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  1. Yep....that's pretty much EXACTLY how mine looks. Looks like I'm gonna have to get a replacement. All that waiting too :(
  2. My Helix arrived on Monday and I absolutely LOVE it! I was playing today with it and I noticed one of the scribble strips was 'broken'. The best way to describe it is it looks like its been 'hit' with something and a ton of the pixels has been damaged. A reboot returns the strip back to normal for a time....everything fine....until you activate that strip again and it 'goes off' again with many pixels off and some remaining leaving you totally unable to read the name of the preset. I've updated to the latest firmware with no fix. I haven't yet done a factory reset but it looks to me like a faulty scribble strip :( I've opened a ticket with Line 6 so hope there's a simple fix for this without returning it but I'm doubtful. Anyone else with this issue?
  3. I also have a Kemper, so I'll be comparing the two and if needed sending the Helix back, but I'm hoping that doesn't happen.
  4. This is quite disappointing to hear they're only sending out 2 units to Guitarguitar stores. I have mine ordered from Guitarguitar (Newcastle) and was told by them via email to expect my Helix to arrive end of October/early November. So when I read the shipment was due this week I was hopeful mine was in there. Guess not :(
  5. Thanks for the updates joeandchar! Does this mean that all the UK shops should receive them this week you think?
  6. Thanks for the review mate. I'm a semi-pro so my needs are a little different to yours, main one being reliability in the live setting, and I'm expecting my Helix to arrive late October/early November so fingers crossed I have the same first impressions as you :)
  7. TheTonyEmery


    Oh dear I know it's very bad if the power goes out while your updating the firmware. I'm always on tenderhooks when I'm updating firmware whatever it may be on. Hope you can get it sorted dude.
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