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  1. Some videos I forgot to post here
  2. Necrobump ! I just wanted to share a clip of me (with the PRS DGT SE) playing the Helix live : I was a guest on this song by Malagasy artist Erica DuRock. This was during a festival I organized, where all 5 bands (including 4 from Madagascar) had to play on my modelers and presets. Absolutely no EQ on the guitar console tracks here ! If you want to watch more of that, there's a long recap, the guitarists using the Helix are on the right side of the stage from the audience point of view :
  3. More videos from the event ; as I said previously, the guitarist on the right side of the stage used my Helix and custom presets. I just added those presets to my 2.30/2.50 pack. I also played as a guest with Erica, using the Helix of course :
  4. Here's the correct video link, as I couldn't edit my previous post
  5. My Tribute to Pink Floyd band just played two shows here in Mauritius, here's the best version of each song from both nights. That was during "Rockfest", a two nights event, which also featured four rock & metal bands from Madagascar. Rockfest was a Fremen Presets production ; each guitar and bass player from each band used presets I made, on the Line 6 Helix for the guitar player on the right side of the stage. As far as I know, that was the first festival organized by a professional presets maker :) [MEDIA=youtube]7lIrTPzJ8dE[/MEDIA] More videos from the Malagasy bands soon !
  6. I wanted to do such a video for a few months : a comparison between the cab blocks of three different modelers, Helix, Axe-Fx III, Quad Cortex, in which you can freely chose your mics and position them, in front of the virtual speaker. As I just got the Bogren Digital MLC Subzero 100 plugin, which promise something unique in its cab block ("IRDX Technology"), I added this one too. At the end of the video, as a bonus and for reference, I also show some "traditional" static IRs : my own, the ones from the John Petrucci Tonemission pack, and three different Ownhammer packs. I recommend watching this on youtube, as there's a long description there, with chapters, my thoughts on each of these cabs, + some infos for Helix users !
  7. Hi guys, I just released two new Amp Packs, for now only on my website : Each pack has 16 presets, each with a different IR for the rhythm/crunch/lead snapshots, and each with 8 snapshots, plus a dual amp stereo preset. Note that these packs are free for current owners of the Amp Pack Bundle ! Firmware compatibility : 3.60 and above Also note that the following packs have been updated to include a few bonus presets made with firmware 3.60 : Big Pack, Big Pack Add-On, 2.30/2.50 pack, The Djent Pack, Classic Rock & Hard Rock.
  8. I found a video and DI track of an Ibanez JPM100, which I sold last year, and reamped it through my Line 6Helix, for the fun ! Wish I could keep that guitar but it's sought after by collectors and I got an offer I couldn't refuse ;)
  9. Now available for the Pod Go, a Synthpads & Drones presets pack, similar to the one I made for the Helix ! 16 presets to improvise, practice scales & modes, noodle and what not... Watch the demo on YouTube : A HX Stomp version has just been released too. Get it here :
  10. Almost three years after the final "Mauritian Tribute to Pink Floyd" show, I played all my guitar parts live in my studio (the original guitar track is muted in the live recording of my band), recording DI tracks that I reamped through my Line 6 Helix. Songs : 0:00 intro, 1:06 In the flesh, 4:21 Time, 11:24 Mother, 17:55 Have a cigar, 22:42 Us and them/Any color you like/Brain damage-Eclipse, 38:31 Money, 47:45 Marooned, 53:13 Echoes, 1:00:54 Run like hell, 1:06:38 Breathe, 1:10:31 Young lust, 1:14:23 On the turning away, 1:21:51 Shine on you crazy diamond, 1:35:15 Hey you, 1:40:03 High hopes, 1:47:43 The great gig in the sky, 1:52:35 The final cut, 1:58:11 Another brick in the wall pt 1/Happiest days of our life/Another brick in the wall pt 2, 2:06:39 Comfortably numb The presets pack has 4 more songs : Wish you were here, Goodbye blue sky, Dogs & Coming back to life. Previously, these presets were only available in my Helix "Big Pack". They’re now available in a standalone pack, in a new, improved version, for firmware 3.15 only. I re-dialed these presets to have a warmer/fatter distortion sound (I used a brand new IR for that), with less gain. I also fine tuned many effects, and used the new Dynamic Hall reverb.
  11. My friend Xavier Pompon playing "Bhati", from his band Mobius second album, "Kala". I took the liberty to shortening the song (normal length is 6'56). Here he's playing on two presets from my Helix pack "Djent & Prog metal" : TDR Djent 13 (German Ubersonic model, left channel) and TDR Djent 3 (Line 6 Badonk model, right channel, the one recorded on camera). This pack have been redialed with firmware 3.11. The new version of the presets is more aggressive, with more gain and low end/high end. It has been tweaked with a Harley Benton Amarok 7 strings, upgraded with Fishman Fluence Javier Reyes signature pickups.
  12. I forgot to say : if the general tone is more aggressive, snapshot 2 of the normal presets and 3 of the dual presets still have less gain, for tight riffing. I'll use snapshot 1 for death metal riffs, and 2 or 3 for djent ;)
  13. Hi ! You just need to download the zip file from the "Purchase history" section of my website. There's a new folder with the new versions. If you bought from marketplace, I didn't update the file yet, I need to send it to Line 6, I'll do that later today, when it'll be the morning in the West Coast, so it won't take them too much time to update. I'm at GMT +4 myself
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