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  1. I suggest you open a support ticket to work directly with Line 6 Support on this. Follow the Support link at the top of this page.
  2. You can keep bumping this up as long as you wish. It’s not that nobody is seeing your post, it’s just that there’s nothing left to say here. This is a user community forum. Line 6 Support does not live here. You’re swimming upstream against a Line 6 policy decision. Only Line 6 can help you, and you’ve already done what you need to do via the support ticket system. Daily bumps are just a waste of your (and other’s) time.
  3. I presume you’re talking about the POD XT Live, not ‘post live’. I’m not sure from your description whether or not there’s an actual problem other than the error message. You say the pod sometimes worked. Can you elaborate on any performance issue you are having? To get rid of the error message you could try uninstalling all Line 6 drivers and then reinstall the latest.
  4. A quick glance at the manual pg 22/23 discusse how the Mix knob behaves differently for the Classic and 1-Switch looper. Could this be your issue?
  5. Yes, Updater and Monkey are separate programs. But (afaik) Monkey does not call on Updater to finish. Monkey should install the firmware itself. Updater replaced Monkey for future products at some time in the past, but they never worked together. Please describe exactly what happens, including screenshots if possible, when you run Monkey. At what point does the update process fail, and why do you think it’s trying to call on Updater?
  6. Use the Double Bass FX block. I assume you know the basics of tone creation and editing using the Amplifi TT. If not, consult the manual.
  7. I just checked. There is a preset named Studio One in the Templates setlist. Loading the preset shows the footswitch assignments such as Play/Stop, Arm, Record, Undo, Redo, ....
  8. Yes, the setup for two amps using the 7CM is described in the manual on page 10. I’ve never tried it and it seems to me that there might be an issue if you use stereo FX because both Land R HX main outputs are used, which means each one is carrying half of the stereo signal and going to different amps.
  9. You don’t mention it but I assume you are using the Looper in the POD Go rather than an external looper pedal or a DAW for recording. Make sure the Octaver FX appears before the Looper in your signal chain. The Looper will record the signal entering it, including all FX blocks that appear before it. It cannot record any part of the signal that appears after it in the signal chain.
  10. I believe there are several presets in the factory Templates setlist that are designed to provide this type of control over various DAWs. I don’t know if there’s one for Presonus but there might be. If not you can use any one of these presets as a starting point to customize for Presonus. I haven’t had a need to look at these presets myself but I expect the critical pieces will be found in the Command Centre and will involve various MIDI commands assigned to footswitches.
  11. an after thought… If you know the serial number of the device you may be able to determine whether the discount is available. With the serial number at hand, try using the discount to actually purchase a license. You will either be denied the purchase or will be allowed to proceed to payment (when you will abandon the purchase).
  12. The first thing I do with a new device is update the Edit program and the firmware. The procedure for this is described in the manual on pg 5. In your case there is no need to reinstall the backup file, but do perform a factory reset after updating. If the problem persists please let us know.
  13. No, there’s no alternate tuning capability that addresses individual strings, like Variax. There are certain FX blocks that adjust the pitch of the entire signal but they don’t recognize individual notes and they are monophonic. That means they work best on single notes rather than chords. For instance, you can simulate a bass guitar by using a pitch shifter FX to lower the pitch of the incoming signal by an octave. Then you can play a bass part using individual notes and it can sound like a bass guitar. You can use it to drop everything a semi-tone, for instance, and play chords. It will sound something like detuning your guitar to Eb but the monophonic nature of the FX introduces artifacts that I believe most players find intolerable.
  14. The discount applies to the device, not the owner. So if any previous owner purchased Helix Native using the device discount then the discount will not be available to the new owner. If the device discount has not been used then it will be available for you.
  15. Good. It may take a few days for Line 6 Technical Support to respond. But be prepared - the official policy is the the Amplifi series is not receiving any further updates, and it seems they have already made their decision about the cloud tones. You are likely to be unsatisfied with their response. If so, the only person who might be able to persuade Line 6 to do anything for you will be the support person who responds to the ticket. Be nice to them!
  16. Unless I misunderstand the problem seems to be with that specific guitar, not the amp. Does that guitar work with other amps? Have you contacted the guitar manufacturer?
  17. Not sure what more you are expecting here. Have you opened a support ticket as suggested? You are right - the Amplifi product series is no longer being updated. Only Line 6 Support can help you find a different resolution if there is one, and you contact them through a support ticket. And if there’s no resolution you need to hear it directly from Line 6 Support.
  18. Strange. A Wah pedal is typically applied early in the signal chain so I think it should be working if you put it pre-HD500X. In other words, Guitar -> Wah -> HD500X. Perhaps there’s a mismatch in the level (Line, Amp, …) that the Wah pedal is sending vs. the HD500X input? Can you describe the ‘weird things’ it’s doing to the tone?
  19. Well, then, it seems that your Multitracker app has decided to clog up your display by showing all HELIX USB channels even when the Helix is not the assigned audio device. Chase down the app designers to see if they can change the app?
  20. I would open a support ticket (follow the Support link at the top of this page). It’s unusual for version 0.00 to be reported. Alternatively, if this is a new product you could inquire with the vendor about replacement.
  21. Yes, that’s the best setup to guarantee stereo all the way in terms of the POD and RC-1. You may want 7 cables if you use the POD Send block. Then you want the pair from the RC-1 going back to the POD Returns and the POD Main Outputs going to the soundboard. This would allow you to place additional FX blocks in the POD for processing the signal received back from the RC-1 - this portion of the signal would not be in the RC-1 recorded loop.
  22. Try uninstalling all older versions of POD Go Edit (especially the drivers) and then reinstall the latest.
  23. Perhaps there’s a way to disable the audio within your Multitracker app, or assign audio to another device and just use the Helix as the MIDI device?
  24. In general what you describe will work. Whether or not you need a TRS cable depends on whether the signal you are feeding to the RC-1 is stereo or mono. If you are not using any stereo FX blocks in the POD before the signal goes out the Send block then you don’t need a TRS cable. If you want to send a stereo signal to the RC-1 then you need a TRS cable. In the latter case check the specs for the RC-1 to see whether the mono input actually accepts a stereo signal if a TRS cable is used. Similarly, check the specs for both the RC-1 and the POD to see if using a single TRS cable from the RC-1 L/mono Send to the POD L Return will also handle a stereo signal. In that case you could use two TRS cables overall.
  25. In your preset's Output block you can select an Output that does not include USB. That will prevent audio being sent over USB. I don't know if it will actually prevent the 8 available USB channels from being visible in your external equipment.
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