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  1. HonestOpinion

    Delaune vs Fremen vs MBritt patches - a review

    Some fantastic playing!
  2. HonestOpinion

    Is it Possible to Toggle More Than One Color Per Footswitch

    Not exactly what you are looking for but right now your best option might be to use snapshots with the effects you want active . The LED rings can be assigned custom colors for each snapshot and its respective footswitch. Note: In the 2.81 firmware when you are editing the preset the snapshot's custom color you assign in HX Edit(right-click on the snapshot name to select color) will not be reflected in the LED ring until you save the preset(at least with my particular combination of global settings). Switching away from and back to the snapshot with your custom color will also cause it to display the new color.
  3. HonestOpinion

    Help with wah pedal assignments

    Are you saving as soon as you make the change? If not it could be related to the Global --> Preferences --> 'Snapshot Edits' = "Discard" setting.
  4. HonestOpinion

    Amps won’t clean up on helix.

    Try working with turning down the tone controls paying particular attention to the Bass control. Also, probably not the issue but if you are using a delay turn the Headroom parameter up to max for clean sounds. On some amp models adjusting some of the amp parameters such as Bias or Hum can help as well. Good luck getting this resolved, it sounds a little elusive.
  5. HonestOpinion

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    Just to address your question in general terms if you previously used the big volume knob to control your XLR out levels, chances are that once you switch over to having the XLR outs not controlled, which defaults them to max output, this will absolutely necessitate reviewing and editing your patches and probably having to reduce block levels, most typically the 'Ch Vol'. The only users who will not need to do this are those who ran their big volume knob all the way up before switching over. I know when I switched over to this configuration I had to ratchet back the levels on many of my presets. If your experience mirrors mine plugging the Helix into several different boards over the years, be prepared for the input/gain levels on the channel for the Helix to be set quite a bit lower than most other channels on the board and to potentially have a pad engaged if your mixer provides one.
  6. HonestOpinion

    Amps won’t clean up on helix.

    As codamedia indicated you will want your Drive turned down and your Master cranked up, not necessarily all the way, but the Master should often be set at 6 or higher to get clean tones. A good method for many clean amp models is to set the Master at about 8 or 9(although for some models the sweet spot is 10 or elsewhere) and gradually bring the drive up from zero until the tone has a nice clean punch without getting too gritty. You have two posts that make references to the Master volume in your amp blocks being turned down and right off the bat that is going to make it difficult for you to get a good clean sound on many amp models. You have probably already done this but try swapping out cables/guitar and making sure you are plugged into the "Guitar" input. A compressor placed in your signal chain in front of the amp model can often help to get a good clean tone. I can't speak to how the particular impedance of your Sennheisers sounds with the Helix as I don't own them but try setting your L3t's volume up at about midway and then adjusting your Helix's 'Ch Vol' and large volume knob to get the overall volume dialed in. If you have the volume down too low or too high on your L3t this could also contribute to a poor tone.
  7. HonestOpinion

    setlist question

    Have you downloaded and installed HX Edit? As soon as you open HX Edit it is pretty obvious how to use and access setlists.
  8. HonestOpinion

    HX Edit ... should work without Device connected

    As has been mentioned already Native IS the offline editor for HX devices. If you really want that functionality just pony up the bucks for Native and get a whole lot of other use out of it as well. You just have to import or drag & drop the Native presets into your HX device rather than run a synch operation. Not to say I wouldn't use an offline HX Edit, I would, but I agree with Silverhead. I don't want to have to worry about synch issues. Several firmware release have had bugs in the editor operation, known or otherwise. I could see an offline HX Edit actually substantially slowing down firmware releases due to the much more rigorous QA process and error-handling that would be required for bullet-proofing the synching of firmware and hardware to an offline editor. Not to speak of all the users new to their device who would complain that a bunch of their presets got mysteriously modified when they started up HX Edit, unaware that it was due to changes they made while they were offline. Line6 could provide a screen as a lot of mixers do to mitigate this to some extent by prompting the user with "Synch editor to device" or "Synch device to editor" but this also has inherent risks including the ones detailed above. Now, unlikely but watch L6 prove me wrong and add offline functionality to the next release :-)
  9. HonestOpinion

    New guy here, help with BPM programming

    I agree, Helix could really benefit from the ability to save and select from customized blocks; hope this makes it into the 3.0 firmware version. You can do this now by saving a few presets as Templates and copy & paste from them but that is pretty kludgy compared to being able to pull a customized block from a select list. The ability to "reference" them is also a no-brainer and would be excellent. A method some folks here have used in the past is to directly edit the JSON code in their exported presets and and then load them but that is definitely an approach for the meticulous and computer savvy only as you run the risk of corrupting your presets.
  10. HonestOpinion

    Thinking of switching from FRFR

    I use a Line6 L2m as my primary stage monitor with my Helix. I also have the smaller Headrush FRFR-108 for grab and go jams. Both of them work well although I agree it is trickier to dial in presets using an FRFR. At some point I will probably get a PowerCab+. I prefer the FRFR approach because my results on stage are closer to what the audience is hearing through the FOH and the amp/cab models are truer to the originals. Using a guitar amp/combo though is a perfectly acceptable alternative and there are plenty of players like yourself who prefer that sound and feel and the fact that it often requires less tweaking. There is no "one" way to best use modeling technology, at least not yet. It is largely still a matter of personal preference.
  11. HonestOpinion

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    As in your setup my Volume knob only controls the 1/4 inch out, XLR defaults to max signal level. I also set my XLR out to mic level for exactly the same reason - the signal level is more manageable at the mixer. That is contrary to the recommendation from the Line6 video above which advises you use the Line level output. Perhaps there is one but I know of no compelling reason when the XLR out is delivering the max level, to use "Line" level out for most mixers as the mic level signal is already so hot going to the board.
  12. HonestOpinion

    Helix Bug Reports

    This may have something to do with the issue that for example Helix Rack users have been reporting regarding the so called "HX Stomp Drivers" driver that makes up one of the check boxes being displayed when HX Edit is installed. The "HX Stomp Drivers" driver actually, according to some folks who have examined it in depth, assuming they are correct, is a driver for other HX devices not listed in its description such as the Helix. The other possibility is you did not check the Helix driver when you did your HX Edit 2.81 install. My suspicion is that you have the correct ASIO driver; it is just displaying the wrong name. This may have something to do with the move to the CORE codebase and the addition and/or requiring driver operation for the new keyboard functionality added in the 2.8* release. Just speculating based on other posts regarding this subject. You shouldn't need to rollback as long as everything is working. Hopefully Line6 will get the naming convention and description of the driver sorted out for the next upgrade. Btw, this is why if you have installed or are intending to install HX Edit 2.81 you should just check all the boxes. Ignore the driver names/descriptions and install 'em anyway.
  13. HonestOpinion

    New Helix owner here...Metal tones!

    If you go on CustomTone and search on "Metal" there are a ton of presets. You can also sort them on number of stars to start with the highest rated ones. What codamedia said applies tenfold over in CustomTone. Be prepared to customize them to your own rig and preferences. Starting with an amp known for its heavy tones and adding your own selection of pedals and settings is where you will probably find yourself ultimately though.
  14. HonestOpinion

    New Helix LT just got it August '19. It has Version 3.0

    Security breach, there's a beta tester missing an LT. Activate the tracker. Scramble the team. We're going to need a full listing of the models, effects, and available global settings to confirm your version :-)
  15. HonestOpinion

    any one use the JBL EON612 with helix

    I have had them fail as they heat up. In my experience using JBLs that has usually been the symptom of a failing board/power supply , usually it gets worse but maybe you'll get lucky and it is something else. You can try playing recorded music through it for a while to see if it happens again. Might not be a conclusive test if is just starting to fail though.