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  1. I have a helix and a variax. I want to use snapshots so there won't be audio ramp-up when you switch presets. I want a Strat sound on Snapshot 1 and a Banjo on Snapshot2, for example, but it appears that inputs can not be changed between snapshots on a preset. Is there a way to alternate variax tones (under input) between a given preset's snapshots? I'm looking at using two separate paths in a preset, but am not sure how to select paths in a snapshot.
  2. Hi I am new to HX Stomp XL, I am hoping to get it to be a fly rig that will replace a large board of individual pedals for fly dates. I figured out snap shot mode and for some of the songs I play this will work out great. For other tunes stomp mode is better for me. I figured out the compromise which is to have 4 buttons set to stomp mode and have the up down bottons set to scroll through snap shots . BUT WHAT I REALLY WANT TO DO is to store that behavior by preset rather than globally. So for example if I am on preset 1, I am in in straight up stomp mode where 6 footswitches can be assigned to toggle effects on and off, but then in preset 2 I am in stomp / snap shot hybrid mode where the up/ down buttons are snapshot selectors and the other 4 middle bottons are assigned to toggle fx on and off. Is there a way to do this? Or is it only in a global setting?
  3. So the delay recently started to bother me switching between presets...I discovered how snapshots work. I have presets on the upper row snapshots on the lower buttons. But in the videos I watch and for example they have a delay on and switch to a sound that doesnt have delay the delay effect still spills over to the next snapshot, but when I switch snapshots it cuts of instantly. What am I missing? Probably just a configuration error. It's Helix LT. Thanks!
  4. Hey, Helix floor user with PC112+ and PC212+ stacked, connected using L6link. My presets are setup like a regular pedal board. I have effects, drives, delays, etc tied to stomp buttons in stomp mode and use the snapshot mode to change reverb, delay levels, combine some drives, and turn on or off certain effects (e.g. Rotary, etc.). I am in 10 stomp mode. My main presets are setup the same except with different amps. So each preset can do just about everything I want, clean to dirty to spacey just depending on which guitar or how much dirt I need. I just started playing with the command center. I found that in snapshot mode, I had a clean and dirty snapshots, but sometimes needed a boost for the lead. So in command center, I assign a button for clean and a button for dirty snapshots in the stomp mode. I already had a boost button in stomp mode. This works fine. So, for my question. Is it possible to have one button go between the clean and dirty snapshot. For example, I click it once and it goes to clean. the next time I click it, it goes to dirty snapshot. Is that possible. It seems like you can set it up to go to one snapshot "on press" and then another on "release"... however you have to keep it pressed down to stay in that snapshot. I also think you can make it go to a different preset, so I guess I could clone two presets and have one in clean and one in dirty, but that would jump to a preset and there would be a pause in sound. Another interesting thing I found was I had button 7 set in stomp mode to change the drive and the volume of the amp. I also had a snapshot for button 7. When I used command center to assign snapshot 7 to button 7, it's like it added the snapshot to the button. It showed "multiple (3)" on button 7 scribble strip. I could also press button 7 and switch between the stomp settings (amp values) and the snapshot. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Sorry for the long post, however thanks for your responses!
  5. I use MIDI presets to send PC preset selection and CC 69 value 0-7 to choose snapshots, from Bandhelper on iOS. I found that when I requested "snapshot 4, delay ON, snapshot 2", I was instead getting "default-on-load snapshot, delay ON, snapshot 2" on some presets. At first I thought I was chasing a Snapshots bug, but I had a hunch when I saw it was making changes on the default Saved snapshot, not a snapshot number in particular. When I significantly raised the delay between MIDI sends, it changed to snapshot 4 first, then added FX, then snapshot 2. Problem solved. Question is, is there some documented minimum time needed for Helix to do certain things upon receipt of a MIDI command? It would be awesome if I could send 5 MIDI instructions, each 0.1s apart. It's turning out to be more like 0.5s apart, which adds up when you're reconfiguring a preset on-demand. I'm using this instead of building a preset for every song. Choose amp-preset, choose lead snapshot, add FX, switch to snapshot for the beginning of the song. And if I ever tire of the Placater, I need only replace that preset in slot 003 to change the sound of all the songs that used it. The design suits my needs; the timing was giving me a problem.
  6. Hi, I have a preset with snapshots using 1 amp (the cartographer which is great). Obviously because of using snapshots I have different parameters on the amp per snapshots. When I switch from one snapshot to another there is a loud pop noise. Is there a way to avoid that noise. I tried to use an eq pedal to regulate volume and keep the volume on the amp channel equal but this did not solve the issue. I also tried to put the amp in another path but this did not help neither.
  7. Hi All. First post here. Have read lots of good stuff on here since buying my HX a month or so ago. I do love it and don't miss my Boss ES-5 setup with Mobius and other assorted pedals at all! I'm pretty good with MIDI (from my 90's days when all my synths/effects were outboard!) but have some observations and thoughts on MIDI instant command/Snapshot/Preset interactions that I'd be interested in feedback on. To my mind, it should (logically) work thus (and I'm only dealing with PC messages here...): In Preset mode, you set up your MIDI messages using the Instants in the Command Centre. These would be the default MIDI messages for the whole preset. Within a snapshot, you should be able to change the instant, or have it default to the ‘Preset’ one set up above either by having no instant at all, or a "preset default" option. I use Midi (for my H9 and Elektron Analog Drive) and snapshots (I use one preset per song and the snapshots for the different sounds within a song) and it doesn’t seem to work in a consistent way for me. For instance : I set up one snapshot as a default for a song and copy the snapshot to make changes for different sections. The Instants do not copy across. If I remove an instant from a snapshot (as the snapshot doesn't need to change any MIDI values) the Instant MIDI command is removed totally across all snapshots and the preset. I'm quite sure this is just me not fully understanding how Instants and Snapshots interact! Anyone got any definitive answers on how Snapshot Instant’s work. I’ve fudged my way through (checking each snapshot’s Instant values) and have the unit setup as I want now but would like to now the official line on how it is supposed to work for future programming. Ta, David.
  8. Yo stompers! I'm using the stomp XL in a show so I've got loads of snapshots to play through. I've currently got it set up so that I cycle through the 4 snapshots then move onto a new preset with 4 more snapshots (repeat ad nauseam). The issue I have is that when I switch to the next preset, snapshot 1 isn't auto selected. Sometimes it's on 2, sometimes 3, sometimes 4(!). How do I set it to default to snapshot 1 when moving to a new preset? Thanks.
  9. Hey, just updated to 3.15. Suddenly my snapshots are mving by 2 when I press and release my external TRS pedal. When I press, it moves 1, but when I release, it moves another. I have the release set to none. Not sure what else to do.... Please help!
  10. Hi, I use a HX Stomp for several months for professional use and I really like it. I built a external footswitch to change presets (FS4-5) and I'm using the HX Stomp in Snapshot Mode, that's great ! But... My problem : when I play in live conditions, I'm not that precise and I often step on 2 footswitches instead of the right one, so it open the bank of presets, which is really (really!) not confortable before a solo!... My question : is there a way to disable that function? I mean, keeping the control of snapshots with the footswitches but nothing else. I can't find anything in the Global settings... If not, is there a way to submit this idea to Line 6, and hoping they include it in a next firmware? By creating a petition or something like that... :) Thanks for your help! PS : "be precise" is not an valid answer ;)
  11. I have a Line 6 Helix and am beginning to get hooked on Snapshots. I'm noticing, however, that whenever I use Twin Harmony and have multiple snapshots (some with the feature on and some with the feature bypassed) that it is ALWAYS on even when I switch to a Snapshot where is was set to "Bypass". For other effects, I have not had any issue with the "bypass state" between Snapshots. This is very annoying because as soon as I have a Snapshot with the feature "on", ALL Snapshots have it on as well, even though I've attempted to save each Snapshot with Twin Harmony "off". Any thoughts? Thanks, Ron
  12. Hello, this kind of a complex statement but trying to build a YouTube preset. I have the footswitches running basic Play/Pause, Rewind, Fullscreen on snapshot one as momentary presses. Is it possible on snapshot 2 to have the footswitch configuration change to Drive, Fuzz, Chorus as toggles. I have tried editing it in the command center but the foot switches seem to be only one setting in snap shots. I'm using a Boss-MS3 to send MIDI commands to switch between snapshots. Just not able to get the footswitches to have different functions between snapshots.
  13. Hey there, HX Stomp newbie here. I recently bought a HX stomp and a Boss ES-5 effects switcher to upgrade my pedalboard. So far everything works pretty good, but i have one problem i can't solve. I use the ES-5 to send MIDI commands to the HX stomp. Every time i press a switch on the ES-5 it sends a program change (PC) to select a preset on the Stomp and also a Midi CC #69 (values 0-2) to select a snapshot of that preset. However, i only get to the wanted snapshot if the Stomp preset is already active. But if the stomp does indeed need to change the preset it seems to ignore the CC #69 and will always start with the snapshot that was last edited in HX edit or on the stomp itself. Does anyone know a solution for this? Could it be a bug? My firmware is at V 3.01.0. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hey everyone - Maybe a silly question, but I can't figure this out. Question: Can Helix Store the Stomp / Snapshot mode with the individual presets? If so, where do I change that from global to by-preset? My Helix is used in a worship ministry and is used by two different guitarists. One player has presets based on 8 snapshots. The other has presets based on 4 snapshots on the bottom and 4 stomps on top. Before each service, I have to change the global settings to accommodate each player. Sure would be easier if I didn't have to make that change in the global settings each time. Thanks! Brad
  15. Hey everyone, I hope all of you are doing well in this ongoing pandemic and you are at a safe place right now! Recently, I set up a Ableton Live 11 Project with Songs, where I want to play guitar to for live gigs. In order to have the right snapshots in the right moment, I created midi clips that send over Midi control -> 69 Hold Pedal 2 signals to my Helix that are changing the snapshots. I also added clips where it changes the presets via program and sub. I set up the midi base channel to 7 because I read somewhere I shouldn't use the standard base one. I also turned off Midi PC Send and additionally I set up the snapshots to 1, 5 and 8 in order to avoid potential failure signals, because they might be too close to each other. Problem A: I tried it with usb, but my usb connection sometimes interrupts, thats why I use a midi connection. However, this is working until the 3rd scene in my Ableton project starts playing, then it doesn't adjust to the right snapshot in the preset (which is just a duplicate from the first one). For instance, it changes to Preset 1-> Snapshot 1 but it should be Preset 1 -> Snapshot 8. Problem B: When I play a bit with it and I change the scenes manually, it changes the right snapshots or presets but at one point my Helix is freezing. My setup is a MacBook Pro 2019, Mac OS Catalina and a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 1st generation and the Helix Version is 3.01.0. If you need any further details, please tell me and thanks in advance to somebody who is helping me with this issue! Best regards Fabian
  16. Firmware/Editor: Firmware 3.01; HX Edit 3.00 OS: Windows 10 Global Settings: Defined by Command Centre Bug: When copying amp parameters from a snapshot in HXEdit, and pasting to a different snapshot, the original snapshot parameters are not saved. I have a list of similar presets, each with a different amp, and each with 3 snapshots; Clean, Crunch, Dirty. The main difference for each snapshot is to allow changes to the amp parameters, Drive, CH Vol and Master. For some presets, if I use HX Edit to go to the Clean snapshot, I select and copy the amp block, switch to the Crunch snapshot, click on the amp and paste, the "Clean" parameters are visible. I can then amend them as required and save the preset (either in HX Edit or direct on the Helix floor) and everything looks OK. If I switch back to the amp in the Clean preset the parameters now show the values from the Crunch preset. The same can happen going from Clean and/or Crunch to Dirty or the other way. On some occasions it seems to work, but it is very random. I have raised a support ticket :- 397839, received some suggestions, but nothing that seems to eliminate the issue. Lesken
  17. I have a Helix floor, I would love to be able to have a separate footswitch control changing snapshots within a preset. Is this possible?
  18. Hi together, I just received my HELIX LT and I truly enjoy it so far. However, I am running into issues whenever I try to sync it with the MIDI clock of my DAW (Ableton Live). I already searched for possible solutions in the support forum but couldn't find any reliable solution so far. In my current setup, I use snapshots and I change those quite frequently (sometimes mutliple times per bar), e.g. to switch the MIDI sync tempo of a tremolo or other modulation devices. The corresponding commands will be sent via a MIDI channel (currently channel 4) in Ableton Live which includes the different values for each snapshot in the corresponding CC (for snapshots, it is CC69). Whenever I do that, the MIDi clock gets out of sync or delayed in some sort. This is also represented in the blue tap tempo light, which flash is noticeably out of sync compared to my DAW metronome. I already did some troubleshooting and below you find my conclusions so far: - Occurs for both for slow and fast BPM. - Occurs both for sending commands via USB MID and MIDI Interface - Does not seem to be a "simple" delay, namely a latency which can be compensated within the DAW itself. It rather appears to me that the amount of sync error is fluctuating over time. I am really not sure if that problem is specifically related to Helix, but it prevents me from utilizing most of the great time-based effects of the HELIX. Therefore, I would highly appreciate any kind of support or ideas for potential workarounds. Many greetings!
  19. Hi all. I'm using the Helix LT and have it set up where the "Mode" button switches all the 8 other footswitches to either the stompboxes or the snapshots. This works fine most times. I recently downloaded a Customtone that does not show any of the LEDs when the "Mode" is switched to snapshots. The snapshots still functionally work, there's just no LEDs to indicate which snapshot I'm on, nor which other snapshots there are on that preset. When I switch it back to the stompbox mode, it shows the LEDs just fine. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Hi all! Hopefully this is an easy question to answer - I searched existing topics but couldn't find it anywhere. The question is - If you use snapshots as the controller to turn blocks on and off, can you also use a midi controller to switch them on and off? Background: I have a HX Stomp and am thinking about getting an MC6 to expand the capabilities. I'd like the three footswitches on the stomp to be snapshot select, with the mc6 doing both preset switching and individual stomps on/off. But I am concerned that if I have a snapshot switch a stomp on or off, I can't then set the controller to midi without removing the snapshot control. Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks!
  21. Hi everyone, I'm loving 3.0 and creating lots of snapshots and embedded looper controls. But I've got a problem. On one new preset I found that one press on a foot switch did not change the snapshot. Instead, it seem to 'preselect' and only change on the second press of that foot switch. Not the behaviour I want. And bizarrely, on a different preset - and in stomp mode - the switching works fine on a single press. The I'm sure it's my error and I've somehow changed a setting but I can't fathom it. Look forward to getting your help. Thanks.
  22. hi there - looking for some help on snapshots on the HX Stomp as I can't tell what I'm doing wrong! I've saved a preset with 3 snapshots (see first image). It looks & sounds fine. IMG_3334.HEIC But when I change to snapshot 2, I see a little "E" appear by the preset's name indicating something has changed (image 2). I don't see this happen in online demos. I've read the manual and watched a couple of YouTube videos but feel like I'm missing some setting somewhere. Any suggestions/help very welcome! IMG_3333.HEIC
  23. Just wondering if this is a bug, expected behavior, or problem between the keyboard and the chair! My global settings for snapshot edit = Recall and snapshot Reselect = Reload. I have snapshots set to change the reverb levels or delay settings. I want all the other settings to stay the same. I keep it in stomp mode and use it like a pedal board. To change snapshots, I click bank up and bank down at the same time. This lets me select a snapshot (to change reverb, delay settings, or whatever), then it automatically goes back to stomp mode. I have the Snapshot Bypass unchecked for all blocks except the reverbs and delays(things that change with snapshots) so the activated stomps don't change when I pick a snapshot. All of this works great! My problem is with the amp blocks. For some presets (patches), I have a stomp set to change the volume and drive settings on the amp (clean to dirty). A few days ago, I noticed that even with the snapshot bypass for the amp unchecked, changing snapshots changes the amp(drive,volume) settings to whatever they were the last time the snapshot was active. It is like the drive/volume settings are being saved with the snapshot. I thought unchecking the Snapshot Bypass on the amp was supposed to keep that from happening. Other blocks behave the way they should, for example, I can have the vibe block activated, then change a snapshot to add reverb and the vibe block stays active, even if it was not active the last time I was on that snapshot. An example of the problem is I can be playing a lead with the drive/volume block activated. I want more delay, so I change to the heavy delay snapshot, however the drive/volume block changes based on the last time I was on that snapshot. Clear as mud? Does anyone know if that is the expected behavior? It seems that assigning an amps parameter to a block makes it ignore the Snapshot Bypass setting. All help is appreciated!
  24. Hi there! Sorry for that, but I just can't find another way to reach the line6 team concerning this issue. As we know HX Stomp which we love got only 3 snapshots, but I don't understand why is there this limitation. I found that I need atleast 5 snapshots to use HX Stomp at the gigs conviniently. With external two button footswitch 5 snapshots can be easely acsessible. And with Command Center even with 3 internal footswithes it's possible to use any 3 of 5 snapshots. So I would like to start a little campaign to encourage Line6 to add more stapshots to HX Stomp in further updates. Let there be atleast 5. Please join this topic, share your opinion and experience. The more we are the more chance for us to be heared!
  25. Hello Folks, i just can't figure it out how to change snapshots using midi messages with protools!!!! Any Help? Thanks!
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