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  1. I've seen that a thousand times. But I have never seen the full history of what went into making the Helix. Obviously it is the next step and flagship product, but in between the creation of the Firehawk (or whatever was before the Helix) and the Helix.... what was the process and ideas, etc.
  2. We all know that we can do simple searches for pictures of the real amps/fx that were modeled. We also know that we can find update histories. However, I would like to know more about the Helix's history. WHY was it created like it was? Was this the vision they had in the beginning? What were the goals of this unit? What idea were scrapped in the making? I saw it was 6+ years in the making, but what all actually happened behind the scenes? How did L6 go about acquiring all of the amps/fx that they modeled? Frank and the guys are always keeping us up to date on what's new, but I would love to have more information on What/when/why/where/how? What was the first major breakthrough in the creation of the product. Any ideas?
  3. This idea has to do with the custom tone. Why don't we have comments, suggestions and reviews with each of the patches?
  4. This idea has to do with the custom tone. Why don't we have comments, suggestions and reviews with each of the patches?
  5. More of a, "Thank you God for the talent you have given me!" sound.
  6. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the help! I have put a volume "pedal" on each setting. I turned the Pad on and off...no real effect between the guitars. (odd?) The strat doesn't have a short...I used it at home...on the Mustang 4 and the "same" volume comes out. It has to be with the unit. I can add a gain block...haven't tried it yet! I'll definitely start making different presets for different guitars...Makes a ton of sense anyways. PS: The music we play is usually very clean, somber and uplifting.... Not this "new age/electronic" stuff. Chris Tomlin stuff, "He Knows My Name," Jason Crabb's "If I Shout," "Let it Rain." But every now and then, I get to rip a solo. A lot of "clean....light dirt on the chorus....clean...dirt again...dirtier...dirty + Chunking into a massive, delayed solo....Distortion to the Tri-pu-let. endddd" If I shared a song, is there someone good enough that could re-create a tone in Helix?
  7. So, I play in a Praise and Worship band each Wednesday and Sunday. I send directly to the board via mono XLR. Problem 1: I use a MiM Strat with stock pickups fairly often. The volume cuts in HALF when I use it. The "gain" also cuts out a ton. My clean sounds great, my dirty sounds clean and my big boisterous solo sounds like a hint of overdrive with some delay.... Never had this issue with my Mustang 4 and "real pedals." Problem 2: Guitar 2 has an Invader in the Bridge...which I love...But that thing is TOO HOT for the Helix, in my opinion. Cleans are dirty, and dirty is just raw. Yes, I roll back the volume, but never had to with my Mustang IV, OCD, MojoMojo Holy Grail and Flashback delay. Problem 3: Guitar 3 has active EMGs. Sounds beautiful on everything I do, but It is a baritone that I have tuned up to D standard. E standard is too tight and makes it feel like an acoustic.....Leads on an acoustic? Tuning inaccuracies? Damage to the guitar? nah..... and No I don't want to capo or play everything on this guitar "transposed" and stuff (I majored in music...it isn't hard. I know what you're thinking) So, since I'm a newbie at this thing (one week/performance), What can I do to help level the dynamics (volumes) of each guitar? Should I just put up the guitar with the Invader? I'm clueless about EQ'ing these things btw. I understand frequencies, but not how to get the sound I want. Does anyone have some awesome patches. I've already gotten the ones from the Worship Tutorials website. Anyone have any Super clean..no grit, then Chunky, then solo/lead tones? I plan on setting snapshot 4 as an ambient swell. Thanks so much for all you guys do! PS: I've tried the Pad, and a few other little things.
  8. I never use the GK Selector switch. I keep it on mix. The channels that I want to use guitar on, have guitar only going out. The channels with synth only...are made for only synth. The mix are made for only synth. I feel you will be wasting DSP trying to get multiple inputs into your Helix if you could have sent them via one line... Up to you though...
  9. Do you have the settings set to send a dry signal out of that particular output? YouTube is your friend. Look up Wet Dry Wet Helix and some other stuff to figure that out.
  10. They are pretty much identical. The Fractal has more of the "modeling" features you may look for, but honestly...do you need THAT many cabs and amps? The Helix sounds just as good. The Helix will always have more longevity because of the massive amounts of Line 6 followers/customers. For me... I make no money playing, but listening to pros using it with my headphones and Bose L2, I can't tell a difference in the models and real amps... (I majored in music in college). From Youtube's compressed videos, they are going to make them sound unrealistic. To me, the Fractal has a hair more bass, and less highs. The Helix has less bass, more sweep, and more highs/presence. (The Ax8 guys dial in their sound because they love it...they use the stock Helix so their opinion is 'better.') For me, again....I chose the Helix because of the ease of use and volume/expression pedals being built in. I swell a lot! I don't wah much, but I like the option to be there when I feel like shaping the sound. The purpose of buying is to make my job easier... When a drummer, bass player, singer(s), other guitarists join in....nobody can tell the difference between the two/three brands... I doubt they could, or even care, if you asked them to during a live set! Good Luck!
  11. I didn't know if there was a global setting to send AUX in to headphones only without having to use a signal path... I can't/don't want to afford wireless for my in ears....So, mobility is limited to me near a wall haha
  12. Possibly answered, but I couldn't find it. Just got a Helix...So Excited! SOOO, I'm going to go straight to the board at church. Going to take all my pedals and Mustang IV home (SO EXCITING)! Currently, I have a small Mackey mixer on stage. I have a 1/4 in. cable that brings the piano, bass, drums and vocalist to my mixer and an XLR from my amp to the mixer. That, old fashioned, way...I can mix my sound in my in-ear monitors however I want. Guitar vs house sound. Is there a way I can send the house (1/4 input) straight to the Helix and balance that sound into the headphones with the guitar? But, I don't want the house sound to go back to the board again... So, is this possible or do I have to continue to use my mixer? Thanks!
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