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  1. Digital_Igloo

    Helix Firmware 2.80 (Available SPRING 2019)

    Updated thread to 2.80 (slated for release Spring 2019)
  2. https://shop.line6.com/software/helix-native.html
  3. Digital_Igloo

    USB IN 1/2 Destination: Lacking AES/EBU option!!

    I can add it to the backlog, but it'll get looked at sooner if there's an IdeaScale item to link to.
  4. Digital_Igloo

    Boot time?

    If Helix's screen reads "Rebuilding preset XXX..." it's going through all the presets and making sure they aren't affected by any under-the-hood improvements we do to models or the underlying architecture. It should only happen once per update, and then you're back to the normal boot time.
  5. Digital_Igloo

    HX Stomp FAQ

    Maybe if you're not privy to Line 6's strategy. I happen to neck deep in it, so let's bite: VDI is really expensive. Adding VDI to Stomp would instantly force us to charge $50 more. (Not that VDI is automatically a $50 proposition, but the way price points work with regard to margin, you're typically targeting a specific COGS that ensures you don't tip over the edge to the next price point, which in this case, would be $649). So this one's important: The number of Variax users who would be willing to spend an extra $50 for VDI is tiny compared the number of non-Variax users who would AVOID buying HX Stomp because it's $50 more. We have the metrics to back this up, so don't think I'm pulling this out of thin air VDI (both the ethercon jack and related circuitry) is really large. Adding VDI to Stomp would totally blow up its footprint. The entire product is no longer a stompbox—it's a smaller modeler. That flies in the face of its number two design pillar: Must be no larger than the average large-ish stompbox on a pedalboard. And similar to above, the number of Variax users who would be willing to deal with the extra footprint is tiny compared to the number of non-Variax users who would avoid buying HX Stomp because it wasn't quite stompbox-sized VDI is power-hungry. Adding VDI would preclude the ability to power HX Stomp from third-party external DC power supplies HX Stomp is a stompbox. "Micro Helix" is but one of its many use cases VDI was never in the cards for HX Stomp.
  6. Digital_Igloo

    Helix Firmware 2.80 (Available SPRING 2019)

    Updated thread to 2.70 (released October 17, 2018).
  7. Digital_Igloo

    HX Stomp FAQ

    HX STOMP FAQ That thing looks small. Is it small? Considering the amount of hardware inside, HX Stomp is practically microscopic—its footprint is smaller than a Line 6 M5 pedal, and pretty much identical to that of a three-switch Strymon. We spent a stupid amount of time and effort cramming massive power into a tiny chassis. It’ll even fit into the small top pocket on Helix Backpack. Helix Backpack was out in 2015. That pocket was designed for HX Stomp all along? Maaaayyybe? Okay, we agree that it’s small, but what IS it? At the risk of hyperbole, HX Stomp may be the most powerful and flexible compact stompbox ever made. It can replace multiple pedals on your board (so you have room for more!). It can act as the ultimate travel or backup guitar/bass rig—except it may provide enough simultaneous amps and effects to be your main guitar/bass rig. It can be used to expand the DSP/model set of existing pro modelers; throw it in your Kemper, Fractal, or Atomic’s effects loop to add all Helix amps and effects. It’s also a world-class portable guitar recording interface with digitally-controlled analog impedance circuits, zero-latency monitoring, multichannel re-amping, and headphone amp. (One might suggest it’s the perfect front end for the Helix Native plug-in.) HX Stomp is whatever you want it to be, wherever you want it to be. How does it sound compared to Helix? Aside from the maximum number of simultaneous effects and amps—six blocks total—HX Stomp sounds identical to Helix. They have the same effects, amps, cabs, IR loading, 24-bit/192kHz A/D/A converters, analog impedance circuits, and patented guitar ins with 123dB of dynamic range. HX Effects is the same price. How is HX Stomp different? HX Effects is designed to be the centerpiece of your pedalboard, giving you full control over individual Line 6 effects, your MIDI-equipped pedals, and your amp switching. HX Stomp is a programmable amps+cabs/IRs+effects stompbox that seamlessly integrates into a wide variety of environments and applications. TL;DR: HX Effects is for amp and pedalboard guys, HX Stomp is for modeling guys… but amp and pedalboard guys might love it too! What ins and outs does it have? Left/Mono and Right 1/4” Inputs—switchable between instrument and line for use with passive guitars/basses, active guitars/basses, keyboards, synths, drum machines, electric nose flutes, and more Left/Mono and Right 1/4” Outputs—balanced/unbalanced for feeding amps, FRFR speakers, or the front-of-house mixer Stereo 1/4” TRS Send—with a Y cable, two separate mono effects loops (or one stereo effects loop) can be accommodated Left/Mono and Right 1/4” Returns—globally switchable to act as an always-on Aux In for monitoring mixers or MP3 players 1/4” stereo headphone out 1/4” EXP 1/2, FS4/5 Input—can accommodate two expression pedals, two additional footswitches, one of each, or the Mission Helix pedal with toe switch (https://shop.line6.com/promotions/pedals/mission-expression-pedal-for-line-6-products.html) MIDI In and Out/Thru USB—for recording to/jamming along with Macs, PCs, iPads, and iPhones. (iPads and iPhones require the Apple Camera Connection Kit.) HX Stomp can feed both stereo paths into your computer—along with dry versions for reamping—simultaneously DC In Wait. How did you fit all that into something the size of two Tube Screamers? Black sparkle magic. I hate editing little pedals with screens. How easy is HX Stomp to use? Very. WATCH THESE VIDEOS (around 10 minutes total) and you’ll be a master: line6.com/meet-hx-stomp The full manual should be up shortly too: line6.com/support/manuals/hxstomp How’s the build quality? Won’t you mess with the knobs when you stomp on it? HX Stomp is built into a sturdy die-cast aluminum alloy case with the same footswitches and metal knobs from Helix. If you’re still worried, note that while in Play view, the four knobs closest to the switches are disabled. How can I do anything with only three switches? You can do a lot with three switches, but if you really need more, two additional external switches can be connected. HX Stomp also responds to a wide variety of MIDI commands, and any block or parameter can learn (or be manually assigned to) an incoming CC message. Plus, from the main Play view, you can press <PAGE/PAGE> or an external footswitch to select one of four footswitch modes on the fly. Does HX Stomp have true analog bypass? Yes. You may choose either analog bypass or DSP bypass with trails. To bypass everything press the upper and lower knobs together (or assign a footswitch to All Bypass). Is there a Looper? HX Stomp includes a mono or stereo 1 Switch Looper that can be placed anywhere in the signal flow. Can it do 4-Cable Method? Yes, and 7-Cable Method for stereo rigs. After hooking everything up, just add an FX Loop block to your tone; any blocks before the FX Loop will appear before your real amp’s preamp and any blocks after the FX Loop will appear between your real amp’s preamp and power amp sections. There are even 4-Cable Method presets to get you started. (Note the “4CM” presets won’t pass audio unless everything’s hooked up correctly!) Is there an editor? Yes. It uses the same HX Edit application as Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, and HX Effects, except with 126 presets and a simplified signal flow. Just update both HX Stomp’s firmware and HX Edit to 2.70. Both should be available very soon. Can HX Stomp load Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT, or HX Effects presets? As long as the preset has six or fewer blocks, you can use HX Edit 2.70 (available soon) to access both devices at once and copy and paste blocks back and forth. Rebuilding a Helix preset in HX Stomp shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds. Can HX Stomp presets be loaded into the Helix Native plug-in? Not currently, but individual blocks can be copied and pasted between HX Edit 2.70 and Helix Native 1.70. Again, rebuilding an HX Stomp preset in Helix Native shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds. I know a bunch of us wanted something smaller than Helix LT, but did you have to make it THAT small? < disapproving side-eye > From the beginning, we understood that for HX Stomp to navigate the widest ocean of adopters (pedalboard guitarists, traveling guitarists, bassists, buskers, keyboardists, producers, fans of desktop PODs, curious Pedalboards of Doom members who post anti-modeling memes, etc.), it needed to be extremely versatile and almost obnoxiously portable. That meant squeezing it into a tough-as-nails pedal—not a slightly smaller traditional floor modeler—yet never sacrificing any sound quality or what it means to be Helix/HX. Yeah, but that honkin’ huge DC-3G power supply is like a third the size of the entire pedal! The power supply is large, yes. To ensure the same signal integrity of its bigger brothers, we needed a burly power supply. That said, these two seem to work just fine: Strymon Zuma R300—Appears to work fine when doubling up TWO 9V outputs Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 4x4—Appears to work fine when doubling up TWO 9V outputs Can HX Stomp run on batteries? No. The chassis gets a bit warm after a while. Is that normal? Yes. HX Stomp isn’t a budget modeler—it’s a hardcore, professional solution with four circuit boards (one with 12 layers) crammed with serious analog and digital circuitry that happens to have been meticulously squeezed into a tiny chassis. It’s gonna put off a bit of heat. Totally normal. If you connect all the jacks on the sides, it kinda looks like an octopus. The most commonly used jacks are all on the back. Besides, octopuses are awesome. Have you seen them open jars? Excuse me, but the plural of octopus is octopi. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=plural+of+octopus Dimensions/weight? Including the jacks, 7”w x 5”d x 2.5”h; 1.75 lbs. What’s the price? $599.99 US street. When is HX Stomp available? Now.
  8. Digital_Igloo

    Helix with MacOs 10.14 Mojave

    No problems here either. QA tests with public betas as soon as they're available, so you should be good to go.
  9. Digital_Igloo

    Helix expression pedal - What is possible?

    To be fair, we announced Helix Floor, Rack, and Control all at the same time. Nearly all parameters available from the Home screen can be assigned to the expression pedal (including Input/Variax, Output, Split, and Merge parameters) with min and max values per parameter. As soon as you assign the 64th parameter, Helix will tell you you're done. Also don't forget that it's WAY faster to use the shortcut: Press and hold the parameter knob you want to control. Press Knob 6 (Learn Controller) and then move the expression pedal. OPTIONAL: Set Min Value and Max Value as desired; swap Min and Max to reverse control. Press HOME when done.
  10. Digital_Igloo

    Favorite DAW and Audio interface with the Helix

    Helix Rack/Control > Apogee Symphony > Logic > Helix Native.
  11. Digital_Igloo

    Helix lt volume barely audible through celestion speaker

    There's no Helix 2 currently in development.
  12. Digital_Igloo

    Helix Firmware 2.80 (Available SPRING 2019)

    Updated thread to 2.60 (released July 2, 2018).
  13. Digital_Igloo

    HX Edit for HX Effects

    2.60 is currently in beta.
  14. Digital_Igloo

    Cut to the chase - Formant Filter

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Helix was designed to act as the centerpiece of one's rig; it was not designed to replace every component in someone's rig. If a formant filter is mission crucial, we've provided multiple ways to incorporate it into Helix's signal flow.
  15. Hi,

    I vaguely remembered a post from youasking for ideas on how to expand Helix's control capabilities.

    I just stumbled over something that may fall into that category, but as it abstracts the looper functionality it is bit hard to describe in ideascale.

    At it's core, my idea is to expand the looper mode to become a more general control mode, where all footswitches can be assigned MIDI control messages and the current looping function and looper output are simply the default option. So for example, if I can turn the loop recording and playback off, I get a MIDI control board I could use to control an external looper, a lighting system, or a DAW.

    Just let me know if you want to see a more detailed description about this and some ideas on how this could be further extended.

    By the way, you guys doing an excellent job with the Helix product line,


    1. Digital_Igloo


      Oh, we're ALL over this. In fact, the whole reason I work at Line 6 is because I pitched this very concept. It's just taken me 8 years to worm my way into a position where cool things like this could take place.


      But... what if you didn't need a DAW at all? Or know how MIDI works? Or DMX? What if Helix just listened to your music and did everything for you?

    2. MartinDorr


      Exciting to hear - do you need a prototype tester ;-)

      I'd guess this is NOT showing up in the next release cycle (a minor one - if I read the tea leaves right).

      Thanks for feedback,