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  1. Please provide more details. - What exactly do you mean by this: “The IR appears to be present, but it doesn't load.” Where does it appear? How are you attempting to load it? - Where did you purchase the preset? - Was the IR file included in the purchase? If a purchased preset references an IR then the preset seller should include the (properly licensed) IR file.
  2. You can see the version that will be downloaded when you select it on the Downloads page. If that says v3.15 and it’s actually v1.00 that is being downloaded and installed, that’s a problem with the Line 6 website configuration. Open a support ticket to report it.
  3. The fact that it’s still working probably means the pcb board was not damaged. Any damage usually occurs during the incident (electrical malfunction), not during the repair. You’re right about warranty being expired.
  4. Sorry. I misspoke. You don’t need to update Reaper, just configure it to include the v3.15 VST installation folder for Helix Native and ignore the v3.11 VST folder. I’m not sure where exactly in Reaper you adjust the VST folder locations that Reaper should use but that’s all you should need to do. Of course that may not be the actual issue but it’s my best guess.
  5. Perhaps you have not updated Reaper to point to the new installation of HX Native. It may still be pulling up the previous version of HX Native.
  6. Is it working with your glue fix? If so you might be able to repair it yourself if you're comfortable with this sort of thing, and if you're willing to void any warranty still remaining on the device. I'm not so can't say whether the part you point to will work or whether it's 'simple or hard'. But beware - I know that this happened occasionally on POD HDxxxx devices and the repair often involved replacing a pcb board that was damaged during the incident. So it may not be as simple as replacing the port itself. My advice? Open a support ticket.
  7. The easiest way to do this is in HX Edit. Just drag/drop the preset to its new destination. Other presets will be automatically rearranged appropriately. You can do it directly on the device without HX Edit but it’s more annoying, and involves using an empty buffer location as a holding space so you don’t lose anything. It becomes MUCH more annoying if you need to rearrange multiple presets.
  8. I suggest you open a support ticket if you haven’t already.
  9. It’s likely a hardware issue but there’s a small chance that it is a firmware corruption. To be sure I would reinstall the firmware. Use Workbench HD to backup any customized models first. If the problem persists I would open a support ticket to address the hardware issue.
  10. What device are you using to run YouTube? If it’s your Mac I don’t understand the issue. Please provide more info. If it’s another device connecting to your HX Stomp, use the Retun (not Main) inputs and check Global Settings -> Ins/Outs -> Return Type
  11. Most symptoms of strange sounds using Variax Custom Tunings are the result of a simple inescapable fact: the string is still vibrating at its physically-tuned frequency. Your ears are relatively close to, and very sensitive to, the acoustic string vibration. You can hear it. Unless the volume of your Variax tuning is very loud, or the acoustic sound is blocked by closed earphones, your ear hears both the physical tuning and the altered tuning. Not usually a pleasing sound.
  12. There’s no discernible difference in the sound produced by Helix Native vs. a Helix hardware device. The comparison has been made many times by me and others, and reported here.
  13. All Variax models beginning with the JTV a series included the USB Workbench interface. Earlier models did not (Variax x00). I would expect a significant discount (~$100) for a JTV without the interface vs. one with it.
  14. Only Line 6 knows the answer and they don’t release such information publicly in advance. Anyone here (except an authorized Line 6 employee) who says they know X or Y about this to be true is actually just speculating. You will find out when and if a Helix firmware release is announced that includes these features - not before. So the question that is freezing you remains: Do I want to wait for these features that may be available in Helix relatively soon, or may actually never be available in Helix, or do I want them now in Metallurgy? Only you can decide.
  15. Perhaps I misunderstand, but I control the volume level of the computer-generated audio such as backing tracks using the computer’s volume controls, not the USB audio device. Have you tried adjusting the volume level on your Mac?
  16. Post this suggestion to Ideascale if you want the Line 6 developers to see it.
  17. A buddy of mine named Paul has a large collection of guitars. He is also a guitar tech and I was at his place one day while he was doing some work on my guitar. He was talking about his most recent visit to an auction sale where there were several guitars available. He said he wanted to buy more but in the end he settled on one Les Paul. His wife, overhearing the conversation, said “That’s what I need - one less Paul.”
  18. Your thread is visible to me in the Helix forum. Don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to see it. Click on your avatar to bring you to your personal profile page. All your postings should be visible there.
  19. There’s no right or wrong answer here. Experiment and go with whatever sounds best to you. The traditional setup would be to turn the cab sim off in your POD Go preset.
  20. I guess this is the default behaviour then. Not a bug but a design decision. The best way to get this changed is to submit the suggestion to Ideascale.
  21. Please clarify what your issue is and provide more info about your physical setup. You say it has stopped outputting yet there is output. Confusing.
  22. Actually it controls the level of the signal as it leaves the VOL block at its position in the signal chain. Using the Firehawk app you can drag the Vol pedal to place it at the beginning of the signal chain, or at least in front of the amp. Then it will behave the way you want.
  23. One of the models in the Dynamics section is called Autoswell. I would start with that.
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