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  1. Also - bummer about Group The Loop. I was going to try that one soon too. Maybe we can all blast the dev a request for 48khz
  2. Beware- while Looptree seems very cool, it appears to have very limited MIDI support. The reason I love Loopy is my setup performs basically like a Ditto on steroids. It's a small chore to set it up the first time, but once there it's stupid simple to use. Even then I feel like I'm only using 10% of it capability. Fwiw, another cool analog style looper is Ostinator.
  3. I set Loopy up with no count in/out & no quantization but with track synchronization on (thus all tracks play in-time but can be varying lengths). My basic setup is just 3 foot switches (other switches are always changing as I experiment a lot). I like having record on the far right since it feels more natural to me (I wish Line 6 would allow us to reconfigure the Helix looper functionality and button placement). Loopy footswitch 1 short press = toggle record without count-in/out Loopyfootswitch 1 long press = clear selected track Loopy footswitch 2 short press = select next track Loopy footswitch 2 long press = select previous track Loopy footswitch 3 short press = mute selected track Loopy footswitch 3 long press = mute all tracks (solo selected track is cool here too) I also run a Digitech Trio+ via analog sends/returns and can easily capture what I do there in Loopy which is pretty cool. It would be even cooler if I could assign the sends/returns globally instead of per patch and were the Trio+ stereo, but those are other topics. At any rate, I'm 90% where I want to be with my simple zen looping setup (Helix, iPad & Trio+). I wish I had all this crap 20 years ago though! ;)
  4. Sounds like you and I are on the same quest! I've not tried it yet, but Studiomux might be worth looking at: http://www.audiomux.net Also for what it's worth, I ditched my iconnectaudio4+ and now just go straight into my iPad via camera connection kit & usb hub for LoopyHD. I control Loopy via Helix and a USB foot controller I built using a midibrain jr.. I'm loving the simplicity of it, and not sure now that I want to add my Mac back into the mix.
  5. Can one of you fine folks tell me, does the 9.5" depth measurment include the handles? If not, how far do the handles protrude? I'm building a custom enclosure for mine before it arrives. From Line 6: Helix Rack—19 x 5.25 x 9.5 inches; 9.3 lbs. Thanks!!!!!!
  6. jm4jon

    Helix FAQ

    Thanks Digital_Igloo! Would you mind elaborating upon #3?
  7. jm4jon

    Helix FAQ

    Line 6 guru's - let's talk Looper. 1. Can the Helix looper be set up globally such that I can create a loop using preset 1, then switch to preset 2 and overdub the loop with a different sound? 2. Is there an 'undo' option for the last overdub? 3. Would it be possible with some clever routing and button assignments to re-create the functionality of the JM4 looper? That is to say, I'd like to record a drum loop from an iPod and when I finish the loop have the iPod source audio simultaneously cut out (to prevent doubling of the source and loop audio). I hope that makes sense. Thanks so much!
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