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  1. This is how I run mine when I do solo shows. Guitar In - Guitar Mic In - Mic (duh, right?) Left XLR Out to my powered wedge (monitor) Direct out of Monitor to the FOH Powered Speaker. This way I hear what the audience hears and can monitor my mix appropriately. In the preset, I run separate paths for vocals/guitar.....but I have a volume block at the beginning of each chain....attached to the same EXP 1. That way when I'm done performing, I roll that back, everything is muted. Next set, roll up to 100% ready to go. My balance between vocals and guitar is set in the output block level at the end of the chains.
  2. I just got the chance to try out my acoustic preset/snapshots this weekend and they were better than I was expecting but the down sides were where I expected as well. I designed via headphones, then quality controlled via my powered wedge (all through my mixer to take its color into consideration as well)..... 1) I used a combination of 2 IR's. 3Sigma Martin 45 2b position and Also the 3c. I split the signal before, and then as they are the last blocks in my signal flow they each run out to the outputs. 2) I run the Red Compressor > Acoustic Sim > 10 Band EQ > Dimension Chorus > IR's as my signal path essentially. The Red Compressor is still a trial thing, It helps hear the attack a bit more (like a thin pick on an acoustic) but it needs work as its a bit too much right now. I found that the EQ really helps adjust some areas that the Acoustic sim block doesnt touch EQ wise. I had the Acoustic block providing some low end and bite/presence, but it sounded better to turn those up a bit more than I would on its own, and then dial down some of the frequencies in the EQ. It really benefited (to my ears/preset) boosting the 500hz band about 3-5db. I also boosted the 125hz, while bringing down the 60/250hz bands. Again the only thing I really heard 'wrong' with my preset (for my needs) was to bring down the highs/presence a bit
  3. For the line of sight, my gigs would make it hard, I like to wander the crowd/bars during solos and other things, and being on the other side of a monitor wedge and 10-50 people dancing sure might make it not functional for me.
  4. You need some sort of power/amplification to power the speaker.
  5. themetallikid


    It would be cool if you could connect Helix's and a menu would detect the other Helix and pop up a menu to 'backup to Helix' or something similar. Probably not programming feasible, but would apply in this situation.
  6. I use the Stomp mode layout and customize the screen. Like DunedinDragon, I also create song specific presets and then use snapshots for each piece of the song (rhythm, lead, bridge, intro etc.) that requires a different sound. In my Stomp Layout (using the Command Center) I have buttons 1&2 as my HXPreset Prev/Next. My actual snapshot buttons always work left>right, but I start from the right. So if the song only has one snapshot "Rhythm" (snapshot 1), it goes on the button right next to Tap Tempo. If there are 2 snapshots "Rhythm" & "Lead".....Lead will be next to Tap Tempo and Rhythm will be the button to the left. That way my 'workspace' is always left to right, my lead is always closest to my wah. On rare occasions I need all 5 bottom row buttons for snaps, but I still have the 3 remaining top row buttons for any Stomp buttons for effects. If I need to have a momentary Lead button, that always goes on the bottom left area, cause its easiest for me to step and play then let off.
  7. So Im sending stereo L/R outs from Helix into two separate channels on my mixer. I'm noticing in the metering and channel lights that the Right channel is about 3db louder on the input trim meters. In my headphones it doesnt sound that way, and gauging from the 3.0db boosts I use on some lead presets Id think I'd hear that. I've checked my path 2A>2B split and there is nothing here that indicates why. I have the 2A and 2B outputs hard L/R 100% the last block(s) after my stereo split of the path are just IR blocks. One is set to more of a 57 biting type sound and the other is more of a 121/160 type mic. Am I safe to assume its a bit of the Fletcher effect being the bassier is the 'right' channel that the input is more sensitive to lower frequencies then?
  8. At the risk of sounding like a lot of the 'this preset doesnt sound like the video online' sorta thing..... ...I bought some acoustic IR's from 3Sigma. A Guild and Martin that sounded the best for what I'd be using. There are 2 folders Electric and Acoustic, and within the electric there are options and in the Acoustic there are Pieze/Soundhole and a 3rd option. I know these go in an IR Block (duh!) but where in the chain would they go. This is to project and acoustic like sound during full band shows for those few songs/parts that I need something close, so I'm playing an electric into the helix. Just playing around I threw on the Acoustic Sim block (stock settings) and then imported some of the IR's to dip my toes in on my lunch hour. I had 2 IR's at the end of my chain just like my electric presets and was going towards a bassier/thicker sound in one IR and a brighter/more attack type in the other. Is it more popular to run the IR's first? I'd think you'd let the Acoustic Sim do its thing, and then 'EQ' (IR) the sound from there post effects.
  9. I wish it had an XLR input. I'd love something Helix brand that I could use for acoustic gigs (maybe i'm missing a product in my head) that would replace my Play Acoustic. My full Helix sits on my pedalboard which isnt built for quick n go acoustic gigs... Could get creative with an adapter and the Input in combination with the Aux In maybe...but would prefer a dedicated input stream.
  10. Theres no point in using the 'stereo effect 1' in your chain as it would just collapse to mono at the amp anyway. Save the DSP and use the mono version
  11. Is the Exp Pedal considered a 'footswitch' and not a 'controller'? Only asking, I'm going off memory, but I have my fave wah and I'm pretty sure it assigns pops up with the bypass (auto engage settings) as Exp 2. I know the sweep of the wah auto assigns when you add a block, but the bypass part doesnt....I'd have to check after work. And I know that the button assigns do for sure as I have the Looper saved as button 7 for 'drop in' help when editing a preset.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, and I very well might be.....I think if you save a block as a 'favorite' it saves the controller assigns? No?
  13. I'm a fan of the York Audio IR's.
  14. yeah this is my first delving into splitting my signal to send seperate L/R to the board. So i'm wondering if the Stereo Gain Block is the culprit because the outputs are panned and its only sending out 'half' of that signal. I dont need to post the preset, the preset it self is fine and functions as I want. Its merely the boosting of the 'lead version' of my rhythm sound. Which is only comparing the Gain block vs preset output being the pieces in motion. My preset has no effect on what is happening because its across 6 of my presets. If you want to test it, its pretty simple to recreate. I'll troubleshoot when I go home on lunch and see if the 'stereo' block is whats causing that difference.
  15. I get what your saying, but i'm not arguing the compressed vs dynamic aspect of tones, i understand that stuff. I'm merely asking why do I get a different output level (input level at my mixer) when i do the 7.5db boost in the gain blocks vs 7.5db boost on the preset output level.
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