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  1. rsvette12

    Dream Theater Presets

    This may help https://line6.com/support/topic/18804-lets-put-the-real-name-to-the-presets/?tab=comments#comment-140511
  2. rsvette12

    Nelix Native crashes is this normal?

    Best to post Native questions here https://line6.com/support/forum/90-helix-native/
  3. rsvette12

    Delaune vs Fremen vs MBritt patches - a review

    You can send him a message here - he may sell them separate :)
  4. rsvette12

    Delaune vs Fremen vs MBritt patches - a review

    Great write up - if you like Pink Floyd Fremen are the very best - being in a Pink Floyd tribute band he has put a lot of time into those presets - highly recommend them I own good amount of Glenns stuff also - he does a great job
  5. rsvette12

    Syncing Helix Floor with Helix Native in FL Studio

    "always-on-top" I just use two monitors problem solved that said I here yah on the daw functionality with floor unit - maybe they will add it down the road - would be convenient
  6. rsvette12

    Best custom presets for Helix LT...?

    Doesn't work nothing there - thanks
  7. rsvette12

    Black Raven Protector

    Just installed mine took quite a bit of time but worth the wait for sure - high quality product for sure luv it - worth every penny Now for the bad well maybe the bad - pia to get the dust off of it before install - new that was going to be interesting The problem is dust and crap before you attach it - static electricity causing dust to adhere to it and would spoil the look So here is the good news this is what I did - I only connect supplied screws and washers one on each side because on the left there is 2 thumb screws I had just the two screws with washers behind the plastic and rotated up and held it then cleaned Helix with glass cleaner then the under neath of protector with glass cleaner - put it back down onto Helix all good put the 3rd thumb screw back in then cleaned front surface with glass cleaner - done looks great I then put supplied hex wrench and the original Helix screws into Raven supplied plastic bag and put them into my Helix box for safe keeping This very delicate but beautiful would buy another in a second - you are not going to make one these your self at this quality never going to happen Before it arrived I was debating if I was going to use the carbon fiber protectors around the knobs - it would look great that way also but they are attached already so nothing to think about there - they stay If your debating on one of these you will be amazed and realize why the cost is bit on the high side -
  8. rsvette12

    Transfer License Question

    Pretty simple Pete Go to your purchase history in you account On the right hand side under heading total you will see the word gift next you your helix native purchase - click it
  9. rsvette12

    Native update anytime soon?

    Had a feeling it had something to do with values like in Rig Kontrol 3 - your values said zero that didnt seem right to me but I thought you could use the practice :)
  10. rsvette12

    Native update anytime soon?

    Ok Pete - your welcome
  11. rsvette12

    Native update anytime soon?

    Hers another one Studio One is so easy to work with - never looked back
  12. rsvette12

    Native update anytime soon?

    Petes my best friend :)
  13. rsvette12

    Native update anytime soon?

    Wonder if this video will help
  14. No you nailed it you have to turn up input level from what I've seen
  15. Yah super you wouldnt know it by the temperature outside like to get my vette out some day :)