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  1. DodgeGB

    Beware of Helix Edit 2.80!

    I do so love stuff like this. I've got a problem with my HX. I raised a ticket on Wednesday last week. It's going into the service centre this week via my lovely and helpful local dealer (Yay for Andertons!). It'll come back fixed in a week or two. All achieved without criticising anyone or getting agitated with how unfair life is. Why is this process so hard for so many people? Stuff goes wrong - always has (I've seen the cave painting from Vlad the Carpenter when his flint snapped one day after purchase back in 8660 BC. Boy was he triggered) and it always will. Line 6 always seems to me to be pretty good amongst their peers in dealing with any issues that may arise - normally with good grace and good humour. But you have to let them know about it - otherwise they really can't help you. I believe psychic bug reporting isn't due until v4.02. I've had far worse experiences with far more expensive items (try owning a Land Rover...)
  2. DodgeGB

    HX effects - almost dead top panel.

    Here's an odd one... After not having touched the unit for programming in a very long time, I thought I'd check out the new snapshot reselect feature as it could be quite useful to me. As HX edit (rather inexplicably) has no access to global preferences on the unit, I leaned over and pressed the Home button. Nothing. Then the Hamburger. Then Save...it turns out all my buttons on the top panel are dead except rotary dials 1 and 2 and the left and right arrows! I'm pretty sure this is nothing to do with 2.8 which seemed to go nice and smoothly for me (as I say - it was months ago that I last pressed anything other than a stomp button with my foot). I've raised a ticket of course - just interested to see if anyone had seen anything similar before, or has any suggestions of things to try, whilst I wait for an L6 response? David.
  3. DodgeGB

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    So...no asking if it will have a coffee machine added?
  4. DodgeGB

    Helix Firmware 2.80

    We're all missing a biggie that was snuck in here... 2.9!!! TWO POINT NINE!!!!! When's it coming? What's in it? I need it this very second. My HX is almost unusable now I know there's a 2.9 coming... :)
  5. DodgeGB

    The "Show your HX Effects pedalboard" thread

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who gave up on the CB Brothers... :)
  6. DodgeGB

    The "Show your HX Effects pedalboard" thread

    I'm not as attentive to cabling as most :) After many iterations, I'm pretty settled now...I certainly don't want to go through the pain of reprogramming again. The 2 H9's run between the Stereo outs of the HX and the AA6 and the HX is the heart of the system. I use the AA purely as an Amp Sim and HX Blocks can run before the AA6 Amp or between the AA6 and the Cab (ie - what would be a 7CM with a "proper" amp) - before it goes out to the 2 H9's. The Roland controls final volume and the Mission is into the HX and con control HX and/or the H9's - I've got the odd preset where it controls all three at once :) Having said it's settled, I have one fx loop spare in the HX and it's always just sitting there, winking at me...I've no idea what will go in there, but something will one day.
  7. DodgeGB

    FX Loop Block

    Yip - otherwise the signal won't actually go out.
  8. DodgeGB

    FX Loop Block

    Use a single send/return block. And order is personal preference - the beauty of 4cm here is it's so easy to move stuff around. The order you've given is the "traditional" approach so a good starting point.
  9. DodgeGB

    When can we expect the 2.7 update?????

    Just add an AA to it! That's what I've got :) HX for effects, AA for amps. Heaven.
  10. DodgeGB

    The "Show your HX Effects pedalboard" thread

    When I first moved away from using/micing my amp, I still had my Elektron Analog Drive and also my H9 on the board. I soon realised that between the HX and AA6, I had everything I needed. I use the HX as my master, using MIDI to change presets on the AA6. The EV5 controls a final volume block on the AA with the Mission attached to the HX. HX Presets are changed from an iPad which calls up the correct patch when I select the song; the HX is normally in snapshot mode. The whole thing is cabled up 4CM meaning I can place HX effects before and after the Amp sections in the AA and still come out of the HX into the Cab section of the AA as the final output into the desk. The best part is I think I've only really scratched the surface of what these 2 can do together. David.
  11. DodgeGB

    HX Effects Customtone downloads

    I think one of the issues with Custom Tone and the HX rather than a full Helix is that we are all using such different setups - different amps, no amps, other modellers, 4CM or not 4CM... It's hard to put up a patch for "Song X" if, for example, one person uses it with a Hot Rod Deluxe into the front and someone else uses it with an Orange Rocker 32 and an FX loop.
  12. DodgeGB

    Helix Rangemaster

    I'm loving it. It's already made it into some of my presets ahead of a gig tomorrow.
  13. DodgeGB

    HX Effects Lag Between Snapshots

    Press the two left hand buttons to get into snapshot mode.
  14. DodgeGB

    Helix HX - getting rid of 'bank' in presets

    Snapshots - a basic definition Picture your preset as a pedal board - it'll no doubt have a distortion or two, a chorus, a flanger, a delay or two, a reverb.. If you go into a snapshot, you can turn these effects on and off. Save it. Go into the next snapshot. Turn some things on and off. Save it. When you go back to the first snapshot, it will be as you saved it. Go back to the second - it will be exactly as you saved that one. So, if you use a different delay for a chorus, add in a boost pedal for a solo, you can setup snapshots for, let us say, Verse, Chorus and Solo and just use them rather than turning individual effects on and off. You can also store different parameter settings for each effect as well within each snapshot - you press and rotate the edit knob briefly until you seen a little line come up. Hope this helps a bit. D.
  15. DodgeGB

    HX Effects to Control Atomic Amplifire via MIDI

    I've got my AA3 set up 4cm and there's no hiss. Do you want me to check out my routing against yours?