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  1. Buy it from his site https://fremenpresets.com/downloads/helix-classic-rock-hard-rock/
  2. Holy crap that Revv 4 tone - 4 snap SFX is incredible - great stuff my Friend
  3. Thanks much all ready have Fremens big pack - Gilmours solo albums tones are not the same as his old stuff :)
  4. Started diving in a bit with other tones wow so nice - great purchase highly recommend this product
  5. Just picked up pack haven't tried any others yet Boston tone alone is excellent - thank you Buddy great work Would you consider Gilmour solo albums tones - his newer stuff the obvious hits from his new solo albums pretty please - well done
  6. Super :) weekend purchase for sure - thanks much
  7. Pick it up this weekend for sure - just to much going on at the moment I live in New England - 22 min south of Boston :) Aerosmith or Boston right :)
  8. Sounds great have to pick this up for sure :)
  9. Looking forward to those new Classic Rock & Hard-Rock video :)
  10. Great news thanks for all the hard work :)
  11. Well thats not good sorry I never saw this issue - good luck
  12. You need to be signed in lower left hand corner of HX Edit I believe
  13. rsvette12

    Sign in

    Yes for instance my Helix LT - not sure if I am way off all I know is it sux Also HX Edit - could be tied to that - always have to sign into that also
  14. rsvette12

    Sign in

    I think its tied to Our units believe it or not and thats why - only reason i can think of
  15. rsvette12

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    Guys why do I have to keep signing in on this site - drives me nuts - not an issue in other forums
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