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  1. silverhead

    Saving L3M models in Helix patches

    I don't think this feature was carried over to Helix. You're right - it was a thing in the POD HD series. But Helix was not really DT-amp compatible until the latest update and I don't think the L3m model selection was part of the Helix v2.80 L6Link update. At least it wasn't mentioned in the very detailed and comprehensive release notes.
  2. silverhead

    helix STOMP Patches converter

    What is the source of the Helix LT/Rack/Floor presets that you would want to import into your HX Stomp when you receive it? If you already have a Helix LT/Rack/Floor device and you are considering importing your own custom presets - ones that you have created yourself in your own environment - then the converted HX Stomp presets may sound exactly like the originals. BUT - and this is big but - that will only be the case if the Helix LT/Rack/Floor presets are fully compatible with the HX Stomp. In other words, the number of amp/FX models and the preset structure could be created from scratch on the Stomp. In this restricted case the sound should be identical - as long as you are monitoring the HX Stomp preset using the same external equipment (guitar, amp/speakers...) that you used to design and monitor the Helix LT/Rack/Floor preset in the first place. However, the sound will be different if the conversion procedure has to modify the preset in any way in terms of models or structure. The sound will also be different if you change any of the external equipment. And the sound will be very different if you use CustomTone as the source of your Helix LT/Rack/Floor presets because it's very unlikely that you are using the same external equipment that the original preset designer used - and that equipment greatly affects the sound that you hear.
  3. silverhead

    HX stomp update 2.8 erased all preset file names

    Did you create a backup of your HX Stomp before updating?
  4. silverhead

    HX Effects: can I assign the tuner to switch nr. 3 ?

    I expect it could be done using MIDI commands and cables but I'm not sure. If so you would have to program and assign the correct MIDI command(s) to the designated FS in every preset. I don't think you can do it globally.
  5. silverhead

    Looking for Backtrack+mic Firmware !

    Try re-installing the latest Line 6 driver.
  6. silverhead

    Looking for Backtrack+mic Firmware !

    Here is a link to the page to get the manual. https://line6.com/legacy/backtrackmic Here's a snip from the manual: Firmware Updates• The latest firmware for your BackTrack is available for download from www.line6.com/software. To update yourBackTrack’s firmware:1. Download the firmware file to your computer2. Click the Update Firmware button on the BackTrack Setup Utility (as illustrated on page 13)3. Locate the firmware file you just downloaded using the Open File window that is provided4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the update. You will need to download and install the Backtrack Setup Utility, also available from the Downloads area. Select it from the All Software pulldown menu.
  7. silverhead

    Monkey wont recognize POD HD Pro X cant update USB Firmware

    Try downloading and installing the Pod HD ProX driver directly (not using Monkey) and then try Monkey again.
  8. silverhead

    Looking for Backtrack+mic Firmware !

    It's in the Downloads area of this website (see link at top of page). Select Backtrack + mic in the Products field and Flash Memory in the Software field.
  9. silverhead

    updating a brand new Helix

    Yes you can update directly to v2.81. Please read and carefully follow the update directions. No you do not need to make a backup. I suggest that you select to update the factory presets as part of the update procedure; this will provide you with the v2.81 factory presets, replacing the v2.30 that are currently on your device. You will encounter this option as you follow the update directions.
  10. silverhead

    Does HX Edit 2.81 work with Helix 2.71

    What happens when you use HX Edit v2.81 to attempt to add one of the new amp or FX models to a preset with the connected Helix device running v2.71 firmware?
  11. silverhead

    Should I buy helix native or hardware?

    Yeah I tend to agree with you. The difference in converters probably has a negligible impact on the sound. You’re probably right that any difference has to do with how the code is processed on the different platforms.
  12. silverhead

    Should I buy helix native or hardware?

    Perhaps, but don't know about that. We're comparing the sound of presets in both environments, monitored through the same speakers but routed through different A/D and D/A converters. The presets were initially created in either one of the two environments then imported into the other. Presumably we tweaked the presets to sound their 'best' in the original environment. In that case, any presumed deficiencies in the Helix converters would have been EQ'd out as much as possible. Then they would sound not as good even when the 'better' converters exposed the differences. (And the same would be true in reverse - assuming the Helix converters are 'better' :-) ) In any case, this is no more than a potentially interesting theoretical discussion. It sounds like what it sounds like - full stop. If there's a difference so be it!
  13. silverhead

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    I'm not 100% sure but I believe that icon indicates 'assets' purchased from the Helix Marketplace - whether presets or IRs. Did you purchase the 3 Sigma ones from the Marketplace or were they purchased (or free) before the Marketplace existed?
  14. silverhead

    Should I buy helix native or hardware?

    That would probably account for some difference I expect, at least re: the respective A/D and D/A converters.
  15. silverhead

    Should I buy helix native or hardware?

    And you're using Helix as the audio interface for your DAW on Mac?