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  1. silverhead

    Monitor question

    Yes they should do the job nicely for studio use.
  2. Make sure you also updated the editor.
  3. No update that I'm aware of. Still not working for me.
  4. That’s not normal. You shouldn’t have to check and save each preset. I would open a support ticket. The rebuild on startup is normal after adding older presets to the device, which is what happened when you restored your backup. If a further rebuild occurred it would indicate that you may have a corrupt setlist or presets.
  5. When you ran HX Edit v3.01 it should have informed you that two updates were available: HX Edit v3.10 and Helix firmware v3.10. It should then have proceeded to download and install HX Edit v3.10. Did this happen in your case? If not, run HX Edit v3.01 again and make sure that you download and install HX Edit v3.10 first. After HX Edit v3.10 is installed, run it. It should then alert you that one update is available: Helix firmware v3.10. Follow the prompts to install it. It does sometimes happen that this fails with the error message you describe. In this case running the Line 6 Updater program directly may help. Try it while your Helix is displaying the ‘boot failure...’ message.
  6. This behaviour is controlled by a setting contained in the Input block of every preset. A firmware update restores this Variax setting to its default value of Global. You need to reset it to Preset. If you restore your system backup after a firmware update this is reset as part of that process. If you did not restore your Global Settings from your backup file then you need to do this manually (but only in one preset - it's a global setting so affects all presets).
  7. Helix does not produce midi data like the note on/off, duration, tempo/timing, and velocity data. That is the domain of midi keyboard and midi guitar controllers. Helix does not do that. It produces straight up audio and also handles midi program change and continuous controller data. This has nothing to do with editing wrong notes and timing data that a keyboard controller generates.
  8. Go to the Downloads section of this website. In the middle (software) field select Helix Native from the drop down menu. Click on the Download button in the bottom right corner of the pane describing the v3.10 release. Run the downloaded installer file.
  9. silverhead

    Helix FW 3.1?

    Note too that after doing a factory reset you will have the latest v3.10 factory presets, including any potential additions or modifications. If you want to keep them don’t overwrite them during the restoration of your backup. You can choose NOT to restore Setlists #1, 2, and 8 (Factory1, Factory2, and Templates).
  10. As of HX Edit v3.01 you should always begin the update process from HX Edit. It will detect that updates are available and manage the entire process for you. The only reason you should use Line 6 Updater now is if something unexpected happens and the automatic update procedure fails. This is especially important now that v3.10 has been released. If you haven’t already downloaded and installed HX Edit v3.01 start there.
  11. Also try increasing the Bias level in the power amp section.
  12. The POD Go does not have standard MIDI ports. It utilizes midi over USB. It will respond to midi messages from any midi controller that can send the messages over USB. To the OP: a quick read of the current GR55 product info suggests it can do this. @GeemanWhat midi controller will your bass player be using? If it uses midi over usb he’ll be OK. Otherwise not.
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