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  1. I think you should open a support ticket. Sounds like a hardware problem to me.
  2. You're right that you need a dual path preset. Helix has two identical DSP processors, one for each path. That means that the amount of DSP available for your guitar and vocals is the same. Your guitar is restricted to using max. half the FX it could otherwise use under normal (no mic) circumstances. So yes, your range of guitar FX is restricted. You can copy FX blocks from one preset to another up to the point of DSP capacity on the guitar path. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying about getting " the guitar effects coming through on the gtr channels while he sings." That should be happening so I don't know why it's not. Here's a customtone preset I made several years ago for dual guitar/vocal processing. It's designed for an acoustic guitar but you can easily replace all blocks with electric guitar in mind. https://line6.com/customtone/tone/2044875/ Re: re-amping. The setup and procedures are discussed in the manual. Note that Helix Native is also an option for re-amping a dry track.
  3. That’s correct. Line 6 advises against using both simultaneously because it results in the Variax being powered from two sources (battery and VDI connection). Note that the 1/4” jack acts as a power switch for the battery; the jack itself does not provide power, it is simply an ‘on’ switch. When using Workbench without a POD/Helix USB interface you need to use a Line 6 USB dongle called the Workbench Hardware Interface. This uses an RJ-45 connector like the VDI cable but it is not a VDI cable. Specifically it does not provide power to the Variax. It’s the two power sources that causes the issues; the dongle does not provide power and so is safe to use with the battery.
  4. Also, if you are familiar with guitar amp, cab, and multi-FX modelers, and hence familiar with the difference between them and the 'amp in the room' feeling you are well on your way with your new Helix. However if this is your first modeler and you've only ever used an amp before you have a learning curve ahead of you. Your first reaction to your new Helix through your guitar amp may well be 'This sounds like sh!t'. Don't give up.
  5. For home use a pair of studio monitors is a good option. I suggest a minimum 6" cone.
  6. I suggest you open a support ticket.
  7. Yes, but you still have to manually save the preset before switching to another preset or those auto-saved snapshot changes are lost. In other words, snapshot auto-save is effective only while you remain in the same preset. When switching presets those changes behave like any other preset changes. Save ‘em or lose ‘em.
  8. Perhaps you have Tone 2 Locked?
  9. silverhead


    Presumably, the Auto setting is the recipe you want. That’s what it’s there for.
  10. Have you downloaded and installed the Line 6 driver for the PRO X?
  11. See manual page 55 (Helix Rack). Use Global Settings -> Footswitches knob 5.
  12. I’m not sure what this would accomplish. Helix Native is a plug-in; it applies to a pre-recorded signal. How would storing Variax settings in a HN preset affect the pre-recorded signal? If you used a Variax for the original recording all the Variax settings and modelling are already baked into the recorded signal. I think what you’re wanting is a Variax plug-in; let’s call it Variax Native. It would operate on a pre-recorded signal that is the raw piezo output from a Variax or any other piezo-equipped guitar, captured before the Variax modeling does its work. The Variax modeling software would run as a plug-in on your computer. Note that the Variax does not currently output the raw piezo signal. This would be a new plug-in product from Line 6, not an expansion of Helix Native. Probably a good suggestion for Ideascale though I suspect it’s already been there for years.
  13. After assigning both FX to the same switch, manually turn one off and one on. Then Save the preset in that state. Henceforth the switch will toggle between the two states, with one FX alternately on and the other off.
  14. This sounds odd to me. Perhaps I misunderstand. What you describe is not a freeze-up during normal operations. It is a failure to boot and start up properly in one situation and not another. What’s the difference between the ‘initial start-up’ and a ‘restart’? I understand that the behaviour is different, but aren’t you actually turning the device off and then on using the power switch in both cases? The device doesn’t know or care that you consider one situation to be an initial start-up while another is a restart. All it knows is that the switch has been turned on and it attempts to start up. Is there some timing element between powering off and on that makes it different? Perhaps what you call the initial start-up occurs after the device has been turned off for some hours/days and then turned on, while the restart on/off cycle happens within a few seconds immediately after it has just frozen? If this is the case try doing some testing to determine what the critical time interval is. After how long does it no longer ‘restart’ properly but rather fails on its ‘initial start-up’? I would contact Frank Richotte at Line 6 as he has requested earlier in this thread.
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