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  1. Excuse my ignorance but I don’t understand what you mean by ‘stereo widener’. Please elaborate.
  2. I would use an FX Loop block in the Helix preset. For stereo operation choose FX Loop 1/2. Connect the Send 1 and Send 2 outputs from Helix to your first stereo external pedal and connect the last stereo pedal’s outputs to the Helix Return 1 and Return 2 inputs. No need for multiple paths. Using the stereo FX Loop setup should maintain the stereo signal throughout the loop as long as all your external pedals are stereo and connected accordingly. If you want to use some of your external pedals at one point in the signal chain and the rest at another point you can use FX Loop 1/2 at one point and FX Loop 3/4 at a different point, connected as described above.
  3. Try turning off the global EQ. It is the prime suspect, I think, based on what you’ve said. The Global EQ does not affect the USB output, which is what your DAW receives. It does affect the Main and Headphone audio outputs, so it may be causing the fizziness.
  4. There is no headphone setting that you can alter on the POD Go.
  5. Sounds to me like something in your setup changed in the last 3 or 4 days. It’s possible that some component or other has suddenly failed (headphones? cables? i/o jacks?....). But it’s more likely that something has changed in your POD Go device setup. Global settings? New firmware? Headphone settings? Think back to what you may have changed recently for clues. Those headphones seem to be wireless and work over Bluetooth, which is not supported by the POD Go. What other equipment are you using to get the Bluetooth signal to your headphones? I’d start there. If nothing comes to mind back up your POD Go presets and restore factory settings. As a last resort reinstall the firmware.
  6. Yes you can get a dry guitar signal from HX Stomp to your DAW using your regular audio interface. Assuming you also want to record the wet stereo signal simultaneously you will need to use three audio input channels on your interface device. Connect your HX Stomp main outputs to two of those channels and use those to feed a stereo track in your DAW. Connect your HX Stomp Send output to the 3rd interface input channel and use that to feed a mono track in your DAW. In your HX Stomp preset place the SEND block at the very front of your signal chain, before any processing blocks. This will carry your dry guitar signal to your interface. Make sure you set the Dry Thru parameter on the Send block to route the dry signal to the rest of your signal chain. This will get the processed stereo signal to the HX Stomp main outputs.
  7. Could that be why it’s called the... (wait for it).... Helix Floor?
  8. Not at all I think. In my experience Line 6 wants beta testers who want to seek out problems and make sound recommendations for improvement. Fan boys are not good beta testers if all they want to do is extol the virtues of a product. A healthy disrespect is very useful. The desired attitude is "I want to bring this thing to its knees and make it crash spectacularly!" Edit: added the word ‘not’ which was originally omitted.... Fan boys are not good beta testers.....
  9. No that won't work. It is not a midi controller. If the term midi is not familiar to you then the answer is No - there is no simple footswitch device that will do what you want.
  10. You can’t change presets using an external foot switch. You can do it using an external midi controller.
  11. Yes, latency free monitoring from the Helix POD HD outputs. The software, POD HD Edit, also supports setlist and preset backups. Yes, there is a noticeable improvement over ‘strictly software based’ audio processing. The POD HD is a dedicated special-purpose device and processes audio using its firmware which is baked into the hardware. The device is not running a general computer OS; it is optimized for doing its own audio processing and nothing else. This is much more efficient than running a software program on general purpose computer.
  12. Sorry - that was a dumb question. I was thinking about a device other than the Amplifi. It sounds like a driver issue. Try disconnecting your Amplifi and then downloading and installing the Line 6 Amplifi USB driver again.
  13. It is described in the Firehawk FX manual in the section titled Using a Line 6 Variax.
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