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  1. Dittos....Redwirez BigBox set is a great choice...tons of quality IR's, though you can get lost in all the choices ;)
  2. gkinder

    Rubber feet

    Have one of the big Temple boards....holds my Helix and a half dozen of my "never getting rid of" pedals that run into the Helix path A into a FRFR powered cab and path B into a tube amp/2x12 cab.....wall of sound and the board controlling everything is nice and neat....
  3. I run a four cable method into my PWE EH3 tube amp with the 1/4" jacks and run the XLR outs into my Gemini 2 for the FRFR side of things...Use pathway A for the FRFR and pathway B for the tube amp....have different patches for different setups including wet/dry with the tube amp normally the dry side. 65 Amps 2x12 with a G12H30 and Celestion Gold for the PWE and then the Gemini 2 with dual FRFR speakers.....Sounds HUGE.
  4. I'm surprised you dont care for the preamp in your delta blues....its probably the sweetest amp Peavey ever built, IMO. I'd try a 4C method with an eq up front and/or the centaur, with splash of verb and delay in the loop....should sound fantastic....
  5. gkinder

    BB King

    Huge BB fan here....If you don't mind me asking, what kind of coin are these running? Went to Mark's site but there is no mention of this pedal....have a beautiful semi-hollow and would like to get close to BB's tone, though will never have that kind of soul....RIP BB!!!
  6. I had the G70 but recently sold it and went back to a Lava cable....everyone's ears a different but the cable sounds better to mine. My buddy has the Shure wireless for guitar and it sounds pretty darn good...may go that direction one day if I get a wild hair :)
  7. My rig is mostly used in my studio now days. Rebuilding the board right now but when done it will have a powered Saturnworks ABY splitter into Helix directly on one channel and the other channel into a Mission Volume Pro (good choice :)) >> (2) Wampler Tumnus OD (Centaur clones) >> Wampler Velvet Fuzz or Amptweaker Tight Fuzz Pro (haven't decided yet) >> Amptweaker Tight Drive Pro >> Empress ParaEQ into front of the PWE EH3....Strymon Timeline (delay) or Echosex2 >> Strymon Mobius (modulation) >> Red Panda Context (reverb) in EH3's loop. The amps foot switch will also be on the board, though I pretty much live on channel two most the time. Guitars are a Collings I35 Deluxe with Throbaks, Gibson 1958 Les Paul VOS RI, and a Fender Longboard Strat. Have a Gibson Derek Trucks SG that I'm thinking of selling off to help pay for some of the pedals, though I may end up keeping and putting a set of Fralin P90's in it :) Great rig when all said and done....keep telling myself I'll "never" adjust it once its done, famous last words :rolleyes:
  8. Amen to this!!! The IR support in Helix/Editor is pretty integrated library to sort, manage, and call IRs on the fly would be nice in addition to list set of the IRs currently in use and in which patches....
  9. I have a dual rig with my guitar running into an ABY splitter with one path hitting the Helix into a Mission Engineering Gemini 2 and the other path running through various pedals into a PWE Event Horizon 3 tube amp/65 Amp 2x12 cab. Want to mount everything on one board. Don't run other pedals into the Helix as it has good effects on its own. There are lots of power and in/out jack options with the Temple boards and think the Helix will mount directly to it nicely. Just put an offer in on Reverb for on the Trio 42 boards. Not bad price wise so think I'll give it a shot...
  10. Hadn't thought about that, very valid point....will do that and see how if works...don't really use the expression pedal except as a volume pedal once in a while so that probably won't be an issue but could see the extra angle potentially being problematic...looking at the wide board and planning on running my other pedals beside the Helix so it might work out....thanks for the insight!!
  11. There have been a few posts from folks looking to mount the Helix to a pedal board. I've been wanting to do the same. Ran into this company over the weekend and it looks like a very viable solution for the Helix. My only question is if removing the rubber feet from the Helix will have any affect on the unit, does anyone know the ramifications of unscrewing the feet from the Helix? Do the screws only hold the fee in place or do they also secure internal boards, etc.? I'm looking at the Trio 43 for my Helix and other pedals and using four of the large mounting plates for attaching the Helix.... Thoughts?
  12. Well is expression and does so routinely on all types of subjects....Helix thus becomes a tool of expression ;)
  13. While I don't disagree with your premise, the same can be said the other way around about science zealotry. The arrogance and closed mindedness on that side of the fence is every bit as bad as on the religious side, and just as much based on beliefs or desired outcomes. On the dumbing down item, with the politicization of science, often pseudo-science, and the barriers to dissenting views/thought science zealots are trying to impose, i.e. global warming, it is pretty hard to throw stones at the religious side when the science side is doing the same thing.
  14. WELL STATED SIR!!!!! These religion vs science arguments always make me shake my head a bit since both types of zealots never seem to entertain the notion that BOTH may be right, to a certain extent at least. Why can't the laws of the physical Universe, space, and time co-exist with God (or whatever word you want to put there)? Maybe God is the ultimate scientist and physicist? Closing one's mind to ALL possibilities certainly limits a person's perspective.....
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