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  1. fremen

    Metal pre-sets?

    Thank you, glad you like them ! You can leave a comment on the main thread if you like :
  2. I just released 5 POD Go presets packs, for covering all the music genres I like to play : They should soon be on the Marketplace, as I've just sent them to Line 6. They're already available on my website : https://fremenpresets.com/pod-go/
  3. Thanks soundog, can't wait to hear that album !
  4. Free presets (link below) and pack update : I used a new procedure to convert my acoustic IRs into HX Stomp (and Helix) format, and re-tweaked all the presets from the HX Stomp acoustic Simulation pack accordingly. This video shows the 10 presets for a Fender Stratocaster. You can download two free presets, and their IRs, from this pack here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/lanbxk4xr5uowgc/HX Stomp acoustic simulation free samples.zip?dl=0
  5. New pack for HX Stomp : This pack has 102 presets and 101 IRs for the HX Stomp with firmware 2.91 and above. The idea was to use as many different electric guitars/pickups as possible and make acoustic simulation presets for each of them, to maximize the chances to have presets that will fit your guitar. These are brand new presets, not a simple conversion of the Helix versions : I used 5 different acoustic guitar sounds sources to make these, so for each instrument/pickup selector position (like a Fender Stratocaster in neck position), there are five different presets, each using a specific IR made from one of the five acoustic sources. Each preset also has 3 snapshots. https://fremenpresets.com/downloads/hx-stomp-acoustic-simulation-pack/
  6. Thanks for your comments ! I don't currently do presets by request, maybe in the future... However my next pack will probably be about song based presets, songs that most heavy rock cover bands plays, and I'll probably throw in some Satch songs too
  7. Thank you ! You can check our full live videos in this playlist, there's even a full 2 hours+ show :
  8. Now available ! 81 presets for 26 songs
  9. I like them a lot, a lot more Strat-like that the Gilmour set - which was good but didn't have the almost too much sparkle I like in Strats !
  10. Thanks ! :) I just recorded a demo for a new pickups set on my Fender Strat, "Fishman Fluence Single Width Strat Loaded Set". Some sounds are from my "Big Pack", others (most?) from the "Classic Rock & Hard Rock" pack
  11. Isolated guitar tracks version of my previous video, recorded with Helix v. 2.82, Classic Rock & Hard Rock pack
  12. How many riffs can you recognize, friends ? These are some riffs I liked to play in my younger guitar years, and most are from the 70's-80's. Some are well known, some not so much ! It's not meant to be a really coherent medley, I just pasted together songs I liked to play, and even covered with my bands. I didn't try to nail the original tones, I just used a few presets from my "Classic Rock & Hard Rock Pack". Sometimes there's not enough gain but that's how that pack is, most of the riffs here are from metal bands but this is a classic rock/hard rock pack ;)
  13. Boston it is, of course :) Here's my take on the classic Rockman X100 sound. This is a bonus preset added to the "Classic rock & hard rock" pack. The faulty presets had also been fixed, so grab the update on my website !
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