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  1. rsvette12

    Guns n Roses AFD patch give away

    Thanks much for sharing :)
  2. rsvette12

    Only seeing 2.81 in L6 Updater

    Just a thought did you left click on the 2.81 text showing on screen it wont show new one to get unless you do click on 2.81 text on startup screen in updater - you prob did but all I can think of
  3. rsvette12

    Finally... somebody did the video!

    I couldnt make it thru the video - agree with rd2rk
  4. rsvette12

    Singtall Helix for sale

    Sorry to hear your selling Helix - your presets are great - good luck with sale Buddy :)
  5. rsvette12

    Tilt Stand for Yamaha DXR10 (3D print)

    Dont own these but thanks for sharing :)
  6. rsvette12


    Guitar players tough crowd
  7. FYI - I have Alto TS310's for guitar sound out of helix - speakers above are used for backing tracks etc.
  8. https://www.zzounds.com/item--KAALP6?siid=249174 $349.95 - price can be beat for the quality Awesome setup for the money - get the nano with speakers you can control volume from your desktop - so glad I added this to purchase They sound amazing for the money
  9. rsvette12

    Helix Rack update 2.82 - how long?

    What I do is update Helix Edit first - dont start it up - run line6 updater - let it do its thing - lastly it updates your presets - thats it then launch new Helix Edit - easy stuff - nothing else to know really I never have Helix Edit open during any update process By the way finally my onboard exp pedal is now 1 not my mission pedal so it now defaults to volume as exp 1 - thanks line6
  10. rsvette12

    Helix/HX 2.82 Out

    Silky smooth install here :) thanks
  11. rsvette12

    Drop tuning using Pitch Block

    Great have fun Buddy
  12. rsvette12

    Drop tuning using Pitch Block

    I use tuner to drop then to guitar in into back of Helix Lt - but you can go to drop first then into helix guitar in - also one push of drop button gets you to a 1/2 step down tuning - in my case thats all I use it for :) have fun with it - not cheap but worth it
  13. rsvette12

    Helix Native Discount ...

    Theres no discount for hardware if you own Helix Native
  14. rsvette12

    Drop tuning using Pitch Block

    Just buy a drop and be done with it