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  1. About halfway down Russ5254 posting explains how to use a FBV3 on how to make settings in FBV3 driver window Dont remember how to do it in studio one at the moment because I just built new pc and have to go thru it again That said its only adding one layer in studio one and assigning midi commands in that one layer for all of the snapshots also these FBV3's are not cheap
  2. Are you asking if you can change snapshots in studio one - you can - pain but you can on the fly I use line6 FBV3 to change them via midi
  3. Just use Helix edit to update your lt - it will update to latest version older versions not needed - you can jump revisions
  4. rsvette12

    3.01 update

    Make sure your cables are connected from helix to computer properly - may have got moved around - that usb cable is pretty crappy fit
  5. rsvette12

    3.01 update

    Reinstall Helix Edit then run it and update your LT from Helix Edit
  6. rsvette12

    3.01 update

    You on windows or mac make sure you download proper file in pull down menus on downloads page
  7. rsvette12

    3.01 update

    Hi Buddy are you sure - what hardware do you have ? Downloads are here https://line6.com/software/
  8. rsvette12

    3.01 update

    Then download software from updates page and do that way instead of thru Helix Edit
  9. rsvette12

    Size of room

    Thank you much - Ill play a bit but prob just end up using Wider - strange this is not a feature in Helix :)
  10. rsvette12

    Size of room

    Cool just saw there is a stereo width - have to check that out - thanks
  11. rsvette12

    Size of room

    Awesome thanks Buddy :)
  12. rsvette12

    Size of room

    https://polyversemusic.com/products/wider/ I dont leave home without it game changer and its free :) vst plugin for your daw - add layer of helix then add wider to same layer - you could prob add wider first then an instance of helix didnt try that yet FYI I am using Helix Native
  13. rsvette12

    Size of room

    That sounds like the ticket not sure where in preset to change that ? thanks
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