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  1. Did you sell your native license yet?

    1. rsvette12


      Hi: I did long time ago but bought another one after selling my helix floor - sorry brother

  2. Are you talking about controlling a vst - volume wah - preset change etc. yes all kinds of things works great with Helix Native - amplitube - bias etc. Just got one and luv it - works great in studio one - you can also assign controller assignments to studio one gui also
  3. Thanks uninstalled it - seems asoi4all doesnt play well with sonarworks 4 - if you are not aware of this program its great not cheap but I think it was a great purchase - if your a headphone user as much has I am it makes adjustments to your specific headphones - pretty amazing difference - My sennheiser hd650's sound really nice now They have a 21 day demo I bought it in 2 mins - 99$ - give it a try pretty nice stuff
  4. Restarted pc opened studio one can here youtube with studio one opened but only have dry guitar - helix native is not working and thinking if I play with asio4all driver I can get helix native to work again but then loose youtube again like to jam to backing tracks with youtube in the background
  5. Your going to kill me I cant hear youtube now with asio4all driver any thoughts on how to get that working again ? thanks Also noticing driver shuts off and come back on again periodically something strange going on here
  6. Sorry to hijack your post my friend - happy to report asio4all did the trick - seems much better now :) yeah
  7. I am going to try asio4all tonight - tried in past but will revisit it - I've been reading line6 driver is way better but that doesnt seem to be the case
  8. Thanks Guys good info I will play with buffer settings etc. some more I could use 256 or 512 cant remember exactly with Helix LT but now I am at 1024 in Studio one settings - just wondering why its different now
  9. There is no clock setting in the Pod Go interface actually not a lot of settings compared to a Helix
  10. Can you tell me about the clock what do I check ? Are you talking about 44hz vs 48hz in unit and windows - daw settings being the same ? thanks - build a pc with my eyes closed suc at this stuff
  11. Thanks much - didnt notice any pops when I had helix lt floor so not sure whats going on - I am computer savvy so tweaked the heck out of my win10 laptop to eliminate that as an issue pretty much - pops started after I sold LT Floor - same laptop being used with Pod Go That said I would want a powered interface for sure - a usb powered interface wont cut it - had to pay some bills so my custom $6000 pc build had to go so going low budget at the moment My Z06 corvette takes priority - $80,000 but 2 years left its mine lol
  12. Quick question have noticed a few pops with pod go as an interface and wondering if the 8i6 is really that much better - mostly wondering about the sound compared to the helix sound as an interface does it sound different - better worse ? thanks much Appreciate any feedback you may have dont want to ditch Pod Go and find out Focusrite doesnt sound as good Other than a bit of latency the sound is great in my daw using helix native and Pod Go
  13. Thanks not on my home pc now - have to play with it - assume you save a preset with usb 3 as output lets say in pod go edit ?
  14. line6 specialist very cool can you help me with this post please :) thanks much
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