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  1. themetallikid

    Amp & Cab Block defaults vs. other cabs

    I appreciate your info, and I'm well aware of the rabbit hole, and know of the 'differences' between the IRs vs. stock cabs.... was more so asking if there are any stock cabs that you change from the 'default' cab that loads with the Amp. I'm at work, so I don't have the list of amp/cab combination defaults... but if you load the JCM800 amp it has a default cab....what is 'your' default cab for that amp and why, if you change it from what loads. This is really for those that use the stock cabs more than IR's. I know its all subjective, was just looking for some popular ideas that others have discovered.
  2. themetallikid

    Amp & Cab Block defaults vs. other cabs

    Ok, so there is something about the stock cabs that I like (been using Ownhammer Friedman IR's the last year or so). I've never really used the A&C block, always separated them out for more control, but really trying to simplify my signal chain and thought I'd give it a try with some simple presets. Something about the stock (default) cabs really cut through nice. My pinch harmonics seemed more punchy and the tone seemed to have more of a cut sound to it. Anyway.... Does anyone have any fave 'non-default' stock cabs they change to with certain amps? So far the amps I've used have all sounded pretty good with minimal EQ'ing (pre cut - 150hz-ish, post EQ - 125hz-7.0 Q, maybe a touch of 600hz, but nothing major. None of those are more than 1.0-2db). I've even created a 'fuzz' preset to get me that Bush/Collective Soul type sound that just doesn't sound right with regular dirt.
  3. themetallikid

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    I do not use it that way, as an EQ, however I don't wanna forget to turn it back to where I need it for 'our' pa system we use. My other guitar player already can't leave the mixer alone during practices/shows, so having an adjusted level will drive him nuts, lol.
  4. themetallikid

    Momentary Changes - Struggling

    I do this on 3 of my presets as I'm singing, playing rhythm right up til I start to solo (solos have a wah as well). I set all effects to engage at 97%...so when I bring the toe back a bit it turns on my lead boost blocks (delay, OD into amp, volume boost) as well as the wah block....it works great.
  5. themetallikid

    Experiments With Helix Master Volume Settings

    I have adopted this approach as well, and its been much easier to get sound guys to get a consistent level with my presets/lead boosts. I tell them its going to be a hotter signal than what they are used to and to line check the strength first then un-mute and its mostly fine. I only had one guy ask if I could use 'less signal' and I said I can but its a pain to adjust the global settings to do so, he just didn't want to use the channel pad on the mixer (rolls eyes), but once he did, he was fine.
  6. themetallikid

    New Helix owner here...Metal tones!

    Yes this seems to be the next one, I have spent time with the amp a bit, just not enough with different cab choices as there is something with the stock cab I can't quite get right yet
  7. themetallikid

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    Not sure why, but if anyone was/is having issues with IR's I tried all the ways of getting IR's in to HX Edit (drag/drop vs. import using L6 folder/desktop) and they now they seem to be working. At least the 2 files I reimported....so not sure if something happened while reorganizing them in the IR queue or during the drag drop portion....but at least I don't have to re'cab/tweak my 90 presets for this weekend as much. Just find the cab combo I had before and reattach the appropriate slot.
  8. themetallikid

    New Helix owner here...Metal tones!

    My go to is the Badonk Amp....cab choice is going to be biggest factor, but Badonk has the angry sound I like. I pair it with the TS808 or SD-1 in front to tighten up a bit. Also low cut with a pre-eq around 100-120hz. THat allows you to turn the bass on the amp up without getting extra flubby. If your a deeper parameters tweaker. I like to turn the Sag up 1-1.5 from where it starts, the Bias up 1.0 (depending on the Master Volume settings it may not matter) and then the Bias X down from 5 to between 4-4.5 to help 'stiffen' the amp a touch. Just going off memory....not sure its 'metal', as that varies...but its what I use for my bands heavier stuff Metallica/Godsmack....again, cab/speaker choice will make the biggest difference as well on the above stuff.
  9. themetallikid

    New Helix LT just got it August '19. It has Version 3.0

    I think you mistyped, 2.8.1 is the latest.
  10. themetallikid

    Headphones/Master Volume Link

    I don't know how to 'technically' answer your question, as I'm not as smart as these other cats......however.....I do notices that in my headphones there needs to be a certain volume to excite certain frequencies....beyond that, I don't think it matters if that volume is at '2' or at '8' on the dial(s).
  11. themetallikid

    Expression pedal question

    yeah its annoying cause I set my Wah on Exp 1, and that's all I use. I suppose I could set it on 2 but that would annoy my preset OCD, lol. Once you save it, it should be fine and preset as EXP 1 when you call it up.
  12. themetallikid

    2.81 NOT up to speed

    Not sure if its similarly related...But since the 2.8/2.8.1 update (everything 'known bug' went fine for me btw), i've decided to redo my templates and core presets. I deleted and reimported my IR's to clean up the ones I dont use, and the IR files now do not sound hte same as they did before. They were purchased via the l6 online store (Ownhammer Freidman pack). I've tested A&C block vs Amp/Cab blocks vs Amp/IR block....and the stock cabs are fine, but anything imported (3Sigma guitar IR's as well) sound not right when dropped in my preset. I'm going to try CraigAndertons approach of dropping them on the desktop then dragging over....however I store my IRs in a special L6 folder for easy remembering on my end, and have tried dragging/dropping as well as using the 'import' button in HX Edit. Not sure if its the same or if its a different issue on L6 end or my end. One last note, anyone know what the little guitar pick symbol means next to the IR file name in HX Edit? Its only on my actual CAB IRs not the 3 Sigma ones....
  13. themetallikid

    Strange IR Behavior when re-importing

    So with the new amps etc...I'm deciding to redo my core tones/templates and 'clean house' from all the edits i've made to presets.... I went through my IR's chose my faves and got them imported into the IR list in HX Edit. Sat down today and started working on my Single Amp and Dual Amp Templates. For simplicity sake, I dropped the REVV A&C block in each template and got them leveled volume wise (using the merge block to compensate for the signal split, amp at stock settings). I then started working on the core tones, based off the template for Single Amp. I dropped a JC120 Amp only block in there at the end of Path 1, then dropped an IR on the first spot of path 2. Sounded like junk....tried swapping IR's, no difference in sound other than some change due to different speaker/mix choices. I'm using Ownhammer Freidman IR's....I started with the V30 (various mixes), tried different speakers.....no luck. They all sounded like either a room mic far away from the cab....or if you only heard a short reverb's wet sound and very little dry signal. I double checked my preset...no reverb block inserted...I checked to make sure I went to an Amp only block and didnt have a A&C plus an IR....everything was good there. I also noticed this when importing the 3 Sigma guitar IR's I just purchased as well. The presets I imported from before the 2.8(.1) upgrade were fine...but i'm worried now that those presets will be junk now that I've moved the IR's and am at where I'm at. I did notice that the IR's have a guitar pick symbol next to them...not sure where that came from or what it means. Any ideas why whats happenning is happening?
  14. themetallikid

    3 Sigma Electric Guitar IR's question....

    that's what I thought. Unless the level parameter in the IR block does something weird frequency wise that a flat EQ block or gain block doesn't do......maybe boosting the IR block extends the frequency boost/cuts to something that isn't desirable for the IR chosen going forward down the line.
  15. themetallikid

    3 Sigma Electric Guitar IR's question....

    So I thought I'd try these as Im all about simplifying and using the tech I have available...and to be honest its cheaper than buying full out pickups or another guitar and 90% of the crowd can't tell the difference anyway... SO..... In reading the information file on these I can across this at the end.... "Helix and Axe-Fx – Add a cab block and an EQ block before the amp. Load the Electric Impulses in the first cab block. Then, use the gain slider on the EQ block to adjust the overall level going into the amp. (Use impulses from the 48 folder)" Why wouldnt I just drop an IR block first in my chain and use the level parameter there instead of using a seperate EQ block as well?