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  1. So I have an acoustic sound I love using a gain block, acoustic sim and compressor block. However, when I applied these blocks after the Poly Capo to shift down 1 step (Eb tuning) it drastically changes and seems to lose what makes it sound acoustic like. It sorta sounds like it loses all the high end response the acoustic sim adds, however I couldnt seem to make the right adjustments to get the sound back. My chain has the Poly Capo > then my above acoustic 'chain'. Is there something that I'm maybe not trying to get that feel back? I know there is the pitch change (duh), but there is clearly a frequency response difference there. I'm working on a kitchen sink preset using the SLO Clean/OD/Lead amp blocks, but we have a few songs that use an acoustic sound in places. I would prefer to not just use a clean sound as it sounds ok, but seems to lose the dynamics of the strumming a bit. Appreciate any ideas. I only sat with it initially and adjusted the Poly/Acoustic/Comp settings and couldnt seem to get it right. I think I may have DSP left to insert an EQ block, if that solves it between the the Poly/Gain blocks... I have the tone on the Poly block around 7.5-8 so I dont have a ton of room to raise that much more.
  2. You got it. There is a basic flow chart that should happen when attemting to program this process do I want the same layout on every snapshot? 1 - yes - then the copy all, paste all is all you need to do. You should see this option in HX Edit's command center. If you right click on any of the footswitches, you should get those options. I know when I do this, I also choose 'Clear All' between the copy/paste. So its a 3 step process for me. Copy All, Clear all (exits command center), (open command center) Paste All. 2 - no - if you do not want the same layout, meaning you want a different foot switch layout per snapshot in a preset, then for sure you need to follow RD2RK's instructions or you run into mapping errors when going from 1 > 2 > 7 and then trying to get back to 1 possibly. Happy you got it figured out and understand the process. It opens up a lot of possibilities for sure.
  3. Its called a momentary switch (other is latching). This can be setup in the bypass page of the controller settings for that block. Or you can get fancy with snapshot assignments in Command Center, however that can get messy if you dont understand how to program those.
  4. I thought about the version number as well. but didnt watch the video long as I'm at work. Good catch!
  5. I watched a bit of the beginning and the first thing I see is that he is assigning a 'preset' to a switch not a snapshot. The snapshot colors would only be chosen in the normal HX Edit screen dropdown I believe. I usually right click > Color choice. If you are assigning an effect to a button using the blocks bypass tab (not in command center) say for my 2nd momentary approach (Assigning OD/Delay/Gain boost to FS 7 via their individual block screens) then you can also set a color and rename the effect. I do this for more song specific special effects or lead fill parts sometimes. Examples - Crazy Train/Ozzy - I have a snapshot for the full lead, but I also double my lead blocks (copy/paste) and assign the 2nd blocks to FS 7 as a momentary switch within each blocks controller tab. I then can assign the name "Lead Fill" and give it a different color. Basically creating a snapshot without using a snapshot slot if you will. Lady Picture Show/Stone Temple Pilots - There is a leslie speaker/rotary type effect in the chorus that is only about 1 second long. I assign the blocks for that effect to FS7 as well for a momentary effect.
  6. I do this all the time, if I decide I'd like a separate snapshot for a part instead of just using my normal rhythm tone. I'll then have to shift my snapshot switches down one to put the 'bridge' in my lineup where I'd prefer it. Again, I think the key for myself and my layouts is that I use the same layout for every snapshot 'layer'. What that means is that when I open Command Center, it opens on SS 1's layout, I make my changes. Lets say I have 3 SS's but I want to add a 4th. and it would go 3rd in my order. So current order would be Rhythm>Chorus>Lead. The new order I'd prefer would be Rhythm>Chorus>Bridge>Lead. I would do that by bumping the Rhythm down a footswitch and set it up 'new' and the Chorus down a footswitch changing the SS reference from SS1>SS2 and then changing the Chorus to Bridge SS2 > SS4. However, again, this is all being edited on the Snapshot 1 layer, as command center opens. I would then do my copy all>clear all, enter the command center again, and paste all to apply those changes I copied on snapshot 1's layer into the other 7 layers as well. If I was to only move the rhythm down a footswitch, and only change rhythm>chorus and chorus>bridge on the 1st snapshot layer....then potentially you end up with a mess because on Snapshot 1, it would all look correct. However on Snapshot 2/3/4 - the footswitch now assigned to rhythm would read "SNAPSHOT" because it hasnt been assigned on the SS 2 layer. But also they chorus/bridge assignments would not be 'moved down' as well. they would be in the original layout of Rhythm>Chorus>lead.
  7. I get what he is saying, the button layout starts on the top row FS 1 to FS 12 (bottom right corner). Wants the presets to be displayed that way as well. 000 in the upper left, and 007 in the botttom right. To my knowledge there is not a way to do this. Logically from a reading perspective I get it. From a L6 perspective I get it too. You are going 'up' in preset number so directionally 'up' makes sense.
  8. I'll confirm this when I get home to what mine shows. But from the top of my head (can you post a screen shot of what your seeing to compare?) it should read as this FS7 Type - Snapshot Press - Snapshot 3 (Lead Fill) Release - Snapshot 2 (Rhythm) If its saying otherwise, then there may be something weird with how Command center is reading the preset info. I haven't heard of anyone else stating that they have noticed that. I'll check mine at home tonight when I fix my auto-engage issues and post a screenshot if we can confirm that mine is showing that it is programmed/behaving/displaying correctly and yours looks different. You may have something else going on (which has been suspected the whole time). On a side note, have you done any sort of preset rebuilding restart using the FS buttons up on power up? There could be something wonky in there if it hasnt rebuilt the presets to the current firmware. And both Helix and HX Edit are updated to 3.50/3.51? I'm sure this was stated, but just confirming.
  9. This would happen occasionally when I was playing at home but was usually rectified by resetting that setting. And it was one preset, not every one essentially. I'll just reprogram my auto engage to be the switch and it should be fine. But seems it is a mess to resolve if they havent squashed it yet.
  10. "Keep in mind that if you use a switch to temporarily move to another snapshot and want to return to the original snapshot (or do ANYTHING) ON RELEASE, the ON RELEASE action needs to be assigned in the TEMPORARY snapshot because that's where you'll be when you release the switch." That part right there is a big causal part. I know for me, I dont' logically think about this step, but thats because I use the same 'layout' across all my snapshots. So FS 7 on the preset I provided, has the same press/release settings on SS1 as it does on SS8. So whichever SS I tell it to go to for my lead fill, the release action will be programmed. If you are changing your layouts for each snapshot 'layer' in the preset, then you MUST do as rd2rk says and make sure that you go to the Press SS layer and make sure that you set the release there or it wont matter.
  11. So I pulled up my setlist for my show tomorrow, started playing away along with Spotify to the songs, and I got to a song where there is a wah. On this song I have a few other blocks bypass settings attached to the auto engage settings as well. I always use the same settings (toe down = off, engage at 98%). I believe I got through 4 presets that use this feature, before giving up. Preset 1 - Wah did not engage, OD did engage, EQ did engage, Delay did not engage sub 98%. When returning to 100% toe down (should be off) the OD/EQ shut off, however the Wah and Delay no engaged...killing my rhythm tone, unless I reloaded the preset (not ideal of course) Preset 2 - Same result as preset 1 Preset 3 - Same result as preset 1, however the blocks varied. OD did not engage but the delay did and then vice versa when the pedal was toe down. Preset 4 - Worked exactly as it should When I check the settings for those blocks on that presets that aren't working, it has defaulted back to the 'heel down' setting as being off. I can save the preset, exit and return to the preset and it works fine. Till maybe the next time. I just used these presets the day before Thanksgiving, 11/23, and I have not made any changes to them since then. With that said.... 1) I thought this bug was squashed with the 3.5 update? no? 2) If I change all those bypass settings to be attached to the EXP Switch instead of auto engage will that solve my problems? Instead of auto engage I just need to step on switch? 3) Has anyone else had this issue and contacted L6 about it and gotten a response? I know there is one member that refuses to update until this bug is there as it wrecks his performances, and It would greatly dampen mine as well if I stuck with this.
  12. Yes I was happy with the stock cabs previously, but I liked York Audio IR's, they seemed to have a bit more punch to them. I'm sure it was just the files I was choosing vs the stock cabs I was using, but I bounced between those two often. The new cabs are great and so far, have been happy with them. I will try and take a look at your preset tonight and look at what you have created and see if I can help pinpoint where an error is happening if rd2rk doesnt beat me to it while I'm at work.
  13. Here is a typical layout for what you had originally mentioned with a 'momentary' lead fill. This is for Slither by Velvet Revolver. Warning, apparently I create my presets loud, lol.... However, you will see my template I typically use for this as I described above. Preset details: SS1 - Intro SS2 - Rhythm SS3 - Lead Fill The actual lead is all wah, so I have everything "Solo" wise attached to the bypass of the wah pedal at 98%. Toe down is off, under 98% is on what I have assigned to EXP 1. Exp 2 is if I feel like adding a Wah to the intro at all. Its a 2nd expression pedal I have here. However, I noticed in tonights prep for saturdays gig, the ugly toe down auto engage bug reared its head on most of my wah presets, so I would just delete the wah as they are not relevant really to your initial inquiry. If you go in command center, FS 7 is where you will see how I have a momentary set up when using SS's. Also FYI, this is a 3.50/3.51 preset if that matters at all. Using stock cabs. Slither.hlx
  14. For sure, i'm curious if your Helix issues with the FS's follow into his preset. That would indicate more of a hardware issue than programming I'd think. Let us know how it goes.
  15. I typically use the same layout 'template'. I create a preset per song approach with my live performances. Here is how I generally setup my layouts. If I dont use the switch, I'll put 'unused' but then add in parenthesis what I WOULD use it for if the need arises: FS1 - Preset - Previous FS2 - Preset - Next FS3 - Unused (stomp bypass of an effect) FS4 - Unused (stomp bypass of an effect) FS5 - Unused (stomp bypass of an effect) FS6 - Mode - not changeable FS7 - Snapshot/Lead Fill (momentary)/Special Effect Bypass FS8 - Snapshot/Blank FS9 - Snapshot/Blank FS10 - Snapshot/Blank FS11 - Snapshot FS12 - Tap Tempo - not changeable With this layout my upper left 2 buttons allow me to navigate through the setlist live from song to song. If I need to jump to another song that isnt 'next' I push FS6 to exit STOMP MODE and then choose the song preset I need, then push FS6 again to enter my STOMP MODE for my performance layout. My bottom row is my 'Action' Row. I assign pretty much anything I need for the song. Most times this is only Snapshots, however sometimes if a song only has 1 or 2 snapshots but I need that extra lead fill button I'll throw that on FS 7 as its furthest away from an accidental SS push. I always Structure my SS/FS layout for the bottom row, from left to right, but they are put in right to left....confusing I know. I always like my actual Lead Snapshot to be next to the Tap Tempo, so if I have a 2 snapshot preset, snapshot 1 - Rhythm is on FS10 and snapshot 2 - Lead is on FS11. If I have a 4 snapshot preset, I used FS8-11. FS 8 is my rhythm tone and FS 11 is my Lead tone, and the ones in the middle are usually in an order that makes sense for the song progression. To add to that arrangement psychology, I also color code my snapshots consistently. My core 'rhythm' sound is always RED, my core 'lead' tone is always GREEN. In a 5 snapshot/preset I travel the rainbow from RED/Dark Orange/Light Orange/Yellow/Green. I always use Blue for my special effects in the song. If I have a 2nd lead tone I'll typically use Aqua/Teal (I forget what Helix calls it). If I use a talkbox in a song, I'll use Purple (top row FS usually). Just to complete the rainbow assigns, if I have any special effects that I use as actual Stomps (not SS changes) I'll use Pink. I use this template for every preset, and make changes if I have to. For your original question of how to do a momentary Lead Fill type FS. I've done it two ways (I'll use my template as an example) Snapshot 1 - Rhythm Snapshot 2 - Lead Snapshot 3 - Lead Fill (a 2nd Lead snapshot of the exact tone as SS2 isnt necessary, but for layout purposes 'to me' it helps to separate the assignments) FS 7 - SS 3 Lead Fill - Turqoise/Aqua Color - CC options - Type 'Snapshot', Press 'Snapshot 3', Release 'Snapshot 1' (assuming back to rhythm tone is needed) - This tells Helix upon press go to snapshot 3 until button is released which then should resort to Snapshot 1 FS 10 - SS1 Rhythm - Red - CC Options - Type 'Snapshot, Press 'Snapshot 1', Release 'none' - this tells Helix to choose SS 1 upon press, and do nothing upon release FS 11 - SS2 Lead - Green - CC Options - Type 'Snapshot, Press 'Snapshot 2', Release 'none' - this tells Helix to choose SS 2 upon press, and do nothing upon release My other approach....would be exactly as above, except for the FS 7 assigments. The other approach would be to assign FS 7 as a momentary switch on each effect you want to activate. For me, this would usually be an OD/EQ/Delay blocks OD/EQ/Delay blocks in the right tab when selecting the block change it from Latching to Momentary. Choose FS 7 as your button, change the label of the Switch to 'Lead Fill' and change the color to Green. Sometimes when adding multiple blocks to that FS, you may have to retype the name and reassign the color at times. Hope this helps, having that consistent template has really helped me streamline my preset creation for performing. Also...because I use the same layout for ALL snapshots, the copy/clear/paste approach works for me. I create my 'layout as noted above on Snapshot 1, Copy All, Clear All, Paste All and that addresses the different snapshot layers you would potentially have. If I didnt do the copy/clear/paste, I would need to literally do snapshot 1, change the drop down at the top of the window to snapshot 2, and reassign everything...which is where you would get funky behavior if you missing assigning something consistently. The flexibility is super powerful and awesome to different layers for sure though and I've thought about trying some things using the single path preset spillover setting as well for sure. As always, if you have questions or anything please ask. I dont have my helix near my laptop currently but if you want to see a preset, I can certainly try and get one uploaded for you read and 'see' what this all means. Cheers!
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