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  1. I did the same as @datacommando, and fully agree with his conclusions.
  2. Once you have the Global Settings squared away you'll need to select "MIC" as the source on the Input block on one of the Paths. The Output Block can then be set to wherever you want the processed signal to go. For DAW use, you'll want to go to Global Settings>Ins/Outs and set Re-Amp Source (USB 8) to MIC if you want an unprocessed signal into the DAW. EDIT: One of the features of this Forum SW is that, in order to better enable communication(!), the emojis are disabled.
  3. Did you update the FW to 3.15? did you update HX Edit to 3.15? Have you considered the possibility that it might be related to your computer hardware and/or operating system, and that providing those details might be helpful?
  4. rd2rk

    A/D question

    Nighty night! Sleep tight! Don't let the digital bed bugs bite!
  5. I had to re-install PT First because I un-install it every time after I use it to help somebody make something work that works without effort in every other DAW that I own. That's Ableton, Cakewalk, Reaper and Studio One (which I hate ALMOST as much as Pro Tools). I HATE Pro Tools SO MUCH that I don't even want it on my computer! OK, now that I've got that off my chest. Sorry if you LOVE it, but... I could NOT get PT First to record Input 5 or 6. It SEES the inputs but won't accept audio from them. I had NO PROBLEM recording those inputs in any of the afore-mentioned DAWs. If you want to open a support ticket with L6, it's possible that it's a known problem with Pro Tools, or maybe just with PT First. Or maybe your ticket will be the first they've heard of it. Good Luck! In the meantime, if getting something done is important, load up one of the FREE DAWs that I mentioned in which re-amping with USB 5/6 (and most everything else that SHOULD be possible in PT First) works without a hitch. You can always export the DI track to PT First if you MUST use THAT DAW. BIG BONUS! ALL of those other FREE DAWS will allow you to use your 3rd Party plugins! Again, Good Luck!
  6. This^. I THINK I know what's going on, I just hope he gets back before I forget what I think!
  7. Basic rule for all things on all modelers: Try it. If it sounds good TO YOU, it IS good. That said - and keep it in mind REGARDLESS of anyone else's opinions - here's my opinion. If your power amp has tubes, they're going to color the sound. You MIGHT like it, but if you're going for authenticity from your modeler, the full amp model already includes the proper color. If your power amp has EL34s and you like the Marshall sound, Try using the pre-amp version. Same goes for whatever tube type is in your power amp - 6v6 Fender;6L6 Fender/Mesa; EL84 Vox etc. IOW - a tube power amp will MOST LIKELY (but NOT NECESARILY) sound best with models of amps that came with THOSE tubes. If you're using a solid state power amp, unless the mfr claims a specific tube flavor, it shouldn't be adding any color to the sound, so use the full amp model. As for advanced parameters, read this: Sweetwater Publishing The Big Book of Helix Tips & Tricks v1.1 by Craig Anderton
  8. What does that mean? You said that you succeeded in recording a DI (unprocessed) track. If so then you can send the output of that track to a track on which you have your processing plugin (Native, Metallurgy) for re-recording. That leaves your DI track untouched to re-record as many times as needed. Which DAW did you wind up using? Or did PT First allow the 3rd Party plugin?
  9. As I stated above, this is normal. It's the sound of one preset unloading, then another one loading.
  10. You need to RTM. All Helix family devices with Command Center can send MIDI Notes.
  11. You can already do that. FS1 is dedicated to switching channels. FS2's function is FX Bypass by default, but can be changed to Boost in the app. Catalyst Edit>Global Settings (the GEAR icon in the upper right)>FS2 (FS icon)> Your choices are: Effect Bypass Boost Bypass Reverb Bypass Effect and Reverb Bypass Boost and Effect Bypass Boost and Reverb Bypass Tap Tempo To control more functions concurrently requires MIDI. If you have the Catalyst 60, to use MIDI requires a HOST (computer, dedicated HOST box/adapter).
  12. Yeah, now you've entered the realm of demonic interference. :-) Good Luck!
  13. If by this you mean using the HD500 for FX only in the Cat's FX Loop, take the Cat Send to the HD Input and the HD Output to the Cat Return, MODE Switch set to FX Loop and app FX Loop Switch ON. Guitar to Cat INPUT. EDIT: No FX Loop Block required on the HD.
  14. First - I have the Catalyst 100. The ONLY difference is that the Catalyst 200 has two amps and two speakers. Otherwise, the amps are identical. I tried putting myself in your shoes. Plugged my guitar straight into the INPUT. PHYSICAL MODE switch to the LEFT (FX Loop). Everything works as expected. Open the app. Settings>FX Loop switch OFF. Everything works as expected. App Settings>FX Loop switch ON = NO SOUND. BECAUSE THERE"S NOTHING IN THE FX LOOP! If I patch the SEND to the RETURN, I get SOUND! Did you mistype? Test it again. 4cm I can't troubleshoot your HD500X configuration, as I dumped mine 6 years ago when I got my Helix. However, the actual wiring should be the same. Guitar>Multifx INPUT>MFX SEND>Catalyst INPUT>CATALYST SEND>MFX RETURN>MFX OUTPUT>CATALYST RETURN. MODE SWITCH (on the back of the Catalyst) to the left = FX LOOP APP SETTINGS>FX Loop = ON This is the correct configuration for 4cm. IIRC, the HD500X requires a Send/Return (FX Loop) Block in the signal chain just like my Helix. If you flip the MODE switch to the RIGHT (Power Amp), that gives the result you described - physical FX Loop is out of the signal chain.
  15. Works "fine" on mine, if you consider "fine" having to turn the knob 57 times to get a noticeable effect. Exaggeration of course, but it does take 3-4 full turns before I get a 3db reduction. It's WAY less annoying to just use the volume slider on the app.
  16. I just figured you accidentally typed minutes instead of seconds. It takes 10 seconds (just timed it) on my i7/Win10 laptop. If it's taking 5 minutes to launch, you either have a problem with your MAC or there's a bug that L6 Support either knows about or needs to know about. If you're in the U.S., call support. Otherwise, open a support ticket. Please report back here when you get a resolution.
  17. ADD INFO: Don't forget to turn OFF MIDI PC SEND in Global Settings>MIDI/Tap Tempo to prevent transmitting the default Helix Preset PC# when loading the preset.
  18. I DL'd the preset. To see the Snapshots you need to have PRESET Mode set to show Snapshots or press the UP/DOWN switches to go into Snapshot Mode. From the DSL Manual: The MIDI receive channel is factory-set to channel 1. In order to set a different channel, press and hold the Loop On/Off switch (Front Panel Function #23) while powering up the amplifier to activate MIDI waiting mode. The LED will flash until a valid MIDI command is received. The MIDI receive channel will be set to the channel of that command. Note: When the 2-way footswitch is connected the amplifier will not respond to any MIDI messages. In the preset, the MIDI Channel is set to MIDI Channel 1. This is the default for both Helix (BASE) and the DSL. I couldn't find the specifics in the manual that I have, but if the DSL works like other MIDI amps, You'll need to manually put the amp into the channel you want, put the amp into RECEIVE mode, then load the Snapshot that sends the PC# you need for that Amp Channel, and repeat for each Amp channel. I assume (there's that word) that when the amp is in RECEIVE Mode the audio is OFF. @tminglePlease jump in if I'm wrong about this or I've left something out.
  19. Yes, that is the normal behavior. When using HX Edit with Helix, starting w/o a Helix connected results in a "No Device Connected" message. Don't know why they didn't implement that in Catalyst Edit.
  20. It has to be saved that way in BOTH snapshots, else the values in Snapshot2 default to "NEXT".
  21. The Tone King goes between your amp's Speaker Out (TK Amplifier IN) and the Speaker (TK Speaker Out). 4cm remains the same.
  22. In Global Settings>INS/OUTS, RETURN TYPE needs to be set to RETURN.
  23. No. Guitar players like guitars. Existential guitar truth #1 - there's no such thing as "too many guitars". No logical reason required to want another beyond "I want it! I have money!". Existential guitar truth #2 - there's no way a non-musician can fully comprehend this. UNLESS - Many women have extensive collections of shoes. Or handbags. Some of these cost as much as fine guitars! If your wife is one of these, or has a friend who has such a collection, that's your out!
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