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  1. ramosric

    Tube Amp

    try out going straight to the "return" on the effects loop i have found that's the best sound for me, you will just need to disable the Cab/IR in your presets cheers Ric
  2. have you checked EACH snapshot in Command centre? have a look at this video, great explanation on how to set up EACH view this solved my issue
  3. Thanks Phil! I've worked it out now. I wasnt seeing the field where you can select each snapshot in the Command Centre view, as in previous firmwares you could not change that field, i just assumed it was the same, but now when you change that field to a different snapshot the command centre controls change. Clever feature, i wish you could disable it in global settings because now i will need to remember to set up EACH snapshot view, because it defaults to "NEXT": so if you set up your snapshots in a new preset and you only set up command centre while you are in snapshot 1, once you go to a different snapshot ALL switches will change to "next snapshot" if you forgot to set up each view. hope it makes sense.
  4. I have exactly the same issue have no idea how to resolve it!!!! it has mucked up a few of my presets and i cant seem to be able to build new presets because i have no idea how this new snapshot inception works!!! its incredibly vague and also not ideal that you cant turn on and off. please help!
  5. LT user here, Ive been tossing whether i need a Stomp as a backup, but its a pretty heavy investment just for a backup purpose. So what are the chances that the LT is going crap out mid-gig? Has it ever happened to you? i can understand needing a backup if it craps out during a software update, or if you need to send it away for hardware repair, but for that i reckon i can just bring my amp and analog pedals for the next gig while the LT is down. so the question really is, have you ever needed a backup while you are in the middle of a gig?
  6. I think that's the most sensible approach! cheers mate!
  7. thanks mate, yeah I'm aware of that statement, my question really is: Why are they declaring that the Flash Memory update IS compatible with Big Sur? (if you go to the downloads page, check the compatibility section in the Flash Memory download, and it clearly states "BigSur") might be a mistake.....
  8. hey all, I have noticed that the Flash Memory option declares compatibility with Big Sur. However the HXEdit option does not. can someone explain the differences to me please?
  9. Que blocks estas usando en tu preset?
  10. Thanks all! yeap i think the wisest choice is to just get the Mission expression pedal
  11. From Helix LT to the Floor? the only reason I am thinking about it is because of the build quality and the sturdier exp pedal. I gig regularly and use the eco pedal a lot and I’m worried that it will break eventually... i don’t need scribble strips nor the extra ins and outs...
  12. Idea: functionality to change the parameters of one block and be able to copy the changes to every preset where that same block is used. descripton: so i have north of 20 custom presets, there are a few blocks that i use across all or most of them, for example eq, compressor, ir, wah, amongst others. From time to time i will try a tweak in one of them and find an awesome setting that i would like to copy to every preset that has that block. i dont know anything about coding, but from a UI point of view i think it would work this way: most likely it will only work on HXEdit, so when you right click on the block you just changed you can select ‘copy to multiple presets’ then a popup asks a)‘copy to presets which include the same block?’ Or B)‘select presets’. if you select a) then the software finds which presets already have the same block and provides a list where you can select via checkboxes which presets to send the changed block to (or select all). If you select b) then the system just gives you a list of all your presets and you can select which ones to send the changed block to. - this way you can even put a block you found works really well into any preset that might not already have it. why?: time saver mainly, and ease to update your existing presets.
  13. 2.91 has fixed all my issues now. Volume knob and tap tempo working perfectly fine now. Thanks Line6!
  14. I am one of the ‘whiny, ungrateful’ people that had the volume and tap tempo issues with 2.90, rolled back to 2.82 with no issues. i can see 2.91 is out and am about to go and try it, will report back later. i just want to say thanks to Line 6 for hearing us and acting so quickly, i bet there were a number of people not having any sleep for the past few days finding the bugs and fixing them. To all of them i think we owe them this: go and test the 2.91 fix and if it has fixed your issues let them know, so they can go away and have some rest!
  15. Well, a bit disappointed today, i had the same volume knob issue that has been reported, basically it will get stuck at a certain level, you might reboot the unit and it will be fine but when you turn off and on again a few times the issue will come back. I tried all suggestions: - several power cycles - restoring from backup - downgrading to 2.82 and then back to 2.9 - full factory reset and no..... nothing works as the issue keeps coming up, it might seem fine for a bit but then after a few power cycles there it is again.... so i decided to go back to 2.82 and wait for the bug fixes, i wouldnt want to risk playing live with this issue, its too much of a deal breaker for me. so hopefully they fix it before we are all out gigging again! for those asking, you need to use the Line6Updater to go back to 2.82. I had to do a full reset again since my unit got stuck rebuilding one preset but after a restore from back up in 2.82 it is now working fine as it was before...
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