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  1. Ah okay, never done it but will give it a go!
  2. I literally have no idea how to do that. Presumably you connect Helix to laptop then need some software to record?
  3. Here's another, these are live ones obviously but still tones i'm trying to get close. This one is a live guitar only channel of Adrian Smith
  4. Okay here's one excellent example with Richie Faulkner - not only is it mesmerising playing but that tone!
  5. There are a few references, some album tones, some live ones. I listen to youtube clips through my yamaha 5.1 amp connected to the tv, but in stereo mode. I'll try and upload some examples - how do you attach a youtube clip into these posts?
  6. You guys are making me paranoid now about these speakers! I've never used the Helix through anything else so it's hard for me to make a comparison, when you say the 310's are better, in what way? Is the sound drastically different enough to warrant changing over?
  7. You've done this before.. you're really Bob Rock aren't you? ;)
  8. Just tried this - Amazing! you've nailed the Archetype, that's the best i've heard that amp from my Helix, very tight bottom but you can still palm mute it and get some resonance and depth. The Engl is still a bit dark for me so might have to fiddle a bit on that. The Marshall is nice too, not fizzy. I assumed on your post you meant to apply those to the cabs, and you just ignored the IR altogether?
  9. Mixed results! They sound decent but a bit thin on the sound, at least through my gear. I notice you're doing the high and low cuts on the IR's, 80hz & 8khz which does cure the boomy IR sound to be fair. When i play my versions back to back with yours, my archetype is definitely too middly or bright, but the tones sound a bit fatter. I think i'll keep yours and EQ them a bit because you definitely have the reverb and reflections sounding better on yours.
  10. Yep Alto's are on their own stands, top of speakers are about 6' height from ground. I stand at least 2 metres away - not because i think they've got coronavirus, but because the Helix is on the floor in front of them so you can't really get right up near to them anyway! I've attached a photo of the back of the left one, as you can see they are TS210 model, which as i say, was recommended on this forum at the time i was looking for some. I also have a DT50 212 combo amp (for sale) as I don't use it with my Helix, tried it once, sounded terrible!
  11. Hey Duned.. some interesting stuff in there that I need to check out, thanks. As Sacha said, I did include the IR - now, the only reason there is a cab slot and an IR slot in those patches is purely to A/B them one at a time to see truly, what sounds more real. I wouldn't have them both on at same time, final patch would eliminate the unwanted one you see. You're right, I use the SM57 because I'm most familiar with it, plus it always sounds brighter to me, but I want to try your recommendations of the different mics. I like Jason's stuff and I have used his templates, but his patches sound like s**t with my gear, really terrible and thin. It's great when he demo's them but for some reason I can't get any of it to work my end.
  12. Oh god don't ask me what all the pick ups are haha - but you'll have a better idea when I tell you the guitars i'm using.. Jackson PC-1 with sustainer (professional) Jackson PC archtop (professional) Jackson JS-32 (budget) Ibanez RG350 (kinda budget) As well as a few others, but you get the idea that i'm using mainly high quality super strat type guitars, all with humbuckers, no single coil stuff
  13. Cool.. Going to try this out.. will post results!
  14. Thanks for this - will try them out!
  15. Understand the points above, not playing live at moment, just in a room at home. Hard rock guitar is my thing. I bought the Helix to emulate that, so when i get a good tone it makes me more enthusiastic to play. It irritates me when I'm unhappy with my tones, so I'm afraid it is something I want to crack. End of the day i'm not looking for a perfect tone, my question was really to see if anyone is doing something in their patches that i'm missing, for this type of sound.
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