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  1. What you propose is also a perfectly valid approach. I do think its more about preference and implementation than "smartness" when it comes to a touchscreen. There's more than one way to "skin" a modeler. There are a certain percentage of users who would prefer everything be self-contained in the modeler to having to use a tablet. Having the tablet as an additional option is ideal IMHO. Not too jazzed yet about Bluetooth though. It has gotten faster but still has lag. Perfectly usable though depending on how it is applied.
  2. HonestOpinion


    I'm also in the "if you're going to do it at all do it well" camp. Last thing we want is to spend the next three years and several firmware revisions waiting for it to work properly and well. Glitchy, poorly tracking polyphonic is no fun at all! Also, I love the virtual capo and pitch shifting stuff but where it really gets exciting for me is the potential for this to be used with synth patches.
  3. I thing rd2rk put his finger on it. This setting can have a huge impact on the tempo within the snapshots in a preset/snapshot depending on what tempo they were saved with. Same thing applies to the setting for the expression pedal("EXP * Pedal Position") where for example if you always want the volume to reflect the position of the pedal you need to set it to "Global".
  4. I know there's technical and quality hurdles to implementing plugins in a floor/rack modeler but other vendors can and are finding ways around them. In Neural's case by, at least at first, using only proprietary plugins. Touchscreens are clearly superior for certain kinds of operations and when combined with physical(knobs, switches) UI navigation you get the best of both worlds. The kinds of problems people are reporting with touchscreens seem a little anecdotal and hardly a deal-breaker. Wireless updates and wireless access to preset libraries and backup/restore seems like a no-brainer. Or, as has been said many times, at least a USB flash drive option. These debates are getting a little long in the tooth. Many of these ideas have been slapped down for years on the forum while other modeling companies have already successfully implemented them or are about to. Other companies probably keep an eye on this forum and other forums like it for ideas or to get a sense for what users would like to see in a next-gen modeler. I know I would if I were in their place. Love my Helix but seems like a waste of breath to misconstrue the status quo as the limits of the technology.
  5. Just gotta say what a genius on the guitar. Technique is just unbelievable. What a loss! There might be some fairly dynamic changing of effect, e.g. reverb/delay parameters(as well as others), possibly partly in post-production, I think I am hearing multi-layered guitars in here, at least in spots. Although it could just be his phenomenal whammy skills it almost sounds like a synth guitar patch was layered on in some places. If so you may get close but it's gonna be difficult to impossible to get all those sounds matched with a single guitar track. Could swear I hear some phaser in there as well, particularly on the picked rhythm riffs starting at 0:27secs in and also in the long spacey outro. Never quite sure what-all I'm hearing with Eddie though. If anyone could do this in one take it would have been him. A wizard!
  6. Wonder if some folks may be able to get around this by changing their boot order from the motherboard's BIOS settings.
  7. May take more of a deep dive if this is a conflict with an updated Windows driver but does this happen with your HX device disconnected from the USB? Although it will not connect the HX Edit app should still start. If so, it might be worth checking your USB connection, and potentially swapping out or at least re-seating the USB cable and trying your other USB inputs. Also, sounds like you reinstalled a couple of times. Did you uninstall HX Edit before last reinstalling and did you leave all the checkboxes selected when you reinstalled? HX Edit version matched to the firmware? Probably not the issue but just in case, make sure you don't have the Updater running when you start HX Edit. Lastly if you bring up the Windows Event Viewer and look at the "Application and Services Log" it may have some clues you can research. Restarting Windows might not hurt either if you have not done that yet.
  8. LOL Just wanted to make sure it was not something as simple as the iPhone volume being all the way down or mute engaged. I don't think class compliance overrides those settings although that is good to know as it may obviate any need for special routing of the iPhone output. Starting with the basics. Amazing what can be overlooked when hooking things up for the first time. Btw, I have experienced the lint in the jack issue. Actually not a bad thing to mention. Made me chuckle.
  9. It would be nice to get 10ms or less but if they work tolerably well as a wireless guitar transmitter then they may be acceptable used essentially in the opposite direction to transmit to the headphones. The OP said he was only looking for a practice option.
  10. Pretty sure you have already tried this but I was thinking about what I would do first if I ran into this issue so just in case... Have you tried unplugging the camera kit from your phone while playing a song just to make sure it is playing through the phone's speakers? If you have a lightning headphone adapter for the iPhone(about $8 on Amazon) you could also test with that to make sure signal is making it out through the connector. If not I would suspect something not set correctly on the iPhone. Lastly I would recommend again testing through a DAW. Tracktion provides a fairly nice one for free if you don't have one yet. Also when you get back to testing this through the Helix I would use the simplest preset possible to cut down on any possibility of an incorrect setting in the routing or input/output blocks. https://www.tracktion.com/products/waveform-free
  11. As others here have commented I also would guess that this is a problem with either the Camera Kit or the cable. I will say that over the years, particularly with cheaper knockoff adapters and cables, I have run into cables/adaptors on occasion that due to design deficits or inadequate wiring only provide power to a device and are incapable of actually transmitting data. You may be running into one of these or perhaps just a flat out defective cable/adapter.
  12. It is normal on the Helix for the USB cable not to push in all the way. I don't think that is the issue. Have you also got your output block set to Multi or whatever output you have your monitors connected to? If you are using headphones make sure the "Headphones Monitor" global setting described in the video is set properly. Maybe you could test the iPhone's output on a DAW on your computer to eliminate the USB cable or the camera adapter as being the source of the problem.
  13. If you do not already own Native be aware that if the original owner already used their discount with the Helix to purchase Native you will have not be able to get the discount that comes with the Helix. I believe though the Native license is transferable if the original owner is amenable. Might not be a bad idea to check with Line6 support on that or I would bet that @Phil_m could probably provide some info on license transfers.
  14. Don't find myself on Ganymede too often. Beating an old drum here but I still think the HX line could use some updated "Terran" HX versions(including mono) of the more basic reverbs like spring, plate, room, hall, etc.. It's just a product of the music I tend to play but I use the more conventional reverbs more frequently.
  15. Interesting video on Fletcher Munson and the Helix. He has a CustomTone preset you can download down in the comments section.
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