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  1. Hi. I want to run my HX FX with all internal effects into the effects loop of my amp. I want to run the delay/reverb blocks in the loop specifically. My understanding is that to be in the loop the effects need to be in between the send/return blocks. But does the FX loop block do the same? And if so, does it mean that anything after the FX loop block is in the loop? Which of these would be the right way? Wah Block > OD Block > Chorus Block > FX Loop Block > Delay Block > Reverb Block OR Wah Block > OD Block > Chorus Block > Send Block > Delay Block > Reverb Block > Return Block Thank you.
  2. Thanks guys. I'm starting to receive the items now. Can I go out of the HX Effects with a solder less patch cable into the power amp? That should be safe to do right?
  3. Hey all. I've asked this question elsewhere also but I thought this is the best place maybe. I have a HXFX. I want to get a Origin Effects Revival Overdrive Custom. I already have a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170. I want to use the Revival Overdrive as the preamp, and the HX FX as the effects and the Powerstage as the power amp and have a pedal board based amp setup. I also want to put an OD I like and a Pitchfork in a loop together. How do I go about this and still be able to move my stomps before and after the preamp? I was thinking it may be something like: -Guitar in - HX Effects with Origin Revival Drive in loop one. Place the loop at the point where I want the preamp. - Put the OD in the next loop. Place that loop before the Revival Drive. - Put effects wherever I want, time based after the preamp etc. - Go out of the HXFX into the power amp, and then from there into my cab. Does that sound right? Thanks!
  4. Hi. I've got a Dunlop DVP4 Mini X in the Pedal/Ext Amp 1 on my HX Effects. For some reason when I try and learn it to a parameter it doesn't work properly. If I go from heel to toe it'll go from 0-100 and then back to 0 again. I can't find anything in the manual about this. Any help? Thanks.
  5. Thanks. That's great. Can you set the full travel of the pedal to go to say, 50% mix? Thanks.
  6. Thanks. So say I need 5 snapshots really. 1) drive 2) drive, pitch 3) drive, boost 4) drive, phaser 5) drive, boost, delay. So I could have delay on set the expression pedal to control the delay mix, and then use the 3rd one with the delay mix set to 0 with the pedal back, and then hit the pedal to turn the delay on, and then lift it up to go back to normal, and use that as my like 5th one? That’s what you mean?
  7. Hi. Loving my HX Effects but feel that the 4 snapshots could get a little limited. Does anyone have any tips on what we can do with an expression pedal or anything else to get more options? Thanks.
  8. I fixed it. It seems the program I was using was called Helix. Not HX Edit. I don't know really. I just uninstalled and installed that and it's working fine now. :)
  9. Hi. I can't load IR's into my Helix using HX Edit. Both are the current firmware. I click load IR, or attempt to drag them in, it indicates I have tried to do it, and the slot lights up, it gives me a percentage until completion if I load multiple ones, but they all just come up as EMPTY and they just won't load. Any ideas why? Thanks.
  10. Perfect. Thanks a lot. So just to clarify, still use a send/return block even though I don’t have anything before the amp?
  11. Hi. Just a question as there’s a few different blocks. I’ve just got a Helix. When playing live I want to use my amp for amp sounds and the Helix for the effects. I want to use the 4 Cable Method. Do I use the send/return block or do I have to put the send block and the return block in individually in different parts of the chain? And if there’s nothing needed before the amp I just place it right at the beginning? Here’s what I’m thinking the two types should look like. Please correct me if I’m wrong. 1. Wah, Pitchshifter, Send/Return, Phaser, Delay, Reverb. 2. Send/Return, Phaser, Delay, Reverb. Many thanks.
  12. I’ve just got Native and I’m getting rid of the Kemper as I’m using the Helix more and more. I’m sure that having loads of tracks with Native open will use excessive amounts of processing power. I have a fairly recent MacBook Pro (2015) and I’ve had 40+ track projects open without a problem when using the Kemper, but I hear a few stories about high CPU useage. I could freeze tracks I don’t use but then I need to unfreeze them to playback and stuff which could mean more stress in the system. Maybe it won’t be any problem, but I’m just asking how you chaps do it. Thanks!
  13. Or you could just use Native for all of it and then just bounce the track to a new track and turn off Native on the old tracks :)
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