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  1. HonestOpinion

    Helix 2.9

    Even if they can QA/QC remotely and much as it would be a lot of fun to get a bunch of new features and effects right now I imagine it's a risky proposition to put a new release out during a crisis. A lot of people are probably at home playing and recording up a storm with their HX devices. Not a good time to have people who are already stressed out from COVID19 freaking out because their update froze or they found a new bug that interferes with their previous workflow. What am I saying, aw heck, go for it Line6! We could all use a new toy we can play with at home right about now :-)
  2. Agree with Codamedia about opening a ticket unless someone here points to a solution. Not sure what to say about the tuner not working as you already swapped out the guitar and cable; could be a dirty footswitch. Did you also swap your monitor/amp out? Failing main boards on my powered speakers have caused those kinds of weird heat related dropouts before. Does it drop out when listening with headphones? Also if it does turn out to be a heat related issue with the Helix there is a vent on the bottom of the chassis so although it probably shouldn't make much of a difference if you have it laying on a rug, putting it up on a board might help at least delay the heat issue until you can get it fixed.
  3. In addition to the settings suggested in previous posts do you have your output block set to 'Multi' or 'S/PDIF'? Troubleshoot this on a single path and make sure the output block is set properly. Might want to test the preset out into another monitor first to make sure you have a decent output level.
  4. Yup, learning how the routing is working and exactly how your signal path is configured makes a big difference to how things sound. One thing you want to make sure of is that if you are joining Path 1 to Path 2 for a "Super Serial" path, make sure you route the output block properly from Path 1 to Path 2. There are some useful routing templates in the Template setlist for this configuration such as the "Super Serial x2" template. Lastly you don't have to use effect blocks inline. They can be used on parallel paths as well, often turned up to 100% when used in parallel which provides only the wet signal. When used inline 50% will give you the max dry and wet(effected) signal. Anyway, congrats on getting it figured out.
  5. As far as I know there are currently no polyphonic effects on the Helix.
  6. You may have already tried all this but here goes. Do you have the flanger block set at 50% in line or do you have it set up on a parallel path? Turning up the 'Regen' parameter will also result in a more dramatic sound. Shifting its position in your signal chain may also help you achieve the sound you are going for.
  7. It's not just about polyphonic tuning. Polyphonic processing can deliver synth, drop-tuning, and other effects that allow for multiple strings to be processed differently and accurate tracking of synthesized or drop-tuned chords. The ability to essentially mimic what a hex pickup is capable of doing although usually not with quite the same level of nuance or accuracy although the algorithms are getting better with time.
  8. Before you download and unpack/unzip the new HX Edit export your IRs into a folder and take note of where you put it, then back up everything. I recommend maximum caution to be sure you preserve what you have currently. Create a full backup, back up a bundle, setlists, IRs, export your presets individually into separate directories by highlighting them all at one time and hitting export. Follow the firmware update instructions carefully. If the firmware update freezes at some point during the update that is part of the process. This is normal for the 2.82 release(see the update notes). Even if you have an abnormal freeze don't panic. Your Helix can be recovered by swapping around to other USB ports, global reset options, and the like. See the update thread for notes on how to recover if necessary. Lastly, by all means update, as Ilya-v mentioned tons of great stuff has been added since 2.11.
  9. Don't know the answers to your questions but the way you asked them gives some interesting technical detail on what those controls might do on a real amp. The theoretical doesn't translate in my head to what difference to expect in the actual sound though. If you spliced your technical details to a layman's explanation of the tonal changes they create it might be helpful. I'm glad you asked though 'cos it was somewhat educational.
  10. Thanks and no worries, just wanted to set the record straight. "Serious journalism need not be solemn" - Benjamin Franklin (err, Russell Baker) :-)
  11. Coda you seem to have had a cut & paste issue in your post above and have me quoted as saying "Silly me too assume that they would work with P/C as well as my Helix." That is actually a quote from the user Randino.
  12. I have a bunch of Celestion and 3Sigma IRs that I loaded up to my PC+. You might be having some other issue or maybe there is a compatibility problem with the specific set of Ownhammer IRs you are trying to load.
  13. Hope your post helps some other folks out. I have always thought it was a good idea when doing a firmware upgrade to take that extra step to create a system backup, backup your setlists and presets, and then do the reset combination to install the latest factory setlists. Then restore your user setlists and restart your device to allow the presets to rebuild. It seems to result in fewer issues down the line and that way you also get the latest factory presets. Even using what I consider to be best practice when upgrading firmware though there are some bugs on 2.82 in the memory management on preset import/export and copy and paste. For example, using HX Edit I have had certain presets where when I copy them to a new slot as I start to edit them things get a bit wonky. The preset does not seem to be properly measuring the available DSP on the freshly copied preset. For example deleting a couple of blocks and trying to copy and paste one in from one path to the other will not work, even though there should be adequate DSP available after your deletion on that path. Usually just saving and switching away from the copied preset and then back to it sets things right and you can now copy/paste the block but that definitely appears to be some sort of bug.
  14. Yup, it's a good head's up to new users. Haven't used any in a while but some of the factory presets had some pretty sensitive settings for the noise gate. I remember when I first got my Helix having to figure out what was throttling my sound. If you are unaware that the noise gate is on in the input block and also that Line6 may have designed it using parameters that are too sensitive it can be kicking in way before it should. Not something you are necessarily expecting on a factory preset although it provides a fine if somewhat dramatic example of a noise gate in action :-) Btw, you can edit your topic's title by going to your initial/first post in the topic and hitting edit. Along with being able to edit your post you can also edit the topic title.
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