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  1. Digital_Igloo

    Helix 2.9

    Gah! Paparazzi is right. Sheesh... <backs away slowly>
  2. Any pair of decent quality TRS > XLR M cables should work perfectly. Monoprice usually has 'em super cheap, but I'm typically impatient and just run down to my local big box guitar emporium.
  3. Digital_Igloo

    Helix 2.9

    FTFY. So what you're saying is that it's OUR fault YOU'RE not willing to walk across the street to the party? And WE'RE not helpful because everyone isn't moving one of the dozens of parties to a venue where YOU happen to be most comfortable?
  4. Digital_Igloo

    Helix 2.9

    Post what? Whenever there's an update, Tony or I do post it here. Always. Are you talking about 2.90, which has never been officially announced? We threw a party at NAMM with a sneak peek for friends only and they talked about it publicly... elsewhere. It's almost like you're paparazzi lurking by the Line 6 cafeteria door, desperate for someone to walk out. And when someone says "Hey! Sometimes after work the Line 6 guys hang out at the food court/amusement park/dive bar across the street," instead of, y'know, walking across the street like a normal person, you complain that our free time isn't spent dealing with you in the cafeteria. At a certain point, you gotta wonder if some of us exit through a different door on purpose.
  5. Let's just say we have a lot of really smart people here who spend an exorbitant amount of time figuring out what products to make and at what price to sell them. It's not just their gut instincts, either—it's input from dealers, input from distributors, the competitive landscape, and a metric ton of very complicated business models built inside massive spreadsheets. If we weren't good at this sort of stuff, we would'nt have been here 23 years. Every audio product—even million-dollar studio consoles—"could" sound better. The trick is making a product sound as good as possible for a price that the market will bear. There are companies that do nothing but make high end expensive products, and they generally have very few employees and a MUCH smaller overhead. Line 6 needs to hit a wider set of price points than, say, Fractal Audio or Kemper. If someone prefers we fire 3/4 of our employees and turn ourselves into a boutique shop, that's certainly... an ethos. Besides, it's not like you can just slap a SHARC chip running the HX engine into a Spider cabinet with a Spider driver, charge another $50-100, and be off to the races. We've explained in the past how a "Helix Combo" would likely cost upwards of $2k and almost no one was interested, because at that price, the market all but demands t00Bz. We also offered to develop a wireless system compatible with Variax for $1000 and not a single person bit. Lexus couldn't exist without Toyota sales. The new Mac Pro (and the upcoming Logic 10.5!) couldn't exist without iPhone sales. Helix/HX couldn't exist without Spider sales.
  6. POD Go Edit is available now, but as with HX Edit, it won't really do anything unless you have POD Go connected.
  7. Say you have Snapshot 1 set to bypass all effects and Snapshot 2 has them on. If you set Global Settings > Preferences > Snapshot Reselect to "Toggle," pressing Snapshot 2 repeatedly will toggle between it and the previous snapshot (Snapshot 1). One switch, toggling all effects.
  8. Digital_Igloo

    Helix 2.9

    Exactly. It's not an attitude; it's fact. Full disclosure: In the past I've been asked by others in the building to post specific content and have always told them "no." As soon as I become a corporate monkey—or post anything other than what I want to post—all credibility is lost. Why doesn't Digital Igloo post more? Frank, Ben, Sam, and I post what we want, where we want, on our free time. That's a terrible attitude for a corporate monkey. I'm not a corporate monkey, which is why I don't post more. But you ARE a corporate monkey, so why don't you post more? Sigh... See you guys in a couple of months... Why doesn't Digital Igloo post more? ...
  9. Unfortunately, the Global EQ can be assigned to the 1/4" and/or XLR outputs only. Because of Helix's flexible routing, Global EQ would have to be separate for every single pair of outputs, and to maintain DSP usage between Floor, Rack, and LT, we needed the exact same number of Global EQ instances—in this case, two. Fortunately, an EQ > Parametric block has the same parameters as the Global EQ and can be copied and then pasted into any preset.
  10. Digital_Igloo

    Helix 2.9

    In a 32-bit floating point system, they're only really helpful if you're clipping the inputs (which is nearly impossible in Helix, since it has 123dB of dynamic range on the Guitar In) or outputs (which is also really hard to do unless you're going out of your way to overload them). On older fixed-point systems like your GT-10, meters can actually be helpful because the inputs and outputs could clip; in Helix, they're sort of a distraction that could very well cause more confusion than they help; for example, we predict an onslaught of people complaining that 2.90's output meters belie the perceived loudness differences in their presets, the reason for which we've explained dozens of times before. In fact, 2.90 is called "The Always Level Presets By Hand at Gig Volume with the Rest of the Band Playing Update." Signal present indicators and gain reduction meters (on compressors and gates), however, are definitely helpful.
  11. Digital_Igloo

    Helix 2.9

    I'm sure everyone sees things differently, but I've always thought of this forum as a center for all things tech support. Since I'm not in QA or CS, there's not much I can do to help, honestly. Other forums like The Gear Page or the ever-increasing-number-of Facebook groups are more of a "Hey, let's all wax poetic on the hows and whys of products and product design," which is waaaay more my bag. When topics like that pop up here, there tends to be a more needlessly aggressive component that I'd rather avoid. But on days like today, I'll pop in just to check what's going on, occasionally exclaim "OH LAWD!" and then slink out again. Of course if one believes forum interaction is an official part of our job, they'd be frustrated. Truth is, we post where we want to post because user interaction isn't in our job description.
  12. Yes. You can assign up to 64 parameters per preset, and it's really easy to pull off: Press and hold the knob for the parameter you wish to control. Helix jumps to the Controller Assign page. Press Knob 6 (Learn) and then move the expression pedal. Helix automatically assigns it. Turn the Min Value and Max Value knobs to set the range in which you want the expression pedal to control that parameter. Swap Min and Max values if you want the pedal to work backwards. Press HOME when finished.
  13. POD Go 1.10 / POD Go Edit 1.10 POD Go MUST be updated to firmware 1.10 or higher in order to properly communicate with POD Go Edit. 1.10 also includes general bug fixes and improvements. Updating to 1.10 STEP 1—Installing POD Go Edit 1.10 Log onto line6.com, download, and install POD Go Edit 1.10: macOS: https://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=9622 Windows 7/8/10: https://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=9623 STEP 2—Updating POD Go Connect POD Go to your Mac or PC via USB and turn it on. Launch the version of POD Go Edit you installed in Step 1 above. Click "Check for updates" at the bottom of the window. Log into your Line 6 account. A dialog panel appears, reading "An update is available for your POD Go. Would you like to update now?" Click "Update now." POD Go Edit asks if you want to create a backup of your existing user presets. Click "OK" and then "Create Backup." Once the backup is completed, click "OK." Carefully read the End User License Agreement (haaa hahaha!) and click "OK." Click "Update." While updating, POD Go's display slowly fades to gray. Once the update is complete, POD Go restarts automatically. New Features in POD Go Firmware 1.10 Support for POD GO Edit 1.10 adds support for POD Go Edit, letting you remotely edit, manage, rename, and reorder your presets from your Mac or PC, as well as add Impulse Responses (IRs). Bug Fixes in 1.10 Lots Seriously, lots. Definitely upgrade to 1.10. But you're reading this right now, so... cool. Known Issues in 1.10 On rare occasions, POD Go can fail to fully boot up. Just turn it off and back on again and all should be well While updating the firmware, we haven't yet made a cute little "Updating..." graphic. Instead, the screen slowly fades to gray The Tuner's Output parameter does not currently affect audio from the AMP OUT jack On rare occasions, after swapping the locations of two stomp footswitches, pressing one switch may display parameters for the other Pitch/Synth > Simple Pitch and Dual Pitch can exhibit subtle artifacts when the Delay parameter is set between 0.4 and 0.7 A minor pop can be heard when selecting IRs while audio is present POD Go does not need a driver to work with your Mac; just plug in and go. However, it is currently limited to a sample rate of 48kHz. Line 6 is working carefully with Apple and will provide a driver that supports sample rates up to 96kHz
  14. Quisiera saber si el  Pod Go puede enlazar mas efectos que el HX stomp, pues este ulitmo tiene un enlace  pobremente de  6 bloques , y creo que eso no es  suficiente para mi. Me gusta que el pod  go pueda leer irs, quisiera saber si lee cualquier irs, de terceros y en que calidad 41k 44.1k, 96 khz ? etc  ahora mismo tengo un POD HD PRO X  y si el pod go ofrece  más  cosas  venderé mi rack y compraré el Pod Go sin duda. 

  15. Nope; POD and Helix/HX are different lines. In the future, we *may* (read: TBD) allow copy/paste of individual blocks from POD Go Edit to HX Edit, but we have no current plans to support full preset conversion. When Global Settings > Ins/Outs > Return Type is set to "Aux In", the Return acts as a stereo input that is mixed in with the processed output. There is never any processing on the Aux Input signal. It's designed for jamming along with iPods, mixers, etc. Oh, and we now have an official POD Go subforum: https://line6.com/support/forum/97-pod-go/
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