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  1. HonestOpinion

    Switching between four channels

    Which amp do you have? If your amp has MIDI channel switching take a look at this video.
  2. HonestOpinion

    Roland has figured it out

    Not a top priority for me but I've always thought the more flexibility when it comes to what a footswitch can control the better. The player can then place things like the bank switches, or even tuner and mode switches, where they see fit, or assign switches to another function entirely such as extra stomps(two extras stomps already available via the Helix's "Stomp Mode Switches" global option but only in the Stomp layout ). Ideally you could retain a few pre-configured footswitch layouts(as we have now) and also have the option to let users assign the footswitches in the layout and positions that works best for them . Any footswitch, any available function. That level of flexibility easily accommodates anybody's favorite footswitch layout - the left-footed, large-footed, club-footed, bare-footed, fetid-footed, etc..
  3. HonestOpinion

    Phasey sounds particularly on Matchstick preset

    I think I can hear the phase effect you are referring to although maybe it's just the power of suggestion. Is there a possibility that if you are in stomp mode one of the footswitches is not reflecting the bypass state of an effect or other block properly such that an effect block is actually engaged? I would check the LT screen as well as the footswitch to see if a block is unexpectedly engaged. Also as part of the troubleshooting I would delete all blocks from this preset one by one until you only have the amp/cab and see if the phasing effect continues. You could also try changing the amp/cab model without changing anything else in the preset and see if the phasing sound persists; that might help you determine if it is only occurring on the Matchstick amp/cab model. If it turns out to just be the Matchstick model you could try adjusting amp parameters such as 'ripple'. Is there anything in the signal chain such as stereo effects or splits after the amp block (which is mono) that might have your left and right outputs getting out of phase? Btw, how did you monitor and record this? Are you outputting in mono? Direct recording to PC? If for example you are monitoring with a 2x12 or 4x12 physical cab, one or more of the speakers could be wired out of phase. Recording with two or more mics at different distances can also cause this.
  4. HonestOpinion

    What will Line 6 drop at Winter NAMM 2019?

    The link from Line6Tony describing the 2.80 update. DI from Line6 lays out some details for the 2.80 release at NAMM in this video. Starts at a little over 26min into the video.
  5. HonestOpinion

    Multi color on one footswitch

    The post you refer to(Feb. 2018) may be only a historical curiosity by now and was specific to that firmware release. At the time it may have had something to do with how the upgrade would process user presets. The interim upgrade is probably no longer required by the newer firmware/editor versions (e.g. 2.71) unless the firmware install notes explicitly indicate it. If you are not seeing any issues, everything is probably fine and no interim upgrade was required. Perhaps our resident expert phil_m can weigh in on this.
  6. HonestOpinion

    How to assign default expression pedal EXP1/EXP2 on Helix?

    I suppose this could be caused by a couple of things barring an outright failure of the expression pedal's switch. Some folks have found the switch to be harder to press down than they anticipated, especially at first. Make sure you have your Helix on a hard surface and give it a firm press. Alternatively it could be your assignments. Would assume you are testing without any other external expression pedals plugged in and at least for the purposes of testing I would find it easiest as per my original comment to just accept the default switch assignments for volume/wah blocks. Good luck with this.
  7. HonestOpinion

    Helix and Amplitube

    Yep agreed, snapshots/scenes, pretty much the same thing, but that comment is only of historical interest now. I wrote the comment you referred to in March of 2016 asking for scenes before Line6 had released its first firmware with snapshots. Snapshots and with them the addition of spillover were significant improvements to the Helix. Ha, we've had 'em so long now I almost take 'em for granted. Had forgotten how much I wanted to see those features added "back when" until you brought up that old post.
  8. HonestOpinion

    Sound artifact when using Helix and Powercab 112 Plus

    Have you tried reflashing the firmware on the Powercab+? The Line6 downloads page has the latest firmware, Updater, and editor for the Powercab+. Even if you are on the latest firmware it might be worth rerunning the update anyway. Certainly can't hurt as a last ditch effort before returning it to Andertons. I would also check my global settings input/output levels etc. on the PC+. The only other thing that occurred to me other than an actual problem with the Powercab+ is that you have an object(s) with a sympathetic vibration in the room that corresponds to a frequency that is emphasized by the PC+ but not for example the Tech 21. Have you tried playing through the PowerCab+ in another room? Lastly I would say suggest checking if the FRFR clarity of the PC+ and the existence of a "tweeter"/horn on the coax speaker might be surfacing a string buzz issue although that is probably not the problem if this is happening on multiple guitars.
  9. Sounds like you may have downloaded the Updater but not downloaded the HX Edit 2.70 package. When you download and install HX Edit 2.70 it will unpack and install the latest editor (2.70), the Updater, and the driver. You will then need to use the Line6 Updater to update your firmware to 2.70 and then you can use your Helix with the latest editor(HX Edit 2.70). Remember if you have the Line6 Updater and HX Edit up at the same time one of them will not be able to properly see your Helix. Close one before you use the other.
  10. HonestOpinion

    Helix update killed it

    Sounds like you may be downloading the firmware file directly and clicking on it rather than downloading HX Edit. If that is not the issue try changing USB ports and a different USB cable. The following should roughly be your procedure: Scroll down on the Line6 website's downloads page for your device and OS and download "HX Edit". Click on the "HX Edit" file and it and it will unpack HX Edit, the Updater, and the driver onto your computer. Use the 'LIne 6 Updater' to update your firmware(do backups first with HX Edit). Remember, the Updater will not see your Helix if you have HX Edit up at the same time as the Updater; you need to close HX Edit before bringing up the Updater.
  11. Helix Native 1.70, the latest version of Helix Native has also just been released alongside the new HX Edit 2.70.
  12. HonestOpinion

    Helix products: v2.70 now released

    Oh hell yes to the new tuner versions! Just fantastic that a strobe tuner was added. Both the "Coarse" and "Strobe" modes are easier and faster to to use for stage tuning than the old tuner. I know it's probably too soon to comment but if I were going to improve them in the next firmware (other than adding a polyphonic mode) I would have the yellow not fade to green so far from the center tuning position. Better yet, don't fade to green at all, but instead just switch from yellow to green such that you had to be closer in tune before the bar went green. This applies to both the Coarse and Fine settings. Is that chartreuse or goldenrod yellow, mustard yellow or lime green? Oh, it's emerald green, I must be in tune. Might just be me but I prefer a distinct color switch to green when the guitar is in tune rather than gradually sliding from yellow to green. The color gradients moving between these two colors represent some slick programming but can be hard to differentiate on the fly or when you are playing outdoors and getting some sun on the screen. You do of course have the center position to go by so that observation might sound a bit nit-picky. I agree with Spikey's comments on the strobe, it is a bit different looking than others I have used and the graphics could probably be enhanced on it but at the end of the day - THEY ADDED A STROBE TUNER, JUST AWESOME! It seems to work very well. Always room for improvement but the new tuner versions are in now and super useful. I think the additional tuner options will prove themselves eminently stage-worthy for those of us who found it too jittery in the past. Overall this will rank as one of my favorite updates due to the improved tuner(s). Can't overstate how much I prefer this update to a couple of new amp models. Looking forward to the next major version firmware release. Bring on the funk! Great job Line6, this device just keeps getting better and better, thanks!
  13. HonestOpinion

    How to get Scribble Strips to invert to white

    I have found that I quickly got used to looking at the active LED footswitch to indicate which snapshot is active. Also you will notice that the numbered circle inside the camera icon inverts to white on the active snapshot. While perhaps not as blatant as an all white background it is an additional cue along with the LED ring as to which snapshot you are using. I have seen other comments on the forum before regarding inverting the background so you may find an entry in Ideascale for this or as has been suggested you could create one. I could see it being a useful additional visual cue as to which snapshot is active although I doubt it will rank highly on the developers to-do list.
  14. HonestOpinion

    Line 6 Helix Crashing Windows 10

    There may be updated drivers you can download from the website for your MB. There's always the possibility that if they exist they will play nicer with Helix than the ones that came on disk when you purchased the MB. Although it sounds like the problem is the MB drivers in this case, a good test also is to try different USB ports and even an alternate USB cable, especially if all your other devices are working properly. From your description so far though it sounds like a driver conflict between the Helix driver and one of the drivers for the MB.
  15. HonestOpinion

    Line 6 Helix Crashing Windows 10

    Might not hurt to create and save Windows restore points on a regular basis going forward. Doing a backup of Windows now and then is probably not a bad idea either. Just a hedge against stumbling back on the same combination of hardware/firmware/software/peripherals that was rendering your system unusable previously.