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  1. If I'm reading your post right, you don't 'drag' the IR on to the block in your chain, you import/drag it into the IR Library to the left side of the editor, and then add an IR block in your chain. The first parameter in the IR Block allows you to choose which IR slot the IR Block references. Step 1: Drag/Import the IR you want into Slot 1 Step 2: Choose IR block> Mono/Stereo to add to your preset Step 3: click drop down or move slider within the IR blocks parameters to choose the slot that its looking at, should default to Slot 1 that's all that's needed unless you want to do some additional Hi/Lo cuts or change the output level.
  2. I just started recording direct via USB > Reaper on laptop. I get plenty of signal. Few things on my side: 1) I have the main output volume knob disabled to give max output level consistently (mainly live, recording is new and I thought I'd have to lower it to not overpower my input on laptop). 2) to get a good level in my headphones I usually need to turn some channels/tracks up while recording for monitoring, but then playback is usually needing to be turned back down when mixing what I recorded.
  3. I usually have been monitoring via Helix Headphone jack. I didnt get a chance to follow up yesterday, it was clearly user error on what I was inquiring about. I bought a headphone amp so others can listen at the same time if they want, and the adapter from 1/8 to 1/4" even though both stereo, when pushed in all the way must not have been contacting right so I was getting some sort of weird half sound thing. was able to keep it stable 3/4 in and got full sound. However, I did try recording using USB 1/2 and Channel 8 in reaper and my channel 8 track was silence. do I need to set the helix to 'All' instead of USB 1/2 to get that dry track?
  4. Also was setting up a track for my daughter to sing along to (Aladdin song) and when playing hte track the vocals are in the distance, not present up front and its a normal track similar to what i've used the past few days as a reference track on my own recordings.
  5. Not sure if this is Helix or Reaper related....but sometimes when I'm recording my vocals it sounds like I'm in a small box type reverb/doubler sound. It wasnt like this earlier, but I can't seem to get rid of it. I get it in my headphones when monitoring my vocals. It doesnt seem to come through in the actual recording version.... annoying....any ideas? I noticed originally it was when I was trying to record two tracks at the same time (in error, not intentionally arming 2 tracks to record). But as soon as I disarmed one it went away. Now I've only got one track armed, and its the same on USB 1/2 and 3/4 so its not related to one output.
  6. yes it sounds like your snapshot changes that you are trying to make are not being made on parameters after they are assigned to the Snapshots Controller setting. Example Preset - Marshall World (Brit 2204 model, for example only purposes) Snapshot 1 - Marshall Clean (gain on 1.5, all other parameters stock) Snapshot 2 - Marshall Breakup (gain on 2.5, all other paremeters stock) Snapshot 3 - Marshall Crunch (gain on 5.0, all other parameters stock) Snapshot 4 - Marshall Rock (gain on 9.0, all other parameters stock) As you make those changes from 1.5 - 9.0 if you do not set your Gain parameter to be attached to the snapshot controller, any changes you make are across the board for the preset. Once you assign the parameter to the Snapshot controller, the changes you make will only affect the snapshot you are working in. Same with the bypass states as well. I sometimes get confused with the bypass one when I add a new block, but a quick run through of the snapshots its an easy fix.
  7. So I have a vocal/acoustic preset that works well for live.....and I copied it and deleted the acoustic portion into a new preset slot for recording vocals. its ok....passable, but i'm not schooled in best approach on this. I'm learning Reaper, and know how most effects work, but would rather send something good into reaper than trying to navigate their effects menus. I have setup the tube preamp, reverb, LA Comp (stock settings). I also have a chorus before the tube amp, but don't typically record with it, it just sorta adds something to the vocals when used minimally live. Would I benefit from a compressor with specific settings first in the chain? I'm using a Sennheiser e835 mic, which is good for me live, but I don't have great 'recording' specific gear...nor a budget or want to buy more stuff I'll minimally use. Reverb...what are some good reverb settings where I can play with the length and mix to accommodate stuff. It seems its either present in my recording and overbearing or not really noticeable at all.
  8. I agree, its a minor work around and a solution by L6 is coming down the pipeline in some fashion.
  9. Yeah I've specifically named the presets as the type of blocks they are.....MODULATION, REVERB, DELAY, DRIVE, AMP etc. You get Limited on the AMP/CAB side pretty quickly DSP wise...so I try to name them further Clean Amp, Gritty Amp, Metal Amp. The only thing I don't like about this approach is that if I have a good hard rock sound and it includes a pre-EQ, boost pedal in front, and a post EQ after....remembering which block helped build which sound can be tedious without having a custom name attached to it or saved and able to import. That's why I created my Core Tones Presets. I then just copy that whole preset wherever I need it, or if I'm building a Song Specific preset that mixes two sounds, I'll copy/paste blocks as I need them, but those 'rigs' are prebuilt then for me to use elsewhere.
  10. your talking about something I'd love that may come in the future, Global Blocks or ability to save them. Right now the only option is to create a blank preset somewhere and save the blocks into that preset. You'll then need to go to that preset to copy/paste into the new preset. This was why I created core tones in my 1st setlist slot. I have a blank preset, I have an acoustic/vocal template, I have several basic tones as templates and lots of useless presets that just include various blocks or things that I'll reference later so I don't need to create from the stock settings all the time.
  11. "finished versions" - Added vocals, FX/Mastering to my bass track and overall mix. Vocals are my weakest. I sound better live than recorded...Also getting a good vocal sound is tough. Just using a Sennheiser e835 into a vocal patch on the Helix and some post cleanup using the Aggressive/Modern templates in Reaper. I think they turned out decent. I need some harmony help from my other guitar player, just dont have the ear for that very much. https://soundcloud.com/jason-allwardt/sets/demo-tracks-wvocals-master-fx For my presets, the Hard to Handle was done using the P75 amp model, boosed with the Heir Apparent into my 4x12 Creamy IR (from somewhere I dont remember) Some Pre/Post amp Eqing as well. Small Things used the same 'Core' preset.
  12. thanks I'll check that out.
  13. yeah I'm sure I can apply an overall reverb to them as well. the actual tracks arent dry at all, but probably getting lost in the mix. For the amp/cab varies per song. I have to run quick for a showing on our house, but when I return later I'll look it up. I know the IR i'm using is labeled only as 4x12 Creamy. There are other versions of it listed as 4x12 Crisp, Boomy or something similar. Not even sure what cab it models or where I got it, lol. thanks for the comments so far. appreciate it.
  14. its in the global settings I believe. in the pedal section there is an 'always on' setting. I forget how its named...
  15. Ok, damn....thank you guys for helping me get over that hurdle. I was familar with Reaper from my last set of band demos. I did a nicer job than our sound guy...I think (and others, lol). Here are the links to what I did tonight already. A few notes: 1) they arent finished, merely recorded the guitars and bass tracks. 2) Bass tracks are a pitch shifted guitar bass rig. Ive never played bass before, the bass lines probably arent 100% right and not sure if I did a good bass sound. I think it works though 3) no vocals yet, have to find space and time to get into 'that' mood. But hoping soon. 4) they arent mastered or anything, just mixed so I can sing to them when ready. 5) it took me about 2 1/2 hours on the Hard To Handle as I was getting used to it and a workflow developing. Small Things took me almost an hour Well here go...be kind and if not kind constructive. https://soundcloud.com/jason-allwardt/sets/helix-guitar-bass-band-demos-rough
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