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  1. Don't mean to sound harsh but calling anything that doesn't actually install new amps an "amp pack" is grossly misleading and bad mojo. Those offerings should be renamed immediately. If this is the new trend I intend to buy my "amp packs" with a "cash pack" consisting of bills from a Monopoly board game. If they're painted green does that make them legit currency?
  2. Did you also download/install the matching 2.92 version of HX Edit? Did you follow the update notes precisely?
  3. You can edit your topic title by editing your first/original post. You will see it also allows you to edit the title.
  4. Keep in mind that if the last block in your signal chain is mono, e.g. an amp block(all of which are mono) or a mono effect, it won't matter if you have stereo blocks before it; the HX Effect output will still be mono even if the Strymon's output is in stereo. That may be fine for you but if you want stereo effects from the HX FX as well you need to keep the placement of mono blocks in mind.
  5. @burningyen Great writeup on the fix and I agree with Lone_Poor_Boy, that trick with organizing the parts on a piece of tape is worth the price of admission alone. Heads up. For some reason even though the two links that you included for the parts look like they point to Full Compass, they don't. They are circular and point back to this topic page on the forum. Try clicking on them.
  6. His new band's name is "Hill" :-) Saw him some years ago on tour opening for Deep Purple and he was still great.
  7. Heads up. There is a new 1.93 version of Native out with bugfixes. Btw, the title of this topic should probably be changed to reflect the latest versions of HX Edit and Native.
  8. Sorry I have not confirmed your bug. If this is confirmed you should open up a ticket with Line6 so it can get resolved. Just wanted to comment that I am grateful for the title of your post. Call me oblivious but I had not been aware that there was a 1.93 version of Native. I thought that 1.92 was the latest(due to the out of synch naming correlation between HX Edit 2.92 and Native 1.92) . Appears there is a new 1.93 version with bugfixes so I downloaded and installed it. Thanks!
  9. Great reference, thanks! Looks like he has updated his webpage to also include the PodGo allocations. One very important note for anyone using this dynamic spreadsheet. The DSP percentages listed on this webpage are for a single DSP. The Helix for example has two so you can fill up both paths(1&2) to 100%. In other words double what the percentages would indicate when you take both paths into account; the limit becomes 200%. I did a quick test to confirm this and for example on the Helix you can put five stereo Ganymede reverb blocks(5 x Ganymede[17.67%] = 88.35% of total for a single DSP) on Path1 and another five on Path2 for a total according to this spreadsheet of 176.7%. That is due to the fact that it is calculating only for a single DSP. You could of course continue to fill up both paths until they are at or close to 200%. Another thing worth noting is that although his video mentions that "there are no mono reverbs on the Helix". That situation has been remedied in firmware versions subsequent to when he released his video. There are now mono HX reverbs. His updated web page reflects that fact. His latest update to the DSP allocations is for the 2.91 firmware but if you scroll down all the way to the bottom of the page he has some links for allocations for some earlier firmware revisions(hopefully people are on the latest firmware revision though). This is actually worthy of comment because different firmware versions mean that the allocations can change due to more efficient code or other changes that affect DSP usage. I would think any future changes to DSP allocation in upcoming firmware releases would be to decrease the DSP used as increasing it would mean that presets from previous firmware revisions that were close to or at the 100% total path usage limit could go over the limit and no longer work or load properly. Btw, for anyone wanting to check out the DSP web page directly it can be found here: http://benvesco.com/store/helix-dsp-allocations/
  10. In addition to the headphone's construction/sound it may be the impedance value of the headphones you have tried that is determining which one's sound best to you.
  11. I tend to look at the the looper on the Helix more as a "Previewer". It lacks two critical requirements IMO - the ability to store loops and a longer loop time. It is great however as datacommando pointed out for throwing a few chords and leads on to roll through, preview, and dial in presets. At 120 seconds set to half-speed it has more than enough memory to pull this task off. It will also do for simple looping tasks of medium-short duration. For anything else you are going to want an external looper pedal. I have an old Digitech JamMan Solo that serves me well for my minimal looping requirements.
  12. I think this is a great approach. There are some perfectly decent, especially just for practicing, wireless setups that can be had inexpensively off Amazon and adapted to this purpose. Just avoid Bluetooth if you don't want latency. Even Bluetooth 5.0 still has perceptible lag.
  13. That "synth like" sound was part of what made that tone sound so fresh for the time. Also like the way he took advantage of the somewhat muddy tracking to great effect particularly during the faster more jumbled sounding passages in the solo.
  14. Forgot about that old thread. Some good tips to get that tone in that topic but I wouldn't mind if someone posted up a good example to CustomTone some time. That is still a somewhat elusive sound to me. Page was deft in the studio.
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