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  1. I'm building a synth-like patch, with the built-in Helix expression pedal controlling the high-cut (low-pass) frequency of the Low and High Cut block. With the pedal min at 1kHz and max at 11kHz, there's not enough fine control at the low end. If I drop the max range of the pedal, I won't have enough highs with the pedal fully down. If there's an option for a logarithmic sweep like in the Volume block, that will solve the problem. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to do that. Care to help? And yes, I've tried using the Wah blocks, but all of them have a very pronounced resonance peak at the cut-off frequency of which there's no control to cut out. Side problem: Is there a low-pass filter block that goes lower than 1kHz?
  2. This code is just from opening your preset file with Notepad. To edit the panning of the mixer block on HX Effects: Use the BIG KNOB to select the MIXER block (the point where the two paths converge). Use the < and > buttons (below the ACTION button) to access more parameters. Adjust the PAN parameters with KNOBS 1-3. See page 11 and page 31 in the HX Effects manual for more info. Or you can connect it to a computer and use the editor, like Kilrahi said.
  3. @williamjaywhalen I've uploaded the preset if you wanna try it out. It's setup for SNAP/STOMP mode (4 Snapshots on top, 4 Stomps at the bottom)
  4. Sorry for the late reply, was busy this week. Looking at the file, it seems that your Merge Mixer block (when Path A & B converges) is the issue. They were both panned to the left. I've made another one that's hopefully compatible with HX FX. Enjoy! CleanDirty HXFX.hlx
  5. Could you send me your preset? I'll try to open it in Native.
  6. I've made one for you to use as a starting point. Dual amps with expression pedal blend control. Made for 8 stomp mode, with solo boost, OD pedal, reverb, looper, some modulation, and 2 types of delays. You can tweak it from there.
  7. You're right. I must have confused snapshot + footswitch with footswitch+footswitch. Thanks for spotting that. Anyways @williamjaywhalen I'll upload the preset I'm using and you can modify from there.
  8. It is sort of fixed for your 1) and 2). If it happens: - unbind all controls from the footswitch, save. - bind your controls to that footswitch, make sure in all snapshots the footswitch is off, save. - then if you want the footswitch on (wetter) to be default on for a certain snapshot, set it, save. For 3), it may still be buggy if you have two footswitches control the same parameter(s). Better to add another reverb after that and bind to that other footswitch. OR you can use snapshots instead for different levels of reverb per snapshot. I'm using this method, let me know if you wanna try my preset, I can upload it.
  9. If you're low on processing power, you can do the same with a dirt pedal on one path and nothing on the other. Have the paths converge before the amp so you don't need two amps.
  10. Thanks for the reply. What I meant was, previously, the behavior was predictable as such: Footswitch ON (LED ring lit up) = max settings Footswitch OFF (LED ring off/dim) = min settings Now, in the same preset, it could be working normally in one snapshot (like the above), but reversed in another (ON = min, OFF = max). I know it's a bug because: 1) it worked in previous version 2) sometimes restarting the unit fixes it for awhile Hope that clarifies the matter.
  11. There seems to be a bug with assigning multiple control parameters to a footswitch. Setup: Assign a footswitch to toggle between 2 settings in a delay block: (A) Low feedback + low mix (B) High feedback + high mix In Global Settings > Preferences, snapshot edits set to "Recall". Problem: Helix gets "confused" about the ON and OFF states of the footswitch. This typically happens when changing snapshots. Description: 1) Select Snapshot 1. Press footswitch > ON. Parameters set correctly to (B), footswitch lights up. 2) Switch to Snapshot 2. Press footswitch > ON as well. No issues so far. 3) Switch back to Snapshot 1. Sometimes this bug occurs: press footswitch again > it goes from ON to OFF, but parameters jump from state (B) > (A) > (B). Parameter states are (B) but footswitch light shows OFF, meaning states are reversed. 4) Switch back to Snapshot 2. Footswitch functions normally, with ON corresponding to state (B). 5) Switch back to Snapshot 1. Footswitch behavior still reversed (ON = state (A)) This setup was working fine before the update. It started after updating to 2.80. I've tried this on a new preset, same problem happens occasionally. But not always. Sometimes restarting the unit fixes it for awhile. Can anyone verify?
  12. Didn't you hear? It's coming in spring in Australia. Still 5 months away.
  13. Sorry for the late reply. Just my opinion here: there are a bunch of cases where gain compensation is not desirable. E.g. when setting up path A with clean amp, path B with dirty amp, and toggling them for gapless switching. E.g. when path B is for 100% wet, path A dry, and then using the exp pedal to blend in as much wetness as desired. In both examples, you would want consistent levels for each path by itself (except the 100% wet path). There may be some workarounds using the FX send and return. Another way (that is quite DSP limiting) is setting BOTH inputs - top and bottom chain - to guitar. Now you need to put an amp+cab block on both signal chains, and can't share anything between chains, but u get 4 paths. Thankfully, we seldom need to split to 4 paths. With 2 paths, you can have 2 effects that are independent, plus one "bonus" dry path by using the Mix control available in most FX blocks. Also, personal opinion again, delay into reverb sounds cool and natural. If they repeats muddy up the dry sound, using a darker delay or one with low-pass filter control will usually solve that.
  14. I haven't tested this so correct me if I'm wrong: 1) Split levels Levels at split = levels going into split path. I.e. if amp is in split path, higher split levels will drive the amp harder. With no panning/balance changes, each path = same as before split. 1a) Split>Y Default - duplicates signal to 2 paths (no volume drop). Pan to either side = reduce volume on one channel (L or R) while maintaining volume on the other channel. 1b) Split>A/B Duplicates signal to 2 paths. Turn "balance" control off center = reduce volume of one path (both L&R channels) while maintaining volume on the other path. 2) Merge Sums path A and B. I.e. After merge = (A_left + B_left) and (A_right + B_right). Merge level is post-split blocks. I.e. if amp is in path A/B, merge level does not affect amp gain. Sum of 2 sources of equal volume = +3dB. E.g. If u split without changing pan or balance, don't change levels on both paths, and don't change levels/pan on merge, then level after merge vs. before split is +3dB. Each channel of each path is an individual sound source. E.g. Hard-pan both paths to L = +3dB L and -inf dB R (or -60, doesn't matter) E.g. Hard-pan path A to R, path B to L = same post-merge level (if L&R channels are the same in both paths)
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