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  1. Glad it finally worked out....welcome to 3.01!! Lol, damn technology
  2. random thought....I'm far from a tech, and far from knowing anything about Apple/Macs.......BUT, I had a program/device awhile ago (can't even remember if it was music related) but it had intermittent connection issues similar to what I've seen on here and for some reason reading your post reminded me of my experience. Whenever I'd have this issue happen, I literally had to go into the Windows Device Manager and 'remove' something with the USB Port. I dont remember if it was the driver, or if it was something else with the USB Port...But as soon as I did that, restarted, connected my mystery device, powered my mystery device on.....Windows would detect the 'new dvice' in the USB Port and install a driver automatically and it'd work great again.....usually until I restarted the cpu, unplugged the USB cable to use a different device or something...then I'd have to redo that process. If I remember correctly everytime I plugged in a new device...instead of just 'connecting' it was detecting a 'new device' and essentially creating a 'new' USB Port in the device manager. My laptop only had 3 ports....but sometimes when I'd do this I'd see 5 or 6 in the Device manager with the yellow ?'s on them....remove all of them, restart...etc....and issue went away. Again, not sure that applies to Mac/Apple stuff, and definately not IT trained here...Just thought I'd throw it out there. It wasnt the cables or my device I was plugging in...
  3. I believe the Heil version needs a speaker load/output to work properly as it doesnt have a preamp built into it, its essentially a speaker driver into a tube. The more modern ones work well with the helix, I have one....in one of my FX loops....
  4. Greatly waiting for the 'get me a beer' update of 3.1 coming 'soon'. I heard they are releasing a new helix summer 2021 that has a bottle opener included on the expression pedal.
  5. When looking at the 10 empty footswitches in Stomp Mode, they go starting the top left, across the top row, so top row are buttons 1-5, bottom row 6-10. I hate having to reach the top row of buttons for live use so I put all snapshots and such on the bottom if I can. So the first two buttons on the top row are my PREV/NEXT. I have my helix mounted on a pedalboard that is already 1-2" lifted, so the extra height is great for the Expression pedal, but harder to stomp quickly on the back row. You shouldnt have to 'recreate' your presets. When I do this, I sorta follow this process 1. Copy/Paste something from my tone templates inventory (setlist 1) into my Songs Presets inventory (setlist 2). I then sort it alphabetically there for ease of finding later 2. I add any sort of song specific effects/amps etc. 3. I go through each snapshot I need for the song. Most songs are a Rhythm/Lead but some have more....and I turn on/off the appropriate blocks for each snapshot. I verify before advancing that as I go through, on my Helix I'm seeing the appropriate blocks change on/off. 4. I set the colors for each snapshot. Again I go Red>Green with colors like Aqua/Blue being more special assignments, Pink/Purple being actual Stomps and Red/Orange/Yellow being my snapshots 5. I enter Stomp Mode, enter Command Center and I create "MY" live palette of tones for that song. using the above mapped layouts. 1/2 always for PREV/NEXT assignments, 6-10 are usually for snapshots (starting from the right, next to tap tempo, and moving left. Right = lead, Left = more rhythm sounds) and buttons 3-5 are for Stomps if I need it. With the saving favorites and such, it I can create some presets in literally 30 seconds and some of my more complicated snapshot changes type stuff about 10 min at most. But whats important to me is that its consistent for me live. I like that all the switches I'm not using are blank/blacked out. I make sure snapshots are saved with no name (spaces) if I'm not using them and do not have a color on them as well. So on the Blink 182 preset up above, I literally only see the PREV/NEXT buttons, the Rhythm snapshot and the PHASER momentary button. Shoot me an email and I'll try and respond with some pictures and such if you want. not really show how to send video through here or if a vid will fit via email. But always happy to answer questions. Lots of trial and error and some great innovation from Line 6 got me to this point.
  6. you can email me here.....themetallikid@gmail.com

  7. you probably need a complex routing where path 1 and 2 are both using the Guitar input, path 1a would be your 'dry' signal with a delay of 250ms, path 1B would have a pitch (set to -12) with a delay block set to 500ms. Path 2a would then be a straight path with a pitch block set to -24cents and no delay block added. the end of all chains would then go to their own outputs, all set to the same connection. I could be wrong, wouldnt this work? Nevermind, I'm seeing that you have the HX Effects....only one processing line/chain correct? Hmm....not sure then.
  8. When you are in the Stomp Mode, the Command Center lets you 'create' a layout of presets/snaps/stomps/control/bank changes. So literally in every Song Preset you could have a different layout. This works great for me...For example some songs from my list (80's/90's covers type stuff). Buttons 1/2 are always Preset Previous and Preset Next. They are available, but out of the way performance wise for me. I always use the bottom row for snapshots, and usually work left>right regarding rhythm>lead as I'm a right foot switcher and its easier to stomp and then reach my wah pedal on my board without shifting feet. :) Song/Preset 001 - Matchbox 20 3 A.M. Button 1 - Preset Previous (I have this on every preset/layout) Button 2 - Preset Next (I have this on every preset/layout) Button 9 - Rhythm - Color Red (always for rhythm sounds) - Snapshot 1 - toggle Button 10 - Rhythm 2 Color Orange (i progress towards green for leads) - Snapshot 2 - toggle Song/Preset 002 - Green Day - When I Come Around Button 1 - Preset Previous (I have this on every preset/layout) Button 2 - Preset Next (I have this on every preset/layout) Button 8 - Rhythm - Red - Snapshot 1 - Toggle Button 9 - Chorus - Orange - Snapshot 2 - Toggle Button 10 - Lead - Green - Snapshot 3 - Toggle Song Preset 003 - Ozzy - Crazy Train (likely your type of layout/setup) Button 1 - Preset Previous (I have this on every preset/layout) Button 2 - Preset Next (I have this on every preset/layout) Button 6 - Lead 2 - Aqua - Snapshot 3 - Momentary (snapshot 3 pressed, release - Snapshot 1) Button 9 - Rhythm - Red - Snapshot 1 - Toggle Button 10 - Lead 1 - Green - Snapshot 2 - Toggle *Button 6 is used for the middle of the chorus lead passages. I have my phase 90, volume boost, OD pedal and a mid push all programmed in Snapshot 3. In the Command center you can program the behavior when you press the button (activate snapshot 3) and the behavior when the button is released (return to snapshot 2). This allows me to activate my lead sound (same as snapshot 2) but do it on a 2nd switch and in a momentary fashion...step on - play leads, step off back to rhythm sound. For the main solo, I could hold Button 6 down or just use button 10 and then go back to button 9 for rhythm when done. Same sound, two different approaches. I used to do this same thing, however it was utilizing a Stomp switch, in Stomp mode....which required going in and out of Stomp mode like you mentioned...and I would never remember which presets had additional stomps there. Song Preset 004 - Blink 182 - All The Small Things Button 1 - Preset Previous (I have this on every preset/layout) Button 2 - Preset Next (I have this on every preset/layout) Button 6 - Stomp Switch attached to Phase 90 bypass - Blue - momentary (press/release both set to activate/return like Ozzy/003 style approach) Button 10 - Rhythm - Red - Snapshot 1 *this layout I use one sound the whole song, Rhythm, but then add the Phase 90 via Button 6 to momentarily add the phase sound . You could however use it as a Stomp switch to turn on/off the Phase 90 only. I use it as a snapshot/momentary as I like to give a little volume boost so the picking part cuts through a bit more as we run our own sound so all my lead boosts are on me to deliver. Hope that makes sense a bit more...this was a game changer for me during live use. Added note, if you do decide to utilize this, I would recommend turning off the 'return to previous snapshot' feature in the global menus. It seems that when that is active, it creates problems....for me at least. its meant that if you are on snapshot 1, and you preset snapshot 2, if you press snapshot 2 again, it will return to the previous snapshot (1, in this case). However, I think it changes the button response time of registering the 2nd press...and several times I've tried to change snapshots and it reads it as a 2nd press and reverts to the original snapshot. Once I disengaged this feature, its been rock solid for me. If you are still confused a bit, I can try and email some screenshots of my helix in different layouts like this....PM me your email and I can probably send some tonight sometime.
  9. You can do what I've started doing. I've always been a snapshot/song guy...but occasionally would find need to just turn an effect on off.....my problem was I didnt need 8 snapshots, so I'd be in 4/4 mode preset/snaps. However, I now live in Stomp Mode ever since they released the ability to program snapshot changes in Stomp Mode. If you go into command center...you can customize the layout of Stomp mode to include Preset/Bank changes, Snapshots, Stomps.... I typically have my setup like this... Preset 1 - uses 5 snaps (Clean, Rhythm, Chorus, Bridge, Lead) Stomp Mode - 10 button view Button 1 - Preset Previous Button 2 - Preset Next Buttons 3-5 any Stomps I want to turn off on including a volume boost like your referring. I use this usually for a momentary boost for leads as well Buttons 6-10 would be set to Snapshot 1-5 This works great for me as every Song Preset gets its own custom layout, but I also only 'see' the buttons that I need for that song. In the 4/4 split view I used previously it could be confusing to look down and see what buttons did what when snaps/presets were all available at once. Helix's displays are great and helped minimize that, but this new programming in Stomp mode was a game changer for me.
  10. try reducing the Hum/Ripple parameters.....especially if its different per Amp model. There was an amp model I was playing with a few weeks ago and it had that sorta hum just inherent in the sound whenever I'd play....reduced the 'hum' parameter and it was gone. Didnt seem to affect 'feel' much at all though.
  11. I had a similar experience on my full helix floor, but havent run into it again....
  12. no idea for sure.....my only guess is that there is a range for the Sag parameter in their algorhythm min/max type settings. most I would think they could recalibrate 5.0 to be the natural sound of the amp and there fore 0-10 would reach affected sounds accordingly but within the min/max range settings of the algorhythm. Its possible then that the normal Sag sound of some of the amps is drastic enough that at extreme settings of 0.0 or 10.0 the variance from the 'neutral' 5.0 would be unstable in the algorhythm or produce undesirable sounds therefore having 4.0 or 6.0 be the 'neutral' default setting would mean less range to increase/decrease the parameter to stay within the min/max settings of the programming possibilities. I know nothing about programming though, also.....apparently I know nothing about how to spell algorhythm, lol.
  13. I asked this question when I had my FAS Axe Ultra back in the day. On that unit all the 'sag' like controls defaulted to 5.0. Regardless of the model. Clearly there were different Sag feels between the amp types, so I concluded after getting 0 helpful responses to my question back then that the 5.0 Sag setting meant that at 5.0 the parameter is 'neutral' to how the amp was modeled. You could produced less/more sag by adjusting it, but 5.0 is equivalent to the tangible real world counterpart. Therefore turning the sag from 5.0 to 3.0/7.0 would produce different (but similar in effect) valued effects between amp models. I picture it just like the gain parameter. 5.0 on the gain knob is drastically different on the Princess (Princeton) amp vs. the Badonk Amp model. Can you get drastically different gained amps to sound similar, sure if you put one at 1.5 and one at 9.5 maybe...but like most things in the Helix.... use what sounds good.
  14. Exactly...the only time i have any with presence above that range is if I have the treble really rolled down and its working for me.
  15. For me, when I've been struggling to find a balance between getting the right amount of 'bite' but not sound ice-picky or shrill.....I've played with the treble and presence together. I agree there is no blanket approach as every amp is different in how the treble and presence affect the tone and also how they interact with each other. For me, I'll try to add both, because they add to the frequencies that 'cut' through in a way, however if I'm struggling to find that sweet spot, I've reduced my treble down below where it sounds good, then brought the presence up to find some of that bite, and then raise the treble to find the sweet spot. It seems, to me, that if I adjust the treble first, it ends up higher than it needs to be because I'm trying to turn it up to get some of those presence frequencies out of it. Then when presence is added its too much.
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