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  1. Could that be why it’s called the... (wait for it).... Helix Floor?
  2. Not at all I think. In my experience Line 6 wants beta testers who want to seek out problems and make sound recommendations for improvement. Fan boys are not good beta testers if all they want to do is extol the virtues of a product. A healthy disrespect is very useful. The desired attitude is "I want to bring this thing to its knees and make it crash spectacularly!" Edit: added the word ‘not’ which was originally omitted.... Fan boys are not good beta testers.....
  3. No that won't work. It is not a midi controller. If the term midi is not familiar to you then the answer is No - there is no simple footswitch device that will do what you want.
  4. You can’t change presets using an external foot switch. You can do it using an external midi controller.
  5. Yes, latency free monitoring from the Helix POD HD outputs. The software, POD HD Edit, also supports setlist and preset backups. Yes, there is a noticeable improvement over ‘strictly software based’ audio processing. The POD HD is a dedicated special-purpose device and processes audio using its firmware which is baked into the hardware. The device is not running a general computer OS; it is optimized for doing its own audio processing and nothing else. This is much more efficient than running a software program on general purpose computer.
  6. Sorry - that was a dumb question. I was thinking about a device other than the Amplifi. It sounds like a driver issue. Try disconnecting your Amplifi and then downloading and installing the Line 6 Amplifi USB driver again.
  7. It is described in the Firehawk FX manual in the section titled Using a Line 6 Variax.
  8. What do you mean by ’setup’? Do you mean how to use Sonic Port VX perhaps with other equipment? Or are you looking for alternatives to Sonic Port VX?
  9. Define ‘better’. If you mean in technical terms like sampling bit rate and modeling techniques the POD HD series is better. If you mean quicker and easier to dial in a sound you like the Amplifi series may be better. If you mean which sounds better when optimally dialed in, we’ll that’s subjective and up to you and also depends on how much time you’re willing to invest in learning how to dial in your tones. If you mean less costly, probably the Amplifi series. If you mean better $$ value, probably the POD HD (imho). What’s most important to you?
  10. No, individual amp models are not available for purchase.
  11. That sounds like an internet connection problem. I would try the usual connection troubleshooting things - restart your computer, router, and any other devices in the chain. Are you having any other general internet issues? Contact your ISP?
  12. First, try a different cord. Perhaps the one you’re using has a bit of a small plug. Otherwise the internal jack connection is loose. If you’re comfortable fixing or replacing it yourself you can probably do so. If it’s brand new or under warranty I would return it or get it repaired by the dealer.
  13. Please provide more detailed information. Is the download process itself not working, indicating a problem with the internet connection? Is it not installing successfully? If so how are you installing it? Is it installing properly but unable to boot successfully? Give details of exactly what you are doing and at what point it is problematic.
  14. You will be able to register it. You can do it directly if the previous owner has unregistered it from their account. Otherwise you may need Line 6 help; contact them in that case. However, registration does not determine whether you will qualify for the Helix Native discount. That will depend on whether the previous owner used the discount already. Only one discount per Helix device (serial number).
  15. Typically it would be Amp but try both and see what you prefer. It should be matched to your amp’s FX Return jack specs. Is it expecting an Amp/ Instrument or Line level signal?
  16. Make sure the POD Go device not connected via USB when you install the driver. Connect after installation.
  17. 2. There’s no ‘right’ answer. Experiment. What sounds best to you is right for you. Using your PARA-DI box experiment with using the Helix Mic input and it’s associated preamp. Helix has a global setting to adjust the mic input gain if you need to boost or cut the input level. If your PARA-DI box has a 1/4” output experiment with using the Helix Guitar input. When you are experimenting without your PARA-DI and connecting your acoustic directly to the Helix using the 1/4” Guitar input you may find the input signal level low due to your passive pickups. Try using the Helix Studio pre-amp model. You may even want to boost the signal before it hits the Studio pre-amp using e.g.a Gain FX block or an EQ block with neutral tone settings and just a Level boost. You can also boost the signal further at the Output block if necessary.
  18. 4 - Increase the Level of the Output block on the acoustic guitar path.
  19. Where are your speakers/monitors connected? What output are you listening to - the POD Go outputs or your external looper outputs? The correct setup is to connect the POD Go Send jack to your external looper input, and the external looper output to the POD Go Return jack. The FX Loop block sends the signal to your external looper at the point in the signal chain where the FX Loop block is placed. Using your 3 pictures above: 1) Yes, as you describe your external looper is receiving the fully processed signal because the FX Loop block sits at the end of the signal processing chain. 2) The FX Loop block sits after the Vol and Wah pedals and before anything else. Hence your external looper is receiving only the effects of the Vol and Wah pedals. Specifically, your looper is NOT receiving any of the processing from any other amp, cab, or FX block. What you describe is exactly what I would expect. Since the Wah seems to be off your looper is receiving only the Vol-effected raw signal. If you are listening to your looper outputs that's all you will hear. Your POD Go outputs should give you the fully processed signal. 3) Your looper is receiving all processing except for the cab block, which is why it sounds bright and harsh. Again, If you are listening to your looper outputs that's what you will hear. Your POD Go outputs should give you the fully processed signal including the cab. In all cases, your looper is recording exactly what it is being sent. Your Looper output should be connected to the POD Go Return jack.
  20. Firehawk FX does not support IRs.
  21. Suggest you open a support ticket.
  22. Yes they can. But I imagine they're looking for a price discount, even though it's software. Perhaps it's a bit scratched and scuffed from all that transporting here and there?
  23. Adjust the channel volume first to level preset volumes; it doesn’t affect tone. Don’t adjust the gain or drive before the amp because that will affect tone. There are other options too, like using the Hi gain input setting on your active pickup guitar preset, or putting a Gain block at the end of the signal chain, or an EQ block with an increased level setting and neutral tone settings, or increasing the level of the Output block, or.....
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