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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll try that!
  2. Already tried it and it didn't work, which is why i asked for a bit more detail in how to set the pedal up, plus as i said, by default the pedal seems to operate in the other direction to what i want
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm really enjoying my Helix again after a little lay off, but you forget things when you haven't used the unit for a while. I know this will be a doddle for you guys but easier to just ask the question really. I want to use the expression pedal in a couple of my patches, as a volume pedal on EXP1 and Wah pedal on EXP 2 - but I want the the volume pedal to be in the down position and on 75% volume, and at 100% volume when the pedal is fully up, so I can always start playing a patch in the down position but increase volume a bit by rocking the pedal backwards a touch. I tried to do this yesterday but couldn't get it to work, seems like the pedal wants to work the other way around with volume 100% in the down position and 0% in the up position. Can someone give me a step by step instruction how to add the pedal to the patch, and sort the direction of the volume parameters please? I'm assuming you have to add a volume block to the patch? I've completely forgotten how to do this - in fact i probably never learned to do it right to begin with but need to now! Thanks
  4. I'm using a single amp block with a separate cab block for all my patches actually, always have done
  5. Yeah you're right about the JCM 800, I know a lot of the big hard rock bands always mention that amp. They do of course have loads of other things running with it which makes it hard to get near what they sound like, but I do agree it's a good amp to use for what i'm after. I like the list of how to put the sound together, I'm on it now!
  6. I have made some progress.. obviously each amp model has it's own basic characteristic which you can't completely change, but strangely, the single biggest effect I've found on the amp sounds, is moving the mic distance. That did make the high gain amps a lot more crisp and effectively cut the bass and upped the mids, without using any actual EQ effect yet or cutting any lows or highs. The mic distance is my go to parameter now, if that helps anyone else out, plus i'm trying all the above suggestions on top, which is already getting me much better results. Thanks for all the pointers guys
  7. No i haven't, i've just got some global eq high and low cuts on. Will have to look at this too
  8. I hear what you're saying.. I like the Line 6 amps but i do find them a touch too bassy and boomy where I prefer a tighter higher mids punchier high gain. Maybe the problem is that i'm not EQing these models, i'm just switching from one to the next hoping to find something that sounds good for everything. So that will be my next thing to try. I have to confess I didn't really want to spend a lot of time dialling stuff and eq-ing, i was hoping to just find a straight forward tight high gain rythm amp and a similar lead tone even if it was from a different amp altogether. I swear i've spent more time dialling the helix than actually playing it!
  9. Yeah i just thought that so gave a better description of the type of sound, see my Whitesnake reference in one of the other replies. That would be relevant for any of the big 80's rock bands that play live now, most of those types of bands all have a big sounding lead tones as well as the required high gain rythm etc
  10. Interesting.. but means swapping speakers for an amp, which i don't really want to do, although I do have a DT50 for sale which I've still got. I did have a go at running the helix through that but it wasn't very successful at the time. I may not have had helix set up as just pre-amp though
  11. Thanks for this, I like the idea of all of those points. I think I've confused the issue by saying modern high gain sound. I'm also an old school 80's rock & metal fan and what I really had in my mind for the sound I want, is when you see those iconic bands play or record now, they don't sound like they did on those 80's records, of course they have updated their sound to what I'm calling modern high gain, as in modern equipment high gain. I didn't really mean newer younger bands necessarily. For example take Whitesnake, a band I have seen live recently. Two very good guitar players who don't really try to sound like the records, they're just using modern gear that sounds good right now, so it's a more modern sound if you like. A band like that will have crushing distortion tones and the for solo parts the tone is massive and well rounded and punches through. That's the bit i'm struggling on. I can get great distortion tones for chords but using the same amp i'm getting weedy fizzy lead tones! Does that make more sense?
  12. So to address some of the above, it's a helix floor straight in to a pair of flat response speakers. Yes I have various professional standard guitars, the issue is the same. I know about all the possible variables etc etc but it's not about that. It is simply about some good high gain tones that sound nice in a power chord sense but not so much in a lead sense. On the patches I'm trying I'm just adding a single amp, putting the master up to max, selecting a 4x12 v30 cab, mic would usually be a 57 or 421 It's not true that it's impossible or luck, to get a tone from stock settings that will do everything - it might be on the Helix but it certainly wasn't on the Vetta2 I had and it isn't on the Roland street cube I've got. They were very simple to select a generic type sound and be pretty happy with it. The Helix, probably because of it's immense variety, isn't as easy in this particular regard. It may be that the adding an EQ into the patch solves this as already mentioned, I haven't had time to try it yet. Which of the high gain amps do you guys think lends itself more to a modern heavy distortion tone? I'll probably try from there. I'm not thinking doom metal boomy bass low mids type of sound, think brighter more versatile high gain that any typical hard rock band could use.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try those. I guess I was hoping that I would find a nice high gain amp model without much tweaking and be able to use it for everything but it seems these amp models sound pretty good playing power chords but too thin and fizzy on single string notes. Winding the drive back may help like has been mentioned. More tinkering to be done then i think
  14. Hi Guys, I know there are no new questions on here exactly but this is quite specific. I've updated to 2.8, eager to try the new high gain amps, and I'm finding that none of them are that great out of the box. Using the old trick of putting a tube screamer pedal before the amp, adding a 4x13 V30 cab etc does transform a lot of these high gain amps into something pretty good in terms of a nice bassy chug chug saturated high gain rythm tone, but my issue is extracting a strong well rounded lead tone from that setup. What i'm getting in the lead tones is a thin fizzy tone, i realise the high gain amps are normally set up with low mids and that is what makes it a bit fizzy on lead tones, what i want is a stronger less fizzy lead tone that punches through a little better, but can't seem to get anything out of the box so to speak, from the high gain amps. I want a modern high gain sound, big sounding on lead, more mids to punch better, but obviously to retain the high gain break up. How are you guys doing it? Are you using one high gain amp for rythm and another amp for lead or getting both from the same amp setup?
  15. Yep, update completed first time when i used that old cable. Both my newer usb cable and the old one work for everything else, it was just with the helix update only the old one worked! Certainly the update process is very temperamental, I would suggest having a couple of cables to hand for this as a last resort
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