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  1. silverhead

    Restore individual factory preset?

    Restoring the factory setlists may indeed overwrite your user setlists but I'm not sure. The safest thing to do would be to back up your individual user setlists before restoring the factory setlists. That way you can restore the user setlists afterwards if necessary. Worst case scenario: you have a set of backups that you don't need immediately. But it's always good practice to make regular backups.
  2. silverhead

    The length of the Looper in the Helix Unit

    ... where are the lol emoticons when you need them???........
  3. If I understand you correctly I believe the signal routing options and features in Helix Native will allow you to do what you want in a single instance of Helix Native. In fact there are several ways to do it. For instance, each New Preset in Helix Native is an empty preset containing no processing blocks and with the Path 2 Input set to None. Change the Path 2 Input to Host and you now have two independent signal paths each with the mono guitar track as its input. I think this is what you want. You can pan each path hard L and hard R at the Output block if you wish, but be aware that both processing paths are stereo so doing that defeats any stereo processing blocks you may have placed in either path. For more details about signal routing options I refer you to the Helix Native Pilot's Guide, particularly the section entitled The Signal Flow Window.
  4. silverhead

    Forum Question.... off topic but nowhere to ask

    For future reference, there is a forum section here called the Line 6 Lounge. That's the best place for non-product-specific questions and discussions. As for the substance of your question.... I don't know!
  5. silverhead

    SOLD - HD Fully Loaded Bundle Model Packs

    Check your license/agreement re: the Glenn DeLaune pack. Make sure you are authorized to resell or redistribute those presets. The fact that you paid for them probably restricts your right to redistribute them.
  6. silverhead

    Helix control of Variax Acoustic 700?

    Hmmm.... Are you sure the VDI cable is good? I would think Helix should at least power the V700 though I wouldn't expect it to provide any control. Just to test (not long term) you could try a standard RJ-45 Ethernet cable.
  7. silverhead

    Helix Harsh Tones/ offensive replies

    Of course IP addresses can be spoofed. But to further assume that this was done in this situation is, I think, stretching things quite a bit. Sometimes the simple explanation is the correct one, especially when there's no actual evidence to the contrary. The simple explanation is that they are different people. I'll just leave it there.
  8. silverhead

    Helix Harsh Tones/ offensive replies

    I just want to put this incorrect assumption to rest. According to the respective IP addresses (ddmilne and northerntwang) they are indeed different people.
  9. The manual (provided in OP link) says these Line Outs are only available on the Fender G-Dec-3 30 model; the OP has the 15 model. Perhaps he could connect the headphone jack on the amp to a Helix Return pair, using an adapter cable that has a 1/8" stereo minijack to a L/R 1/4" pair. Experiment with the Helix Global Settings > Ins/Outs (page 2) setting for the chosen Send/Return pair level: Instrument vs. Line.
  10. Right - I had missed the headphones jack. Thanks. Several years ago I was happy with a pair of 5" studio monitors until my Pod X3 Live blew one up. Just a warning about levels......
  11. I'm not sure there's any way to bypass the Fender amp speaker like theOP wants to do, short of physically disconnecting it. Also, the OP has the '15' model of the amp; seems only the '30' model has the Line Outs. Short answer: leave the Fender behind and learn to love Helix. There are far better sounds in there than you're likely to get from the Fender, although there will be a learning curve. EDIT: Be careful with the volume levels. I looked briefly at the iloud monitors jpg. I can't tell how large the speaker is but if less then 6" I think Helix could blow them up pretty easily. To get the best out of Helix you should consider upgrading your monitors.
  12. Not clear what you mean by this. Where/how does the Fender come into this? The Fender and Helix are different devices that do similar things; you typically wouldn't use both at the same time. You can connect your ilouds to the Helix outputs, either 1/4' or XLR. Connect Helix to your computer via usb and make sure your computer uses Helix as its audio device for recording and playback. Connect your guitar to Helix Guitar Input and you will hear both your guitar and the backing tracks through the ilouds. Explain what you mean by wanting the Fender to come out the ilouds. Your Fender has its own speaker/cab.
  13. silverhead

    Music Automatically playing in editor

    I haven't used my Firehawk in some time and don't have it with me to investigate. But I do remember having this problem long ago and solving it with a setting somewhere that I don't recall in detail. Sorry. It may be a setting in your iOS device rather than the Firehawk app.
  14. silverhead

    Connection Interrupted regularly

    Try different USB ports on your computer. Use a USB 2.0 port if one is available, and avoid using a USB hub including an internal one if possible.
  15. silverhead

    Music Automatically playing in editor

    I believe there's a setting to control this in the Settings or Music area of the app.