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  1. Yeah I questioned the chorus thing, and I suppose with minimal settings on the tremelo a chorus isnt far off..... I'll try more the chorus route. Appreciate it.
  2. I'm trying to copy the effect used in Seether's song Fake It. I've tried to add this effect to other songs/presets and I get so-so results, just can't seem to dial it in right. Either seems too choppy, or not present enough, or the rate (using bpm or Hz setting)... Can someone dial in a tremelo setting for the solo of this song and send me a screenshot of the settings or include the settings in a post so I can see what I'm doing wrong? I've tried several different models and such... Right now my skills are rated Tremel-NO....
  3. This pedal would be your friend...I didnt care for it much, but lotta people love it. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FreqOut--digitech-freqout-natural-feedback-creation-pedal?mrkgadid=3331289248&mrkgcl=28&mrkgen=gpla&mrkgbflag=0&mrkgcat=guitars&acctid=21700000001645388&dskeywordid=92700046934877554&lid=92700046934877554&ds_s_kwgid=58700005283398557&ds_s_inventory_feed_id=97700000007215323&dsproductgroupid=373037011329&product_id=FreqOut&prodctry=US&prodlang=en&channel=online&storeid=&device=c&network=g&matchtype=&adpos=largenumber&locationid=9019415&creative=332063179833&targetid=pla-373037011329&campaignid=1709882817&awsearchcpc=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwr56IBhAvEiwA1fuqGtHQ-QN4tDwDV4P5U9mt3s5Nsm1T3D7sJBCy3ujrQyZthDLogh7wbhoCi-wQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  4. Ok, I see the pic, and in the most basic terms, what are you trying to accomplish sound wise? Use Helix for all tones? Use the 240 for some tones (do you need to control these somehow?), but Helix for effects? Use 240 merely as a power amp to a 'real' cabinet type thing?
  5. The easiest way for me to digest it (being a helix owner and not a 240c owner) is to list your 240c input/output options. It sounds like there should be a way to put the amp in an FX Loop of the helix, similar to a regular amps 4 cable method...but I need more info in a way my brain can handle it.
  6. I agree with Cruisin....Because all the ingredients are different you wont get there exactly. Its like getting a famous cake recipe from an out of state bakery and trying to make it yourself. You can by the same ingredients, milk/flour/eggs etc...but maybe not the same brand. Your also not the same cook and not cooking in the same kitchen or the same dishware. Your best bet is to read the recipe used in the cakes you mentioned and then find the Helix equivalents to match your shopping list. Experiment with things. You may not like your cake with Brand X flour, but the store brand flour for half as much might work with your guitar, ahem, I mean eggs better for mixing and a smoother batter.
  7. I dont have the exact Helix family units your talking about, but reading through the notes this popped in my head. What do you have the auto engage bypass time set to? I know its typically less than 500ms, but is it possible your changing snapshots before that counter has disengaged and its confusing the switching state/control settings? I agree sounds like a bug of some sort. But I have my wahs set to autoengage, usually at 0ms off response time, and toe down as off. I have the full helix, but havent ever noticed this issue either with the on board exp predal or my mission engineering one in EXP 1 input.
  8. Just to piggy back on this. If you like the more attack in the wah sound of 100% in the low register, but not on the high register...you can ASSIGN the min/max settings of the 'Mix%' to 100/75% or 75/100%. That way when you are in the lower register you get more wah bite/edge, but as you progress through the sweep it reduces the mix to allow more dry signal come through. I love doing stuff like this with other effects sometimes. Such as adding a parametric EQ prior to the WAH and adjusting the +/- db and the Q/frequency to match the min/max of the wah as well. I may set the Min to -5db/4.0Q/800hz and the max to +6db/4.0Q/800hz. Just as an example. Lots of impractical stuff you can do....
  9. Are you talking about the 'resonance' of the wah sound? Or the 'Q'... Resonance is how vocal or how throaty>bitey the wah gets. the Q is the width of the sweeping range of the wah 'pot' essentially. I loved that my Fractal had access to those two parameters and you could really create your own custom wah. the GT series by Boss as well. You can lower the min Freq settings and such, but the resonance and Q are set. For awhile I paired an OD block to engage when my wah did to help emulate the 'drive' that is in the Slash Sig wah. I liked it, but eventually became too mad scientist with presets and that extra block before my amps became valuable for other things. I typically use the Throaty or Fassel model. I'll lower the Min Freq to between 250-300hz depending on the amp/sound I'm using it with and the high I always set a touch higher than I really need. I used the toe down position as my auto-off position...so I try not to go near 90%+ in the pedal travel, so I really want my top end bite to be around that 90% mark. Not sure that helps are stirs the pot, lol
  10. You can do the same 'effect' as RD2RK mentioned with the output level at the end of your chain, however I find it easier to just engage a Gain block for my lead snapshots or presets rather than assigning snapshots to the output level and jumping between 2 different settings sometimes.
  11. Ooh yes thats a good check too....forgot about that setting. I remember seeing it, but usually dont dig into my globals once much they are set. Been awhile since I did the vocal thing in the Helix. I will check that tonight.
  12. Is using a Gain block essentially the same as the 'Gain' parameter on the vocal preamp model? It seems for me to get my mic hot enough to sing comfortably....during a few songs (probably how my voice projects) i get some slight distortion . I'm monitoring my guitar vocals directly into a powered wedge from the 1/4" out, controlled volume wise by the volume knob and then running my XLR to the mixer. On the Vocal Preamp (Helix is in the car packed yet) I believe I'm on 10 for the output volume and the gain is around 6.5-7.5 I believe. I hear it and I keep reducing the gain, but its still there on those few songs. Is it better to have the gain higher and a lower output level? Or would an extra gain block get me a more cleaner sound. Its not horrible distortion or even really a nasty clipping sound...that I know for sure. Its sorta like if you try and add a slight amount of grit to an acoustic guitar...you get the clean signal, but then a little dirt mixed in. I'm thinking its coming from the gain parameter in the vocal preamp block....would adding an additional gain block after the preamp or just replacing it entirely be better?
  13. Sounds great to me..... What setup did you use for the meat and potatos of the preset? boost/amp/cab-IR. I have my own tones, but am always interested in what I hear and how others got there.
  14. Yes, HX Edit makes command center much easier to understand cause you get a visual layout of what you are doing. It pops up with a blank helix and you literally click and choose dropdowns for each button and your Helix updates in real time so you can see your layout 'grow' essentially.
  15. Hey guy... You just need to set up a preset, and then go into Stomp Mode. Inside Stomp Mode, you can use Command Center to 'design' your layout however you want. It took me a bit at the beginning to remember this hierarchy. Think of it this way (Spoiler Alert: Bad analogy coming) Banks (the City in your address)>Presets (your actual house)>Stomps/Snapshots (Rooms that you do different things within your house). The standard layouts or command center would be the hallways that give you pathways to get to the rooms that allow you to do different things. The standard layouts would be like buying any house that has hallways and doorways. It was built by someone else, and gives you options for getting to your living room (rhythm snap/stomp), kitchen (clean/chorus snap/stomp), game room (lead snap/stomp). However, with the command center...you can build your own house (preset) and then also design the hallways/doorways in any configuration you want so you can get to whichever sound when you need it. It does the same as the layouts provided by L6, however, the command center lets you put those snaps/stomps in whatever layout you want for your own performing efficiency. Again, as always, if you have more questions let me know. I just had an epiphany of sorts in another thread about command center and how I use it.
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