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Found 44 results

  1. There seems to be a bug with assigning multiple control parameters to a footswitch. Setup: Assign a footswitch to toggle between 2 settings in a delay block: (A) Low feedback + low mix (B) High feedback + high mix In Global Settings > Preferences, snapshot edits set to "Recall". Problem: Helix gets "confused" about the ON and OFF states of the footswitch. This typically happens when changing snapshots. Description: 1) Select Snapshot 1. Press footswitch > ON. Parameters set correctly to (B), footswitch lights up. 2) Switch to Snapshot 2. Press footswitch > ON as well. No issues so far. 3) Switch back to Snapshot 1. Sometimes this bug occurs: press footswitch again > it goes from ON to OFF, but parameters jump from state (B) > (A) > (B). Parameter states are (B) but footswitch light shows OFF, meaning states are reversed. 4) Switch back to Snapshot 2. Footswitch functions normally, with ON corresponding to state (B). 5) Switch back to Snapshot 1. Footswitch behavior still reversed (ON = state (A)) This setup was working fine before the update. It started after updating to 2.80. I've tried this on a new preset, same problem happens occasionally. But not always. Sometimes restarting the unit fixes it for awhile. Can anyone verify?
  2. iLupi

    Midi amp switching per snapshot

    Hi there! First post here! Been a happy L6 user since X3 days until my Helix LT and this community has been a source of inspiration. Now I recently got a HX Effects to use with my JVM410H, and everything sounds killer but I wish I could assign different midi messages to different snapshots so that I can switch the amp channels. What I'd like to do is assign snapshot 1 to my clean channel, snapshot 2 to crunch and so on. I've search the forum and only could find info about EXT AMP switching (TS cable) but nothing about midi and snapshots. I guess it has something to do with INSTANT COMMANDS but can't find an answer. What am I missing? Is there a way to do so? Thank you very much, any help will be appreciated.
  3. amor4jc-2

    Snapshots not working in 2.80 update

    Yesterday I upgraded my Helix to the 2.80 firmware and had no issues with the update process. Spent some time playing with the new amps (love them) and created a few new patches. Today, I went through my setlist/patches for tomorrows set. I noticed two things when I did this: 1) Half of my patches would not change snapshots properly. I was initially using HXEdit and it was giving me an error message. So I tried the actual switches on the Helix - I would push a switch to change snapshots and nothing would happen. The ring would stay lit around the snap that was active when the patch was loaded no matter which snap I selected and the sound did not change. I tried to sent snap change commands via cc69 but this too failed. In one of my patches, the sound WOULD change, but the snap ring would not change. 2) The patch volume for every patch I tried was significantly quieter. I use meters to make sure all of my patches are consistent. So I was shocked to see that the levels were approximately HALF of what I am used to seeing. I did not take the time to determine what this difference equated to in terms of decibels, but it was half of the value I set my patches to on the meter. I know that there have been some users reporting volume fluctuations when using Jason Sadites' LA Comp at the end of their signal chain, but I am not using that technique. Since I have a gig tomorrow and needed to practice I immediately stopped and rolled my firmware back to 2.7. Anyone else experiencing these issues?
  4. redbelo

    helix preset vs Variax model

    when I create a preset , on the SNAPSHOT 1 - let suppose a clean electric on the Variax , then I create a acoustic preset on SNAPSHOT 2 using the Variax - let suppose acoustic model on the Variax . when I switch SNAPSHOT from 1 to 2 should the SNAPSHOT control the Variax , or the knob on the Variax will always be what's determines the guitar model ?
  5. DaveLeRoux

    Helix setup flexibility

    HELP PLEASE! Does anyone know if it is possibile to make helix remembering the last snapshot I used within a preset when I come back from another preset??? THANKS
  6. Is there a way to change the default behavior of settings in a block when the snapshots are changed? What I'd like to see is the settings to be snapshot-specific without having to indicate that explicitly. As in - all settings are snapshot-specific, except those you mark as the "global" ones. Basically a behavior reverse to the one that is the default. Is there any way to do that?
  7. Can I copy a tone into a snapshot? So if it on another patch can I copy it into a particular snapshot? If so, how can this be done? Thanks
  8. Oggyswain

    Snapshots Changes

    I have my Helix set up to show the songs on the top row and the snapshots for each song below. So I can have a song chosen and below I can have one snapshot as the intro, One as the verse, One as the chorus. etc. My problem is that when I change the 2nd snapshot it changes the tone universally. So each snapshot changes to the new sounds. What I am trying to do is make every snapshot a different part. Is there something that I have set incorrectly? Thanks
  9. Hello Folks, i just can't figure it out how to change snapshots using midi messages with protools!!!! Any Help? Thanks!
  10. mgamache

    Preset Mode changes not working

    Trying to change the Helix from stomp mode to snapshot mode. However, changing the "Preset Mode Switches" mode doesn't change the button modes. They continue in stomp mode. All the other button changes are reflected as you change the value (like Up/down or Stomp Mode Switches). Is this a bug? Seems like I am missing something.
  11. Euripide

    Helix Snapshots Problems

    I want to set a compressor gain at 4.0 on Snapshot 1 and a gain of 6.0 on snapshot 2. It doesn't work at all: all the snapshots recall only the same setting, the last one... The snapshots seem only capable of recalling if a block is off or on. Is it normal? I guess not, it is quite useless if the snapshots cannot recall the different parameters settings inside a block from snapshot to snapshot. What could I've been doing wrong? Helix V2.71
  12. DrFishhead

    Variax model per snapshot not working

    I've seen in multiple threads and the manual that you should be able to change the variax model per snapshot; however, it only seems to allow it globally or per preset. Using "HX edit 2.6" (in the first image) you can see that there is an option for snapshot clicking on the camera in the upper right. But in the actual selection area (second image, right side), you only have the global and preset option, nothing on snapshots. I have a JTV59 I think it is, and am using the cat5 cable between it and the helix. Although this snapshot option should be visible independent of the variax. I didn't see anything in the release notes for HX edit that addresses it so I doubt upgrading will fix it. Has anyone else run into this or is there a work around? Thanks, Bobby
  13. casimirn

    HX Effects 6 snapshot mode

    I think it would be cool if there were a global setting that allowed for six snapshots. With this setting enabled, the mode button would be used as a three way toggle between preset, pedal board, and snapshot modes. Update 2.80?
  14. Hi, I have a preset with snapshots using 1 amp (the cartographer which is great). Obviously because of using snapshots I have different parameters on the amp per snapshots. When I switch from one snapshot to another there is a loud pop noise. Is there a way to avoid that noise. I tried to use an eq pedal to regulate volume and keep the volume on the amp channel equal but this did not solve the issue. I also tried to put the amp in another path but this did not help neither.
  15. Paultm

    Snapshots & Presets

    Hi, Anyone use Snapshots and Non Snapshot presets? Current snapshots doesn't give me enough space for additional foot switchable effects.
  16. Hi, I am new to using digital equipment (analog guy) and I replaced my pedal board for an HX Effects. Amp channel switching works fine in preset mode. However, if I want to switch to another preset, there is this short time of no sound, to load the other preset. Here comes in the snapshots, so that problem is solved. But now i cannot use amp channel switching in snapshot mode. Is there solutions/workaround to be able to switch between channels AND without that short period of nothing to load another preset or sound? I hope somebody has an answer to this.
  17. I have two MIDI foot controller devices which have FIXED MIDI CC numbers for each stomp. Namely ActitioN and the IK BlueBoard. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HELIX-NATIVE-Snapshot-Control-support-MIDI-pedals-with-FIXED-CC/938764-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments Trouble is the SNAPSHOTS feature in HM 2.6 uses a FIXED CC value - CC#69 follows by a Value 0-7 for each snapshot. So say i want to use 4 stomps for SNAPSHOT 1-4 - my foot controller sends four DIFFERENT FIXED CC values ! I use Ableton - so initially had a look for MAX4LIVE devices that can remap one CC to another - but found none that could remap the different CC values ( 76-79 in my case ) to 69 - while at the same time setting VALUE to 0 when I send 76, 1 for 77, 2 for 78 and 3 for 79. So my attempt to use MAX4LIVE MIDI conversion add ons failed. What we really need is a way in HN to either have a LEARN function so to change snapshots we can use the CC values of our choice ( and ignore value ) OR.... have a built-in CC remapping facility page where HN automatically transforms incoming ( different ) CC values to 69 and the appropriate value. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/HELIX-NATIVE-Snapshot-Control-support-MIDI-pedals-with-FIXED-CC/938764-23508?submitted=1#idea-tab-comments
  18. duquane

    Newbie Snapshot Question

    After downloading a patch, with snapshots, and copying to a preset in the Helix - how can you tell how many snapshots with content there are? And, how does one go about tweaking the parameters? Just got the unit and am flailing my way through this thing. Thanks for any help you provide.......!
  19. Hi there! I've made some snapshots from presets, but the weird thing is that there's a significative lag when I change between them (video attached). Am I missing anything? Even changing between presets the lag is less, and snapshots are supposed to be even faster, right? I'm connecting the HX straight to the amp. I'm pretty shure there's something I'm not considering. Here's the video:
  20. Okay, I can't seem to find an answer to this online. All of a sudden, my global settings aren’t saving. I had it set to snap/stomp mode, and 10 switches, but whenever I power it on now, it goes to preset mode and doesn't save the mode I previously set it to. Also, my Helix used to power up on the same preset it was on when powered down, now it just goes to 1A Factory Preset. The only thing I changed was, I was messing with the midi settings the other night, trying to get a midi foot controller I have, to talk to and control the Helix, so I may have changed a midi channel or preference, but that's it.
  21. jonhollis

    HX effects - 6 snapshots please

    hi - Ive been using my HX effect for a few weeks now - its very good - I really like it. Would love to see one thing though. 6 snapshots. So you have three pages. toggled with the mode button. first is preset selection - second is snapshot selection - all 6 - and third is pedal/stomp mode. I think this would be much better. other wise love it!
  22. jesuscares

    Saving Snapshots in Helix LT

    Hi, I can't figure out how to save snapshots in LT.No videos on it & can't figure out the manual.It looks like LT is a bit different from the Helix.Any videos exclusively for LT snapshot saving? Thanks
  23. jesuscares

    Snap Shots only fx on/off?

    Just getting to know some Helix ! I would like to know if the Snap Shot function can only handle effect on/off? Can I tweak each effect or amp for each snap shot ?The reason I ask is to maintain a volume balance between each snap shot .
  24. Hello guys! I am using JSON viewer to view the effects blocks and setting to "import" my old Helix and Helix LT presets into HX Effects unit. I remember in Helix floorboard that I had many parameters in the same effect block changed by a snapshot. Example: Changing BASS, DRIVE and LEVEL for solo in the AMP block. Now I see that I can only use one parameter per block to be used with the snapshot feature. Examplo: DRIVE BLOCK, I only can set one parameter, in the 808, I can only assign GAIN or TONE or LEVEL, but not 2 or 3 at the same time. Is this a hardware limit? Or am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance! Leo
  25. Hi All. First post here. Have read lots of good stuff on here since buying my HX a month or so ago. I do love it and don't miss my Boss ES-5 setup with Mobius and other assorted pedals at all! I'm pretty good with MIDI (from my 90's days when all my synths/effects were outboard!) but have some observations and thoughts on MIDI instant command/Snapshot/Preset interactions that I'd be interested in feedback on. To my mind, it should (logically) work thus (and I'm only dealing with PC messages here...): In Preset mode, you set up your MIDI messages using the Instants in the Command Centre. These would be the default MIDI messages for the whole preset. Within a snapshot, you should be able to change the instant, or have it default to the ‘Preset’ one set up above either by having no instant at all, or a "preset default" option. I use Midi (for my H9 and Elektron Analog Drive) and snapshots (I use one preset per song and the snapshots for the different sounds within a song) and it doesn’t seem to work in a consistent way for me. For instance : I set up one snapshot as a default for a song and copy the snapshot to make changes for different sections. The Instants do not copy across. If I remove an instant from a snapshot (as the snapshot doesn't need to change any MIDI values) the Instant MIDI command is removed totally across all snapshots and the preset. I'm quite sure this is just me not fully understanding how Instants and Snapshots interact! Anyone got any definitive answers on how Snapshot Instant’s work. I’ve fudged my way through (checking each snapshot’s Instant values) and have the unit setup as I want now but would like to now the official line on how it is supposed to work for future programming. Ta, David.