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  1. POD Go 1.11 / POD Go Edit 1.11 includes general bug fixes and improvements and is strongly recommended for all POD Go owners. Please read the install instructions carefully!
  2. Digital_Igloo

    POD Go 1.11

    POD Go 1.11 / POD Go Edit 1.11 POD Go 1.11 includes general bug fixes and improvements and is strongly recommended for all POD Go owners. Please read the install instructions carefully:
  3. I've mentioned this before, but the real successor to POD HD500X is Helix LT. POD Go is something different entirely.
  4. Updating Helix/HX Firmware Helix Floor, Helix Rack, Helix LT, HX Effects, HX Stomp Check your current firmware version Turn your Helix/HX hardware off and back on. The display tells you the current firmware. If your Helix/HX hardware is running 2.90 or later, here's all you need to do: Connect Helix/HX to your computer, log into HX Edit, and follow the prompts. If your Helix/HX hardware is running 2.82 or earlier, follow the procedure below: STEP 1—Updating HX Edit Log onto line6.com, download, and install the newest version of HX Edit. STEP 2—Updating Helix/HX Firmware If you have Helix Rack/Control, turn off Helix Control. Also, shut down all Line 6 software or any programs that use audio, like DAWs, iTunes, Spotify, video games, etc. Connect your Helix/HX device to a Mac or PC via USB (do not use any sort of USB hub, which may include the front USB ports on towers) and turn it on. Launch the new version of HX Edit you installed in Step 1 above. If you're not signed in, click "Check for Updates" in the lower right corner and sign in. If you're already signed in, a dialog panel appears, indicating an update is available. Click "Update Now." A window appears, asking you to back up your Helix/HX hardware. Click OK, optionally rename the backup and/or choose a different destination folder, and then click "Create Backup." Continue following the prompts. Once updated, the window reads "Update Complete" and your Helix/HX hardware begins rebuilding its presets; wait for this to complete and click "Back to HX Edit." If you have Helix Control connected to Helix Rack, turn on Helix Control. Helix Rack reads "Helix Control must be updated to work properly." Press Knob 6 (OK). Updating Helix Native Helix Native Quit your DAW software. Log onto line6.com, download, and install the newest version of Helix Native. Wait. The most recent version of Helix Native was 1.92. What happened to 2.XX? We skipped 'em. Helix/HX firmware and Helix Native plug-in versioning is now in sync.
  5. POD Go 1.11 / POD Go Edit 1.11 POD Go 1.11 includes general bug fixes and improvements and is strongly recommended for all POD Go owners. Updating POD Go to 1.11 STEP 1—Installing POD Go Edit 1.11 Log onto line6.com, download, and install POD Go Edit 1.11: macOS: https://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=9774 Windows 7/8/10: https://line6.com/software/readeula.html?rid=9775 STEP 2—Updating POD Go Connect POD Go to your Mac or PC via USB and turn it on. Launch the version of POD Go Edit you installed in Step 1 above. Click the gear at the bottom of the window, then Preferences to check for updates. Log into your Line 6 account. A dialog panel appears, reading "An update is available for your POD Go. Would you like to update now?" Click "Update now." POD Go Edit asks if you want to create a backup of your existing user presets. Click "OK" and then "Create Backup." Once the backup is completed, click "OK." Carefully read the End User License Agreement (haaa hahaha!) and click "OK." Click "Update." Once the update is complete, POD Go restarts automatically. Bug Fixes in 1.11 POD Go can occasionally freeze on boot up, forcing a restart—FIXED Changing models in the Wah or Volume/Pan categories would automatically engage the block, even when bypassed—FIXED Engaging stomp switches via MIDI CC does not properly focus the selected block—FIXED While in Play view, holding ACTION and pressing a parameter knob does not properly remove any snapshot assignment—FIXED Pressing the Upper Knob after selecting a snapshot from Preset List view does not always load the selected snapshots—FIXED Engaging a Looper block does not automatically display its parameters—FIXED Sending POD Go MIDI Clock while the Tempo Panel is open can sometimes cause the signal flow to disappear—FIXED If Global Settings > Switches/Pedals > EXP 2 Position is set to "Global", when booting POD Go, EXP2 loads at heel-down position (no volume)—FIXED Pressing Stomp mode switches immediately after loading a preset can cause POD Go to freeze—FIXED Turning the main volume knob while loading an IR can sometimes cause the DSP to lock up—FIXED In rare cases, swapping stomp switches can result in unexpected graphic anomalies—FIXED In rare cases, attempting to swap the Looper switch with another stomp switch can cause POD Go to freeze—FIXED If the menu is open from Tuner view, pressing HOME can cause the upper portion of the display to disappear—FIXED Streaming audio through POD Go while restoring from a backup can cause audio to disappear until restarting—FIXED While in the Bypass/Control menu, loading a different preset could display graphical anomalies—FIXED While in Edit view, quickly turning the Upper Knob could cause the EQ block to blink—FIXED While updating firmware, POD Go's footswitch rings could intermittently flash—FIXED In POD Go Edit, renaming a preset does not automatically update POD Go if the Preset List view is visible—FIXED In POD Go Edit, selecting a new preset while POD Go is queueing banks can cause the wrong bank to load In POD Go Edit, the EQ icon was incorrect—FIXED In POD Go Edit, setting Min Value or Max Value can sometimes cause POD Go's inspector to temporarily disappear—FIXED In POD Go Edit, copying and pasting a block could sometimes not duplicate all snapshot data—FIXED In POD Go Edit, double-clicking an unavailable effect could cause the Model Category list to disappear—FIXED In POD Go Edit, some HDD configurations could cause the app to crash or display a blank screen—FIXED Lots of other minor bug fixes Known Issues in 1.11 On rare occasions, audio can be lost if POD Go is powered on while a connected Mac/PC is passing audio via USB Pitch/Synth > Simple Pitch and Dual Pitch can exhibit subtle artifacts when the Delay parameter is set between 0.4 and 0.7 ms Sending a MIDI CC60 or CC61 message from your computer to control the Looper can sometimes cause POD Go to become unresponsive Sending a MIDI CC68 message followed immediately by a PC message from your computer can sometimes cause POD Go's audio to mute When a block is added from POD Go Edit, footswitches 5 and 6 may not immediately appear as if they're auto-assigned (even though they are) While on the Save screen, holding ACTION and pressing SAVE does not save the preset to Factory > 32D New Preset POD Go does not need a driver to work with your Mac; just plug in and go. However, it is currently limited to a sample rate of 48kHz. Line 6 is working carefully with Apple and will provide a driver that supports sample rates up to 96kHz
  6. Digital_Igloo

    Aux in?

    Nope, you don't have to worry about it at all. When Global Setting > Ins/Outs > Return Type is set to "Aux In," POD Go routes it post-processing for all presets. You can just ignore the FX Loop block at that point.
  7. Unfortunately, POD Go's semi-fixed DSP allocation wouldn't allow for hardcore polyphonic pitch algorithms. Helix/HX could, but it'd likely take up half of a single DSP (1/2 of HX Effects/Stomp or 1/4 of Helix).
  8. To be honest, none of us even looked at LUNA because it was released very recently and none of our quarantined QA guys own Universal Audio interfaces. Out of curiosity, are all of your other third-party AU plugins working in LUNA?
  9. Digital_Igloo

    Aux in?

    If you set Global Settings > Ins/Outs > Return Type to "Aux In" you can use the RETURN/AUX input as a stereo Aux In. It's even silkscreened that way.
  10. This doesn't really count but TAP changes to blue if you send Helix MIDI Clock.
  11. We can't talk about future plans, but I'll put it this way: If POD Go is your first Line 6 multieffects in a decade, you'll probably be happy If you've downgraded from Helix/HX or pay close attention to Helix/HX updates, you may be disappointed
  12. No one's said 3.0 is "soon." The only timeframe we've given people was at the NAMM 2020 party, where we said it *may* be as late as NAMM 2021.
  13. If you're on a Mac, you already have GarageBand, it's very easy to use, and if you ever outgrow its capabilities, you can seamlessly translate all your projects up to Logic, which is probably the best bang-for-the-buck Mac-based DAW out there. On the PC, yeah, Reaper's great.
  14. Helix and HX Stomp have the exact same models. You're correct—HX Stomp is newer, and therefore the model list in its manual is more up-to-date. All Helix and HX SKUs are getting updated manuals for 3.0. They're just EXTREMELY expensive to translate, that's all. If we only had to provide English-language manuals, we'd update them every firmware rev (like we do with HX Edit and Helix Native manuals, which are software and for some reason don't fall under the same guidelines).
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