, a desire to help. First, I have to ask - are you looking for help, or taking a poll? If you're looking for help, have you reached out to L6 support? Be aware that L6 personnel do not monitor this forum looking for people with problems OR complaints. If you'd like help from other users you need to provide details about your system - FW and HX Edit versions, computer system HW and OS version - and amp make/model. It also helps to post a sample of a typical malfunctioning preset or two. OTOH - if you're looking to take a poll, again, this is not the place, try TGP. Most people here don't have the kind of major problems that you're reporting, and those who do can't help, they're in the same boat you are. I understand the frustrations of trying to work with complex systems in live performance. There are many people here who will be willing to try to help, but we need specifics to do so.
  13. I use a 535Q with my Stomp, no issues. Can't even imagine what would cause that. Does it happen on all presets?
  14. rd2rk

    Snapshot question

    You can change parameters, but not blocks.
  15. Not only can you do both, you can combine them into a W/D/W configuration. For max flexibility, get the Helix Floor or Rack w/control. Download the manuals and study the routing features BEFORE purchasing.
  16. rd2rk

    Helix 2.9

    That assumes two things that it's illogical to assume. One is that there aren't billions of people whose belief in some god or other is so certain that they'll kill and die for it and therefore, NOT agnostic. Two is that there are more than three people on the entire planet capable of logical thought. IME, three might be optimistic.
  17. rd2rk

    Helix 2.9

    I've seen dog......but then, I consumed A LOT of psychotropics back in the '60s, so I'm not convinced......of anything......and I didn't sleep much last night.....GET OUT OF MY HEAD!
  18. rd2rk

    Helix 2.9

    How Agnostic Differs From Atheist Noun Many people are interested in distinguishing between the words agnostic and atheist. The difference is quite simple: atheist refers to someone who does not believe in the existence of a god or any gods, and agnostic refers to someone who doesn’t know whether there is a god, or even if such a thing is knowable.
  19. Assuming simple routing no more than 2 FX Loops, no AUX or MIC in), AFAIK, yes.
  20. rd2rk

    Helix 2.9

    So, if we're done with the nature of reality as philosophical speculation, and since 2.9 is STILL not here, let's move to science! https://www.dummies.com/education/science/physics/the-theory-of-parallel-universes/ I admit I'm a dummy. That said, too much exposure to sci-fi at an early age leads me to be a Level 3 guy. How about you?
  21. I've been told that with electronics, the most "wear" occurs during warm up/cool off. Many (me included) leave our electronics on all day. Some folks NEVER turn theirs off.
  22. Sorry, still not getting it. Does the footswitch have a single TRS cable and two buttons? Use a continuity tester to see what happens when you short Tip>Sleeve with: both buttons OFF, Button 1 ON 2 OFF, 1 OFF 2 ON, Both ON. Repeat using Ring >Sleeve. Write down the results as you go. Once you've established what the buttons are doing, you can set the Instant Commands to duplicate those actions.
  23. What do you mean by "standard channel switcher"? If it uses a TRS cable, you can use a simple continuity tester to find out what it does, then set the Helix to duplicate that.
  24. rd2rk

    Helix 2.9

    This feature may be delayed due to the discovery of a "Metamorphosis" bug. Attempts to suppress the bug by throwing apples at it have thus far failed.
  25. That's probably because the Engl site doesn't have a link to the PB1 manual. I was able to locate the manual on the internet. This is from that manual: The different options for controlling the Powerball amp remotely: 1. Two-way footswitch (e.g. ENGL Z-4): Connect it to the amp via a stereo ¼" cord. You will need one two-way footswitch for switching channels via Jack 36 and another footswitch for switching Master A/B and Style via Jack 35. Functions: Ch I/II, Gain Lo/Hi, Master A/B and Style open/focused. With this solution, you can't activate the channels Crunch and Hi Lead directly, i.e. this requires an intermediate switching operation. 2. MIDI-Switcher (e.g. ENGL Z-11): Connect the unit to the amp via two stereo ¼" cords. The buttons on the Switcher controls Ch I/II, Gain Lo/Hi, Master A/B and Style. If you program the diverse switching configurations to different MIDI program locations (e.g. Hi Lead & Master A & Style "open" to MIDI program number 1), you can activate the desired configuration directly via a MIDI board (e.g. ENGL Z-12). This type of control option is extremely versatile, we recommend it highly if you intend to use the amp in conjunction with a MIDI system (e.g. MIDI effects devices). 3. ENGL Custom Footswitch Z-5: Connect it to the "Custom Footswitch Port" port via a 9-pin computer cable. Functions: Direct access to Clean (Ch I & Lo Gain), Crunch (Ch I & Hi Gain), Lo Lead (Ch II & Lo Gain), Hi Lead (Ch II & Hi Gain) as well as Master A/B and Style. This is a very convenient yet compact solution. *************************************************************************************************** So it would appear that you're out of luck. The best you can do is to use Helix to switch Ch I/II, Gain Lo/Hi. You never specified how you were getting into your other channels, so I assume you were using the front panel switches and that can't be duplicated using the simple Helix Channel switching, you need the proprietary Z-5 switch.
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