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  1. silverhead

    Any reason why effects loops use up blocks?

    I think another consideration may be that the FX Loop actually carries an incoming analog audio signal to be added to the mix. Other internal signal routing mechanisms such as the split/merge blocks do not carry additional audio. But that's just a guess.
  2. silverhead

    Variax Legacy 300 and Helix working together

    Officially, Helix does not support any Variax older than the JTV. Unofficially I have found that Helix is able to successfully store and recall V300 models and pickup switch positions. However the communication seems to be one way. You must use Helix to make the Variax model and pisckup selectoins. Helix does not properly recognize the settings when they are made manually on the Variax.
  3. silverhead

    Using a 300 Variax with a Helix

    In order to use Variax and Helix features together you first need to make sure you are connecting them using a VDI cable. If you just connect the Variax using a standard 1/4" guitar cable then the Variax is just another guitar as far as Helix is concerned. Although the Variax 300 is not officially supported with Helix (too old) you can control a V300 to some degree with a VDI Cable connecting them. Helix can store Variax 300 model selections in its presets and recall them properly when the preset is selected. However the interaction is not as complete as it is using a JTV or a Variax Standard/Shuriken as described in the manual.
  4. silverhead

    manual hardcopy

    Download the PDF file and bring it to your local copy centre. Then do it again when the pdf file is updated.
  5. silverhead

    Pattern to firmware releases?

    Unfortunately, phil_m, I don't see any time-based variables in your equations. Perhaps we should just begin a countup..... "99 models of amps in the room, 99 models of amps. Add one more to put in the store, 100 models of amps in the room..." But where/when does it stop??
  6. I downloaded free Variax presets of a P-Bass and other bass guitars from somewhere a long time ago. Can't remember where. But I do remember that they simply used alternate tuning in an obvious manner. Easy to create in Workbench, experimenting with various body and pickup types.
  7. silverhead

    Pattern to firmware releases?

    Don't ask, don't tell...?
  8. silverhead

    Pattern to firmware releases?

  9. silverhead

    2nd path with amp & IR weakens sound?

    Well, seems like neither of us have concrete evidence. I can't prove that it could never be done and you can't prove that it used to be possible but is no longer (if you can prove it in some way other than simply saying that you remember doing it, please do so). Seems that we're both relying on our past experience. In the same way that you 'KNOW' it was possible I know that it wasn't. So let's just agree that it can't be done in current firmware and leave it at that. Peace.
  10. silverhead

    2nd path with amp & IR weakens sound?

    Sorry - there 100% NEVER WAS user-definable defaults in Helix so you are mistaken there... You can send me your Helix now... :-) What you CAN do is copy a block from one preset to another. I simulate user-defined defaults for my favorite FX by creating a special preset that contains these blocks with my preferred settings saved. I copy that block to a new preset when I want the block to be initiated with my own settings. That 'template' preset is used for no other purpose - it sounds like a$$.
  11. silverhead

    BPM per Preset sync with Tracs?

    Perhaps I misunderstand. Why do you need to 'cue' anything? Once the correct bpm is saved with the preset, the actual tempo effects follow your playing - not some underlying song tempo. When you strike a guitar note the bpm FX apply to the struck note whether or not it is struck exactly 'on the beat'. There is no underlying beat/bar that the bpm is following; Helix simply applies the saved fx bpm settings to the note when struck.
  12. silverhead

    BPM per Preset sync with Tracks?

    Not sure I fully understand, but you can save the tempo with a preset in either bpm or note format. When saved in bpm the preset is always recalled with the specific, defined tempo which you can match to the track once, in advance, befor saving the preset. The Tap Tempo switch is ignored. Sounds like this is what you want.
  13. silverhead

    new downloads missing from the editor

    Are you sure about the version? Note that the HX Edit program displays the version of Helix firmware installed on the device, which may have been the latest firmware version and the display that you were noticing. In order to see the version of HX Edit that is running you need to use the 'About...' feature in the HX Edit Help menu.
  14. silverhead

    need "copy all blocks" !

    I think he wants to copy just one path, a vocal path, from one preset to another - not the whole preset. The idea is to have the same vocals in multiple presets using different guitar tones without having to manually create the same vocal path in each new preset. Your suggestion will work initially if he starts with a copy of a template preset with the vocal path first, and then add the different guitar paths manually. But the issue comes when he wants to change the vocal path template and install it in existing presets. You can't just copy to replace the vocal path in existing presets.
  15. silverhead

    Are people happy with the Firehawk?

    The numbers on the FX blocks in the signal flow view indicate the footswitch number (FS 1-5) assigned to the FX for turning it on/off.