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  1. Agree with your concern but using "Force" as you state is how I would address it. I want all my Variax parameters to be set from the preset/snapshot if I am using the Helix.
  2. Rd2rk is correct but if you didn't want both blocks on simultaneously I believe you could assign both blocks to the expression pedal and just bypass the one you don't want operating in that snapshot. If you needed both blocks active at the same time you could set up a second instance of one of the blocks that was not assigned to the expression pedal. Not the most elegant of solutions and a waste of a precious block on the HX Stomp but perhaps doable. Don't own the HX Stomp but that is how I might do it on the Helix where there is more DSP and max allowable number of blocks available to throw away on the duplicated block instance. Frankly though I would probably just opt to add another expression pedal.
  3. You can check both your editor and firmware version in HX Edit by going to 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' in the menu. Totally agree that there should be a message regarding the Factory and Templates setlists. There should probably also be a message to update Native if you own it as well, until and if Native becomes part of the HX Edit update. If I were Line6 I would work the Native update into HX Edit not only to enhance the update process but also simply from a sales perspective. If there were a checkbox to update Native it would actually provide an incentive to some people who did not yet own it to take the plunge and purchase it. People have a natural tendency to want to check all the boxes. :-) Btw, did you use the Line6 Updater rather than HX Edit to update your firmware? If you used HX Edit 3.0.1 it now guides you to upgrade the HX Edit version before it allows you to update the firmware. Same will apply to the 3.10 version of the editor and probably all subsequent editor versions for the foreseeable future. The only reason the Line6 Updater should be used at this point is if there is no other option because the update directly from HX Edit is not working.
  4. So perhaps the global setting restore now takes care of both of the Powercab+ and Variax remote settings? That would be great. Thanks to all the users on this topic who jumped in and did some testing. For me the takeaway here is that if you are having problems with remotely controlling your Powercab+ or Variax these settings are good to be aware of. Whether the issue is that you never ran a global settings restore, didn't know they existed and therefor never set them up properly, or that you changed them in one preset not realizing it would impact all of your others. At this point I just think of these two parameters, 'Powercab Remote' on the Output block and 'Variax Settings' on the Input block, as global settings that happen to be located within the presets instead of the global settings. Unusual but not an issue as long as you know they are there and how they operate. Even better if they are now quite possibly being handled properly in the global settings restore process.
  5. Some great players there. I would add you may also want to try adjusting the bias but especially the sag parameter on the amp for a change in feel and compression. Also worth trying are some of the less over the top overdrives like the Teemah. With the level up and the gain down they can provide some compression without the distortion. Maybe posting up a video of a specific sound you are going for would assist some of the preset design wizards around here to make a suggestion or two.
  6. For the threshold setting you can select the compressor and use the built-in gain reduction meters to ensure it is kicking in as frequently and with the level of reduction that you are shooting for. If you can't get your sound with the Kinky Comp try experimenting with one of the other compressors with more controllable parameters such as the Deluxe or Rochester comp. The LA Comp is great for adding a more subtle compression or a sort of "mastering" compression at the end of a signal chain. The sound you are going for, good as your description may be, is rather subjective. The link below might be helpful in experimenting with the various available compressor settings. https://www.masteringthemix.com/blogs/learn/the-secret-to-compressor-attack-and-release-time
  7. By "null test" I think zappazapper is referring to taking two signals you are comparing and flipping the phase on one. If they are identical then they cancel each other out and you essentially get silence. This is a good way to test if two signals are actually different from each other. Don't know how useful this would be in forming an opinion on whether the increased oversampling has "higher fidelity, fewer aliasing artifacts, and smoother decay trails" per the Line6 release notes. I would think a null test would be a better tool to confirm that there actually is a difference between the audio in 3.10 versus prior firmware versions although if the null test results were analyzed by someone fairly skilled with them you might get some hard data that would assist in more accurately but probably rather technically documenting the differences. I do agree with zappazapper however regarding how subjective or flat out incorrect these comparisons can be given the changeability and unreliability of human hearing and perception. But hey, I am always welcome to incremental improvements to the sound. Even if some of them are not immediately or substantially easy to perceive, over time those improvements can have a positive cumulative impact that can be clearly discerned. And maybe this improvement is more substantial. It will be interesting to hear other people weigh in on it(if they do).
  8. Did you restore only your globals or the user setlists as well? Properly testing the current restore process with these variables might be a bit arduous. First you need to determine if the restore is resetting both the Powercab+ and the Variax settings. If it is this would be a change from previous firmware upgrades. Secondly is it the globals or user setlist restore that is resetting them? One would think if they are indeed being restored it might be the user setlists restore as the settings are contained within the presets, but maybe not. Otherwise, every time someone imported for example a Customtone preset with either of these two settings set differently it could potentially change the setting in every other preset on your device; so perhaps the settings would have to be part of the globals restore. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, if you are set to for example "Per Preset" and the CustomTone preset you import is set to "Global", I wonder how come it doesn't affect the rest of your presets? It is a "set once, sets everywhere" setting. Did Line6 modify these settings' behavior upon import such that the new preset inherits your existing parameter settings for the Powercab+ and Variax? Maybe these two remote operation settings, PC+ and Variax, are not even contained in a preset's backup file. Lastly, you need to determine if they are being set to a factory default or your previous firmware's setting, In the past Line6 has changed some of their factory defaults from firmware to firmware. It might take a couple of test runs through the firmware upgrade and restore process to make sure your previous firmware's settings for these two parameters don't just happen to coincide with a factory default. All these variables that need to be controlled for would probably be required in addition to rd2rk's and your test results in order to reach a more clear conclusion on how these parameters are working upon restore in 3.10. PITA, I think for now I am just going to recheck these parameters after a firmware update :-)
  9. Thanks for going to the trouble to test this. So perhaps the Powercab+ setting is being restored with a full globals or user setlists restore from backup? I will try to remember to watch for this next time I upgrade. I know, as codamedia observed above, I have had to reset the Variax setting every firmware update although I don't remember if I had to with the 3.10 update. I also don't recall whether I needed to reset the Powercab+ setting as I started testing these two parameters after this firmware update without taking note of their initial values. As you pointed out, even if Line6 modified the restore process to include these two parameters in 3.10(not sure) it is a good thing to be aware of their unique "hybrid" operation and behavior among all other settings at the preset and global level.
  10. Dealing with an issue in another topic it occurred to me I should bring attention to the now two global settings I am aware of that live and are set within presets instead of the global settings. These parameters need be changed only once in any preset and that parameter's value will be reflected in all other presets. Due perhaps to these parameters' somewhat unique and special status I do not believe they are currently being reset to their former values after a firmware upgrade. Even after the global settings and/or user presets are restored from backup. If this is indeed the case Line6 should probably eventually modify the firmware upgrade process such that these settings also be included with a global settings restore from backup. The two settings I am currently aware of are the Output block's Powercab+ setting 'Powercab Remote' and the Input block's Variax parameter 'Variax Settings'. Even though both of these settings are located within a preset, once they are changed, a single time, any preset will do, their new value is automatically reflected in every other preset without requiring it to be set there as well. They are essentially global settings hidden within a preset!!! So if you are seeing problems with remotely changing settings on the PowerCab+ , or similarly if your Variax settings are not changing properly, the above parameters' settings may be worth checking. There is a good chance that many users, depending on your setup, may want to change one or both of these settings to "Per Preset" (rather than "Off" or "Global" depending on your use case). Until and if Line6 changes the global settings restore process if you are a Powercab+ or Variax user you may need to check and reset these parameters after every firmware upgrade.
  11. It just occurred to me what setting might be impacting your operation with the PC+. On your LT's preset, select your Output block. Page right to the second page of parameters and change the setting on the parameter 'Powercab Remote' = "Per Preset". Now if you go to the output block on any of your other presets you will notice they will all have their Output block's parameter 'Powercab Remote' = "Per Preset". The Output block's 'Powercab Remote' settings is similar in behavior to the Input block's Variax parameter 'Variax Settings'. Even though both of these settings are located within a preset, once they are changed their new value is automatically reflected in every other preset. They are essentially global settings hidden within a preset!!! From the 2.8 firmware release notes but still applies to 3.10: "Powercab Plus Remote Helix Floor, Helix Rack/Control, Helix LT IMPORTANT! You must also update Powercab Plus! It must be running firmware 2.0 or higher. Helix can now remotely adjust parameters in one or two L6 LINK-connected Powercab Plus modeling speaker cabs. When one Powercab Plus is connected via L6 LINK (110-ohm AES/EBU cable), it receives a mono signal from Helix; when two Powercab Plus amps are daisy-chained via L6 LINK, the first cab in the chain receives the left signal and the second cab receives the right signal. TIP: Just like with any amp, cab, or effect parameter, Powercab Plus parameters can be quickly assigned to footswitches or Snapshots. Select the Output > Multi or Output > Digital block and press PAGE > once. Turn Knob 1 (Powercab Remote) to select “Per Preset” or “Global.” If you don’t plan on changing Powercab parameters along with Helix presets, choose “Global.” Turn Knob 2 (Powercab Mode) to select the desired type of Powercab mode: Flat, Speaker, or IR. Note that certain parameters will gray out depending on the mode chosen. Turn Knob 4 (Speaker Select) to specify which Powercab you want to control Powercab 1, Powercab 2, or both Powercabs simultaneously (“1+2 Link”). Normally, you should leave this set to “1+2 Link,” which edits both Powercabs simultaneously, to maintain phase coherence. Flat Voicing when Powercab Mode is set to “Flat,” determines the type of speaker voicing Speaker Type when Powercab Mode is set to “Speaker,” determines the current speaker model Speaker DI Mic when Powercab Mode is set to “Speaker,” determines the mic model used on Powercab’s XLR output(s) Speaker Mic Dist when Powercab Mode is set to “Speaker,” determines the mic distance used on Powercab’s XLR output(s) Speaker User IR when Powercab Mode is set to “User IR,” selects the impulse response used Speaker Low Cut applies a Low Cut filter to Powercab Plus for minimizing low end rumble Speaker Hi Cut applies a High Cut filter to Powercab Plus for minimizing high end harshness Speaker Level applies a level trim Speaker Color lets you choose the LED ring color on any connected Powercab(s) NOTE: For more information on Powercab Plus, see the Powercab Plus Pilot’s Guide."
  12. Although you stated you already did it, it is worth rechecking your cabling as well as swapping it out. Make sure they are firmly seated and plugged into the L6 Link jacks on both the PC+ and the Helix. It is easy to plug into one of the other XLR jacks on either side by accident. Although off the top of my head I can't think of a global setting that would impact your L6 Link to PC+ connection you should do the restore, as it will restore your old global settings and is a very explicitly recommended part of the firmware update to 3.10. It is certainly a step I would execute before contacting L6. Btw, when you go to 'Help' --> 'About HX Edit' in the editor menu is it showing both HX Edit and the firmware at 3.10?
  13. This is normal. It will only do it once. Let it finish. Btw, if this firmware version is anything like the others you may see this rebuilding upon restart behavior from time to time when you import or copy and paste presets. It will only rebuild those presets however, not all of the user presets as it does after a firmware upgrade. Again, totally normal.
  14. Take a backup first. Download and install HX Edit 3.10. You can uninstall HX Edit 2.9 first if you want to be extra careful. Then make sure you do the factory reset, and restore per the release notes for HX Edit 3.10 if you haven't already. You shouldn't have to do the firmware update again. If it starts acting wonky though I would just to make sure everything went according to plan.
  15. I would run a global reset(see options in link below), that should take care of the "Boot failure..." message. Now uninstall HX Edit and download and reinstall HX Edit 3.10 with all checkboxes checked, and then try to use HX Edit to run the firmware upgrade again. If your firmware upgrade to 3.10 succeeds make sure you follow the release instructions to the letter for the HX Edit 3.10 upgrade. This includes doing the factory reset once your firmware is at 3.10 followed by a restore from backup. If the above doesn't work you can always upgrade manually using the Line6 Updater and again follow to the letter the post firmware install instructions. https://helixhelp.com/tips-and-guides/universal/reset-options
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