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  1. silverhead

    Triggering samples

    The Gear Page....
  2. silverhead

    Helix Native Pro Tools HD12 only dry signal

    It seems that you have successfully recorded the dry guitar track, which is the first step. Make sure that you assign the Helix Native plug-in to the track when you play it back in Pro Tools. Are you doing that? Are you presented with the Helix Native edit window so that you can create a non-empty preset? Using an empty New Preset will also sound like just the dry signal.
  3. silverhead

    Do you like the stock cabs

    While that's true I find that I spend the hours anyway, searching for the 'good' IR. The sheer number of IRs with all the different baked-in parameters that are available to tweak in a stock cab is a huge disincentive for me. I have experimented with different IR sets that I have purchased but it took me a long time to go through them all. In fact I never finished the task (and that's exactly what it felt like). I have a few presets that use some good IRs that I found during that exercise but now I mostly use the stock cabs for new presets.
  4. You're right - I was thinking about Helix. Sorry for any confusion.
  5. Is Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > knob 5 and 6 not giving you the behaviour you want? Note that knobs 5 and 6 interact.
  6. silverhead

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    Thanks for your generosity in making these available for free.
  7. silverhead

    Delete Presets in HX Edit? - HX Effects

    Clearing any block in the preset would also remove it from all snapshots, along with any history of its relation to any snapshots. If you add the block back in you would be starting from the block's' default settings, including being unassigned to any snapshot.
  8. silverhead

    Delete Presets in HX Edit? - HX Effects

    You can easily clear all blocks from a preset in one button push on the device. See knob4 after pressing the ACTION button. See Helix manual page 18 for certain limitations on what the Clear All Blocks does. There is also a Clear All Blocks function in HX Edit. Select any block on the preset then use right-click or a keyboard shortcut. See HX Edit manual page 19. (btw..... consulting the manuals is always good practice when wondering about something.)
  9. The lowest note you can get from the Variax is an octave lower than the physical tuning of the low E string.
  10. silverhead

    Helix vs AXFX 3, seriously...

    No, not sleeping. But we're not censors. This thread is nowhere near the threshold (at least not yet) of personal attacks and nasty behaviour that would make me flag it to Line 6 for intervention. We've seen many threads that are nastier than this - including some on the same topic. The fact that a thread seems pointless to moderators doesn't mean we should hide/delete it. What's pointless to you and me may be significant and important to others. While I don't think anyone is going to change anyone else's mind here, and I think that it's a waste of time, everyone should feel free to carry on expressing their opinions and even mildly insulting each other along the way. If it starts to get really ugly I'll flag it. But this topic comes and goes so frequently without going over the line, and without any new input or fresh opinions, that we'll try to just let it play itself out. Eventually people will get tired and let the thread die as it should until it inevitably reappears. Meantime it's entertaining to see how the anonymity of the Internet can somehow give people the feeling that they can say things here that they would probably not say to anyone's face. Go figure. Get the popcorn.
  11. I am looking at mounting 5 Xd-V75 systems in a rack. Is there a power solution that involves a single external power source to one system and then a power distribution cable/kit to the other systems? I'm thinking of something like the power distribution solution that comes with the XD-AD8 product. I'm trying to avoid needing to use the 5 wall-warts into a power bar. Please ignore. Easily done I've discovered.......
  12. silverhead

    strange 'background distortion' / sizzeling

    Are you using the Guitar In Pad to accommodate your active pickups? (see Global Settings - Ins/Outs)
  13. silverhead

    Using the Helix live - mixing presets with stomp mode

    It's in Global Settings - Footswitches. (see manual page 52)
  14. silverhead

    Native license after selling LT?

    I believe there's some minimum time period after purchasing the Helix device and HX Native before you can sell it and still retain the Native license. The time period (longer than the typical return/refund period) is in place to discourage those who would purchase the Helix device purely to obtain the discount for HX Native and then immediately return the Helix device for full refund. Here's more info from the Helix Native FAQs: Q: Can I keep Helix Native if I return my product? If you return your eligible products, that will break the Terms and Conditions of your purchase of Helix Native and may be required to pay the difference or may have your Helix Native license revoked. Additional Terms and Conditions apply: