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  1. Never have needed my backup Stomp while using my Helix, but I like the confidence of knowing if it does go down for some reason, I can get through the gig. I also take the Stomp to practices and use it so it wouldn't be a completely different thing if/when I need it at a gig, Peace of Mind is worth it to me.
  2. I run a Helix floor into an L2T. I program the Helix with an amp and cab in my patch and adjust to my liking. On the L2T I set it to mode 1 (FRFR, PA speaker). I've tried the other settings including the Electric Guitar mode, but they seem to be just preset EQ curves more than anything else (rolls of a lot of high end). This is what works for me, but everyone is different so try each and see what works for you. I also run a Variax to get acoustic guitar sounds in a few songs, so that may have influenced my decision on how to run the L2T when I started using it in the FRFR mode, now it's my standard workflow so I'm used to it. Have fun!
  3. Yeah, but I WORK in downtown Cleveland 5 days a week, it just feels like 8 months every day :-)
  4. I'm trying to get an approximation of the lead guitar delay that Todd used on 'Bat Out of Hell' around the 9:00 mark, and also Peter Frampton style delay from most of 'Frampton Comes Alive'. I have a Helix and was wondering how others are getting close to these. Frampton's sounds like a shorter delay with a couple repeats to smear the sound a bit, while Todd's delay is a bit higher in the mix but I just can't seem to get close. Any ideas for starting points would be helpful. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the thoughts and experiences. I failed to mention I'm running a Variax into the Helix, what a multitude of possibilities! - Tim
  6. Greetings, I've been using my guitar synth in my rig along with an HD500 sending both to an L2t, then the mix out to the PA. Simple, effective, and I control the balance to the mains between the two. I got a Helix and want to do something similar but now there are several options. There are times I want just the Helix/guitar in the mix, times when I want just the GR55 in the mix, and sometimes both, along with switching between these three in a single song. I've been looking at: * using a return and setting up a block as 'guitar synth' using an effects return into the path which allows turning the return on and off * using the AUX in and using the upper paths for guitar, and the lower paths as the synth path, this allows expression to fade between, and I can set up on/off switches for each path. This is for live applications so I won't need a stereo send for my mix to the board. Anyone else doing anything similar, or have other options I should consider? Any ideas/help greatly appreciated!
  7. For Windows: Right click on desktop, click Properties, Settings tab, slide the 'Screen resolution' slider to the right to make things seem bigger on your screen, click Apply to see how it looks. Repeat till you find a good setting then say Yes to keep changes.
  8. Do you wear a watch on your right hand? I'm left handed so I do and for several years I heard an electronic chirp when I was playing my Lone Star Strat. I finally figured out that the electronics in my watch were causing the chirp every second through the pickups. Most likely not the case for you, but sometimes it's the weird thingns you wouldn't expect that cause the problems.
  9. RealZap, I appreciate the help I have seen you offer others on the forum. However, I have no idea where you got the idea that I used my HD500. I used the interface USB/Midi box that I got with myu Variax, I tried 3 different data cables, I rebooted the PC, I reflashed the guitar, you name it I tried it. NO MATTER WHAT I DO, WORKBANCH HD DOES NOT RECOGNIZE THAT THE VARIAX IS ATTACHED. WHILE MONKEY HAS NO ISSUE SEEING IT USING THE SAME EXACT INTERFACE (intentional caps :-) )
  10. I get the samething with my 59P. Everything updated, correct connections made, Monkey sees the Variax but Workbrnch HD can't seem to connect. If anyone has any solutions, please post, I want my Workbench HD.
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