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  1. That's sounds amazing :) What is your connect configuration between the Helix and the GR-55 (I also have both of them)?
  2. Hey Thanks for the replay :) I also own a Variax guitar. But for now I'm looking for the main amp sound that I could add to the Z.Vex Fuzz Factory pedal
  3. Hello, I new with the Helix but I still tried to create some Muse tones without any luck. Are there any Muse patches ? I know that there is the "plug in baby" patch but I think it's sounds more like a "toy patch" than a Muse patch. And I also tried to search on the Forum+Customtone sections. Didn't find anything. I know that there is the Fuzz Factory pedal which is big part of Muse tone, but I'm more looking for the Amps sound of Muse. I'll really appreciate the help from you Thanks
  4. I also experienced "dead" pixels on one of my scribble strip - it's not bad as it in the attached picture. In my situation it's only a whole line (from top to bottom) that it's with "dead" pixels. I'll try to attach an image. Do you think it's the same issue? thanks
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