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  1. So last night I was running through my STP presets in preparation for practice tomorrow. I got through 19/24 songs....when I got to my preset for Fall To Pieces. Now... Everything sounded great, didn't have to adjust anything, mix of audio to Helix sounds was spot on for me. All good. On the Fall To Pieces preset, the audio coming from the laptop was staticy/crackly. Not the first time I've encountered it on this preset. The only preset this happens to. I can change presets, and the audio is fine. I can play my guitar through the preset and it sounds fine. Few things to note, 1. This preset was created from scratch along with the rest of my STP presets 2. The preset is using favorites for all blocks, minus a few setting tweaks for the song, that are used in the rest of my STP presets that had no issue. 3. I simple restart of the helix, changing presets or anything else doesn't resolve this. It has worked in the past, but not sure what is causing it. Any ideas what could be causing this? It looks like my input/output settings aren't any different than other presets. I will post the presets if no one else has any ideas of what to check off the top of their heads.
  2. Ok... I know this has been asked, but my 'searching' brain functions clearly are not working today without coffee yet. I have files that I rename (in windows, right-click - rename sorta thing), when I import them into Helix, sometimes the names still do not transfer or they show the same extensive naming that the company used. In stupid people instructions, how can I remedy this. I'd really love to just rename something like Marshall V30 121/57 or OS Mesa 160/57 sorta thing.
  3. While you guys helped me before with setting it up and all. I have not revisited recording for awhile....I can research my own threads to find those answers....my questions this time are more Helix recording based. I'll be recording my STP Tribute band for some simple demo type songs/clips etc. Being that he runs a dual amp type sound, and I have a preset per song type approach to my live playing. How should I approach recording the tracks. Should I record just using my live preset as is? Should I tweak each preset as I record that track to essentially mute the 2nd amp and then record a 2nd track with the 2nd amp separately so I can mix them in post? Should I double track each amp (4 tracks, panned appropriately)? Should I leave songs as I play them, or attempt to throw in the 'ear-candy overdubs' that are abundant on several of the tracks? My gut instinct says to record each amp sound seperately (double tracked, 4 tracks) panned...and only play the parts that I play live as it will match what we sound like more? Thoughts?
  4. I would probably use the Placatar Dirty amp this time though.....Saturation on, bump the sag a bit (6.5), tighten the bias a bit (4.0). Master about 8ish. Just guessing as I'm at work.....
  5. Good luck, i forgot about that preset I did while I was bored, at my in-laws house at the time. lol
  6. Yeah rd2rk, I've been following your posts when the PC conversations come up which is what made me want to consolidate it here a bit to help decide if it would benefit me at all. The powered wedge I care around is a EV 15", and while the 15 is a bit much for guitar, it gives me enough low end response to help sorta hear what subs may be doing or picking up in a FOH type system. Just wasnt sure if the form factor of the PC vs Wedge would be a benefit...with the added benefit of off-loading the cab/IR dsp requirements and allow me more flexibility in preset design. Doesnt seem that it would be worth it as much right now.
  7. I would basically be using it to offload the IR/Cab blocks from my Helix, and also have a more traditional 'backline' for stage volume. I see some like the on board speaker models, and some prefer IR's. I've been happy with the stock cabs, but I do have a collection of York IR's I could load in and revisit some settings to adjust...if I had to.
  8. The split cabs for me are a necessity of this project and the tone I'm trying to emulate. HOWEVER....this has taught me something that I have utilized in another project. I dont have my Helix connected right now, but I can attach a preset tomorrow night maybe and you can download and see what difference it makes. You have a stomp, so I dont know if it'll work though. For me, this project runs 2 amps. I'm using one amp to get an edge of breakup to mild breakup tone on one amp into a cab I label "Brite" cab and the other with a darker sound into a "Dark" cab. If I remember correctly, I'm about drinks in at the moment and going from memory, my rig template for presets for this band is this: Amp A - Fender Deluxe - Mesa EQ (highlighting 750/2.2khz/6.6khz to help with bite/clarity - Brite Cab (I think its the Vox 2x12 with a 57 or 421 mic. Amp B - Orange Rockerverb - Mesa EQ (highlighting 80/240 frequencies, scoop 750 a few db, and add 2.5/6.6 to add enough definition) - Dark Cab (Mesa V30 cab, 160 Mic I think) With this setup, I need a thick chunky type sound, but adding the Fender gives me some nice clarity to the pick attack.
  9. Well, my damn mind just wont shut off with this stuff. Its a good thing is a paid hobby and not a career. lol. I agree...the number of times I told them I was running a line level signal and still blew ears out when they turned my channel on makes me shrug. lol The band before us, one guy was using a Marshall head into an Orange cab with a 57 on it. Sounded horrible on its own, but sat well in the mix. Credit to the sound guy there too. Singer/Guitar guy was playing a Headrush. It was decent, without sounding biased, I liked my helix better, but there are so many variables its like comparing apples to deoderant. Not even close with information given. I did find it interesting he was going into a 1x12 power cab, but then had that mic'd. That confused me a bit, why not run direct out. Does the direct out not just send whatever speaker sound you have out the output link?
  10. FIrst of all, I'd like to say thank you to everyone here that is helpful in their responses, but also those that ask questions that also prompt myself (and others) to approach things differently and explore a bit to educate yourself about rigs/blocks/effects etc. Big shout out to those who post video tutorials (Jason Sadites to name a primary one for myself, and others who just escape me at the moment). Those tutorials have helped me think about things and approach things without a guitar in my hand and allowed me to really do some neat things. Why all these words? My Stone Temple Pilots band had our first headlining show this past weekend. While the venue was, a'hem, not the grandest.....the crowd was into our setlist (after another band opened for 2 hours). All that is great....but my real satisfaction comes from programming my Helix and being happy with it, but also being efficient and well prepared for sound guys as we do not run our own sound and I dont like to let that control go away easily. HOWEVER.... While we performed great.....at the end while tearing down, I asked the sound guy (who I had already qualified as a great guy, knowledgeable, geeky like me with gear, and an overworker in his field compared to others) how my guitar sounded...and he said it sounded great. I asked what he did to help me get in the mix to file that information away when I make my next adjustments...and his response, "Dude, I didn't have to touch your guitar. I ran your guitar flat. Thats the first time I've ever run a guitar players rig flat. Anyone that has to EQ your guitar in a mix, needs to retune their PA!" I immediately put my arms in the air, and with a fist pump added a 'F*ck yeah'!! I then asked how my lead boosts were, and he said they were great. He literally had to do nothing to my guitar all night. I've never felt such satisfaction from a group of 25 presets in my playing life. 30 years, 16 of that is running direct (Boss, Line 6, Fractal). Just wanted to share as it was 2 days ago and I'm still proud of those comments. Edit: Oh, and yes....for those that say the stock cabs aren't good enough. Maybe in a studio realm they lack something a special IR does have. But my presets in this set all used 2 stock cabs in parallel.
  11. Yeah the band had gone for 10 years and I was just done, needed to move on. I'm happier...lol. My current headphones are closed back and i like the isolation. Just wasnt sure if there was a benefit to the open back that I'm not aware of. For the cost, I think I'll try the Beyer ones, It seems we are on the same page with a lot of stuff and I respect your review you gave here..... Appreciate that.
  12. I have searched, and the 2 popular ones I see most are (correct me if I'm wrong: Sennheiser HD600 - Open Back - $400 roughly Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro 80 Ohm - $160 roughly What will I noticed with the variation between open back and closed. My current phones are closed...but I dont have any experience with open back ones. My current phones are pretty heavy in the 240hz range and pretty light on the 6k range. Which is why i need to find a more 'flat' response set. I've been able in the past to dial in with my headphones into my bands PA system, however my band is no more...and PA systems will fluctuate a bit more going forward for me, so I just need a better straight up reference pair. Also dialing in the acoustic simulator is impossible with those 2 frequencies running wild I mentioned above. I really would only be using these for preset creation, practicing at home to Spotify....so I dont need studio, mix-mastering level of quality....but I need something quality as I dont have the budget to try, replace, try, replace. Also, my gf will likely buy them as a birthday gift, so I'd prefer to not have to exchange her gift being that she will basically buy whatever I suggest. lol. I guess from a quality sound perspective (ignoring the closed vs open back concept) what would be the difference between the two models? Secondly, how does the closed vs open back affect my first question? Appreciate any help here. The information on this topic is overwhelming and I know I'm dumping a glass of water into the ocean by asking in another thread, but I feel I've come down to these 2 options and its hard to sort out opinions, reviews etc with all other posts in those threads.
  13. When in Command center/Stomp Mode, you can program the layout/switches however you like. For FS 1 & 2, I choose HX preset Previous & Next. However the text on the scribble strip only displays 'Previous' Or 'Next'. However if I instead choose HX Preset 01 or HX Preset 05, it pulls the name of the preset onto the scribble strip. I set all my presets up this way as 'my' template for live performance. FS 1/2 are to navigate to the previous/next preset. If I need to jump to skip a song or go back to one I skipped I exit STOMP mode and yes, I have it set to 8 presets, so then I see the presets, choose the one I need, enter stomp mode again, and there is my layout for that song. Again, with the previous/next buttons as I mentioned above.
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