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  1. silverhead

    HX Effects or Helix for 100% Acoustic Player

    I agree. HX FX would be the better choice.
  2. silverhead

    Set Helix 1 button looper in 1/2 speed

    Sounds like a good Ideascale item......
  3. silverhead

    Helix FW 2.60 Variax model "Don't Force" gone.

    Thinking about it I'm not sure there's a problem. If you want to use a Global 'Don't Force' setting for the Variax Model then what you are telling Helix to do is not change the currently selected Variax model. Hence the display is actually providing more useful information, showing you the currently selected model rather than the unspecific Don't Force setting. Yes? No?
  4. silverhead

    Helix FW 2.60 Variax model "Don't Force" gone.

    Curious. I think this may a bug in the device firmware. The Don't Force option is available in HX Edit v2.60 and when I select it I can see the position bar for Global Variax Model shift just a bit on the device. So I think communication is happening and the device may in fact be set to Don't Force although the display doesn't show it. Perhaps others can confirm this behaviour?
  5. silverhead

    HX Effects Edit Software Status

    In your reviews please remember that this is a user support forum. While hosted by Line 6 the company itself has very little presence here and is very tolerant with their moderating practices. Anyone is free to come here and express themselves in whatever manner they see fit. Only in very unusual circumstances does Line 6 intervene in user discussions or discipline specific users.The tone and content of user's posts here are not a reflection on Line 6 customer support.
  6. silverhead

    Replacing a JCM800?

    You/he would hear the sound of being in a control room, not the sound of the live cranked tube amp. But understand that in any situation where the venue is large enough to have to mic the amp, nobody other than the guitar player him/herself actually hears the sound of the live cranked tube amp. Everybody else - the audience and even the other band members listening through their stage monitors - is hearing the sound of the mic'd amp through the PA system and FRFR speakers, which is what Helix delivers.
  7. silverhead

    Helix 2.6 update help.

    Yes - each firmware update is comprehensive, containing all features and components of earlier firmware releases. V2.6 contains the Legacy FX that came with v2.5 as well as the complete package of previously released amp and FX models.
  8. silverhead

    Helix 2.6 update help.

    Yes. Before updating the firmware make sure to use your current and compatible version of HX Edit to back up any setlists/presets you want to keep using in v2.6. Then download and install HX Edit v2.6, which will also install the associated driver and Line 6 Updater program. Then run the Updater program to update the Helix LT firmware.
  9. silverhead

    Replacing a JCM800?

    There will be a difference because Helix models the sound of an amp as captured by a microphone which you are then listening to through FRFR as if in a mixing control room or through a PA system. Listening to the JCM800 'in your face' involves no mic and no PA/FRFR. Remember that Helix is designed to deliver the sound of a recording or what the audience hears - not what the guitar player hears from the 'amp in the room' or on stage. Also you can get dramatically different sounds through the FRFR monitors by changing the mic/cab selections (or IRs) in the Helix preset. There is no 'one sound' from Helix using the JCM800 amp model so no real basis for apples-to-apples comparison. A true comparison would be to mic your JCM800 and record a clip. Then set up a Helix preset using the closest cab model that mimics your physical JCM800 cab and select the same mic model and placement as you used in your recording. Record a similar clip using this Helix preset and compare the two recordings.
  10. silverhead


    When I install Helix Native on PC I am presented with installation options. There are check boxes you use to indicate which one(s) of 3 options: VST2, VST3, or AAX that you want to install. Don't know how the Mac works.
  11. silverhead


    I'm not familiar with Macs but in the PC world errors like this can sometimes be resolved by uninstalling and reinstalling Helix Native. Perhaps others can be more helpful here.
  12. silverhead


    I assume your post means you are having an issue. Please describe it.
  13. silverhead

    UX2: problems

    Helix is an audio interface and soundcard as well as a multiFX device.
  14. silverhead

    Ways to Move through different Snapshots

    Yes. You can assign the Up/Down switches to move you sequentially through Banks, Presets, or Snapshots. From the manual: SHORTCUT: At any time, press and hold both FS1 and FS7 to cycle through BANK /, PRESET /, and SNAPSHOT /.
  15. silverhead

    There's got to be a better way.

    Yes, copying a preset is a 2-step SAVE operation. Hitting the SAVE button once initiates the sequence. At that point you can opt to perform a Save As.... operation by using the encoder knobs to rename the preset and specify a Copy destination setlist/bank/slot. Hitting the SAVE button again completes the operation.