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  1. Right? I feel like beer and live music are inseparable, haha.
  2. Thank you! I will try Servisol and cotton swaps and see if I can clean out the inside of the jacks. So far so good, the floor controller still seems to be functioning normally! If anything malfunctions I would imagine it would look like foot controller not working or jumping around randomly. So far, no issues there. Fingers crossed!
  3. kerryhall1

    Spilled beer...

    Very stupid question I know, but I have to ask it. One of my band mates unfortunately dropped a beer very close to my Helix rack foot controller. No beer spilled on it, except for a splash on the RJ45 jack and the row of jacks for the expression pedals. When I pulled the expression pedal cable out, the actual metal part of the plug was wet with beer. Same with the cat5 cable, the actual copper connectors were a bit wet. However, there doesn't seem to be any malfunction. Has anyone had anything like this happen? And how close are the expression pedal jacks to other circuitry?
  4. That was it!! Thank you, it works perfectly now!
  5. That must be it! I didn't know how to do that, thank you, let me try that!
  6. kerryhall1

    Helix 2.9

    This is amazing, exactly the features I've been waiting for!!! :D I'm gonna assume maybe in a month or two, this stuff takes time. I've never had a pedal before that kept improving, so that was a major selling point for me with this thing. Cheers! Thank you devs!
  7. I have a Helix rack with the foot controller. I love it, it's insanely cool. I have presets 0 and 1 all ready to go for several songs. I switch back and forth between presets 0 and 1, both during songs and between songs, but mostly I switch around between snapshots in preset 1. I wouldn't have bought a Helix without the snapshot feature, it's 100% essential. I keep my helix set to "8 snapshots" mode in global settings, and the up/down buttons on the far left of the foot controller let me change presets. Today I realized for a certain song I need a looper in preset 0. I added a looper in preset 0, and then unbypass the looper by pressing the bypass button on the front of the rack. Suddenly, my foot controller is in looper mode. This is great, I try out the looper and I love it. Now I switch to preset 1, looper mode is gone, we are back to snapshot mode, this is perfect, exactly what I needed to happen. But when it comes time to switch back to preset 0 and use the looper, this is where the trouble starts. Switching back to preset 0 keeps me in snapshot mode, my looper mode is sadly gone. The looper is there on the screen, but it's just bypassed now. I think I need to somehow enter looper mode to use the looper. How do I get from snapshot mode into looper mode? I tried pressing the mode button, and it basically just toggles between snapshot mode and then just showing 8 blank foot switches. (Why are those blank?) I'm guessing I have to do something like this: * Switch to preset 0 as usual. * Enter stomp mode (somehow, no clue on this yet, the mode button apparently does nothing) * While in stomp mode, press the button assigned to the looper to enter looper mode. (How do I assign a button to the looper to enter looper mode?) * Use the looper as usual. * Switch back to preset 1 when needed and everything goes back to snapshot mode, which is exactly what I want. How the heck do I enter stomp mode from snapshot mode? That mode button just isn't working sadly.
  8. I don't really have the ability to run too many plugins, I'm using Reaper on Linux, thus, the need for the Helix. Helix should be able to do it no problem though right? And yes, that album is 100% perfect start to finish...not even a full album, it's an EP as far as I know? Absolutely crushing release.
  9. I'm trying to get this sort of tone for recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzkBmJGGwdA What would you recommend? Maybe guitar -> compression -> preamp -> compression -> eq? What sort of eq or compression settings?
  10. Ah ok perfect thank you! I definitely missed that.
  11. kerryhall1

    Copying preset

    How do you copy a preset? I can't seem to find any info in the manual about that.
  12. My footswitches are the 8 snapshots I'm using for the preset. I need to set EXT AMP to footswitches? Let me try that! Thank you!
  13. I'm guessing the answer here is no.... All that is needed is a very simple firmware update, one that allows four, instead of three options here.: 1. 1 2. 2 3. 1&2 4. neither
  14. Snapshot 1: Expression pedal controls volume Snapshot 2: Expression pedal controls wah Doable?
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