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  1. silverhead

    Tip: Make a Mute Button for Multiple Paths

    The screenshot is from Helix Native - not a Helix device.
  2. silverhead

    Updater Blank Screen - Helix

    Does HX Edit recognize the device?
  3. silverhead

    Patch file types

    No. The patches are not compatible.
  4. And yet here you are...... is this just a casual drive-by or can we dare hope you will return regularly to further enlighten us?
  5. Thanks for the update. I hope you eventually get the Line 6 cap - it does the job perfectly with no protrusion. But it sounds like you have a good solution now with the dummyPLUG NDF so maybe no real need for the Line 6 cap.
  6. silverhead

    Pod x3 live no sound output

    One thing to check - the Amp/Line switch on the top panel of the device. I discovered once by accident that if this switch is in the middle position it acts as a mute switch on the outputs.
  7. silverhead

    Odd preset after updated to 2.71 on HX Effects

    I'm not sure what you're looking for. It's not unusual for factory presets to sound weird. They are often designed for exactly that purpose - to show off the sorts of strange sounds you can get by using certain FX in certain ways. You would never use this sort of preset if you're looking for a guitar sound. But a sound designer for a sci-fi movie might be looking for exactly this as Captain Picard raises his hand, points his finger, and says 'Engage!'. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your device if that's what you're worried about.
  8. silverhead

    From Helix to Helix LT ?

    Yes. Helix Floor and Helix LT presets are fully compatible.
  9. silverhead

    Feature request: HX Rum

    You never know on this forum.... :-) I remember some time ago there was a post from someone who wanted a clock digital readout on the LCD display arguing that it was too much trouble to seek out the actual time when practicing late at night with no smartphone or computer at hand. I thought it was a joke and responded in kind. Turned out he was serious - and offended!
  10. It's not an either/or situation in terms of sources for development ideas. Could it possibly be that Line 6 might consider BOTH ideascale and the survey? I know - mind blowing thought!!
  11. silverhead


    After connecting via USB you need to connect your speakers/monitors to the Helix outputs. The Helix becomes your computer's soundcard.
  12. I suggest you open a support ticket with Line 6: https://line6.com/account/tickets/view
  13. silverhead

    Helix Updates

  14. silverhead

    Edit Profile

    Normally you can add new registered gear in your Account Settings (not profile). If you click on the little downward pointing arrow beside your username in the top right area of this page you will see a drop-down menu with an item call Account Settings. Go there and you should be able to modify a number of settings including your registered gear. However, at the moment the Account Settings selection from the drop-down menu is not working for me.......... Is it working for you?
  15. silverhead

    Helix total control of Variax

    No, I'm not talking about hardware. I haven't been a software designer for many years but I once was. I think it's important to note that, while just software, Workbench runs on a PC/Mac computer platform. The current connectivity using Helix simply transmits commands to/from the PC and the Variax. I don't think the Workbench software is actually running on Helix; I think it is not currently capable of running on the Helix platform. So while I have no idea how much effort is involved I'm pretty sure it's not zero.