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  1. silverhead

    .hir files from Marketplace

    Yeah, I can see that. Maybe (and this is pure speculation on my part) the DRM is intended to encourage more providers to put the effort into creating really good IRs. They have some protection against piracy. Edit: An afterthought.... what if established IR providers (Sigma, Ownhammer, ...) were to start using Helix Marketplace as a distribution channel? I expect Line 6 withholds an admin fee for the Marketplace which would reduce the providers' profit margin but maybe the DRM would more than recoup that, assuming a reduction in lost sales due to piracy. Of course, the Marketplace would still only apply to a small portion of their customers (Helix users) so probably not worthwhile.
  2. silverhead

    .hir files from Marketplace

    Fair enough. Nobody is being forced to purchase them.
  3. silverhead

    .hir files from Marketplace

    Aren't the IRs available in the Helix Marketplace provided by third parties? I don't think they are Line 6 products although Line 6 supports the marketplace. I guess it's up to the providers to determine whether the sauce is special. Of course Line 6 still supports the loading of IRs from other providers; it's just that they supporting the DRM for (hence protecting the IP of) the Helix Marketplace providers. Most IR providers choose not to establish a DRM system for whatever reason. For instance, if I were unscrupulous I could easily share my purchased IRs from other providers to all my friends.
  4. silverhead

    new just got one

    I use the Apple products because they are the most reliable with the Stagescape M20d. All compatible adapters are listed here:
  5. silverhead

    PC+ model to Helix patch

    Not sure exactly what you mean by 'model'. If you mean a specific speaker model the PC+ and Helix share many of the same models, at least in terms of the underlying cab (e.g. Vintage 30, Greenback). In that sense you can use the corresponding cab model in your Helix preset. But there is no way to import or transfer a PC+ model to a Helix preset.
  6. I would connect the mixer output to the L3s inputs and then daisy chain the 2x L2t speakers via L6 Link. P.S. In your current setup, why are you using L6 Link? Since each speaker is directly connected to the mixer output I don't know what the L6 Link is achieving. However, the L6 Link connection would be useful if you connect your stereo mixer outputs to just one L2t speaker's stereo inputs. Might make your cabling simpler.
  7. silverhead

    Snapshot logic - "Snapshot safe" setting

    Count me as one of your three. I think it could be a useful feature. I'm not currently bothered by its absence but if it was there I might find a use for it.
  8. Have you opened a support ticket to get help with fixing whatever is wrong with your device? Line 6 won't delete this post.
  9. silverhead

    newbie question

    It sounds like you are using the Firehawk 1/4" outputs. Make sure the output mode switch is set to Line Mode.
  10. Are you able to ignore this message and proceed with the update anyway? If so I would do that. If not I would open a support ticket.
  11. silverhead

    Help...newbie to line 6 equipment

    Ummmm.......... can you be more specific? Line 6 products are generally for guitar players. I expect that doesn't help you much but your question doesn't help us offer you much more.
  12. silverhead

    Amp that goes well with HX effects

    The best amp for you to use with the HX FX is the same amp that you would use without it.
  13. silverhead

    Stagescape Firmware upgrade problems

    You can't update via a PC connection but you could try using a usb drive rather than the sd card. Here's a snip from the M20d Advanced Guide: Update System Firmware Download the latest StageScape M20d firmware from www.line6.com and place the .ssf file onto a USB Hard Drive, Flash Drive, or SD Card and plug it into your M20d.
  14. silverhead

    Helix with Headrush 112

    Who are you talking to here? The OP, who is the one who made the statements you refer to here, hasn't posted in this thread in quite some time. He didn't comment on any tests. if you are talking about user rd2rk note that he was the one who offered the OP the advice to check his tweeter and was called inappropriately out by the OP as being toxic. He was the target of the toxic comment, not the initiator.
  15. silverhead

    Reamping with the Helix

    I have to disagree with the suggestion to use ASIO4ALL with Line 6 devices. It it not a true ASIO-compliant implementation and is known to be the source of problems when used with some Line 6 audio interface devices. It has to do with the user's computer environment than any specific Line 6 device, but for sure in some environments ASIO4ALL is the culprit. And ASIO4ALL is not supported; if you open a support ticket Line 6 will tell you to remove ASIO4ALL and use the Line 6 driver before offering any support.