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  1. Just do it by ear using the channel volume on the amp block. There are other ways as mentioned already but it needs to sound right by ear so you may as well adjust it by ear. Any preset you buy or download that is noisy, is most likely due to having no noise gate in the chain, or on the main input, just add it back in
  2. I've done it many times on the Helix itself using the amp sims, don't know about using external amps though, obviously the variables are different
  3. I think a lot of the heavier rock guys use the thicker string gauge so they don't actually break strings, where they are more aggressive in their playing etc. I mainly use 10's but I like the idea of going down to 9's or 8's just for ease of playing, although I'm sure if you go too small you'll probably end up sounding like a banjo.
  4. Is there any chance they might just be amp snobs and are turning their noses up at the idea of using a modeller? Seems an odd thing to say having already recorded with it previously
  5. I'm going to try this with a few combo amps that I've got.. I never use them anymore because my helix goes straight to two FRFR speakers, but I'm intrigued to know how this will sound. Never seen anyone come up with that idea before either!
  6. Yep those Adam Audio's are good. I went through the same journey as you - those bigger PA type speakers are muddy, perhaps a lot better in a bigger space, but in a small room, the HS7 speakers I replaced them with, resulted in a sharper tighter sound, less boomy. In fact I would say it's better to have to increase your lows to suit when you're starting from a point where you're not having to cut lows like mad just to get a reasonable sound
  7. This is a great idea.. I'm not really familiar with how this all works but presumably if you're just using the amps for speakers etc, i could do the same with my DT50 amp? How does the baby bomb connect to the speaker cable in the amp exactly?
  8. Excellent, thanks, I'll take a look. I'm currently running my Helix through some Yamaha HS7 FR monitors and I do like them, however, I have got a DT50 which is just sat in the corner of the room, I used it with the HD500 then sold it but kept the amp. I just got curious what it would sound like running the Helix with just it's effects, through the DT50.. an experiment really. I don't expect it to sound better than the monitor speakers, but if it did, that would be a nice problem to have!
  9. I always have the Tilt EQ in all my patches now, it's just a very quick way to adjust the overall tone brighter or darker without changing amp parameters constantly. It was actually described to me by some of the guys here, as an EQ to handle string wear i.e when they dull off a bit you can regain some of the original brighter tone etc. I expect that does work to a degree, it's easier than changing strings every few weeks or months, although I suspect the dynamic you lose from new strings is never really replaced with an EQ. Either way, it is a very handy tool for hitting the sweet spot on a tone.
  10. Hello All, Just wondered if there was a definitive way to use the Helix with a DT50 now? I have seen it mentioned that you need to update the amp to the latest version, but does that allow for the Link cable to be used, or is it more complicated? My aim would be to turn off the amp and cab sims in the Helix and just have the effects running through the amp, which I assume would be the best way to do it?
  11. I could write a book about my experience with this, going from fairly unhappy with results to getting some very good results. There are a couple of fundamental go to things to do and then beyond that, like Peter Hamm just mentioned - make your own presets. I used to see these great youtube demos and then there were the preset packs you could buy but none of them ever really worked for me, and it can be pretty demoralising. Then i discovered i could make better presets myself because i was dialling in every parameter to suit my equipment. It's hard to imagine how different sounding these presets can be from one persons gear to another, but they really are.
  12. Those are all good tips actually. In reality, any one guitar tone would probably have three potential versions, one for playing just on it's own, one for a studio mix, and one for a live mix. I've recently gotten more into using compressors in my presets, I think the main problem is that most people don't really know how to use them or how to get the best settings out of them, but they do make a difference.
  13. It might have been studio trickery for the album version. How does he replicate it live, or is it the live version you're chasing?
  14. That is basically what it comes down to if you're going to use headphones a lot. I haven't done that primarily because once I realised the Helix sounded a lot better with headphones than any kind of external speaker, I stopped using headphones altogether because it was frustrating. I just accepted it produces a different type of sound between those two listening modes, it shouldn't but it does nothing you do will change it
  15. Short answer is you won't replicate the head phone tones through external speakers. I had a whole thread on this with the Helix. The same presets through head phones were much more aggressive and dynamic through any headphones I used - same presets through FRFR speakers nope! I have since dialled in better tones for the speakers but it's still not the same as the head phone sound. For whatever reason with these devices, they sound completely different through head phones. The confusion is when people say.. well that's because head phones are different from speakers, which is true, but of course you're expecting a better result from external speakers and it's the opposite. But you won't match the way your presets sound on head phones, I've been down that rabbit hole. Just forget about it and try and get the best tones you can specifically for your speakers.
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